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Mature Indian Man Having Sex With Hot Neighbour

Mature Indian Man Having Sex With Hot Neighbour

Back from the tour I saw new tenant in first floor…parents and a lady.I was told the lady is working in a Company in good position and unmarried.She is from North Odisha..Duti is her name.I saw her coming down the floor..probably on her way to office.

Duti had a small frame..may be 5 feet 2 inch height.. .fair complexion…from the wrinkles on face and neck she appeared in mid fifties..however her face was small and sweet..might have carefully colored her hair tied in a knot at the back..choice of sari indicated her admirable dress sense.On the whole she was interestingly charming.She looked at me..gave a short smile..said namaskar.

In first sight I felt inclined to her. Though I am in wrong side of sixty managed to maintain good health…5 feet 6 inch usual in my age I had age marks in face..neck..but absolutely no fat to hide old age through meticulously dyed hair.Morning walk and small yogic exercise happens to be daily routine.

I will not deny that I still carry the sexual urge..desire..lust and occasionally get erection.Contrary to my sexual orientation my wife never like any of my advances..softly abuse telling…your are too old..have children and grand this age you must have religious inclination..go to temples..worship over there..forget youthful days..see how I spend my time religiously..

must conceive firmly in mind and body that you are sexually condemned..As a result of wife’s attitude it is a compulsion for me to suppress all that desire..lust..urge that comes to my mind and body…truthfully at my age it is next to impossible to approach any body young or even old for sex.Secretly I read sex stories or see movies may it be related to men or women in order to pacify sexuality.

It was natural for me to get attracted to Duti and think fantasies like taking her in arms..kissing in lips..sucking boobs..sleeping in deep embrace…her sublime submission for sex .However conceived an idea that she being older and remains unmarried I can at least take a trial..but situations never conducive to start the move.

There was no scope to convince her because we never met to talk at length,particularly on this angle. We have a single room on the terrace where old books and other useful miscellaneous items are stored.Once or twice in a month I open the room to do some cleaning and also to keep look at the old books.

While coming back from terrace at the stair case door it was unbelievable to see Duti standing probably to dry up her shampooed hair…expecting none will be there on the terrace she had not put on the sari..only saya and blouse to cover her.she was surprised to suddenly see me and in a flash covered her top with the sari…she was sort of perturbed…smiled only to manage the delicate situation.

A rush of current flowed all through my body…excited I was..moved close to her..took her in my embrace..softly whispered I love you. This was the opportunity I was waiting for…lovingly said Duti please don’t mind..we are old enough but can spend time loving each and I can not approach any body young for such act..we can

love between us until we carry excitement and urge at this age..all is desired to pass the days if we can be together every day..let us enjoy it Duti ..let us enjoy..feel ourselves as young boy and young girl.She was trying to free herself from my embrace but I was sure her effort was never sincere..i again whispered we meet again here tomorrow and let her go.


Next day I was again moved to the terrace with the hope she will come ..can our love be extended further ..the question was hammering hardly in mind..desperately I was moving on the terrace from corner to corner..steps uneven..heart beat high.

There was ray of hope..sigh of relief..when slow steps on the stairs approached..she was coming..looked marvelous..beautiful in light blue sari and white blouse..came near me..stood silent.I was not able to assess what she will say…yes OR no…moved closure to a breaking voice asked are you really angry.

OK..i am sorry..please excuse was my wrong concept to try for enjoyable days for rest of life. Next day..i was sad and moved on the stairs with a heavy mind..up in the terrace Duti was there..dressed in yellow sari and matching blouse..hairs hanging on shoulder..i was very very hopeful and excited…. moved close to her..took her palms in mine..

she was just rubbing nails on the floor..looking down..beautiful she looked..i cupped her face with my palm and lifted slowly up..a ray of smile in her red lips..without a word kissed the waiting lips..she buried her face in my chest..ran away there after.


Now my first priority to meet Duti on terrace.We have advanced a lot in our love affair.I was feeling lot more youthful and energetically lustful.. anxious with expectations..a feel like a college boy getting a young partner prevailed in me.Today some visitors came in the morning..after they were disposed off hurriedly took bath and ran up the stair wrapped in a bath towel..not even a t-shirt..

she was waiting..apologetically said sorry I am late..took her in arms..kissed on her lips..she buried her face in my chest..ran her fingers in the crop of hairs.. admiringly said you are lucky to have a beautiful hairy chest..i got more and more excited..whispered in her ear.. but I am unlucky..she looked up amazingly..why asked she.

Said you have seen my bare chest but I am yet to see yours..her face blushed red…youuuu naughty boy said she. I turned her back to me..put hands on her belly and navel..unbuttoned blouse…unhooked bra..fully removed both..ohhh two mounds of spongy round boobs..not at all sagged down..tiny nipples circled by dark brown rings..i was in great frenzy..

kissed all over her bare back..kneading the boobs vigorously.. shyly covering her face by both palms turned to face reigning her lips..looked enjoying the magic moments of experience..buried her face in my chest and ran fingers in the crop of hairs..our lips locked in excitement encouraged by the lovable progress..

We were free with each other..both have developed youthful desire and lust…she jumped into my outstretched arms..we sat on the legs spread..she sat in between with both her leg hanging on one of the thighs…head resting on my bare shoulder..i made her top bare…bent down and suck her tiny brown an excited young girl moaning oonhhh .. oonhh.

caressing my hair in her fingers softly…pressing the boobs as if feeding a was no more possible to sustain growing urge any further..blood rushed in me all over..felt like getting erection …gradually opened her sari..untied the under garments..opened mine..both of us fully nude..she never resisted…eyes closed but cooperated in getting undressed.

I ran my hands on the bushy patch of hairs on her virgin vagina…black hairs with mix of gray hairs..pushed in the finger in her pussy…uuuhh uuhh shouted she but opened up the legs wide..both of us fully excited.. sexual urge in each inch in us..set for the sex…fortunately I had full erection..turned her to face me..her leg widely spread to both sides of my hip…


positioned my dick on her vaginal hole..slowly pushed in the full length inside..her eyes closed..face blushing..lips smiling with joy..i stroked and stroked and stroked…she was moaning ..murmuring. Her moaning stopped..with a shudder her legs tightened grip on my hips…my strokes also came to a stop..pumped in semen inside her..our heart beats high..breathing fast.

we were in tight embrace for considerable time..enjoyable bliss brightened our faces..she opened eyes slowly said youuuu n.. a .. u .. g.. h.. t.. y We regularly meet every least four times in a month we take on intercourse when I get erection..else we are lover birds with more than enough fore healthy…happy..enjoy life.

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