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Wife’s Hot Navel

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This is my another real story I am going to narrate about the fuck happened years back with my friend’s sexy hot wife Nithya. Adding flavors is not avoidable in my story because the readers should feel the craving of the slutty house wife Nithya. I am not going to describe about her much. But one thing…she is ditto of actress Neetu Chandra. She is very beautiful…. A mind flowing hotty.

She married my close friend suresh three years back. Their wedding was love marriage…and she belongs to well settled family and she was working as an air hostess in that time. As both the families are wealth, they happily got married. We all jealous about suresh for getting such stunning hot wife. Whenever I see her…my cock will become hot and erect. But I never imagined her in my bed because they are royal family and she never looked at any of the friends of Suresh.

I enjoy the desire of fucking a house wife. The homely housewife’s turns as a slut… I felt this when I heavily fucked my Akka until she screams, moan and cry. I found the other side of the house wives when my Akka begged me to fuck her ass. This turned me towards the loyal sexy hot lady Nithya who is a descent house wife.

When I got the job in Hyderabad…. I felt really happy and I took an individual house for rent which is just 10 km near by Nithya’s house. I can’t forget the first day of my visit to their house. I was seeing Nithya after three years. Suresh have given much introduction about me before I reach their house. So Nithya welcomed me with great smile. She was wearing a dark sky blue saree with block shade borders and designs. She was looking like an angel in that saree with matching blouse. I was not able to take my eyes from her up and downs and bends of her sexy body. We were talking about many things especially about their marriage incidents. I became hot hotter all over the time when Nithya was around me. Definitely she is a hot bitch who can turn any man.

Her boobs and ass were in right shape with correct dose of fleshes. Her hip was like half moon. For my feast, she wore low hip saree that day. Whenever she walks I became mad because of her seducing lean sandal hip. All the day I tried to see her navel…but she didn’t give the opportunity as she wore her saree in a perfect way but in seductive way. Her boobs, sexy hip and enormous cute asses were disturbed me a lot and I was lustfully dreaming her after returned from their house. That day itself I decided to fuck her at least once in my lifetime.

After two months…. I received a lucky call from suresh. He called me from US and told me he needs a help. As his business trip is not successful…he had to stay their for a month more….he asked me to go to his house immediately because there is a fight for two parties in their colony and they may attack his house. As he find I will be the suitable person for this kind….he handovered the safety of his home to me.
I felt very dreadful and immediately ran to his home. The street was empty.. With no persons and all shops were closed. When I entered his home…Nithya gave a warm welcome with bright mustard color synthetic saree. That moment itself I became hot and I tempted to hug her. But I believe in waiting for the correct chance. She was with frightened eyes…relaxed after seeing me. She asked me to sit in the sofa and gave sprite to drink. I understood yesterday night there was a big fight between the groups and they threw stones on every house and now the situation is somewhat under control after arrival of police. She and her Father in law (FIL) thanked me for my arrival since Nithya was scared with her small baby.

She was able to cry when she describe the things…she was really upset because of the loneliness in this situation….I held her hands and told her not to worry further. Her FIL was very old man….struggles to walk and talk….I consoled him also. Then I started playing with her daughter…she liked it. After one hour….Nithya was completely relaxed now and I saw smile on her face. I told her now only you are looking beautiful. She smiled sexily.

When I about to leave the house by 7.00pm…there was a sound of breaking of glass in outside…I rushed to main gate…many people were making sounds and throwing stones on the street….Nithya loudly cried there itself. I understood the situation was really worst. Then I made myself on the ground and shouted there and made the people go away. Luckily nothing happened to her house…I closed the door and came inside. There…my sexy hot lady was weeping. Immediately I ran to her and consoled her. As her parents are in tour (they have gone trip to kerala and Bangalore) she was not in a position to go to Chennai also. I saw the tears on her cheeks…went to her and held her soldiers and cooled her.

As she was completely afraid…she slowly laid her hands on my chest and kept her face on her hands. I saw the beautiful sexy house wife’s blouse’s deep cut in the back…her blouse was looking like just a rope on her back and it was really sexy. I was shocked of her act and I need to console her. With lots of hesitation….I kept my hands on her hip and told her, Nithya…..don’t worry ma…..I am here…please….I consoled her with low voice. Nithya felt relaxed in my chest…so she kept her hands on my back and loosely hugged me. I was thrilled. God….what’s happening here….I felt her ass in my hands. Yes….I kept my hands on her ass and pressed it towards me. Then I thought squeezing her ass may spoil the opportunity of being with her. So I made her sit in the sofa and sat near her.

She was silent….uncomfortable….and felt sleepy. Her FIL requested me to stay there itself. I told her to sleep in her bedroom which was in first floor and I slept in the bed room in ground floor. All the night I was thinking about her beautiful face, her sexy boobs, lean hip and her huge ass. But I was very clear in that it was not the right time to make love with her.

Next day—

Jack….. I heard the sweet voice and woke up. Nithya was standing in front of me with mobile phone in her hands. She was very beautiful in the brownish yellow color synthetic saree….I understood she had bath just before. She was looking hot in that saree. She handovered the phone to me…Suresh was in line. He thanked me for my presence and begged me to stay there itself for some more days. I jumped hearing this and told him ok.

Then Nithya also thanked me for my helping nature. I told her I will do anything for you. Due to the violence outside…servants didn’t come for household works. So Nithya decided to go to market and called me also. I walked with her in the street….but I never imagined the whole market guys will stare her bouncing boobs and asses this much. Everyone spread their hot breaths on her and Nithya was simply superb in her perfectly covered saree. I openly told her…Nithya….everyone is looking at you…you are looking gorgeous. She smiled and started taking the vegetables. Oh man….it happened.

Yes…I saw her navel. It happened accidentally. When she tried to give the collected vegetables to the seller…she humped a bit…and it was more than enough to reveal her deep navel. I became mad. My cock felt current. I can’t express the sight I saw. I never thought Nithya will wear saree well below her deep round navel. Her saree was completely out of her navel now…her navel was big…..mad fully deep….looking like a glowing sun. Oh god…finally I saw her thoppul…but she was not aware about her navel display….she was concentrating on buying vegetables…I was badly tempted to tease her navel…but I could not. I slowly touched my cock over my pant and enjoyed the moment.

After buying the things…she turned and asked me shall we go…she was in hurry because her daughter was sleeping in the house. Now…her deep navel was open to the market people. But I don’t have the courage to see all the guy’s staring on her cute navel…I slowly told her….

“Nithya….adjust your saree….your navel is visible….”

Nithya shocked hearing this…she felt shame for showing her thoppul…suddenly she hided hernavel with the hip saree and with shy she looked down.

“Thanks Jack…” she told me in low voice and thereafter she didn’t talk anything in the way and she was ground looking.

We had freak fast. I could not see her navel anymore. But her seductive walk….her bouncing ass kept me hot always.

I attracted her with my humorous talk and jokes. She was very happy and she was smiling every second and enjoying. She also started cracking jokes. After that she started cooking lunch and I was keeping on making her to laugh in the kitchen also. My presence in the kitchen made her happy. I was constantly staring on her left exposed round big boobs, her shaking ass and was trying to see her navel. My mind urged me to do something naughty now.

I found Nithya was loving Suresh too much and she was expecting his calls often. Time passed away….night came…..Suresh called her at 9.00pm over phone and Nithya was started crying and told him to come back early. I went to her and picked up the phone…consoled Suresh…..and kept the phone. Still Nithya was weeping thinking about him.

“Nithya…don’t worry…everything will be fine…go and sleep” I consoled her. I held her hands and made her stand. Then I kept my left hand on her waist and took her to her bedroom. She was walking with my help. I kept my right hand on her right soldier….left hand on her hip…standing right to her and walking along with her. When we walk……intentionally I slipped my left hand inside her hip saree. I felt her navel in my hand. I saw her…she was lying on my soldier. I felt very hot. What a great deep navel she has…..I squeezed her navel slowly…..rubbed over her hot navel….my finger was traveling on her up and downs of her navel….touched her mid riff….I felt her perfume from her hairs….I was abusing her navel. As her body felt my hands and soldier…..she felt secured…and she slowly came to normal condition. We were nearby upstairs.

As her bedroom is in first floor…without thinking anything I lifted her in my arms. Nithya didn’t expect this and sighed, hey….Jack…its ok…I will walk….she screamed.

“You should not walk Nithya…I will hold you…..” I told her and searched where her FIL is. He already started sleeping in his room. I started walking. It was a great feeling. My friend’s sexy hot wife was on my arms. She needed this kind of affection. So she was relaxing in my arms…she held my waist with one of her hand….I felt really great. Her eyes were closed. Her left boob and navel were exposed to me. I loved it. Her boob was big…round in shape and was struggling to come out from her tight blouse. I saw her erected nipple over her boob mound…it was looking like a gun. Her hip had two folds in this posture….her mid riff made me hot hotter…her deep navel was oval shaped now. What a fantastic sight Nithya was giving to me.

I reached the bed…I laid her on the bed slowly…..her ass felt the softness of the bed….her navel regained its round shape.

“Thanks Jack…we are troubling you….” Nithya whispered. Her eyes were surrounded by tears.

Its ok Nithya….I will bring your baby…I came down picked up the crying baby and went to her. Seeing her baby Nithya raised from bed and took her from me. I covered them with the bed sheet and told her “good night”

Next day (3rd day) —

Nithya took utmost care on me and I really loved her. She also liked me. Its sure. When we went to market told her “you are something special Nithya…”

What god thought I don’t know….When we came back…there was heavy rain…the unpredictable rain….we didn’t carry any umbrella….we were completely soaked in water. I took the vegetables from her and we ran to home. The situation made me hot. After reaching home…..I saw Nithya….the sex goddess….she was mind flowing in the half naked saree…..Her thoppul…boobs and huge bulgy ass…..made me mad. I immediately went to my bed room. As I felt my cock was too hot… I removed my wet clothes and became nude. My 9”cock was standing like a fat iron rod. Thinking about her navel and ass cheeks…I stroked my cock with great pleasure….with closed eyes….until I heard Nithya’s voice…”Jack…”

Oh god….I didn’t lock my room…my mind gave alarm….I opened my eyes immediately….Nithya was standing with expanded eyes. Yes…she shocked by seeing my big fat cock. She dropped down the towel which she brought.

She got afraid of my cock display and told me sorry… low voice and left to her bed room. When she was walking on the upstairs….Her ass gave me the wonderful sight in my life. Her ass cheeks were shaking up and down in very very sexy way.

After seeing all this…I wrapped the towel over my hip and I ran to her room…and the door was completely in open….she was standing in front of the mirror. She felt my arrival but didn’t tell anything. Nithya….I called her. She turned towards me. I saw the lust in her eyes. But she didn’t show anything. Sorry….I told her.

“After seeing your navel ….I became hot….sorry Nithya….I would have not dreamt about your navel…But…..” I struggled to speak. She was ground looking when I tell all this and slowly she hided her navel by her hip saree. With heavy breath….I went near her…saw her hip….removed her hip saree and saw her deep navel. She suddenly tried to stop my hand…but it didn’t work. I inserted my index finger inside her deep navel. As her half of the navel was filled by water….I felt the hot water. Nithya felt current in her body and she was not able to hold her navel with my finger…she was shivering….turned towards the dressing table and kept her hands firmly on the wooden sides of the long mirror…..closed her eyes. She was breathing heavily….I understood, the rain and my cock made her too hot.

I saw the back view of her wet blouse and her round big ass mound. Her ass cheeks and ass cracks were clearly visible for me. It made me mad. I touched her belly from behind and again held her shivering navel. She was in closed eyes….with heavy breaths…enjoying the feeling on her navel….completely out of control. I made circle around her navel…..squeezed it for some time….pinched softly…..then fastly turned her towards me and within a second….I kissed on her navel. Nithya moaned aaaaaaaah..aah. I took her to the wall and made her back rest on the wall. She looked me with frightened eyes….looking down my erected cock over the thin towel. I kissed her navel further. She was enjoying this with closed eyes. I licked her navel…my tongue fastly moved in and out of her navel….she was moaning heavily….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooooooff mmmmmmmmaaaaaa.. I licked and sucked her navel for more than half an hour…I achieved what I wanted…..left her in the wall itself and came down.

I felt very happy in one side…and other side I worried about her FIL and Suresh. But I clearly understood this loyal house wife Nithya is in need of affection and caring. And I didn’t know how far she will allow me to do.

After half an hour….she came to my room. She had changed to a new saree and covered her up and downs properly.

“Jack….”she ran to me and hugged. Tears were rolling on her cheeks. “Jack….what happened to me Jack….I don’t know I am right or wrong….we are doing mistake Jack…” she cried.

I lifted her face and saw her tears filled eyes. I kept my hands over her waist and told her…”Nithya…I am mad on you dear….” I told her and laid her on the bed. She was obeying my acts and was lying like a flower on the bed. I removed my towel and became nude. She was lustfully watching my erected long fat cock. I saw the fear in her eyes. I understood her thought and closed the door. She was still watching my cock without taking her eyes. I climbed above her and kept my cock near her mouth.

“Jack…….” She moaned.

“Nithya…..” I moaned.

She tried to take my cock inside her mouth. But I took my cock away and told her…”Lick first dear….”

She was shy to lick my rod. My erected fat cock was hanging in front of her mouth.

Nithya opened her mouth and took her honey tongue out and licked my head of the cock. I felt current in my cock. It was a great sight for me. My friend’s homely house wife was licking my cock with her sexy tongue. She was licking my rod for few minutes in that posture…She was completely hot now….gone mad of seeing such big cock….was trying to avoid to meet my eyes…but she was not able to control herself…..


She moaned heavily and within fraction of time took my cock inside her mouth and violently started sucking my cock. Vow….god…….I expected this only…I felt more and more current flow in my cock….I saw my friend’s precious wife…who is madfully sucking my cock and I moaned aaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaammm.

Nithya completely gone wild and kept her hands on my back thighs and madfully licking my cock. She was licking my cock like a slut….like a hungry dog. I felt great pleasure. She was massaging my cock by her tongue to and fro….up and down…all over my cock. She removed the skin on my cock and started sucking the reddish head. I never expected Nithya will suck me in this speed.

Without taking her mouth…..without wasting a single minute…Nithya completely lustfully licked and sucked my cock for more than 45 minutes…..then she took my balls deep down into her throat and licked them also with great pleasure. Then I did that. Yes…I took my balls from her mouth and Kept my fat long cock inside her mouth. Nithya would have understood what I am going to do…..she saw me with frightened eyes…within fraction of time….I held her head and pulled towards my cock and started throat fucking her. Nithya moaned aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

As I became more more hot of her dirty sucking…..I madfully inserted my full cock till her throat and started fucking heavily. Nithya didn’t expect this sudden attack….but she was waiting for this attack for years….she still opened her mouth to hold my complete cock. I made violent strokes inside her mouth. Whenever I hit her throat…Nithya moaned heavily and screamed. She suffered to breathe…but still she didn’t try to take her mouth out….trying to keep my cock as much as possible in her mouth. I fucked her mouth for more than 1 hour and finally I unloaded my cum inside her mouth. She saw me with great satisfaction and licked all my sperms and ate them without leaving a single drop.

Then I took my cock from her mouth and sat down on the bed. We both were looking each other. She was hungry. She was horny.

“Jack….I am sorry Jack…..sorry……do some thing Jack….Jack…….” Nithya moaned loudly…..her boobs were becoming big when she release her heavy breaths. I removed her hip saree and saw her thoppul.

I took some ice cubes from the fridge and saw her shivering deep navel. I made circles around her deep navel with the ice cube. Nithya was continuously moaning with pleasure on her navel. She loved it. She loved the chillness around her navel.

She was breathing heavily. Closed her eyes….rubbing her legs on the bed….I slowly dropped the ice cubes one by one inside her navel…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmaaaaaaa
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhmmmmm oooooooooooooooooooooofffffffff…..Nithya was moaning …..moaning…….I kissed on her ice cube filled navel…..sucked it licked it for 30 minutes and again I kept my cock inside her mouth and fucked her.

This fucking session continued for another half an hour and I released my cum over her cute face…nose…and some drops on her navel….. As I was completely tired….I sat on the sofa…..closed my eyes…. and enjoyed the feel. After some time….Nithya came to me and hugged me….and weeping.. I asked her to relax for some time. Nithya was standing…looking down with lots of shy and shame. We heard some sound…..may be her FIL…..She got fear…..because he may doubt on her if he see her closely with me….what she thought I don’t know….she ran to pooja room and started praying sincerely.

I also was with shy and nervous…got dressed up and went outside to purchase a gift for her. I came back at 8.00 pm.

When I reached home…my precious lady was in gorgeous tops and long skirt….was serving dinner to her old aged FIL. She was looking so sexy in that skirt and its properly suited her. Her FIL smiled at me and ordered Nithya to serve food for me also. With her eyes she enquired me “where you went”. I commented her slowly “you are looking so hot in this skirt”. Then I sat next to him….She started to serve me. As her tops was ending just above her navel….and her skirt was starting just below it…..Her hip was a feast for me. I understood her navel is expecting some teasing from me. Yes…this bitch’s navel has to be abused…..But her FIL should not see anything…..

When she put rice on my plate….I teased her navel. She moaned sexily in low voice and shook her hip. Suddenly she saw her FIL with fear…confirmed her FIL didn’t see anything…..breathed peacefully….and saw me with begging eyes. Without caring anything….once again I inserted my finger inside her navel and screwed. She was enjoying my act….enjoying the pleasure on her navel…at the same time fear on her face….begged me to not to tease her navel. But I pinched on her moon hip. She understood I am not going to leave her hip….so she came very close to me…so that her FIL cannot see her completely.

I took this as advantage and suddenly bend down…inserted my hand inside her skirt…before she realize the thing….my fingers passed her thighs….searching for her pussy. Nithya didn’t know what to do….Her FIL is very near to her…..I am trying to tease her pussy…….it made her too hot…..she tried to adjust her skirt… so that the skirt should not disclose her legs or thighs….But front of the skirt already gone to her knee…But she managed to hide her open legs from her FIL….by this time I felt her pussy…..yes…..Hairy pussy of her. I was shocked to know she has not weared any panty inside. When my middle finger touched her pussy…..She closed her eyes…opened her mouth and moaned with very very low voice ……aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh………I was managed to take some fruits by my left hand through spoon. Whenever her FIL turns to our side….I will stop my screwing and she also acted like she serves by keeping fruit pieces on my plate.
Wife’s Hot Navel, Antarvasna, new hindi antarvasna story, new antarvasna story in hindi, new hindi antarvasna, saali ko pet bana di, sasur ji ne choda apni bahu ko, saali ko choda nanga karke, Sautele bhai ke saath jismani taliqaat, sax hindi stori
Wife’s Hot Navel, Antarvasna, new hindi antarvasna story, new antarvasna story in hindi, new hindi antarvasna, saali ko pet bana di, sasur ji ne choda apni bahu ko, saali ko choda nanga karke, Sautele bhai ke saath jismani taliqaat, sax hindi stori

Her pussy was hot….completely wet. I felt more hairs on her wet pussy and pulled some long hairs down. It gave her immense pleasure…and she was enjoying that like anything. In the result…she spreaded her legs a bit for my easy fingering. My friend’s sexy wife was standing in front of me by giving her private pussy to me. My finger was searching her pussy hole through her pussy leafs….She was about to cum…..I slowly inserted my finger inside her hot pussy……..She shook her hip in sexy way….I saw the vibration on her body….moaning with closed eyes. Next minute she reached orgasm and released her cum. I felt the thick juice of her pussy and took my finger out of her skirt and licked it. I licked my finger completely. She was in heaven seeing all this. She kept rice on her FIL’s plate……was standing some time near him….so that he could not have doubt…then after 5 minutes….she came close to me and waiting for my screwing.

Again I inserted my hand inside her skirt…held her wet hairy hot pussy……squeezed it for some time and inserted my finger deep inside her pussy. I took my finger in and out of her pussy that made her mad and she was enjoying. I finger fucked her juicy pussy for 30 minutes…..and what we expected is happened….yes…Her FIL completed his food and left to the hall. After he leaves…without waiting for anything…I lifted her skirt.

I saw her hairy pussy. Hairs means it was just like a jungle. I never seen this much hairs on any women’s pussy. Her hairs were dark…shining….long and her pussy juice was flowing through her hairs. She had not maintained them in any shape…it had grown as its own.

Nithya was completely in shame….because she was showing her secret pussy to me…that too with lots of hairs…..She was shy to show it to me. “ I love your unshaven pussy Nithya….” I told her and kissed it….licked her pussy juice for some time and asked her to wait in her bed room. “Come fast Jack…” she told me with low voice and went to her bed room. I went to her FIL’s room….gave him milk and asked him to sleep. Then I closed all windows…doors….and finally I ran to her bed room. When I entered her room…she ran to me and hugged me. Her boobs got collide in my chest….I felt her nipple’s hardness. Immediately I picked up the lower end of her skirt and lifted it to her hip. Then I lifted her and threw her on the bed. Her boobs were bouncing……her skirt is going still up…..Her pussy gave me a great sight of her. She was able to moan…..breathing heavily….looking me with lustful eyes…She felt air on her pussy.

I spreaded her legs….saw her pink pussy inside the hairs…..Licked her pussy completely….She screamed….moaned….heavily moaned…..I took her entire pussy in my mouth and sucked it for more than one and half hours….She reached orgasm twice….I inserted my tongue inside her vaginal hole and licked there violently.

“Fuck me Jack……Fuck me……you rascal……oooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….. Fuck me Jack…….” Nithya shouted….forgot the world….forgot her husband…forgot her FIL….She begged me fuck hard. I was waiting for this.


Yes….with my 6” fat cock I fucked her for two hours……three times……she cried whenever I took hard strokes…..She cried in loud voice….tears were rolling on her ears….Her legs were upwards and under my control….I drilled her horny pussy. We were in heaven. She was waiting for such thunder fuck for years and she was getting that day. She was completely satisfied with my hard fuck. Every interval of my fuck….she heavily hugged me….kissed me madfully…..I was fondling her boobs over her tops…..sucked them too.

After completion of fucking session….She hugged me and thanked me for the wonderful fuck. I told her “don’t worry Nithya….because no one knows I fucked you…” and I further assured “Suresh will not know this at any cost” Then she felt secured….kissed me and weared her skirt.
As I was tired….she brought me patham milk and fruits. After having all those…I made her nude….again we laid on the bed…she was on me…playing with my chest hairs.

“I want to be your wife…Jack” Nithya whispered.
“I want your fuck daily Jack…” she deplored.

I felt her ass in my hands and squeezed it.

“You are my sex goddess…Nithya….” I praised her. “I was waiting for this fuck for last three years….” I expressed my hungriness. She opened her eyes. “Its amazing Jack….”

She kissed on my chest…fore head.

“Yes Nithya….In your wedding day itself…I became mad of your beauty….I wanted to fuck you…..But you were from a royal family and you were like a queen for everyone of your family….So thought it never happens….But Nithya….By god’s grace….today I fucked my dream lady….I fucked my friend’s precious house wife…..thanks Nithya….thanks….” I deplored.

“Jack….you are surprising me….you got attracted me on my wedding day itself…”

“Not only me…Nithya….Suresh’s all friend’s felt jealous on him….and everyone wanted to fuck you atleast once in their life time… were so sexy honey…..” I kissed on her hanging boobs.

“Jack….I don’t know anything about this…..really I don’t know you people have this much lust on me…..But here everyone has lust on me…Whoever I meet…..they will try to impress me…they will try to fuck me….But I never wanted to cheat Suresh….this is the first time I got fucked by other man….Jack……I loved you really in these days….your love….affection….made me hot…..I know you were constantly staring on my navel….It made me too hot….you made me surrender to your fat cock….I love you Jack….I need you in my life…” Nithya moaned. She took my cock inside her mouth and started sucking it.

“How often Suresh will fuck you Nithya….” I asked a naughty question.

“Thrice in a week…he is a good fucker Jack…..” She came to my balls. “But he wont fuck me hard…as you fucked…..and his cock is just 5 inches….I always loved to be fucked by a big cock….I dreamt a big cock for years….that I saw in you…that moment itself I lost me to you… became the owner of my beauty…..You became the owner of my pussy….You can fuck me at any time Jack……” She mad fully licked my balls.

“Nithya…let me see your FIL…..whether he slept or not….I told her and stood up. Dressed up and came down. Ensured his sleep…..ensured all the doors were closed….then I went to her. “He slept baby…” I told her.
“Fuck me once again Jack……your cock makes me mad….will you fuck me Jack……” she asked me with lustful eyes.

“It’s my pleasure Nithya…..Who will get this opportunity….I will fuck you all over the night…..” I removed my dress and became nude.

Then I fucked Nithya till she begged me to leave.

After first round of fucking, Nithya felt very happy about the fine moments and her face was glowing. She was in heaven. She was lying on the bed with closed eyes and widened legs showing her hairy pussy to me. Her big boobs, deep navel and cute pussy were looking marvelous. I felt my long dream came true. Yes….my dream lady…..the homely house wife Nithya got fucked by me and she was lying in front of me without a single cloth on her sexy body.

“Fuck me once again Jack……your cock makes me mad….will you fuck me Jack……” she asked me with lustful eyes.

“It’s my pleasure Nithya…..Who will get this opportunity….I will fuck you all over the night…..” I removed my dress and became nude

‘Nithya…..Once again I will go down and see whether your FIL is awake or sleeping…’.I told her.
She stood up and kissed me. ‘OK Jack….come soon…..’

I ensured her FIL is in long sleep… I ran to her and lifted her in my arms. “Hei…..Jack……” she screamed.

I took her to ground floor…where her FIL sleeps. She screamed and shook her legs. “Jack……… FIL may see us…ayyooooooo…………”

But I didn’t care about her screams…..I reached the Hall….Nithya was begging me by her eyes to leave her…… As she was not able to make sounds, she was trying to leave from my arms….but I held her tightly…..we both were completely nude. I slowly laid her on the floor…near to her FIL’s bed room and saw her.

Nithya was completely afraid of my act…her heart was beating fast. She never imagined she will come to the hall without any cloth on her sexy body. She was able to cry that time because at any time her FIL can see his nude daughter in law that too with hairy pussy. I consoled her by my eyes and told her to not to make any sound. She obeyed my order. Now it’s only our breathing sound came from the hall.

I saw the queen…..the frightened Nithya….widened her legs and saw her shivering pussy. My rod was already in 90 deg. C. She was frequently watching her FIL’s room…. I inserted my fat cock inside her pussy. Her eyes are filled with fear…but she was not able to resist me…..because her FIL may wake up… she was silent….closed her eyes tightly when I fucked her. As she was not able to moan…..she opened her mouth as much as possible and deeply moaned in lowwww voice. It was a great sight for me……and it was a thrilling fuck. Without any interval….I heavily fucked her. Yes I fucked her in the Hall.

Nithya started enjoying the feel and the thrill. I saw the lust on her eyes… she was looking only at me…she was not in a position to watch her FIL. I used this opportunity and drilled her pussy……and finally after 10 minutes….unloaded my sperms inside her cunt.

When I dropped my cum, I held her fine big boobs and squeezed them. We were in heaven. Then I took my cock out of her pussy and kept inside her widely opened mouth. She sucked me well. She took my entire cock inside her mouth and sucked it completely. It was a great feel for me. After 30 minutes of mouth fuck….I again unloaded my sperms inside her throat….she swallowed it.

Then I lifted her in my arms and took her to kitchen. Then only she started talking.
“Jack……I loved your fuck da….in the hall……oh god…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I loved your fuck… are fucking me so hard….Jack….”.She deplored.

“I want to fuck you in every room of this house Nithya……” I expressed my wish.

“Two times in every room…fuck me Jack…..fuck me all over the night…..” she moaned.

“I want to fuck you here Nithya…” I told her.

She smiled at me and kissed. “You are a wonderful fucker Jack…” she smiled naughtily and opened the bridge and gave me apple juice and patham milk to drink. We both had the juice and shared some naughty smiles.

I made her to sit on the floor attached with the wash basin and widened her legs again. I used to fantasize this kind of fucking in my dreams. I was standing and now her pussy level is exactly equal to my cock. I squeezed two tomatoes and rubbed it on her pussy. She loved this play. Tomatoes gave nice feelings to her pussy. Tomato juices were flowing over her pussy hairs and the seeds gave her pussy a sexy look. Then I completely licked her pussy for 40 minutes. She was moaning….moaning. Suddenly we heard the mobile ringing sound…..I immediately ran to her bed room which was in first floor…found the mobile…it was Suresh….I came down to kitchen….still Nithya was sitting in the same position….kept her pussy open…..I told her to talk with him.

“Suresh……” she started talking with him. I kept my cock on her licked pussy. “Jack is sleeping….” when she told him this word…..I heavily fucked her. She didn’t expect I will take a strong stroke in that time. She moaned because of the pleasurable pain inside her pussy. Suresh would have asked her what happened. “Nothing…nothing Suresh……” when she was telling this…..purposefully I fucked her again. She loudly moaned again. I loved this. I loved to fuck Nithya when she was talking with her husband. This time Nithya was very angry on me and begged me to leave. Because her moaning can be clearly heard by her husband.

But I was fucking her continuously….”Suresh…..your voice is not clear….call me tomorrow please…..” she told him between her moaning and switched off the mobile. She was afraid of her husband….because he my get doubt on her. She was able to cry. Tears were appeared on her beautiful eyes. I consoled her…..

”He will take this as signal problem….so don’t worry”.

After that we slept at the time of 2.00 am.

Next day (4th day)

Her FIL awoke me at 10.00 am.
“What happened Jack….”
I told him “nothing”.

But luckily Nithya has woken up at 7.30 am and she took bath and was making Tiffin. My goodness….now her FIL cannot doubt us….because the clever lady has woken up as usual.

Nithya was looking gorgeous in the thin transparent brownish yellow designer saree. Her blouse was like a small rope on her back. Her enormous big round ass was looking marvelous. I was measuring her ass movements from the door. As she was seriously preparing freak fast….she didn’t observe me….her beauty made me crazy.

“Nithya…..good morning….” I hugged her from behind….I kept my hands on her waist…and kissed on her back.

“Good morning…Jack….vow…yei…….” she enjoyed my hug and strictly told me ‘allow me to work…’

But I slipped my left hand inside her hip saree and held her deep round navel.

“Nithya…you have worn your saree deep below your navel……may be 3 inches low…..” I whispered in her ears.

“Cheee…..rascal….what are you doing…” she tried to release from my hug.

But I put my right hand on her thighs and with my left hand I was feeling her navel. My fingers traveled in and out of her navel and I slightly pressed her navel. She felt very horny because of this.

“Jack….take coffee first…..” She deplored.

“Darling…your ass makes me mad…..” I moaned.

“Ayyooooooo Jack….my FIL……”he has gone for bathing….” I replied her and my left hand was on her mid riff which was very close to her pussy. My cock felt her huge round ass.

“Jack…I have to make break fast….go away please…” she begged me.

I released her navel. She thanked me with her eyes. She doesn’t know about me. Yes…she doesn’t know what I am going to do now. Slowly I held the hem of her saree and lifted up, to see her horny hot ass. Oh goodness…she has not weared panty inside. Nithya felt fresh air on her ass and she shouted “Jack……”

Nithya didn’t expect I will lift her saree and see her ass. As her ass made me mad…..I kissed her ass cheeks and smelled them. It gave pears soap smell. “So sexy smell Nithya….” I moaned. Nithya closed the stove and with beating heart looked at the door.

“Jack….after some time please……please not now….” she begged. To arrest her mouth I did that.

Yes…I separated her ass cheeks and saw her cute horny hot ass hole. Her hole was shivering. Immediately I buried my face inside her ass crack and took her sweet ass hole inside my mouth. Nithya didn’t expect this and moaned “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooooooffaaaaaaaaaaah.”

Nithya never felt this kind of pleasure in her ass hole. She was completely out of control that time. She forgot the world. I mad fully licked her ass hole for more than 20 minutes…..but we heard the sound of her FIL …. So I released her ass hole and kept her saree down and went out.

Till completing break fast I was constantly playing with her and staring her ass and she was shy because of what happened just before.

After taking break fast…..her FIL was busy in watching TV. I wanted to use this opportunity and called her to my room. But she asked me to come to her room…because it is in first floor. I went there….held her ass and kissed it over her saree.

“You have wonderful ass Nithya…” I deplored.

“Hei…yesterday you were completely busy in my pussy….but what happened today…..”

Without giving any answer to her, I lifted her saree….separated her ass cheeks and saw her glory hole.

“Jack….you are killing me Jack….” she moaned.

Her ass hole was shivering…because it knows what is going to happen…..I asked her to be in doggy style….she was aware about doggy stle…with lots of lust she came to doggy position….I departed her ass cheeks as much as possible and pleasantly licked her glory hole. Nithya was keeping on moaning and shaking her ass…moving her hip to and fro…..I ate her ass hole. This is the time to take revenge.

“I loved to lick your ass hole on your wedding day Nithya….” I moaned. “But after two years I have got this chance…..I am mad on your big round ass Nithya….” I deplored.

“Tear my ass hole Jack…..ayyo….you are killing me…aaaaaaaaaaaahaa” she moaned.

“I was daily fucking your ass in my dreams Nithya…. “I moaned.

“Fuck my ass Jack…..fuck….me hard….aaaaaaaaaaaahaa…..fuck my ass Jack…….” she moaned with pleasure. Yes…this is the time to take revenge.

I fucked her tight ass hole. As her hole was very tight….I applied KY jelly on my cock and her hole. Then I buried my entire cock inside her ass hole. I made thunder strokes inside her ass. I fucked her butt hole like a horse. She moaned….after some time…she cried…..

”No……Jack…..take out…..take out your cock….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahl……mmmmmmm….ayyooooooo… It’s paining…aaaaa….its enough….Jack…..oohhhhhh aaaaaaammmmmmmaaaaa…..”

Her moans and cry made me hot. I increased my speed of fucking and squeezed her hanging boobs over her braless blouse. My entire fat cock was drilling her ass hole and going up to extreme depth of her glory hole. Nithya was miserably crying…tears rolling from her eyes….she was not able to take her ass from my cock……she buried her face on the pillow. I held her long hair in my right hand and fucked her ass hole. After fucking her hole for more than 45 minutes….I released my load inside her hole…..Nithya felt enormous pleasure….she was in heaven. I was completely exhausted and fell down on the bed.

Nithya got relief from my fuck…she fell down on the bed facing her ass upwards…was breathing heavily with closed eyes and opened mouth. We were enjoying the feel. But we didn’t expect Suresh’s call.

She attended the call…”what….”she shocked. After keeping the mobile down, I asked her…”what happened Nithya….why you are shocked…why you are afraid…..”

” Jack….”she started to cry. I was not able to console her. “What happened Nithya…?”

After long cry, she told, ‘Suresh is coming Jack….Suresh is already on the way in flight. He will reach here within one hour. He only called up…’

After hearing this I was shocked like anything. I didn’t imagine this. Why he is coming….so urgently…..

“Ayyo….Jack…gone…..he found….. He found about our fuck Jack…..he is coming for that only….” she deplored. I consoled her for half an hour and promised her I will not put you in trouble. Then we dressed up and went to airport. Suresh came. We welcomed him. Nithya was in fear and she didn’t speak with him freely even after reaching the house. But Suresh seems very normal and told me; unexpectedly the work got completed and immediately came here to see his wife.

I personally saw Nithya and told her, ‘he doesn’t know about our illegal relationship…so be with him as usual and if you feel guilty…..surely we will be caught up.’ After that only Nithya came to normal condition and she thanked god. Luckily Suresh asked me to stay for another three days….because he needed my help as the police enquiry was going on in all the houses about the incident. I didn’t refuse it and thanked god.

That day I told Nithya to keep the bedroom window open. First she refused. I begged her ‘I want to see how Suresh is doing you’. After my sincere request she accepted with half mind.

That night Suresh was fucking her like anything. I was watching the couple’s fuck clearly through window. This is the first time I am seeing a couple’s fuck in real life. I understood Suresh loves her boobs so much. He spent more time on her boobs…he licked it…sucked it…..fondled it…and squeezed it. Nithya was looking like angel. Her up and downs can kill anyone. Suresh has average size of cock, but it was effective in fucking. Nithya saw me…when he was fucking her…..I felt very hot. After one round of heavy fuck, they slept. I slowly came to my room and slept thinking about their wonderful fuck.

Next day (5th day) –

Suresh showed all his purchases in US to us. He has purchased 95% dress materials for her beautiful wife. It includes jeans, t shirts, skirts, tops and more modern varieties. That day they had to attend a marriage function… they called me also. Happily I joined with them.

I became mad on Nithya after seeing her in proper make ups and in a green color silk saree. No actress is like her. In the entire marriage crowd…she was looking like a queen… an angel….like a hot bitch. We completed lunch there itself and came back to our house. As we were tired……Suresh went for sleeping. I expected this only.

Every one is slept….but how I will sleep? My cock was searching Nithya. After losing the patient….I went to her bedroom and saw the sleeping couple. I slowly went inside and touched Nithya. She was in tops and long skirt. When she woke up…..I fastly came down to my room.

I heart was beating heavily. To increase its beat, Nithya came with lustful eyes. We hugged each other.

“Jack….do something Jack…..” she moaned.

I didn’t know, from where I have to start. But I understood the time was very less. So I made her to sit on the bed……lifted her skirt and saw her wet pussy. She was looking at me with thrill. I licked her cunt. Moanings filled the room. After some time….I turned her and licked her ass hole. She loved my lick.

“Where you want to be fucked Nithya… your pussy….or in your ass……” I asked her.
“Drill my ass Jack…..He never fucked me in ass……I love your ass fuck Jack…….beg you….fuck me in my ass……pleaseeeeeeeeee…..”

Before she complete the word…..My fat cock went inside her ass hole. She opened her mouth and moaned heavily. She held the bed tightly to get the balance but my thunder strokes made her collide. I lifted her ass up and again I brought her to doggy style. I violently fucked her ass and she was crying with pain and pleasure. Her ass hole was able to tear because of my hard fuck. I collected all my stamina and fucked her. Its sure…we both were in heaven. I lifted her tops to her neck and caught her hanging big boobs. I crushed her boobs and made them collide. As Suresh loves her boobs much…..her boobs were extremely hanging and her nipples were rolling on the bed. I loved the way her boobs were hanging and I squeezed them as much as possible. I fucked her ass for more than 45 minutes and after releasing my cum inside her ass……I took my cock out…turned her kissed her pussy.

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