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MidNight Hot Sex with Sanju

I had a crush on her from the first day we came to there house ,they stayed on the second floor and we below them .Everyday i used to get up at 6 in the morning to use the same time she used to sweep from there floor to our floor ,she used to wear more v cut chudidar top,which would her beautiful round tits and color of her bra.i used to enjoy the scene peeping from my window and think about her.

One day her mother-in-law called me for some help at her home, i went but sanju was not there.i came to know she has been to feeling disappointed i started to help owner aunty,she asked me keep some of there old things on top of the shelf .i asked for a stool and owner aunty told she will get it from her friend’s house and asked me take care of the house while she is away. I considered this to be a chance ,peeped in there bath room and found out white bra and pink panty which is of sanju.I masturbated smelling and licking those panties and bra. Once I heard owner and my mother speaking up, she told about her daughter-in-law that she had an affair before marriage.Once owner aunty had to go on for a trip leaving her daughter-in-law,… She asked me to sleep in their house. Wow! my luck turned on by this!


As in the evening I went to their house ,sanju was there ,we had normal chat and we were watching tv. She had the remote in her hand ,she put up tamil movie and watching .suddenly a first night scene appeared in the movie ,she stopped chatting was looking keenly to the movie .she did not change the channel even though i was there .i got confidence in me ,went and sat next to her ,kept my hand on her muscular thigh . She was still interested in that movie ,i started rubbin my hand over her thighs ,when the scene just finished she came to sense and asked in anger “potter !what are u doing? ” i told that i could not control myself looking at the movie and i had a crush on her for one year .now her anger turned to a naughty smile.i still had my hand on her thigh ,she kept her hand on my hand .i thought she would move away my hand from her body instead of which she guided my hand near pussy on the sari and made me rub that i got a signal i can fuck her




I was kissing on the neck and ears and continued squeezing her big boobs. She told ‘ Ok..ahhhh, ohhh.. Ok.. we.. go to the bedroom’. I turned her and kissed on her lips and removed her saree…threw it aside in the hall. She was and angel for her age in that jacket and the petticoat and bent down and kissed her belly and licked her navel. She again urged me that we shall go to some other room. I lifted and carried her with my left hand under her back and and my right under her thighs holding her legs together and she was less in weight than i imagined. I kissed her as i carried and asked were she wants to go. She told the bedroom. The house was little big. It had a hall, two bedrooms and a bedroom on i dropped her on the bed, her small belly and the juicy mango boobs were dangling. I went crazy and climbed on her kissed her lips.

we were french kissing for about 15 minutes, we rolled all over the bed while we did kissing. I laid her on her stomach and told to remove her jacket. She did. I then unhooked her bra and threw it away. Since she was lying on her belly i don’t want to see her boobs till some time. I started massaging her back and applied some oil. Slowly i moved towards her ass and untied the lace of the petticoat i slid my fingers
Onto her ass under the panties and started massaging her buttocks. She moaned with pleasure.


I removed her petticoat and i saw the white panty which was transparent. This was my first time under the influence of a woman. I slowly massaged her thighs and licked them and squeezed her buttocks. Then i removed her panty also and applied some oil on my hand and inserted my fingers into her asshole which was very tight. She moaned with pain and pleasure. I fingered her asshole and licked and sucked her asshole but it was empty of shit. I was still fully dressed and i turned her over and there i saw the most amazing scene of my life, my sanju’s mam’s boobs. I slowly sat her belly and massaged her boobs. She was closing her eyes and moaning. While her hands were undressing me. I then sucked her tits for the first time of my life and kissed her. This went on for 30 minutes. I heard a squirting behind me and i turned and saw she had cummed. She undressed me fully and my cock was in full erection before her face. She stroked my penis with her hands and sucked it. I felt in cloud nine since my penis was sucked for the 1st time in my life.


But i removed from her mouth and got up. I went for her vagina. I parted her legs with my face down there i could smell her cunt and licked and sucked her vagina. I kindled her clitoris and moaned with pleasure and she squirted again into my mouth and drank all o them. Then came to missionary position with her and rubbed my cock on her cunt for a while and thrusted into her womanhood. It was a tight vagina and she cried with pleasure and pain and blood dripped from my penis as my virgin knot was broken. I KISSD HER ON HER LIPS AND THRUSTED MY SECOND SHE WAS MOANING MY NAME AND ASKeD ME TO BANG HER. THEN SLOWLY I INCREASED MY PACE OF TO AND FRO MOTION BANGING HER. AFTER SOME 30 MINUTES I WAS IN FULL FORM BANGING HER VAGINA LIKE MAD AND SHE WAS SHOUTIN ‘OHHHHHH,….HSSHHHHH…CUMMMMMMONNNNNN WHOOAAAAA….A……OH FUCK ME’.
She came. I kept humpin her and i was at peak and i cried ‘ i m cummin cummin’.


She moand ‘fill my cunt ahhhhhhhhh….’i finally gave a heavy thrust and reached her g spot and i loaded my cum into her vagina and it sucked all of my cum.she moand ‘ohhhhhhhhhhhhmyyyyygoddddddhhhhhhh…’ i laid upon her. I kissed her and we laid there for about an hour.this continued until three days her mother in law returned .I enjoyed her very much by fucking her tits,ass,cunt and infact her mouth.


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