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The Big Bang Sex Theory

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This is a story when I was in class XI. I was in a very well reputed co-ed school. Now a word of caution this story is totally fictional and in no way I repeat in no way is it related to any person living or dead. It is just to fulfill people’s insatiable hunger for sex. This story is of how I broke my virginity with my crush’s best friend.

TTTRRRRIIINNGGG!!! The bell for second period rang. Now it was Mr. Pandey’s “PHYJIX” period. I was the most “harami” back-bencher of my college. I would confuse teacher with IIT- questions. Savera and Ragini occasionally use to sit in front. They topped each and every exam possible. I probably ended up with +80%. As soon as Mr Pandey entered, I yelled “Sir Zip khuli hai…………………..Arnav ki.” He shouted “Who was this??” Now I was in for trouble. Savera pointed at me and said “Sir! It was Aditya.” He ordered me to leave the class at once. I left smiling and Savera smiled too.

Now you would think that why I am happy??? I was thrown out and yet I was smiling. Well the reason was that it was our plan. It was actually our code language. Whenever I said anything preposterous they understood and would happily point at me and would help me escaping the class or in short they helped me in bunking classes. Arnav, Savera and Ragini were my childhood buddies.

After Physics period I came to my class. I was sitting right behind Savera. She too sometimes joined us right at the back. Now I don’t know if she was trying to expose herself or it was by mistake but her panty was visible. Now I ran my finger smoothly just above her panty on her bare skin. She moaned lightly. It was pretty erotic. Then coming back to her senses she adjusted her skirt. I felt like killing myself. It was very embarrassing for me. Thankfully, Arnav and Ragini were bunking and they were in canteen as they were damn hungry.

Now at the end of class she gave me a cold look. I knew I was in for trouble. She said “What was that??” I innocently asked “What was what?” She said you know. I said “Sorry! But u did enjoyed it didn’t you?” She blushed. I wrote a “lovey-dovey proposal” and decided I would definitely give it to her today itself. Enough is enough.

Now I, Savera and Ragini had to stay afterschool for English Dramatics. As soon as I found her alone I gave the letter to her in a register. And then the worst shit of all times happened. That register was taken by Ragini.

I was such an asshole I had not even written her name on the letter just my feelings and my name. I got a call from Ragini. She said she wanted to see me. I went to her house. It was evening. Actually we had done a lot of combined studies so Neelu aunty and Deep uncle had no problem with me. I was like a son they never had. I took greetings from aunty and uncle and went to her room. She told her mom not to disturb as we had to study for the test next day. I went in. She told me that she had liked me for the past 4 years. The only problem was that if I had said no our friendship too would have become a cold one. So she had kept mute. I was taken aback. I didn’t want to break her heart as she was my best buddy.

I was caught amidst a beautiful disaster. I couldn’t say no. She came towards me and hugged me tightly. She said “Now! I’ll never let go of you.” She kissed me on my lips. I broke the kiss and said “I don’t think it is right!!” She said “You don’t love me na?? Go away never show me your face again!!”
The Big Bang Sex Theory, antarvasna, hindi kahaniya, hindi hardcore sex story, HINDI CHUDAI KAHANI, hindi chudai story, hindi antarvasna sex kahani, hindi antarvasna free, Hindi adult story
The Big Bang Sex Theory, antarvasna, hindi kahaniya, hindi hardcore sex story, HINDI CHUDAI KAHANI, hindi chudai story, hindi antarvasna sex kahani, hindi antarvasna free, Hindi adult story

To avert a disaster I said “No baby, I don’t think this place is right. Obviously I do love you from the very bottom of my heart” She understood and said “Just give me a second” She went downstairs. After 15 mins she came back and said “let us do COMBINED STUDIES the whole night. My mum has informed your mum that we will be studying for the test.” Now I was in a complete dilemma. She went to bathroom to freshen herself up. She yelled from inside the bathroom “Ready?” I had to sacrifice my love. I said “Anytime jaan!!” Then she came on out and backed me up against the wall. She started kissing me and by kissing I mean French kiss. Our tongues entwined trying to insert each other’s mouth. We kissed passionately licking each other’s tongue, lips, teeth and anything that came in between, mixing saliva. Then we switched off the light. Switched on ac to the max and went inside the covers.

We started cuddling each other. Both of us had not even shed a single item of clothing. Now since it was our first time I decided to give more time to foreplay. I wanted my first sex to be sensual. I kept my head in between her boobs. I started shaking my head. Rubbing and nudging my nose, lips on her bosom and neck and face, slowly releasing my deep breaths right on her body. Then I went right down and started rubbing my lips on her legs and feet. She was all the more turned-on. Then I lifted her top a bit and started licking her naval. I was literally tongue-fucking her naval. Then I brought my hand right between her legs and started caressing. At first, it was smooth but slowly caressing got rough and she was enjoying and moaning. She too kept her hand right on my tent. She started pressing hard. We were still in our clothes.

Now we decided to take off each item of clothing alternately. First I took off my shirt and vest. She then took off her top and brassier. Her beautiful boobs were right in front of me to suck at. She had subtle nipples and dark areolas. I caressed her boobs. I pressed her tits with my teeth. I was gritting her nipples mercilessly. She was in total heaven and she was enjoying my each and every move. I started sucking her left boob. I was sucking like a child. I kept on sucking her boobs. She said “Aaj hi saara pee loge yaa phir kal ke liye bhi kuch chodoge” I said “All of it is mine!!!! Jab bhi piyon” and I winked at her. She smiled naughtily.

Now my bulge was proving to be irksome. I kept on rubbing it on her side. She said “Now it’s my turn!”

She attacked me and suddenly came on top of me. She licked my nipples and she too was applying the same technique as mine. She was breathing heavily on top of me. Her hairs were sweeping my chest. She was sitting right on top of my tent. She was bouncing up and down. Now I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it. So I asked her to let me lick her pussy first. I also wanted her to give me a blowjob so both of us came in 69. I opened my zip instead of removing my trousers and she took of her jeans and panty. We both were licking each other vigorously. I was licking her like a dog. She was mouth-fucking me. Then I started tongue-fucking her. She was deep-throating me. Her pussy started flowing juices right into my mouth simultaneously I also shot my load right into her throat. We both had to drink each other’s love juice.

Neelu aunty yelled “Bacchon! Aa jao khaana lag gaya hai”. We in no time licked each other dry, wore our clothes and raced downstairs.

Now we seated ourselves opposite to each other on dining tables. The table was a wooden one. Aunty and uncle too took their plates and sat little further away from us. Now I felt something rubbing against my cock. I removed table covers and saw it was Ragini. Now she wouldn’t let me eat peacefully. She was rubbing her legs against my cock. Luckily, Aunty and Uncle were too engrossed in their talks. She started rubbing hard and when she saw my expressions she knew I was about to cum. She gave me a wicked smile and kicked me hard, right at my scrotum. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I let out a groan. Ragini asked innocently “What happened Adi?” I replied “Nothing! Its just that I am allergic to beans. I get a burning sensation whenever I eat them.” Now I had leaked cum in my underwear and there was wet spot visible. I couldn’t stand up. I knew that I was being kicked out of the house pretty soon. Suddenly an idea struck me. I picked up a glass of water and suddenly spilled it at my trousers. Now that spot was overshadowed by water. CLOSE ENOUGH!!!

As soon as we went back to our room I asked “What the FUCK was that??”She said “Do you really think I am an asshole. I loved you very much but you wouldn’t appreciate it. You loved that whore –Savera. She is such a slut that she was exposing her panty to you. You think I am blind or what?? I saw you smoothly running your hand on her skin right through window. And it was then I started observing you. You were writing a love letter for that bitch. That was the only reason why I asked for that particular register.”

She added “I knew you would easily fall for any girl and that is why I did this to you!!!” I asked “What if your parents had seen it? Kicking me right at my groin??” She said “Oh no baby! That was toh my frustration. What I really did to you was…..” and she hit play button right at her tv. She had been recording our sexual activity. She said “Now I am going to mail this to a slut named Savera because she too loves you.” NOW I WAS IN DEEP SHIT!!! I FELT LIKE KILLING MYSELF!!!

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