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XXX My juicy booby female friend sex


But I had a lot of soft corner for 1 girl. Her name was Sunita Nair. She was fair, with long black hair, having very big boobs & very beautiful, something I ever dreamed of that my wife should be such.

We were very friendly and never did I utter anything to anybody that I liked her very much. She was coming from a very conservative Nair family so she always used to dressed up very nicely & come to college.

She never used to wear any sexy clothes etc. or used to make any impression of attracting anybody. I think this is what that used to attract me towards her. But to my surprise, she had a boyfriend.


I knew about it, but I never mind that and I never ever thought anything bad for her relation with her boyfriend because I was very confident of her that she will not do anything with anybody. One day at college I was with Sunita & my friends were all chatting then 1 by 1 everybody left.

Ultimately we both were the last person left over. Sunita couldn’t go as she was waiting for her boyfriend to come. They had to go for a date, as her boyfriend was late as usual. She told that she was fed up with him that he his always late, also she told be he was a boring person.

He doesn’t do anything. I was shocked what she was telling. Then she realized what she was telling & she stopped but I asked her why he was boring person? But after I insisted her a lot she told me that he never kissed me.


She told “U know, I’ve never been kissed by anybody in my life.” To my pleasure I asked her “Can I kiss you, I always wanted to kiss U.” She said “OK. Let’s go out to the beach side.” I asked her ” U don’t want to wait for you boyfriend.” She said forget it.

So then we went to the beach. We sat at the nice place and we started talking something more personal about ourselves. I told her I never had any girlfriend in my life. She said she had only one but she never liked her much.

Then slowly I went near her and I touched her gently and took her face near my face and kissed her. Both of us liked it very much. Then we were talking again about ourselves. By this we came to know more about ourselves.

Then she asked me whether I had sex anytime. Hearing it shocked me, but I replied in negative so did she. Then it was getting late for her and we departed with very nice memories about each other and knowing each other much better.


After a week, she called me up and asked me whether we could go out for a picnic. I said OK. Then the next day we both went out for a picnic. It was a rainy season, so we decided to go to waterfalls.

It was working day so I knew nobody would be around at the place we went. We reached the place at about 10.00am and then it was a 1 hour trek to reach the place. As per my expectation nobody was around. The waterfalls were great.


The climate out there was excellent. It was raining for some time and then it stops raining. We had a bath in the falls. I was in my swimming costume, and Sunita in her Jeans & a tight T-shirt. She was looking just too good in this dress. Her tits were visible in her T-shirt.


I just could not stop seeing it. While we were having bath we played around, I also by accident touched her boobs. On the touch of it, a whole stream of heat traveled across my body. Then after the bath we laid down on the ground near the water for sometime.

In the meantime, she asked me the same questionat the beach about the sex. This made me horny. I had never thought about this till now. But now I felt, I could do it with her. I again replied in negative to question, then she also replied in negative.


But she told that she wanted to experience it in the near future. This made me think that I can do it with her. Then I went close to where she was lying, and kissed her on her chicks and then her mouth. She took a deep breath at my kiss.

Now, she also replied to my kiss with a deep kiss to me. I enjoyed it. Now, I also kissed her throat and went on kissing her. Now, she told me to undress her. So I undressed her. I first removed her Triathlon shots, then her tight T-shirt.


Now, she was naked in front of me. “Wow what a beautiful body she was having!” I spoke in my mind. Her boobs were much bigger than I thought. Her pussy was pink in color to my expectation but it was not shaved off.

But it was very beautiful than I could imagine. Now, she undressed me. On seeing my tool she exclaimed ‘Wow! I have never seen a penis in my life.’ With this she immediately touched it & held it in her hand. And I caressed her breasts.

I also kissed her breasts & then licked it and also fondled with it. She was enjoying it, so was I. Now, she said that she wants to kiss my tool, and immediately she kissed it and took it in her mouth. The feeling was great in my body over her taking my tool.


I was thoroughly enjoying it. She was licking it very hungrily. She then started giving me blow-jobs taking my tool in and out of her mouth. She continued for sometime and then I was going to cum.

I told her that I was cumming she told me to cum in her mouth. So, I unloaded my first practical experience cum in her mouth. After this I told her I want to taste her pussy. And I immediately first inserted my 2 fingers in her pussy and was licking her breasts at the same time.


I was first stroking her pussy with my 2 fingers and then with 3 fingers. She was moaning lightly. Then I went down to her pussy and started licking her pussy. I also inserted my tongue in her pussy. Now, she was moaning heavily.

She me to insert my tongue as deep as possible in her pussy. I obeyed her and inserted my tongue deep inside her. She was now around to cum. And I could see her juices flowing out, and I tasted it. It tasted too sweet. Now, She told to cum in her pussy.

And I got up then she guided my tool in her pussy. Now I was pumping her slowly. I was also caressing her breasts with one of hands and my other hand was on the ground. Now it started raining, and I was in her pussy.


Wow it was like enjoying the weather in the best possible manner. I cannot dream of enjoying better than this. Now, I began to pump her little fast. She was moaning heavily now. She told to fuck her hard as hard as I could. In the meantime I saw a local boy watching us.

I told her that 1 boy is watching us. She told me forget it. Let him enjoy watching us having a great feel of nature and sex. He will also like it. I was now pumping her fast and faster. She was moaning heavily and screaming of pleasure

“OHHH AAAAHHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHHHHH WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.” With this I was stroking more harder. Now, I was going to cum. I told her that I was going to cum. She told me to cum in her pussy itself. So I came in her pussy.


After that she cleaned my tool with the drops of my cum with her mouth, and she didn’t let a single drop go in waste. Then we lied there on the ground for sometime. I could still see that local boy watching us. Instead he was now masturbating.

I’m sure her might be thinking about Sunita and might be masturbating in her name. Then after sometime, we had a bath in the waterfalls again. But this we had the bath naked, as now we were not shy of being naked in front of each other. I again fucked her in the water once more.

Till the time we left from that place at around 4.00pm we might have fucked each other around 6-7 times, and enjoyed the nature ie rain, little sunshine. Wow what a day it was. Now, still we have sex whenever we feel like having it.


We still behaved like friends in the college and still none of our other friends knows about our this relation. Now, we are also very close friends then we were before. And also now Sunita has broken off her relation with her boyfriend.

I value her friendship more than anything else or rather more than the sex relation we had. After this incident we have had sex at many places and in many different positions. I still love her, I’m still fond of Sunita than any other girl.

I hope that our relation continues as sweetly as it is in the future. Now, infact we have had sex at many lonely places and we have been watched by quite a few persons but we don’t mind of being watched. But instead it pumps both of us more than anything else.


It’s nice that, the person who knows us has never watched us. Also we have been watched other than by the local villagers, else we could not have dare to had sex in the open. What a nice way to enjoy the nature. Isn’t it!!!


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