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Beautiful Journey To Bountiful Chudai Love

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Next day, we met in the bus, could not get to seat besides each other. Few days passed but we could get enough time in the bus to spend with each other, maybe the time which we were getting was not enough. We became so anxious to meet each other that we decided to take one day leave from our jobs.

As usual I left from my home; she also did the same as decided. We met in the bus; of course we were trying our best to not let anybody in the bus know that we are now close, as it may harm our reputation. For that reason, we had decided to reach to the same garden individually and meet there. We met there and moved to the same portion of the garden. This time we got even more secluded space to seat. It was very cold whether that day, so that portion was almost empty, very few couples were seen around, those too were at distance from us. We set on a bench, beneath a tree close to each other. Her body warmth was felt to me, but cold wind made me shivered, even though I had put on jersey.

Soon she offered me shawl that she had wrapped on her saree, but I refused. After sometime she again insisted to share the shawl, and we were both in shawl. The shawl falling short to cover both of us fully, so we got even closer. I hugged her to feel her warm body. Wow, what a feeling that was! She wrapped the shawl fully over me covering my back and even hides my head. I lowered by head and started kissing on her neck all over, which made her hot and she too hugged me tightly. I lowered my head further and pressed it between her breasts over her blouse and saree. She had put on scarlet red saree. Her breasts were not visible through, but their firm shape giving me the feeling she had perfect size boobs. She was breathing bit heavily making them going up & down.

After a while, I got further downward and made myself seat on the grass and put my head on her lap. She inserted her fingers in my hair and started massaging. She bent down and placed her head on my head and we stayed in position for some time. She raised her head and I moved her towards me and hugged her near her waist, my head was now near her navel. She adjusted her saree pallu to give me space to explore her bally. She covered my head with saree. I smelled her bally all over and kissed passionately, her body smelled awesome.

Continued kissing, I moved upward again, but this time beneath her saree. I felt her soft boobs over saree. Red Blouse was tightly holding her breasts giving glimpse of her cleavage. I planted few kisses here and there on her breasts above blouse and she started moaning and was moving her fingers in my hair. She pressed my head with her hand when I kissed on her slightly visible cleavage. She kept holding my head tightly as if she was stopping me going further.

I took out my head, she was shivering now. I sat beside her on the bench and holding her I made her head lean on my shoulder. I adjusted her shawl covering her properly. She now rested her head on my lap. My tool was hard then, she might have noticed. I covered her head and back with shawl. My tool remained erect for some time, but I did not expect, this naive lady will do anything with that and she didn’t. She remained there as it is, till she got tired in this posture. When she got up, I instructed her to seat on my lap. She moved her head saying no initially, than looked around, nobody was there to disturb us, so she again moved her head in affirmation. I guided her seating on my lap, and made her seat on my lap with her legs on my right side and hugged her from her right side.

This way my head was near her right shoulder. I kissed on her chicks first and then moved her head towards me and kissed on her lips; a long kiss though not deep one. This time, I relished on nectar of her soft, pink lips for almost about 15 minutes, she too was cooperating like she had presented her spout to me. I was fondling her left breast with my right hand. My cock was erect again and ready to rebel against my underwear and pant. By that time because of light sunshine, a bit of cold had disappeared making things comfortable. I decided to tease her and bite lightly on her shoulder above blouse. She giggled and moved her shoulder away from me.

I brought her near and this time lowered her blouse from right shoulder and bites her again on her naked shoulder. “Avouch…..” was her sweet reaction. Then I munched on her right boob and had several bites over her blouse. She too enjoyed and displayed her pleasure with sweet “AAaahh, ohhh, mmmunhhhhh… “moans. I planted several kisses on her neck and tried to move towards her left boob, started opening her blouse button. She tapped on my hand with her left hand stopping me going further. I still had glimpse of curves of her boobs.

We both were hungry now and decided to go from there now. She stood up and adjusting her saree, she started combing her hairs. I took the chance of hugging her one last time before leaving the place and planted kissed on her bally visible from side and giggled calling me “naughty boy”. We left from there and went to the restaurant. There was no plan, where and how to spend the afternoon.

We took the lunch in a restaurant family cabin, with complete privacy, giving bites to each other and teasing each other. In the restaurant I discussed with Shilpi about her likings of the movies and kind of movies she likes. She told she likes English movies and some of the new Hindi movies. We decided to go for a movie; I knew about one multiplex in the outskirts of the town. We went there by auto rickshaw, she set close to me and kept my hand holding by the time we reached there, we also remembered the first incident in the sharing rickshaw. We reached to the multiplex at about 2 pm, there were 3 screens one was playing English movie and other two were Hindi, one was much hit popular movie and other was new but not so known movie. I let her choose the movie and not to my surprise she chosen the last one.
Beautiful Journey To Bountiful Chudai Love, Kamukta, sex hindi sex story, Sex Kahani, sex katha in hindi, sex hindi story antarvasna, sex antarvasna hindi story, sax store in hindi
Beautiful Journey To Bountiful Chudai Love, Kamukta, sex hindi sex story, Sex Kahani, sex katha in hindi, sex hindi story antarvasna, sex antarvasna hindi story, sax store in hindi

As it was Tuesday, there were not many spectators, there were least in the screen, which we had entered in. The Hall was with huge capacity, but as this was not a hit movie, it was Wednesday and multiplex was remotely located, it was almost empty. We were in fourth row from last. There were few people on our right side after about eight to ten seats; our seats were not of corner or left most, but there was nobody on left side so we set there making even more distance from people on our right side. I be on her left was able to view entire hall on my right side. The movie began, I set on my chair placing my hand over her shoulder, started kissing her chicks, as soon as the movie started.

I wanted to start from where I had left in the garden, but needed to arouse her. I kissed her lips deeply, inserted my tongue into her mouth. She too responded well and we had first full mouth kiss; our saliva mixed with each other’s. We leaked our tongs by turns. This was enough to make her horny again. The hall was AC, so had wrapped her shawl holding with her hands covering her body from front. I hold her hands with mine and parted them, leaned my hands to her breasts. I started kissing her on blouse intensely and continuously, press my head hard on her boobs. I wished, the hand stand between our seats can be removed or pushed backward, but it wasn’t possible so. Slowly I moved towards her seat and there I was almost on her seat above her. I held her palms with mine and move her hands up, and kissed on her boobs all over and small bites at places. Her Shawl fell down on seat. In fear of getting exposed up, she removed her hands from my grip and covered both of us with it.

This made the things easier for me. I held her head in both my hands and again kissed her to show her my love. I moved my hands downwards and placed them below her shoulders and pressed my head in her cleavage. I further moved my hands to at her back, making her hugging me. I moved my hands on her back and kissed her on her neck. I was the most passionate hug we had by now. Dark night scenes running on the screen and shawl covering us were helping us. I cupped her boobs with both my hands and started caressing them. Now I opened up top two buttons of her blouse, stated kissing her boobs. She had worn bra inside so it was not possible to fully suck her boobs. She helped me by opening back clip of her bra. So it became easier to lower it and suck her nipples.

Still it was not enough to enjoy these mounds fully, so I opened up one more button from bottom and inserted my hands inside her blouse and bra, raised her blouse and started sucking her boobs. They were so soft and firm with small aureola and erect and big nipples. I sucked them gently, pinching at times, licked them thoroughly for about half an hour. I was on her for so long time now, so thinking, she may be feeling it uneasy, I came back to my seat. My cock also was erect for so long and aching. Covered under shawl she adjusted herself hooked her bra and buttoned her blouse.

Meantime, I lower my underwear little bit inside my pant to give my tool some space. She now leaned her head and rested on my lap, just near the projection created because of my erect tool. Because of her being so near to my tool and sense of her touch my tool remained erected. I got uneasy, wanted to give my tool some relief from this situation. I uncovered her back keeping her head covered with shawl; I bent down and kissed on her back. I kept my hand on her back neck of blouse and slowly inserted inside the blouse. Now she got excited and started moving with my teasing. I moved my hand further inside her blouse and squeezed her back. This made her so excited, she started kissing on my pant near my tool, and this made my tool grow even bigger inside pant. Its presence felt to her and she started kissing on my tool. The feeling was so intense, it was difficult to control, I started moving my hips up down to indicate my feeling.

My cock had such a huge erection, that I unzipped my pant and took out my penis. I thought my act will annoy her, but to my surprise, she continued kissing. I adjusted my tool and got ii near her mouth, so that she takes it in her mouth. She hesitated and continued kissing my shaft. I whispered in her ears “Take into your mouth” and I again brought my tool tip near her lips, and this time she opened her mouth. I immediately raised my hips and part of my tool top was in her mouth. Ohh what a feeling and touch of her soft and wet lips on my hot burning tool. I wished this sensation continued for long, but soon there was interval in the movie and we had to stop.

When we came back after the interval, we set in another row, three rows ahead of the one we had set earlier, that row was entirely empty. I got peed a lot and got relieved during interval and now wanted to enjoy that feeling again. Soon I put my right hand on her shoulder and tried to lower her head and rest it on my lap, but she refused. I knew that I had to arouse her to get my wish fulfilled so I did not force her. Now again continued kissing on her all over her chicks & neck, and after sometime I inserted my right hand into her blouse and started massaging her boobs. Slowly progressed further and cupped her right boob and squeezed her nipple. She moaned “sash….” and rested her head on my shoulder giving my hand ease to wander around inside her blouse over her boobs, she may have loosened her bra in toilet making my hand find its way easily.

I played with these two blossoms for a while, this made her hot and she started biting my right ear lobe. We again had saliva exchanging full mouth kiss. I took out my right hand from her blouse and started massaging her breasts with my left hand over her blouse, then I started massaging and squeezing her bally and teasing her belly button with finger. She was enjoying every bit of it with closed eyes and breathing heavily making her breasts up & down, creating very erotic scene. I decided to take a bold step now and inserted my hand in her petticoat, though it was difficult as she has tied it tightly.

I managed to get all my fingers inside; she jumped in her seat and soon put her right hand on my hand above petticoat and held my fingers. To divert her attention I kissed her lips again stated moving my fingers inside her petticoat, soon grip of her hand get loosened, but it was still difficult to move my hand because the petticoat was tied tightly. She took a deep breath and pressed her stomach in, making space for my hand. This eased my hand and encouraged me, as this was her affirmation to go ahead and confirmation that she too was ready to experience new.

Now my full hand up to wrist was in. I massaged her sweetie pussy above panty for a while and soon moved my hand inside her panty. Ohh what a soft feeling and touch of her hair less pussy. I started massaging with my fingers, moved my middle finger on pussy lips vertically reciprocating motion. She was moaning loudly now, but no reason to worry as no one was around and because of movie sound.

I wanted to insert my finger in her pussy, but it was not possible to do so without opening up string knot of her petticoat. She also may be feeling tightness and did favor to me by opening up the string of petticoat. Now I was able to move my hand freely. I took my hand out of her panty for a while and moved on her thighs, pressing sometimes between the gap, her panty was wet by now with her pussy juice. I inserted my hand again inside her panty and tried to insert my finger in her pussy. Her gate was enough wet yet tight. I could insert only half of my finger. That was enough to take her to pick. “Aaaaahhh… ssshhhhh cccc” were her reactions. I continued moving my middle finger in & out of her pussy and soon my hand was wet with a load of her cum.

She was shivering and breathing heavily. Here my tool had become rebel and wanted to come out. I took out my hand and wiped out. She bent and tied the string of her petticoat. She had an orgasm and seemed tired but now more engrossed by lust. She held my head and kissed me deeply moving her fingers in my hair. This was good time now to give my tool its due pleasure. I offer her my lap to rest her head.

As soon as she bent down, I grabbed her and planted so many kisses on her back. She was hot with lust and hungry now, she opened zip of my pant. I helped her by opening clip of my pant. My tool was out now and had grown biggest ever in size. She started kissing it all over shaft length. She kept on kissing my penis. I whispered in her ear and told to take in mouth and brought the top of my tool near her mouth. Though a bit hesitantly but knowing my condition see kissed it first and took it in her mouth. Wow, the same great feeling!

She was not able to take the top fully in her mouth and sucked like novice, but at that moment I was enjoying and praising her inexperience also. She sucked and licked my cock for about 15 minutes, but that wasn’t sufficient for me to ejaculate at that moment. Movie was about to end soon, so we decided to left the hall. I went into the toilet and jerked and offloaded a lot of cum. She too went into ladies toilet to get fresh. We reached bus stop and soon departed to our places. to be continue… 

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