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Shriya losing Virginity to Chirag

Chirag was a on a break from his ultra bloodsucking CA internship, but he had his relationship with the firm. A common told him that Shriya needed a CS internship and as expected Chirag extended his hand to help to his surprise things had worked out pretty well Shriya had found a much needed internship and his firm a much needed vessel of blood.

She loved working so didn’t considered it bloodsucking. Chirag was in a rocky state of mind and not to lie he had planned to pound Shriya but it was just a dream until one night. It was raining like anything Chirag enjoyed rains but only if he was home. The moment Shriya had git the internship she was offered to drop by in case of emergency.

Well it was this time when she called Chirag, he without giving it a second thought invited her over ignoring the fact he was alone at his place but not in the society. To his surprise Shriya arrived so did his parents, aunty offered Shriya a towel and some tea, luckily Shriya carried an extra pair of clothes for her she just needed a room to change.

Chirag led her to the bedroom he followed her on the stairs she wore a light blue top with white diamonds printed on them, but he didn’t see them all he saw the shape of her bra and her breasts, the bed room arrived and the door closed. The door opened and Shriya appeared, she wore a black and red Kurti and chudidar.


Her wet hair and sleeveless made Chirag peep into her cleavage each time he got a chance. She turned and broke his dream of ramming her, she said words of gratefulness for his help but Chirag was still peeling her black kurti. Soon the tea was served and Shriya had to leave.

Shriya’s black Activa had given up in the knee length water of his very well unmaintained society so it was his duty or, maybe an obligation for him to drop her to her distant dwelling. It didn’t matter much to Chirag how beautiful the girl was he found it boring to drop people. Here he was stuck so he took keys to his car and Shriya climbed in.

It was dark and it was raining but Shriya reached home safely, she invited him in for a cup of tea. Now tea was his weakness and that too in rains he couldn’t say no. They entered the cantonment residence, it was poorly lit and the door was locked, Shriya opened it with her Activa keys and offers Chirag a seat. She inquired about his choice of sugar and milk, and presented him a tea.

He didn’t like the taste but finished and urged to go. Shriya nodded in approval, both of them stood up and Shriya gave Chirag a tight hug, which wasn’t expected or understood by Chirag. He was turned on but controlled. He asked the reason for her gesture and she explained her gratitude for her internship. He as he told her a million times denied her to thank him.

She said he was modest and deserved the hug at least. Stupid dick thanked her for the hug and she laughed. She was astonished as she inquired about his hugging career. To her surprise she found that Chirag never initiated hugs, Shriya told him to give her a hug, it was his time to learn.

Chirag blushed but slowly spread his hand held her close and was about to place his head on her shoulder, bit there was a technical glitch. Shriya and Chirag couldn’t find a way to their respective shoulders. They laughed as they tried suddenly time slowed. Shriya moved her head towards left while Chirag to the right, they paced towards each other and BAM!

Chirag’s lips touched her chin and lower lip. They froze time stopped they took away their heads but hands still in embrace. Shriya was blank so was Chirag and the two devils in their workshops pushed Chirag for a better peck, Shriya joined in and made it a perfect kiss.

He passed his tongue and her mouth welcomed it, his hands from her back moved towards her hair, now their wild kissing session was halted they looked for a escape from this uncomfortable yet comforting intimacy but couldn’t. Shriya pulled him towards the couch, kissing they laid on it slowly the kissing included neck and hands and eyes, the systems were pumped up and ready.

Shriya knew her parents would be back in sometime so she didn’t wait for the guy to proceed, she pulled off his t shirt and slid her hands into his red track pants he proudly owned, it wasn’t hard for her to locate his erect cock and now she was playing with it.

Meanwhile Chirag gained pace and moved his hands in the black kurti from behind; to his surprise Shriya wasn’t wearing any bra since she changed. It was time for Shriya’s kurti to move out of the scene, he pulled it out and she supported, her milky white breasts were revealed but not even for a second they were left uncovered, Chirag pounced on them and sucked the right boob and left than after.

Chirag told her this was the best thank you ever which made her halt, she said he hasn’t been thanked properly and pulled his tracks down revealing his penis and moments later it was galloped in her mouth.

Chirag was kb heaven and so was Shriya. She gave him and good blow and later she appeared with condoms from her dad’s drawer. She took care of the protection and it was time for her chudidar to go it was out within moments. Chirag pushed her on to the couch and tried to lick her pussy but was forbidden. It was his dick to the rescue.

The time flew, bodies moved, Shriya bit her lips and his shoulder, and he left his marks on her chest. With her hand on his ass he signaled him to move with speed and it was time for the climax, they drained and fell she was up in moments and so was he. It was his time to leave but this time it was a intentional kiss and a breast squeeze.

He held her for a while and left her full. He drove out of the block as she waved him till the car disappeared. She texted him kisses which made him realize that Chirag had actually lost his virginity. With a smile and hand on his cock Chirag slept like a baby.

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