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My First Sex With Sandhya

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Hi, this is KS Rao from Andhra Pradesh I regularly read the stories and I want to share my experience with sandhya. Coming to the story, one of our relatives shifted to our area and they are 5 family members (Uncle, Aunt, son (satish) and daughter in law sandhya). Uncle was a retired eye specialist, in general conversation my mother told I am in search of job, uncle (doctor) told us he is also in search of some reliable person whom can look after his clinic and his household need hence I appointed there.

My First Sex With Sandhya, Kamukta, actress sex stories, antarvasna bollywood, antarvasna com hindi, antarvasna free hindi sex stories, antarvasna free hindi, Antarvasna, antarvasna com in hindi
My First Sex With Sandhya, Kamukta, actress sex stories, antarvasna bollywood, antarvasna com hindi, antarvasna free hindi sex stories, antarvasna free hindi, Antarvasna, antarvasna com in hindi

I joined, hospital was at first floor and they are living in ground floor. One day uncle & aunt went for relative’s house, satish gone for office Sandhya was alone and she requested to give her company. I happily agreed. We both went to her bedroom.

I wanted to utilize this opportunity but I didn’t know how to proceed and I don’t know what her intension is. I made courage and I went her back hugged her tightly from behind and started to squeeze her boobs and my man hood was stand stall and searching place to peeping out from my pants and it’s made a tent, at that time she was shell shocked and I take the opportunity and kissed her lips deeply and it was so sweet. In meanwhile she came to realized that what I am doing and she started to through me out and she was unable to do it, then she broken the lip kiss forcefully and slapped me hard.

From this act, I came down to earth and I told her that, when I saw her nude I am unable to control myself and begged her to cooperate with me, first she refused that after some requests she agreed reluctantly and I don’t want to lose this opportunity. I went near her and hugged her and I started kissing on her lips this time she responded and we kissed passionately about 5min and in meanwhile I foundling her boobs after a while we broken our kiss, she told me that check all the doors and I did the same and retuned back.

She was laid back on the bed and I jumped on her started kissing her and she also responded. I removed her pallu stared foundling her breast above her blouse (I don’t know about sizes this is my first fuck, after wards I came to know that her size is 34d). I started to remove her blouse and I took first three hooks and unable to taken other two then she helped me and I taken off the blouse she was wearing white colour bra and I unhook the bra from behind. I started to suck the melons they are great and tight also, while sucking I started to remove her sari then she refused to remove sari.

She told me that she didn’t became nude till now and she is feeling shy and she will show her naval only, she adjusted her sari. When I saw my favorite place in women (naval) that close, I amazed that was round n big and I started kiss her stomach it was flat, she was getting giggles, aroused and she was making noise like ahhhhh………. And she started to pinch my hair, when I inserted my tongue in her naval her sounds became more vigorous and I lift her sari with petticoat and first time I saw a heaven place so closely. As I said earlier it was clean shaved.

I placed my hand on her pussy rubbed and it was too hot I pinched her g spot then she yelled bigger ahhhhhhhhh…………….. Then she grabbed me and asked me to come on her and hugged tightly. I placed my hand on her pussy and started rubbing there while rubbing pussy, lips were parted and I started rubbing between lips and she was shivering and making noise very loudly aaahhhhh…. Aaaaaaa……..hhhhhhhhh………. somaaaaaaaaaaaahhh…………. (She used to call me as soma). I came down and sat between her legs to saw the love hole closely and I started rubbing the pussy lips while rubbing the lips my finger slipped into hole, then she moaned bigger like aaaahhhhh …….. somaaaa……. Champutunnavraaaaaaa………. Tondaragaaa meedekkaraaaaa……………..and she caught my hand and started to pump in her hole.

While pumping her hole with my hand she ordered me to remove my dress and she was again laid on her back and closed her eyes. I remove my dress and told her to open her eyes, she refused and told me to come on her and I did the same after that she open her eyes and she told me she was feeling shy. Again I started to kiss on her lips and she was fully aroused while I am kissing she took my man hood and inserted in her pussy and asked me to push when I pushed I feel little bit pain and it was fully entered in love hole and I am in heaven that I am fucking my dream woman and started to pump her hardly.

She was enjoying and making noises like somaaaa…… ahhhhhh……..aaaaaaa………. by these noises I aroused and started fuck her fast she was enjoying very well and making sounds and she told me to pump her fast then I increased speed and after few seconds I shooted all my cum in her pussy and collapsed on her. She given me some shots from under and made some shivering movement hugged me tightly and kissed me on my lips and licked me all over y face. We slept like that until 1pm.

If you people like this give me feed backs to . After checking the feedback I will post several sessions with her and how she became pregnant by me and how I fucked her sister and her friend also. I am poor in English kindly adjust with my sentences. Any women need of good sex contact me by mail.

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