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Marrying Four Sisters

Gopi was 22 years old but while all his friends in the village who were of his age, had gotten married, Gopi’s marriage was in the distant horizon. The reason was he had to work for many more years to pay off all the family debt. His father had passed away due to pneumonia attack when he was 16 without marrying off any of his four daughters and he did not leave any money behind except the house they lived in. So as soon as Gopi passed out of high school, he wrote the public service commission exam and got a government job in the nearby town. This helped the family borrow money on the house and Gopi has to pay it off with his salary. He had arranged marriages for three of his sisters.
his elder sister Neha who is 24 years old now and is happily married with one child, his first younger sister Neelam who is 20 years old now and does not yet have a child even though she is married for 2 years now and his second younger sister Neeta who is 18 years old now and got married only 6 months back. Gopi had to not only pay off the debts but he had also to support his mother Sonaben who was 40 and his last sister Urmila who was 16 and further see to it that Urmila is also married well. Gopi was a normal healthy young man an he had his sexual needs. He had discovered masturbation when he was in school and his object of fantasy during his pleasures was usually movie stars until one day he found one closer to home. That day when he woke up from bed and went to the backyard to brush his teeth, his sister Urmi was there washing clothes. Normally by the time he got up, she would have finished her washing and gone to school. That day her school was closed for some reason and she got up a little late. She was wearing her skirt but had taken her blouse off to wash it and her half-sari was covering her chest. That was how she was usually whenever she was washing. As Gopi stood brushing his teeth, she lifted up her hands to hang a washed piece of cloth on the line and for a brief moment her half-sari was raised up revealing her samll, wonderful breasts. Gopi was stunned at the beauty of his sister’s breasts and added to it was the fact this was his first look at breasts at close quarters. But Gopi felt guilty that he was watching his own sister’s breasts and turned his face away. But that brief glimpse kept coming back to him all though the day. When he came back from work, he could not help stealing glances at his sister who was now of course fully clothed. For a couple of days he struggled with his feelings but was drawn more and more to his sister. The third day he got up early and went to the backyard wanting to get a glimpse of his sister’s gorgeous breasts. And he was rewarded. Then he made it a regular habit. That morning glimpse was the highlight of the entire day for him and throughout the day also, he would be stealing looks at her chest hoping that her half-sari would fall between her jutting breasts revealing them seductively. He was many times granted his wish as Urmi was not very careful about spreading her half-sari over her breasts. After all there was none in the house except her brother. Then one night, he got up to go to the bathroom and when he came back to his bed his eyes fell on his sister who was sleeping a few feet away. (As was usaul in village homes, everybody slept in a big hall together a few feet apart from each other). Her half-sari had fallen off and her shapely breasts stood out of her chest magnificently, rising and falling with her regular breathing. Gopi sat there staring at them and her bare skin revealed between the lower rim of her blouse and the upper rim of her skirt,in the dim light of the kerosene night lamp. He wanted to caress those breasts but was afraid that his sister might wake up or his mother might be awake and see him. Then he masturbated looking at those lovely shapes and had great satisfaction. Then onward, he eagerly waited for the night time and the sight of his sister’s breasts. He grew bold enough to gently push her half-sari away from her breasts at times when it had not fallen off. He also started noticing how beautiful her face, her whole body and her movements were. His desire for his sister increased every day. She was the only girl in his fantasies now. He started moving closely with her. He offered to help her with her school lessons and that gave him opportunity to be close with her for a couple of hours each day and admire her beauty at close quarters. He also noticed gradually that his sister’s half-sari was now between her breasts most of the time revealing her firm breasts pushing out her blouse and at night, he never had to push her half-sari away. It was never covering her breasts. He just thanked his good luck and enjoyed his sister’s beauty as much as he can. After about three months, one day his mother did something which seemed strange to him. Sonaben decided to sleep in the store room instead of the hall along with Urmi and Gopi. A couple of days after she started doing that, Gopi saw the opportunity this gave him and decided to touch Urmi’s breasts when she is sleeping. He thought it is worthwhile taking the chance with his sister. He spread his palm and placed it gently over Urmi’s left breast. The softness, the shapeliness and the warmth of his sister’s breast sent a thrill through him. He cupped her breast with his fingers and kept it motionless for a long time enjoying the rise and fall of the breast. Urmi did not move at all and encouraged by this he did the same to her right breast. After what seemed hours, Urmi turned to sleep on her side and Gopi quickly took his hand away. But he had had more pleasure in his life in that short time than in his entire life time. He went to sleep with the pleasant feeling of Urmis’s breasts in his mind. After that night, every night he would fondle his sister’s breasts and masturbate afterwards. A month later, Sonaben announced that she was going to visit her daughter Neha for a week and went out of town leaving Gopi and Urmi alone. That night, when Gopi started his usual activity with his sister, he had the shock of his life. The moment he put his hand on her breast, Urmi caught his hand. “Gopi, what have you been doing, you bad boy”, she said. Gopi replied, “Urmi, sorry, please don’t tell mother. I won’t do it again”. Urmi said, “First tell me why you are doing this, Gopi. I am your sister and a brother is not supposed to fondle and play with his sister’s breasts”. Gopi said, “I know, Urmi. But you are so beautiful and I am terribly attracted towards you. I love you Urmi not only like a sister but as my girl.” Urmi replied, “Oh Gopi, why did you not tell me that. I also love you Gopi. That is why I display my breasts to you all day and let you fondle my breasts at night, even though I was aware of what you are doing from the very first day you put your hand on my breasts.” Gopi was joyful at hearing thsee words from his sister and asked her, “Urmi can I kiss you?”. Urmi said Yes and Gopi hugged his sister and started kissing her lips passionately. Urmi returned her brother’s kisses equally passionately. After kissing for five minutes, Urmi asked, “Gopi, do you want to put your hand inside my blouse and fondle my breasts?” Gopi eagerly said yes and Urmi unbuttoned the lower three buttons of her blouse and gave her breasts to Gopi for caressing. Gopi gently kneaded her breast and played with her nipples and Urmi started moaning with pleasure. Her brother’s hand was warm and gentle on her silky sixteen year old breasts. She had wanted to feel her brother’s hand on her bare breasts from the first day he had fondled them and she was feeling fully the pleasure she had expected. Then Gopi asked what he had wanted to for a long time. “Urmi, can I suck your breasts please?”. Urmi was overjoyed and said, “Yes Gopi. Let me remove my blouse for you”, and she sat up and took her blouse off. Now her young breasts were fully revealed to her brother and Gopi sat staring speechlessly at their beauty. Then Urmi gently drew her brother’s head towards her right breast and Gopi opened his lips and took his sister’s soft breast in his mouth and started sucking. Urmi let out a gasp as he pressed his lips around her nipple pressing it with his tongue. 
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Gopi kept sucking Urmi’s breasts for a long time alternating between her two breasts. Then he kissed her again and spoke loving words to her. Urmi said, “Brother, I wish we can be together like this always”. Gopi said, “I wish so too Urmi, but at least till mother comes back we can do so”, and slowly the two lovers drifted into sleep. The next few days, Gopi and Urmi were in heaven enjoying their intimacy and expressing their love for each other openly. Chapter 2 But when Sonaben returned she had a surprise for the brother and sister. When Urmi had gone for her music lesson, she called Gopi and asked him to sit by her side and started talking. “Gopi, did you and your sister have a good time when I had gone?”, she asked. Gopi was taken aback and could not reply. Sonaben continued, “I know what is going on between you two Gopi. I have been watching you admire your sister and I wanted you to get together with her and so I started sleeping in the kitchen and then went away for a week so that you will be able to reveal your love to your sister. Have you done that?” Gopi was happy with relief and said, “Yes mother. Urmi also loves me mother and we both really enjoyed being together last week. I want to thank you so much for being so understanding mother. You have made me and Urmi so happy”. Sonaben replied, “Gopi, a mother’s happiness lies in her children’s happiness. 

You have been the guardian and helper in this home and I have been wondering how I can repay you for your sacrifices and this happened to be a good way. It will be several years before you can marry and Urmi has to wait at least two more years until we have enough money for her marriage. So at least until her marriage, I thought she can be your wife. Tomorrow is raksha bandan when brother and sister exchange tokens of love and affection. That will be a good day for you and Urmi to start sleeping together. After wearing new clothes and tying the kankan in each other’s wrists tomorrow, you two go to the temple and pray in the evening. We will have a festive dinner and then you can take Urmi to sleep with you. You two can sleep in the store room, it is more private and it has a door you can latch from inside. I will sleep here in the hall. I have made more space in the store room so that you two can be comfortable there. You and your sister can do whatever a husband and wife will do except that you should be careful not to make your sister pregnant. We cannot hide it. You should have intercourse with Urmi only when she is safe. I will tell you both when it is ok and when it is not. I know it will be difficult to refrain from having intercourse especially whn you are newly married to a young girl who is further your loving sister. But Urmi will have to learn to give you oral intercourse and take you in her behind.”. Gopi was overjoyed. His mother was offfering his lovely sister to him as his wife. This was beyond even his wildest fantasy. But what if his other sisters come to know about it? When he asked his mother, she said, “We cannot keep this a secret from your sisters. We are a loving and affectionate family and your sisters know the sacrifices you have made for their marriage. So they will be only be happy. We will tell Neelam and Neeta soon and I have already told Neha about this. That is why I went their last week. She is happy about this. In fact she has sent a ring for you to give to Urmi tomorrow and also gave her wedding sari for Urmi to wear tomorrow. We cannot afford to buy a wedding sari for Urmi now. I have bought a simple new dress for you to wear tomorrow”. Next day was a festival day. In the evening, Gopi wore his new dress and Urmi wore her sister’s wedding sari and together they went to the temple and prayed. When they returned, their mother asked them to sit on a new mat in the hall and gave them threads to tie in each other’s wrists. Then she gave a piece of sweet to Gopi and asked him to put in his sister’s mouth. Urmi opened her lovely mouth and Gopi put the sweet in her mouth. Then Urmi did the same to Gopi. Now Sonaben gave her son the ring that her eldest daughter had sent and asked him to put it in her daughter’s finger. Urmi extended her left hand so that her brother can slip the ring on her slender finger. Then Sona tied her daughter’s sari end to Gopi’s shirt tail saying to Gopi, “Your sister is now yours to love and protect. May both of you enjoy your union for a long time to come”. After that, she served the couple the festive food she had cooked and asked them to go to the store room. Gopi and his sister touched their mother’s feet and Gopi took his sister by hand and went into the store room. Just before entering the room, Sona went to his son and whispered in his ear, “Your sister is safe today” and then watched happily as her son and daughter went into the room hand in hand. After latching the door, Gopi and his sister embraced and kissed passionately. Then Urmi removed her wedding sari and put it away and Gopi changed into pajama. They lay down on the soft bed their mother had put on the floor and kissed again. Urmi unbuttoned her blouse and gave her breasts to her brother. Gopi lovingly fondled his sister’s soft breasts for a while and then tok her left breast in his mouth and started sucking. Urmi hugged him closer and ran her fingers though his hair affectionately as he sucked at her breasts. After a while, Gopi sat up and took a look at his beautiful sister from head to foot. Urmi was lying on her back and had her legs slightly apart. Her skirt had fallen between her thighs forming a vee at her girlhood. Urmi felt shy when she saw her brother looking at the vee between her thighs. Gopi looked at her and asked, “Urmi, I want to kiss you there. Can I please?”. Urmi replied, “Brother, I am your sister and also your wife. You do not have to ask me my permission to do anything with me. Everything I have is yours. Take me, my loving brother and husband” and spread her legs wider to give better access to her brother. Gopi bent his head and placed his lips over his sister’s pundai and pressed it hard over the warm softness. Even through her skirt, he could smell the fragrance of his sister’s girlhood and soon he could also feel her wetness. After planting several kisses, he started untying the drawstring of her skirt. Urmi felt eagerness and shyness at the same time as her brother undid the drawstring and started pulling her skirt down. She lifted her back a little so that he can pull her skirt off completely. Now she was totally naked before her beloved brother/husband. Gopi was stunned by his gorgeous sister’s body. There was not too much hair on her pundai and the brown lips were glistening with her love juice. Gopi positioned himself between her long legs and put his lips on the soft fragrant petals of her sex and showered kisses on them. Then he parted the petals and took the little clit between his lips and caressed them with his lips. Urmi started moaning at the first ever contact of sensitive clit with her brother’s lips. It was a pleasure unknown to her so far. She pressed her brother’s head against her pundai and crossed her legs on his back. Gopi kept sucking at his sister’s clit arousing her more and more. Suddenly he felt her raise her hips and jerk several times and a gush of juice poured out of her pudenda. Gopi pressed his lips tightly against her pudenda and sucked all the juice which tasted heavenly. His sister lay back now slightly trembling after her first orgasm. Gopi moved up and looked at her. Her chest was heaving with heavy breathing and her eyes were closed. The nipples on her lovely breasts were hard and she was sweating slightly. When she opened her eyes and saw her brother, she said, “Oh brother, I love you so much. You are making me so happy. I am glad I am your wife. Tell me what I can do as your wife to make you happy”. Gopi was touched by this expression of love by his sister. He kissed her warmly on her lips and stood up to remove her pajama and reveal his chunni to his beloved sister. Urmi’s eyes went wide when she saw her brother’s stiff chunni. She wanted to take the beautiful thing in her hands and fondle it. She sat up and took hold of it and lovingly ran her soft hand along its length. Then she brought her lips to it and kissed the head. She said, “Brother, this looks so wonderful”. Gopi said, “My darling sister, it not only looks wonderful. It is going to make you feel wonderful too now”, and pushed her back on the bed and positioned himself between his sister’s beautiful thighs. Then he put his prick on the entrance to her lovely pundai which was now almost sloppy with her love juice and slowly pushed it inside. His sister’s cunt was tight but because it was now well lubricated his prick slid inside with slight pushing. Urmi gasped as her brother’s prick entered her girlhood and caressed the sides of her sensitive pundai. In a little while, Gopi felt the obstruction of her hymen and suddenly pushed hard and broke it. His sister jerked and bit her lips at the pain. But it passed soon and she felt more pleasure as her brother’s prick entered her pundai fully. As her brother started sliding it up and own her cunt, Urmi’s pleasure started buiding up. As for Gopi, he was in heaven, feeling his loving sister’s warm cunt gripping his prick and massaging the sensitive veins. really srry for the delay…relish the other part of d story.. He caught hold of his sister’s thighs and pulled her towards him, burying his prick deep into her with each thrust. Urmi was thrashing her head from side to side as he pushed and pulled his prick into her pundai. She soon reached her climax and arched her back pushing her hips towards her brother several times. Gopi held on because he wanted his sister to remember their first union forever by climaxing several times. He kept fucking her until she had three more orgasms and then let go load after load of his incestuous sperm into his lovely sister’s warm cunt. As she felt her brother’s cum splash against the walls of her cunt, Urmi had a feeling of fulfilment. She was now really her loving brother’s wife. After releasing his love load into his darling sister’s pundai, Gopi laid down on her side and hugged her and kissed her and spoke loving words to her. He also moved down and planted several kisses on her pundai which was now his property. After a while, Urmi shyly asked her brother, “Gopi, can we do it again?”. Gopi was of course ready and they had a wonderful intercourse again. Brother and sister did it again three more times and by the time they drifted into sleep, it was almost morning. When Gopi woke up, it was afternoon. He saw his sister lying naked beside him with a slight smile in her beautiful face. His saliva had dried up on her breasts and her pundai was matted with his cum and her own cunt juice. He gently kissed her and woke her up. After kissing some more, she got up and put on her wedding sari again and Gopi put on his dress. When they came out of the store room, their mother greeted them smilingly and said, “Go and take bath. I have cooked nice food. Let us enjoy it”. Chapter 3 Three months went by. Sonaben had told the new couple that they should be careful during the daytime not to touch each other and behave like sister and brother and change their role to husband and wife only after they are in the store room for the night. Gopi and Urmi followed that rule stricktly. Meanwhile, Gopi took up extra work so that he can buy nice things for his sister. He brought sweets and flowers every day for her. Urmi was flying in heaven in her new status as his brother’s wife. Then one day, Sonaben told them she has to go to her second daughter Neelam’s place to tell her about Gopi and Urmi’s marriage. When she returned, she was a bit worried. She told Gopi, “Neelam is very angry. She says that she was in love with you before her marriage and she is disppointed that she did not get to do waht Urmi did”. Gopi said, “What can we do now mother. She is married”. Sonaben replied,”I think you have to give her the same status as Urmi. Otherwise, her anger will never go away. It does not matter that she is married. This matter is going to be only between us. For the outside, she will be the wife of her husband. But inside she will be your wife”. Gopi was only too happy that his sister Neelam wants to be his wife but he was worried about Urmi. But when Sonaben and Gopi asked Urmi, she said,”I love all my sisters and I will share Gopi with Neelam because I think Neelam will bring Gopi additional happiness”. Sonaben said,”Ok, I will start making the marriage arrangments. Gopi, you can compensate Neelam for not taking her before her marriage by giving her a baby. She wants a baby and it is two years since her marriage. I will fix the marriage during her fertile period. Then you will be able to make her pregnant on the first night of your union”. Gopi thought,”What luck”. Everything went as planned and Neelam became Gopi’s wife and also missed her period 4 weeks later. She was happy beyond measure. Urmi felt bad a little but she realized that she was not publicly married and so there is no way she can get pregnant. She eagerly awaited the day when she would also be publicly married so that she can get pregnant by her loving brother. Gopi was now enjoying so much the incestuous pleasure of sister sex that he wanted to have his other two sisters too. Sonaben arranged for a double marriage for him with Neha and Neeta. Gopi took both his sisters to the store room that night and enjoyed the new thrill of making love to one sister with the other sister looking on. Also, since both these sisters were married, he made them pregnant too. Within a year, Gopi had three daughters, one each by Neha, Neelam and Neeta. But he wanted most of all to make his first sister/wife Urmi pregnant. Fate played him a good hand here. A very rich landlord in the next village had a half-wit son for whom he wanted a wife. He was ready to pay a huge sum of money for the girl who would marry his son. Sonaben, Gopi and Urmi discussed this and decided that Urmi will go through with this, because Urmi can continue to be her brother’s wife while being the wife of the half-wit outside. And she can have babies by her brother exclusively because the half-wit husband would not understand what is going on. So Urmi got married publicly to the half-wit and got a huge amount of property and money. Then promptly she became pregnant by her brother. Gopi’s first child by Urmi was a boy and he made her pregnant quickly after that and she gave him a daughter. His sisters were very happy to get pregnant by him and always one or more of his sisters were carrying his babies in their wombs.

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