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A Fictious Story Of My Sexual Desires With Geetha Chachi

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Hi all readers, am Anwar from southern Kerala – “The God’s Own Country”. About my physique – 175 cm height, 69 kg weight, 6.7 “ long brownish cock with good thickness, fair, looking handsome. After reading this, if you have any comments then please mail me at ” or ”. I am also looking for new female or couples of any age for funny chats in yahoo messenger or gtalk either in voice chat or cam to cam chatting (females preferred). Actually this is a fictitious story. Hope you all will like this and do reply with your comment. And one thing too, it’s a big narration, so I am narrating just the starting day of sex trip with Geetha Chechi here and will continue after some days. Well come to the main part.

This happened when am studying in degree first yr i.e., at the age of 18 with my neighbor aunt Geetha (Geetha Chechi), a very open-minded aunt, she is my mother’s friend too. She was 34 yrs of age with well body little plump. Her figure was 36-30-38 at that time, brownish white in color, 164 cm height. The most attractive part of her body is her ass. Hmmmm every man will turn their head to view the swinging motion of her ass, off course me too.

I had an eye on her from my 18 age but never got any courage for any proceedings. Her husband is a Gvt. employee. He was 42 yrs of age and same as her height and with typical gvt. Employees body, a large belly, much fatty side. They have one child studying at 5th STD. I am frequent visitor to their home too, because our families are very close to each other. At degree, I was frequently bunking my classes and came back to home or roaming here and there. This happened on one Tuesday, when I was bored at home I decided to go out of my home to nearby town just for time pass.

I took my bike and went to a shopping complex and I parked in parking lot. Then started my business, roaming. Hmmm that was good day, nice collection of females. When I reached a mobile service centre for recharging my sim, I found a female going away from me with an inviting ass in that overcrowded area. Her both hands were occupied with three or four bags. Suddenly I felt something in my mind that I am so peculiar with this ass. Then suddenly I took my mobile and called Geetha Chechi then suddenly the lady stopped there and tried to take her mobile from her purse.

Hmmm it’s her, my Geetha Chechi. Suddenly I ran towards her and told Chechi don’t take the phone it’s just me only she asked me what’s you doing here and why you called me .I said her that I saw you walking in front of me and I have to confirm whether its you or not that’s why I called you. She asked me how you know me that it’s me just seeing my back at this overcrowded area and also asked me that whether you can understand all the people you know by seeing their back only. I was bit confused by her question and with some courage

I said her that some people have some style of walking or some peculiar body parts and you have both the style and parts. That’s how I guessed it’s you. She looked much surprise with my answer and smiled with a teasing style. I asked her whether you have any purchasing left and she told it’s all over and time to go home. I asked her how she is going. She answered me by rickshaw. I offered her a free trip with me while I was with my bike. She readily agreed and I took two bags from her, hmm it’s quite heavy.

Then we reached the parked area and hanged the bags in my bikes side hook. I started my bike and she asked how to sit- sideways or centre ways. It’s more comfortable for a rider to sit centre ways and also you will get comfort too. She sat in centre ways our journey starts. She sat very close to me just rubbing her nipples from our start of journey and she was moving closer to me and just put her hand in side of my hips, hmm I got some sensations. I looked backwards and asked am I moving faster she said yes please go slow am very afraid of speed and I need everything slower.

I asked her everything means, she said everything means everything that’s all. Hmmm something worked in my mind. And slowed my bike she moved closer to me and wrapped her arms around my belly near my crotch and placed her head at my shoulders. I was bit tensed with the situation. I asked her what happens, she said nothing don’t you like it, I said ya I liked it but this is street, our relatives may see and they will misunderstand us. She asked me what they will misunderstand as I know u from your childhood days and our families are very close enough.

I kept silent. Then she moved backwards and took her hand away from me and kept silent till we reached her home. She opened the gate and drove to the car shed and parked my bike and she came near me and tried to take the baggage’s from bike. I protested and told her I will take the bags and you open the door. She somehow agreed and moved towards the door and opened the door and stood at the doorway & I wakened towards the door and it’s neither a big doorway nor a smaller one. She stood there itself as if to watching my eyes, whether I need any help or not.

Then I walked across the doorway just brushing her massive melons, I saw her emotions got changed a bit. At that time because of carelessness I stepped accidentally at the end of doors wooden boundary and slipped a bit that made my foot to bend and also my knee hit at the wall. It was not a painful thing but at the situation I acted like its pains more. She held me by my waist and I put my hand through her shoulder, she is shorter than me and also she bends for supporting me, I looked downwards at her, hmmmm it’s a nice view from her churidhar’s gap, her mighty melons are trying to burst from her black bra.
A Fictious Story Of My Sexual Desires With Geetha Chachi, Antarvasna, xxx hindi photo, xdesi hindi, urdu chudai ki kahani, story of antarvasna in hindi, story hindi antarvasna, story antarvasna  antarvasna sex hindi story, sexy vidio hindi
A Fictious Story Of My Sexual Desires With Geetha Chachi, Antarvasna, xxx hindi photo, xdesi hindi, urdu chudai ki kahani, story of antarvasna in hindi, story hindi antarvasna, story antarvasna  antarvasna sex hindi story, sexy vidio hindi

It was very inviting seen too, I couldn’t hold more, with some courage and I put my right hand around her back and placed my right palm on her right boob side and gripped tightly and I placed the bags at the floor and she held me and helped me to move to a nearby sofa and I sat there. She asked me whether it pains me or not and I told her yes it pains. She said wait I will come now and she took the luggage’s and placed it above dining table and moved to her room and came with an ointment and asked where u has pain and I told her its not a problem I will go home and massage by myself (in my mind I was dreaming about her massaging)

She resisted my words and asked again I told her that my foot joint and my knee. She took my leg and tried to place it on the table but I acted its pains more and she again placed on the floor and sat there at floor and placed my left leg on her thighs just near to her honey pot(near her pussy region). She was facing me and opened the ointment and squeezed it in my foot joint region and placed the bottle away and gently spread the paste all those regions and started to massage my foot. Suddenly my mind worked and moved my leg much closer her crouch region and touched her crouch.

She just looked up towards my eyes and suddenly I closed my eyes and bend my head backwards as if I am relaxing. After two three minutes to my surprise, she moved my leg upward and moved nearer to me and placed directly above flesh mound, I could feel the flesh of her crouch and the she started to apply some pressure on my legs and after ten minutes or so she stopped massaging and asked me how I feel I said it seems good. And she asked me to move my pant above knee. I made my pant above my knee but its not going much above I told her it’s not moving as its tight.

She told me to wait and went inside her room and came back with a lungi and told me to change the pant and wear the lungi I protested and told her no I can’t wear lungi right now. But she insisted me to wear after some speech she asked the reason for not wearing lungi and I kept silent. Because of her repeated questions I told her that I don’t have any innerwear right now, she looked at me and smiled and told is there any problem if you wear this lungi now,

I kept silent and she told me no problem wear it, then only I can massage you and make relieve don’t be shy, kkkk, I am your aunt. Wear this and gave me the lungi. I took it from her and moved to the nearby room but she told don’t walk more it will increase your pain so change it here itself. Then I decided to change it by there itself. I know I have hard on now so I moved around facing away from her and changed my pant into the lungi and bend my cock upward and wore the lungi. Then I moved towards sofa and sat there.

She then sat at floor and took ointment in her palm and moved near to my leg and moved my lungi away from my left leg’s knee exposing most of my left leg’s thigh and started to massage my knee gently and after one minute she moved her hands further upward in my thigh and massaged with more pressure with circular motion and asked me hey anwar, I can’t see any problem in you without your undies. I just looked at her and her eyes were glowing, still I remember that seen. I looked at her for more than 2 mints and she then concentrated on her works and massaged me smoothly with most erotic circular motions.

Then decided why I should waste this situation and gently moved my leg apart making a exposure of my ball sack (scrotum) to her and I saw that she saw my ball sack and also I noticed that she is breathing heavily and her hands were shaking slightly she looked upwards to my face suddenly I moved my face in sideways as if I it happened without my knowledge. Then I felt the movements of hands towards the inner side of my thighs and suddenly she pulled my hairs on my thighs makes me moan slightly she asked me what happened, I told her nothing, it feels good.

She said ahaaaa, do you like , shall I massage more on your thighs, I said as your wish, I liked it you are good massager its sure your Rameshan Chettan loved it. She didn’t said anything and moved her hands closer to my ball sack and I parted my thighs more and looked at her and smiled she too smiled and she moved her hands and touched my ball sack a pinched gently, and asked me what happened, you don’t feel anything, I said yes, she asked then why your?

And kept silent. I got her point and answered her that you will find what you need and definitely you will get love with it (because I am very much confident about my cock size). She asked me ohooo, then where is it and she gently moved to the knot of my lungi and untied it there it is my cock sprang out and stood there like a pole, she got surprised and moved her right hand towards the base of my cock and held it softly and squeezed it and told me not bad my anwar, you got a good one and bend it forward and told me to close my eyes,

I closed my eyes and bend my head backwards and rested their suddenly her both hands gripped my cock and suddenly I felt a fabric on my cock and I asked her what’s going on, she told don’t speak just relax there don’t open your eyes. She was cleaning my cock and then suddenly I felt a drop of liquid at my cocks head, I opened my eyes slightly and saw it was her saliva, she spit over my cocks head and moved closer to my cock and licked it completely and moved her tongue near my urine hole and inserted it there, aaahhh god its awesome feeling, am sure she is pretty cock sucker either her husbands or someone else.

Then she opened her mouth and took my cock head in her mouth and sucked it like a baby sucking a nipple for milk, owwwww I bend my head further back and closed my eyes and moved my hands to her head and tightly head her hair. Then she started the most pleasurable thing, she started to bite my cock’s cap-less head that made me moan and called her Geetha Checheeeee, its good keep going, bite it more, she did what I said and then she moved downwards till the base of my cock, I felt my cock’s head hitting backside of her throat and it felt good, it’s slippery there.

Then she moved upward and released my cock and looked at me, her eyes were filled with tear drops and her eyes became red as well and told me, its tastes good and started sucking again with most frantic movements she held my ball sacks and pulled it with more force makes me little pain and I pulled her hair and she released my ball sacks and caught hold of my right ball and massaged me slightly while sucking. I started to brush her hair with my fingers and then she started her up and down motion much speeder and it’s about 5.40 pm.

She sucked me like anything and its almost one and half minutes gone, I felt pressure is getting increasing and increasing I told her about that, she released my cock and told me that I want to taste your cum and again she started to suck me very hardly and after about two and half minutes I held her head tightly and cum in her mouth she didn’t stopped and continued sucking until my cock became limp. Then she released my cock and told me that you taste so good and I pulled her upward and made her sat at my lap and kissed her on her lips and sucked and

I put my tongue into her mouth and brushed her teeth with my tongue and she opened her tooth socket and my tongue entered her mouth and touched her tongue now I can feel the taste of my cum with her saliva and I moved my right hand on her left boob and massaged her boob and she moved her right hand to my crouch region and held my limp cock and squeezed it hardly. We continued our kissing session while the clock rungs 6:00 clock. Suddenly she moved away and told me that its going late if we continue this session, my Chettan(husband) will catch us and moved away from my lap and smiled at me.

I was bit unhappy with the situation and she understood that and told me hey anwar we have plenty of time at our future, don’t spoil our future enjoyments. So get ready and go home. Suddenly the calling bell rang and we got shocked and suddenly I changed to my pants and she adjusted her dress and opened the door, it was her son who came after his tuition class. Then I moved towards the door and said blaa blee blaa blee to him and moved near her backside and placed my right palm on left ass cheek, she turned her head and smiled and I squeezed her ass cheek and moved toward her ass crack and told her I want to lick your ass hole and fuck your asshole.

She just smiled at me and said goodbye to me. The next episodes of my sexual fanties with my Horney sex addict Geetha Chechi will narrate in the upcoming responses after receiving your comments. If you have any comments, mail me at

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