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Saat saal baad chudee hoon mai

The month was cold and Salo kept the AC inside. I had nothing to cover myself with, but the aunt on the arm had covered the shoal. The dead ass of my cold was exploding, the aunt on the side came to know that I was feeling cold, so they asked me to come to my shola but I refused. After some time they told me again when I came to their shawl. The heat of the shawl as well as their heat was giving me a lot of fun. Then the bus suddenly hit Modi on one side and I fell on him and touched my hand, he did not say anything and then I recovered myself. When I called them Sori, they said, “Never mind, then there was talk between the two of us, and then between me, I used to break if I felt their hand, sometimes my hand. Both of us were sitting very close to the same shoal. I got to know that she was from Shimla and came here for some work. After some time, she fell silent and sat facing the other side, and her hand was feeling my hand clean, due to which I slowly started getting hot. After some time, he felt such a break that his hand came directly to my cock and my fully tanned cock, aunt kept his hand on my cock for a few moments and then lifted it out of the mouth and turned to the other side. Slowly again I felt that the hand of the aunt was coming towards me, and then saw that he kept the cone of his hand lightly with my cock and was rubbing it again and again. Then I thought that they were hot too, I again glued myself to the aunt and touched his cock with his hand. After that, the aunt put her hand completely on my cock and held it, and lightly. Started shaking. I put my hand on the aunt’s ass from inside the shoal and started caressing, due to which the aunt put her head on my shoulder and started rubbing her head on my body. He then made his mouth equal to my mouth and tortured his lips on my lips and then started sucking my lips, I also started sucking his lips. During the kiss, I put my hand inside his suit and opened his bra and touched his nipples naked. Now I started to stroke his hands and rubbed his nipple. Then I took down the shoal and took his cucumber in his mouth and started sucking them, I used to cut his nipple in the middle and sometimes he used to squeeze it in between his lips. Opened and took out my cock and started caressing it and then after some time I bent down and took my cock and started sucking it, by sucking them, I felt that I am now flying not only in the sky. OT sucked my cock for some ten minutes and took out the water from my cock and made him drink, even after drinking, he did not get peace and started sucking my cock again. Even after that, I licked my cock for some ten minutes and then he pulled his shirt down from behind and sat on my ass, I understood what he wanted. In order to not waste time, I removed my cock from his pussy in the back, as soon as he entered, he filled a long sob and then closed his mouth. His pussy looked as if I had put my cock in a volcano, it was so hot, and it was so soft as if there was no cotton. I was able to move the cocks back and forth with a great smile, but I did and for ten minutes, the cocks were back and forth. I was suffering but I was also having a lot of fun. In those ten minutes, the aunt had probably fallen twice. Now it was my turn to loose, so I asked her lightly that if I remove, she did not say anything and pushed herself backward four and five times so that I could not stop my mouth and dropped it in her pussy. As soon as the mouth fell, she quickly bent over and started sucking my cock and cleaned it completely. Just then I stopped at one place and all the people of the bus got down, then the aunt pointed me to a man and told him to remove it too. , Emene took them down too and then they told me that they were their husbands, their husbands also went down and now there was nobody except the two of us. The aunt put me on the seat and started sucking my cock and when I stood up again, he again got down on his trunk and sat down on my trunk and then started jumping on me and after about twenty minutes of bouncing we Both collapsed simultaneously. After the loss, she came down and started sucking my cock again, I thought she was thirsty for births, how many cocks were there. By sucking them, I again stood up in two minutes and then I laid them on the seat and lifted their legs upwards and started banging on the bottom. She was now taking the mouthful of coals which she was unable to take earlier. Now he came, aaaaaaaa ummmm we started taking the sounds of ahhhhh and saying, “May the raja quench my thirst, please calm me today. God will give you a long life, will give you many cocks for this cock. Long paula was shot for about half an hour and in the meantime she had collapsed three times. So I fell again and I removed the cocks from her pussy and she started sucking again. He cleaned my cock with a suck and I sat on one seat of my cock and he sat separately. After a while, all people came and again everyone sat on their own site. The bus started running again and after some time the bad light stopped, then the aunt said that

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