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Anyway I am not wasting your precious time and money, so let me start with myself. I am a 22 year old kerala youth, now employed as an engineer trainee in a public limited company in my home town. I am wheatish, 6’0”, average built without a gym.

(I don’t have a gym nearby). As I am highly body conscious I can’t help telling my exercise routine. It consists of 2Km run, 80 pushups, and 35 pull-up sand 100 crunches. I follow it almost regularly. Mine is an agricultural family.

We have a rubber plantation along with other seasonal cultivation like tapioca. Now the story begins. It was when I got admission to engineering. She was my neighbour. She used to come to my house every morning to buy milk,


more than that we two families are very close to each other; she was my mama’s pet. Mine too. My father have govt job. So her father was always for our help when he is out of town. Her father is ex military.

I am sorry now back to the story, I visited my home once in three weeks. During this time I hadn’t that much time to visit them. On Saturday and Sunday mornings she awakened me. I had no sexual intentions to her till that day she was like a little sis to me.

It was a Saturday and I am in bed already awakened, I was thinking about something with my eyes closed. I heard her coming to wake me up. To tease her I remained as such. She came called me and pulled my blanket down.


I sweared and pretended to be asleep. But I watched her without her notice. She had some thing strange in her eyes. She was not the girl I knew. She was watching each and every part of my body. I saw her eyes stopped at my groin as if searching for some thing.

Traveling up her eyes was stopped by the sprouting thin hairs in my chest. She remained there for some time and then awakened me. I woke up with feelings hurt. I never thought like that about her.

Time passed, as I was in my final year my visits to home reduced drastically. Finally I was home after my final year exam by mid may. I was free then. I helped my grandfather in the farm as there was a draught at that time.


She used to come to our farm to fetch water. And to give us food. We became intimate friends within few weeks. She was doing 1st year BSc. She used to tell me the jokes and other incidents in her women’s college.

I noticed her and found that she was full grown to 5 3”, reddish white a little plump young women with medium boobs and proportionally big ass. I knew that she had some fascination to me, as I am her nearby young male. I tried my best to hide my intentions and love to her.

I liked her company. Whenever I got a chance to come near her I tried to catch her feminine smell. It was wonderful, on that day I masturbated more than 4 times. On that best day in my life I was working with rubber trees, it takes 15minute walk from home to the plantation.


I was putting shades on rubber trees as there were signs of upcoming rain. I got a call from my college telling about a company visiting our college on next week. He wanted me to confirm immediately. She came to me to tell this. And we started back.

Within a few minutes there came a rain. We both ran to the shed in the plantation. We were laughing due to excitement. It was a long awaited rain. I sat down; she was standing collecting water in her palms from thru sheeted roof.

I watched her she was in my favorite dress. Long midi to reach below her knees and a shirt. it was so wet that I can see her shimmy clearly along her body colour on uncoverd portions of that inner wear as her shirt was syntetic. her midI was dripping.


her hairs in the leg sticked to her flesh. when she turned around I was alrmed to see her upper portion of her boobs, as one button was loose. she came and sat at a distance, against me. Then she noticed my eye she quickly turned and put that button.

feeling shy she didn’t turned to me. I was sitting like a fool. I don’t know what to do, I moved to her and sat beside her telling about the rain. she didn’t moved or looked, she kept her head bowed. she was trying to keep the shirt from sticking to her body.

I ouldnt control I moved close touching shoulder to shoulder. She shivered and tried to stand up I caught her hand an pulled her to me strongly. she lost her balance and fell over me, she tried to get away but I embraced her tightly, I saw tears from her eyes.


I kissed them off. and I told her that I love her. her resistance subsidized. I was massaging her hairs and her back. I was rock hard as I can feel her breasts on my chest. I kissed her forehead and her eyes. then I kissed her face allover.


she was sitting on my lap, she kept her hands on my shoulder. it was loose like a string. I slowly kissed her lips. I felt her shiver along with me. I took her lower lips in my mouth, and started sucking then I tried to such her saliva,

I pushed my tounge deep into her mouth it touched hers. fist she tried to pull back, I caught her head tight, she sarted responding to my tounge. she put hers into my mouth I bit on them slowly, taste of the opposite sex s saliva made me crazy.

I moved to her ears, I licked bit and smelled her ear back. there was the smell of hair oil and sweat, I liked that I spent a long time inthat area. I kissed her back neck after removing her long hairs to one side. she turned herself against me.


while licking her back by pulling the collar down my hands massaged her shoulders and lower neck. deep breath came out of her mouth. I moved my hands down to her boobs, a slight mourn escaped from her mouth. imove my fingers in circles over her shirt to trace her nipple.

she leaned back to my chest as I a touched her nipples. she raised her face to mine and we started kissing. meanwhile I left her boobs and started with her thighs I tried to pull up her midi, she stopped kissing and tried to resist by pulling that down.

I moved her to floor and went t her feet, I removed her chappals and started kissing from her toe. she yielded as my hands massamged the other leg. my kissing went on t her belly, there she laughed, and I kissed a long time on her boobs. it was the softest thing I ever touched.


whn I reached her face she was on heat. she embraced me and told that she loves me a lot. I said nothing, simply started removing her buttons. I opened her shirt, …that scene was unforgettable was seeing the sexiest thing in the world.

I can clearly see her nipples protruding through the wet shimmy. I pulled her up to remove her shirt. she embraced me laughingly. I caught hold on her shimmy and pulled that up in one stroke. it ripped off. she left me and covered her breast with her silky hands.

she had her midi on her. I removed my shirt and started moving to her, she moved back till I jumped on her. I parted her hands, pressed her to floor and started kissing her breast. with one hand I played one while I sucked the other like a baby.


she was mourning.. aah…aaa.. that made me crazy. I slowly moved to her belly and kissed and licked her belly button. I moved down I can see the thin hairs n her lower stomach. I unhooked her midi, with one hand while kissing her soft belly.

I pulled that down. she was very shy that she covered her face with her hands. I was near my destination, my ultimate aim. she had a black panty decorated with some laces. I kissed her smooth lower belly and proceeded to her capital.

there was a strange smell I liked that, I kissed over her panty and she made a loud mourn, aaaaaaalh, it ws a squeal nit a mourn. I can feel her whole body shivering. I pulled her panty down and removed that along with her midi.


she layed there unmoved with a lot of un known expressions on her face. her pussy was very beautiful, with some black curly hairs. her pussy lips were dark, it was wet. I kissed her pubic area I can feel the heat of her triangle along wth a strange feminine smell.

I kissed on her pussy, she made a sudden jerk, her pubic muscles contracted and some fluids were sprayed on my face. her mourn was so loud that I looked around. the rain was heavy and I started to lick her pussy. she was holding my hairs and pushed it to her vagina.

in xxx movies I felt disgusting when I saw pussy licking. but this was very intresting and tasty. I parted her lips and bit on her clit. I tried to push my tough as deep as I could. she was mourning like hell when ijerked my head keeping my tongue stiff.

her force builded up along with her squeal’s started moving her hips along with my head and she made two sudden jerks and followed by a spray of oily fluid in my face and tongue. I found my head caught inside her thighs. and her hips were not touching th ground.

Meantime I had came inside my undies as it was my first touch to a girl. she looked a me smiling. I moved up to her and went to kiss her she kissed me on my mouth. we lay there for some time in eachothers arms.


Then I felt her hands moving down to my lungie, she tried to massage my cock over the undies. I sat there removed my lungI and she saw the wetness above the bulge. I removed my undie. her mouth wide opened when she saw my 6” dick with lots of mess over it.

I spread tha cum on my dick and asked her about feeling me, she was just smiling. I French kissed her for some time and started to finger her. it was not a easy job. her cunt was tight even for my index finger. I spent a lot of time with one finger and then I put my middle finger too.

she cried with pain and asked me to remove that. I continued to and fro motion till she felt comfortable. Now the time comes placed my dick on her cunt and that sent a current through both of us.

I took her legs and placed them on my shoulder, I pressed it slowly, my dick started to go in alongwth her side skin. it was very difficult for both of us. my girth is very large sI felt pain. both of can feel each others pain. I started moving slwly.

my cock went outside two times. she was mourning with pain. I found my cock is in about 2 inches. I increae pressure along with each jerk. she mourned in pain and pleasure. ican feel pleasure building up inher fromher face and mourns.

aaa…uf. a.. aaa.. aaffff…. uhh.. this as the time. I pushed my cock with all my strength. it went deep inside her. I was leaned forward. she made a loud sream that startled me. her eyes were wide open with her mouth she had breathing problemsfor a few seconds.


we saw bloo in her cunt. she was afraid nd told me to remove my dick, as she felt intense pain. same was my case I had a bad pain in my dick. it felt tha t I ripped my foreskin. we waited for some time. now blood stopped andour pain reduced.

I started moving slowly. now I was lying all over her. we were face to face. I can feel my thrust in her breath her cries and mourns started incressing I was also coming o moood from pain. we did that for some 12 minutes. and I felt her breathing speed increasing.

I was getting to the verge, inorder to control my timin I increased my pace so that I can hold longer, some special sueels are coming from her like …. nghaa…haaa. mmgggaa… mmmh… mmmh. mph.. mmphh. she put her legs around my waist.

I knew that she is there. I couldn’t hold any longer I started cumming but I managed to keep thrusting, that worked afer my first shot she jerked a little, her body stiffed and her legs were very tight, with my second and third push

she jerked violently with a deep mournlike.. mmphaaahh…. we lied there for some time. we kissed each other dressed and went out ina hurry the rain was a bit loose. and we waited there holding eachother tightly.


After the rain we went home. we never had a chance to do that again. thus we fell in deep love after sex.. now I m employed and I will marry her after 5 or 6 years. Till that time I am not going anywhere leaving her alone.

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