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My Sister and Teacher showed he how to Fuck

A little bit about me first. I’m Raj and I’m the only son in a family of five, with an elder sister 7 yrs older to me and a younger sister. We were a middle class family living in a 2-bedroom apartment with my parents using one of them and the 3 of us using the other one. From quite a young age I was up to steam on everything to do with sex. The usual sources of information were books and magazines smuggled into school by the more adventurous guys and a number of lectures from the experienced guys in the class. I would say that I was quite a horny guy taking constant recourse to winking off.

It was during those years that my elder sister who was 18 was beginning to become a woman. She was of medium height-5.2” fair and a bit plump. One night when I got up to pee, I happened to look towards her laying on the bed along side me. She was sleeping blissfully after a hard day of studies and her skirt had ridden high enough for me to get a glimpse of her milky white thighs. She had already started shaving I guessed because her thighs and calves were gleaming in the subdued light of the night lamp as she slept on her side with one of her legs curled at the knee. I hurriedly finished peeing and returned to bed and could hardly sleep with this new ‘insight’ and what it was doing to my dick. I had a raging hard-on just looking at my sister’s thighs and was sleeping on my stomach grinding my dick on the mattress under me. After a while, when I was confident that she was sound asleep, I drew the courage of raising her skirt even further. It was a big high for me being able to do the forbidden. As I hiked up the skirt the pressure of her leg was preventing it from going further. I was beyond care and I exerted a little pressure, tugging at the skirt. She shifted due to the disturbance and I quickly turned to the other side and pretended to sleep, expecting a slap from her any moment. When after a while there was no movement except the sound of her breath, I turned around to the sight of my lifetime (till then). She had moved to sleep on her back with her legs bent at the knees and wide open for me to see! I confirmed that she was asleep and sat up in bed near her legs moved the skirt down to her waist easily and saw the outlines of her panties.

My heart was pounding so loud, I was afraid that she would awaken by its sound. I reached down with trembling hands and felt the region around where I thought her pussy would be. I felt her thighs, going down, and it felt silky under my palm. As I touched her on her pussy I could feel her white schoolgirl panties were a little wet. I felt gingerly over her mound tracing what I could make out was her pussy lips and felt per pussy hair poking out the panty. I brought my fingers to my nose and realized instantly it was the last drops of pee. In a strange way that turned me on even further and I brought myself to move my head near her pussy and smell here there. It was mind blowing!!! …And just before I would have ripped her panty apart, she shifted a little disturbed by my heavy breathing so close to her pussy, which I’m sure now would have tickled her. I returned to sleep which didn’t come for a long time as I lay fondling my dick and playing with my balls thinking about how I could have poked my fingers into her pussy.

From then began a daily routine, which lasted for about 6 months. During which time I got to see her big ass barely covered by her panties while she lay on her stomach. I would move in real close and stare at her ass barely 4 inches away. Slowly I got the courage to run my hand all over her body and feel her breasts over her t-shirt. She had largish breasts for her age and it was quite a handful. I would softly cup my hands around them, careful not to wake her up. I am sure somewhere along the way she realized what I was up to and I daresay she quite enjoyed it going by some heavy breathing at times and the suspicious ease with which I was able to move her clothes up and down. During the day she would at times have a sly kind of a smile on her face when we were alone. I never had the courage to take it further from there and I guess mine was a more of a voyeuristic kick

However, this is where my interest in older women began from a very early age. Over a period of time I have repeated this with a voluptuous maidservant, who was very careless about her sari when she was sleeping. But I’ll leave that for another time. All this contact without the actual act of coitus was making me very horny. All I had/have on mind is sex. I would fantasize about older women all the time. They would be the neighborhood aunties or my teachers. None escaped an episode in my fantasies. I would constantly try to peer down their blouses and watch their backsides as they walked by. The view of their stomachs stretched with a little plumpness, the belly buttons peeking from the sari folds and the slight folds on the skin near the waist. Boy! Older women were always on my minds.

I had moved on . I daresay I was particularly good at studies and was amongst the toppers most of the time. During the 1st half of the year I has missed quite a few classes because of an illness and while the rest of the subjects I easily made up for I had a problem with math. Providentially our Math’s teacher agreed to give me special classes provided I come over to her house. I said providentially because she was one heck of a woman. Mrs. Uri was a Punjabi lady pushing 38 or so and was tall and shapely with excess baggage in the right places, namely her breasts and ass. She, needless to say was the subject of a number of my fantasies and a lot of cum- I had started cumming by then. At class I was particular to call for her help quite often because that gave me a chance to look down her deep cut blouse, at her divinely fair skinned cleavage. That close to her I could smell her perfume and sometimes her body odor, which would start arousing my dick and I would start to feel it straining inside my undies. I would gaze at her finely manicured fingers carelessly tapping on the table while she thought out the solution. Very often she would catch me both ‘looking’ at her and invariably ignored it, neither encouraging nor discouraging me.
I started going to her house for extra classes and more than my lessons it was actually extra time to drool over Mrs. Suri. She was alone with me most of those times as it was in the late afternoon and her daughter would return from college only late evening. Her husband who was a fairly busy businessman would be traveling a lot. She was of-course more casually dressed at home in saris or even nighties at times. At times I would see the silhouette of her body inside her nighty and that would cause a stir in my balls. We would also talk other things apart from studies and I realized that she was quite a lonely woman. Like I said earlier she was quite casual while we she taught me and would sometimes unconsciously (I thought at that time) rest her palm on my thighs. The sight of her fair and manicured fingers tipped with red nail polish resting on my thigh would give me a hard on which was very difficult concealing. While she sat next to me, her sari pallu would slip down to her hands exposing breasts covered by her deep cut blouse and I could glance at her cleavage heaving as she breathed. It would stay that way for quite sometime before she realized and moved her pallu back up. I must say the extra classes weren’t helping my lessons much. All the while I was there it was like a prolonged hard-on session. She saw me looking at her breasts and again seemed to ignore it probably unsure of how to react.

Once I had returned home before going to her place and reached her house after I had changed into my shorts and t-shirt. She had just taken a bath as well and had a black chiffon sari on. I realized I could see through the sheer of her sari covering her top, at the blouse and faint traces of cleavage. She smiled at me saying, “I thought you’d probably not come in today” as she shifted her gaze down to my naked thighs for a fleeting moment. She looked back at me and asked me to sit on the sofa and open up my books while she wrapped up something in the kitchen. I sat down and watched her leave the room, her ass shifting as she walked. I open my books and suddenly realized it would be difficult to hide a hard-on.
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I was looking at the problem when she returned and sat down right next to me, quite close to me. I could feel the side of her softness of her hips against mine. She explained the solution out to me and as didn’t get it the first time she started explaining again and kept her left hand on my thigh near the knee as she emphasized a point. It blew my mind as for the first time I was feeling her palm against my dark naked skin. Her hand there was quite an erotic sight as well. As she bent to start writing, her pallu slipped and fell to her hand on my leg, and I saw her breasts heaving again. She continued oblivious of the fact that I was getting horribly turned on and once in a while she would tap me or increase the pressure on my thigh to emphasize a point. I could also feel her long nails slightly on my skin. As I looked at her cleavage I could see drops of water from her bath, which escaped the towel. It also realized that she was probably not wearing a bra as I could see the faint outlines of her nipples. I could feel my dick beginning to grow and visibly stretch the fabric of my shorts. I looked up at her to see if she noticed anything and I saw her nibbling on the pencil as she thought about the solution to the sum. She then slipped the tip into her mouth just before she returned to writing. I was getting out of control as my dick was now fairly taut and I looked at her breasts heaving up and down. When I looked up again, she was looking at me having caught me looking at her tits and there was the slightest of smiles on her lips, as I felt her increase the pressure on my leg. She suddenly noticed the birthmark on the inside of my left leg and asked me about it as she moved her hand from my right thigh to the inside of my left to trace the birthmark with her fingers. I couldn’t help suddenly inhaling (making a soft noise) as she touched the inside of my thigh. I guess she realized that she was turning me on and kept her palm there moving it up and down slightly as she gazed down at my visible hard-on and asked me why was I unable to concentrate on my lesson. She had the smile on her face as she followed my gaze down to her breasts (as if in my response to her question). Yet she left her pallu down and looked at my eyes again and said, “I have seen you looking at my body in class as well what do you see? She asked almost teasingly. I was shit scared and could not respond. She figured I was scared and cajoled me into talking promising not be angry and tell anyone. I told her “Ma’am I don’t know I feel a strange sensation (I obviously knew what it was) in my. my… Penis whenever I am able to look inside your blouse and see you’re….your….” “My breasts? She asked, turning the pencil to her right mammary and digging it in just a bit. I watched the pencil and nodded and she smiled and asked me “since when have you been trying to look into my blouse”. “For this entire term….”

“Do you also try to look at the bodies other ladies” I was hesitant and looking down before she said “Come on. You can tell me, I won’t tell anyone” I said yes “I like to look at all the aunties in the neighborhood and Mrs. Iyer as well” referring to our Physics teacher who was also a middle aged south-Indian woman. Mrs. Suri couldn’t help smiling and asked me since when did all this begin. I narrated the entire episode with my sister and maid. I noticed that while I was telling her about these incidents her breathing had increased a wee bit and I could feel her increase the caressing on my thighs. She was now quite close to the tip of my hard-on. I saw that she was gazing at my hard-on from time to time. She even casually brushed by it once or twice. She was now turned towards me having lifted folded her left leg in front of here touching my thighs and her toes poking into my skin. This I a good view down her cleavage when I glanced at it… (her pallu was still down).

When I finished she was quiet for sometime and then asked me. “Would you like to touch me the way I am touching you”, saying this she moved her hand on my leg inside my shorts and I felt her fingers on the side of my dick… “You have looked at me a lot now I’d like to take a look at you.” I didn’t know what to say or do. I just sat there as she made me get up and stand in from of her and began lifting my t-shirt. She did so by placing her palms on my stomach and riding all the way up stopping at my chest and grinding her index finger into my nipples…My God! Here was my math’s teacher kneading my chest and pinching my nipples. My dick had grown to its full 6 1/2 inches by her expert ministrations on my nipples. Before I could recover, she made me kneel in front of her and brought her face down and stuck her tongue out and licked my nipples as she stared up at me watching me loose control. Like a silly boy I didn’t know what to do until she took my hands and brought them to her tits and made me cup them while she continued licking my nipples. She increased pressure on my hands meaning for me to knead her tits. I could feel her mammary over the fabric of the blouse and felt her nipples poking through, I was right – she was not wearing a bra. My basic instinct now took over and I started massaging her tits and flicking my finger where her nipple would be. Ummmm… She started a light moan and closed her eyes and enjoyed what my fingers were doing to her breasts. She looked at me and remarked “So you do know your stuff” I could only smile sheepishly and increased the pressure on her huge mammaries. They were a lot larger than my palms and I moved both hands to concentrate on each of them. She has moved back and was rested on the backrest. God what a sight!!! The pallu was down to her waist and I moved one hand to her stomach feeling it and sticking one finger into her navel. Boy was she sexy…!!! She let out a moan and sat up and made me stand as well and moved her hands to my waist as she began moving my shorts down in the same manner in which she had taken my t-shirt off. She reached back with her palm and brought the shorts down from my ass and cupped them and squeezed hard. I was ecstatic as she turned me around and moved her head down and started biting and sucking on my ass one by one. In front, I saw her hand coming around and getting hold of my shaft with one while she started playing with my balls, with the other. Can you imagine getting your ass licked and your dick and balls massaged at the same time? By the woman of your fantasies! Those fair fingers with red polish wrapped around my dark shaft and balls looked absolutely out of the hundreds of porn magazines I’d seen.

She turned me around again and stared at my dick before caressing it with her tongue. She was holding my dick with one hand as she reamed the length of my shaft from the middle of my balls to the tip of my dick pausing to probe the slit on top, all the while gently rubbing my balls. I brought my hands to her head and held it tight as she was taking my dick into her mouth flicking her tongue on it while inside, driving me to the throes of ecstasy. I really didn’t know how much longer I could hold out. I had started moving my hips to match her head bobbing on my dick. Her massaging on my balls gained momentum and she had started slurping on my dick having coated it with her saliva. She was moaning and slapping my dick on her tongue taking me right to the edge. She moved her hand from my shaft to massage me in the area below the balls, on the line running to my asshole. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. As soon as she used her index finger to pressure my asshole I had to force myself out of her mouth or I would have cum. I continued to gently massage my balls as she sat back. It was my turn to start working on here. I move near not knowing where to start. She understood my problem and asked me to open her blouse I bent behind her started opening the hooks I was trembling as I was about to see my teacher’s breasts for the first time.

I finished opening the hooks and brought the blouse forward and down as her magnificent mammaries came into view. Here breasts were milky white and there in the middle of a large areola was a big ½ inch nipple. Mrs. Suri took her hands to her breasts and caressed it saying “Is this what you wanted to see all the time to have those problems in class and would call me and make me bend in front of you.” “Well here you have it in front of you do what you want to…” That was all the invitation I needed as I grabbed one of her mammaries and squeezed it and took my mouth and clumsily started to suckle on the nipple. She arched her back pushing more of her tit into my mouth at the same time reaching her hand behind my head and pushing me down. She started moaning loudly saying “Oh….Yes Raj… baby suck me off….crush my breasts”. “God… Haven’t had any one do this to me in ages. Oh Yeah I love your mouth….Raj”. All this talk was getting me very excited. I licked under her mammaries and started moving my tongue lower on her belly licking her waist and then back up near her armpit. She had just bathed and smelled divine. I licked and kissed her all the way down to her navel and dug my tongue in there. She was now writhing below me grunting and moaning away. Mrs. Suri our Math’s teacher was one heck of a horny woman. I went lower and wanted to open her sari but she stopped me saying, “Why don’t you show me how you got to see your sister’s pussy. I slid to the floor and started with Mrs. Suri’s toes and move my hands up her legs I kissed her on her calves and under her knees. I lifted her sari all the way up to her thighs as I licked on her thighs she spread them out giving me access between her legs. I continued kissing and biting on her thighs as I moved my fingers down to where her pussy would be. I touched a soft mound of skin and realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties and she had no pussy hair. I could feel her juices as she had begun to ooze from all the tit action. As soon as I touched her there she raised her hips to meet my hand and she closed her eyes moaning softly. “….Eat me Raj…eat my pussy”. “Lick my clit off baby”. I licked all around her pussy and she was pretty turned on begging me to get to her clit. I reached for the lower end of the pussy and started an upward movement with my tongue ending at the clit. “Uh…uuuuh…Ummmmm Yeah Raj eat me baby”. “Oh God! It feels so good”. “Rub my clit….yeah”. I was getting into the grove and I could make out by the gyrating hips of Mrs. Suri below me that I was doing a good job of licking her. She was leaking pussy juice crazily and I was reaming her pussy lips and even licked all the way down to near her asshole.

God it was difficult for a 15-year old to keep this Punjabi woman down and soon she was pushing my face down on her pussy. After a while when it looked like she would cum, she stopped me and asked me to fuck her. “Don’t you want to fuck your math’s teacher Raj”? “Let me get your dick ready”. Though it didn’t need any readying – it was already raging from all that action. Mrs. Suri made me stand and gave me a quick blowjob and my dick was as hard as it could get. She had spread-eagled herself on the sofa with her sexy leg hanging from an arm of the sofa and the other bent at the knee, on the sofa. She guided my dick to her pussy lips and massaged them with my dick before slipping it in. It went in smoothly from all the juices and as I kept moving inside Mrs. Suri threw her head back, had her eyes closed and let out an “Aaaah….Uh….Aaah. Yes Yeah …ram your teacher …fuck me hard Raj”. She moved her hands to my buttocks and started pushing me in. You can imagine, mine was a slender frame compared to that of Mrs. Suri as she brought her legs to lock behind me and used it to push me down hard into here. I was in seventh heaven. It felt so warm inside here. In no time I was ready to cum I told her “ma’am… Oh..Oooh I’m going to cum”. She was also there and quickly reached in front and started massaging her clit at the same time reached lower with the other and started caressing ad squeezing my balls. Raj… I’m cum…..uhh uuuhh yeah I’m cumming.. I was also starting to cum. Both of us exploded almost the same time for what seemed like an eternity to me. I collapsed over her and she engulfed me in her embrace. We stayed that way for sometime and when it was time for her daughter to return, we quickly dressed and got back to the lesson.

We continued to fuck each other for almost 1 year before it was time for me to get busy with my board preparations. After I joined High School it was impossible for us to be in touch. Knowing how horny she is I am sure she would have found a replacement. I was eternally grateful to her for teaching the tricks of the trade, which stood me in good stead later in life. I am 33 now, a successful professional and happily married. Nonetheless I still fantasize about older women and hope to get to screw someone soon.

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