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Chennai College Boy Having Sex With First Year Girl

This incident happened when I went to collect my degree certificate. Me and Angel met there as she was waiting for to meet the registrar I was also waiting for the same she was dam cute on her tight leggings and wearing a Modern top which covered till two inch below waist and had lose hair it was tempting while seeing it.

As we where waiting for more than an hour we got intro and she was first year of my department as it was easy to get closer with her finally we both met registrar started back to home went to parking lot took my car came out of the college. She was standing on bus stop alone I just offered her lift but she refused by forcing her she accepted to get into car.

Finally we became good friends exchanged our numbers. I dropped her at near her home said bye in night I got message from her we started chatting getting closer. One day she invited me for lunch at her home I readily accepted that.

At an afternoon I went to her home and rang the bell she opened the door and asked me to come inside, she was still in her college dress so she told that she will change her in 2min and then will serve the lunch and gave me the remote of t.V. To watch and went to her room to change. When she came back she was looking damn hot in her shorts and tank top.

She served the lunch then we started talking about her college life and my job and everything went normal that day. After 2 days when in the evening she didn’t call me I called her no response.I called at her landline number but no one picked up the phone I directly started to her home.

When I went there I saw the lights were on so I rang the bell but no one answered after 10 mins she opened the door and looking from her condition I was sure that she was crying. So I asked her what’s up but instead she went into her room in a hurry.

I was waiting at hall for half an hour. I heard her talking to someone on her phone and she was continuously crying. Then I knocked she immediately hung up the phone and opened the door and I asked her what’s the matter why are you crying? She told that its nothing and she is not feeling well so I asked her shall we go to doctor. She denied it I started back to my home while leaving.

She told to me to wait for some time that she wants to talk to me so I told that okay I m downstairs watching tv. After 10 mins she came and sat opposite to me on the sofa silently. So I asked her whats the matter why were you crying I know that its not because of any fever so whats the matter,

she didn’t say anything then I told her okay I m leaving so she started crying again and I went and sat near her told her that you can tell what’s the matter so she told in low voice that her boyfriend broke up with her that he was cheating with another girl in her college.

So I was also shocked as first of all I didn’t knew that she had a boyfriend and that why anyone would break up with such a hot girl. So I put my left arm around her and her head around my shoulder to give her a comfort at that time she asked me am I not good that’s y my bf will cheat on another girl I didn’t know what to say but I told that he is an idiot to leave a hot girl like you.

I asked is there anything that I can do to make her happy, she told me that she want to drink a beer to get I told her that as its around 10 and all the beer shops would be closed, but I knew there are many pubs so I asked her do you mind going for Party she readily accepted went into her room she changed her dress into single piece which covers till her knee.

As I know many friends are party organiser I got easy couple entry at pasha on THE PARK hotel. She told that never tried hard liquor, so I told her that some of them are very smooth and that you won’t feel anything, after thinking for some time she told me to bring the whiskey.

We ordered whiskey started to dance on the floor I was holding her hip some time she crush her boobs on my chest it started getting both into mood I also started having feelings for her. As we took some rest on table while I was pouring coke in whiskey she asked me if I have any gf I told her that I had one in my class but it was nothing serious. And then I gave her the peg. To my unbelief she drank it in one gulp.

Then I asked her how long was your relationship, she told me 4 months in between got her another peg, now I could see that the alcohol was taking its course on her and she was getting high. So I thought that it is a now or never chance so I asked her how serious was your relationship did you guys do anything serious, to which she shyly replied that it was pretty serious.

So I asked her in a naughty way that how much serious, to which she understood that what I m trying to ask. She asked me to promise her that I shouldn’t tell this to anyone, I promised her then she told me that they had made love few times.

Now I was horny as well we started to dance on floor this time even we lip locked at the floor as the bouncers know me well so they did not stop me I didn’t know what made me do that in public but we did finally the party got over she was dam excited she started scream while we back to home I’m happiest person in the world.

We entered her Home she strait took me to her room she jumped on bed I was Sitting on the chair in her room. I stood up went near her on her bed I placed my lips on her juicy pink lips she was also under the influence of heavy alcohol so she didn’t resist me and we kissed for 10 mins when I broke the kiss and told her that Angel I love you to which she also replied I love you too varun.

Now we again kissed and this time I placed my right hand on boob and was gently pressing it she didn’t resist which gave me guts to remove her single piece dress now she was half naked in front of me as she was wearing party bra and sexy panty now I was pressing both of her boobs to which she was moaning slowly,

now I put my left hand on her panty above her pussy to which she told not now varun I told her please and I was pressing and kissing her body which made her loosen up and then I immediately removed her panty.

Now she removed my t-shirt and jeans got in my boxer and was slowly rubbing my fingers above her pussy it was wet, now she removed my boxer took my dick in her hand and started stroking it back and forth.

Now removed her bra also and laid her down her pussy was clean shaven I went down and started licking her vagina her juice was so tasty I was sucking it for more than 20min she hold my hair so tight and pushing me inside to suck more deep I went up and started sucking her round soft boobs and inserted one finger into her vagina she was like Varun please kill me with your love.

I said will completely soak you in my love darling by hearing this she pushed me down I feel on the floor she took my dick kept it on mouth gave me a wonderful blow job as I about to cum I said her she stop blowing me and said I want all your sperm into me don’t waste it darling fill me with it. I took on top her spread her legs placed my penis above her vagina and was pushing it gently

she was moaning hardly so I kept my lips above hers and after 10-12 thrusts my dick went complete in she opened her mouth for air I just made my tongue into her mouth she bite my tongue. Till that I was doing slow stroke into her vagina as I feel her hot body.

After she bite I made it fast stroke she started to shout by name Varun as I know she got her organs still I continue fucking her.which made me more strong mood I fucked her for more than an hour my balls started to explode and finally I sprayed all my sperm into her and laid on top of her for 5 min as I got up still my penis inside her vagina I saw tears on her right side eye I just licked it with my tongue.

She said Varun I felt the real love with you and you made me to be a real girl gave me satisfied as I never felt this kind of feel before.these words made me mood get hard again we had two more rounds and was full dam tired.

In the morning when I woke up at around 12 I saw she was still sleeping. I woke her up she smiled and kissed me and went to bathroom I got up she helped me in wearing my clothes we kissed again, I told her that I m going to my house and we continue at many places like theatre, hotel and many pubs now we both not together as her mom dad came stay with her.

Any suggestions please let me know as this is my real story. All type of comments, good or bad.

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