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Making Love to my mommy Indian Incest stories

Making Love to my mommy Indian Incest stories

This happened when I was 22 and my mom was 43. My mom is very fair, 5’4 feet tall and have perfect body, Her boobs are 38’ d and she has little tummy and that make her more hot. She is 65kg, so her body has enough flesh to arouse a man. I noticed, every man try to see her side boobs when we roaming outside for purchase.

I started reading Incest stories, when I was doing PG. I was staying in hostel, so I can see my mom only once in a month. I started think about her and my sexual feelings got aroused; initially I ignored it and avoided bad thoughts about her. Now the time came to visit my home, I went and was greeted by my parents once.

I see my mom my sexual feelings again started. She always wears saree, even in night also, as she is a traditional south Indian house wife. Every man likes to hug her and touch her ass. I too felt the same, while taking bath first time I masturbated thinking about her. I started seeing her assets, while walking I will watch her ass and used to see her side boobs in the saree. I stayed there for two days, Saturday and Sunday and I came back to hostel. I started masturbated daily thinking about her and while taking in with her home and I become nude and masturbate by hearing her voice. I become mad on her and 1 month passed again I went to my home. I felt like hug her and I waited for my dad to leave to office once he left, I went to kitchen. She asked me to wait for 2mins as she was preparing breakfast for me. I just went behind her and act like asking what she was preparing and I slightly made my body to touch her. I felt her ass it was like some 1000 volts current passed my body.

Then I sat in the chair and while speaking with her and I was watching her side boobs, her boobs are invited me to squeeze and suck and I controlled myself and I said her mom, you looks beautiful she said are you seeing your mom first time and I replied but mom, now a days you are looking so beautiful then we both finished our breakfast and like this my week end was over while leaving I can’t control and I hugged her tightly and said I miss you mom. This is the first time I hug her in my life and my dick got aroused. I felt her boobs on me. She said me too miss you son and said if you are going far away from me only then you have thoughts of hugging me and she said this as a love on me and there is no bad thoughts in it. I was happy to hear this, because after this I can hug her and she won’t restrict me.
I went to hostel and her hug disturbed me a lot. I can’t even believe that I hugged my sexy mom who is my dream lady now. I remembered her hug every day and while speaking her in phone, I used to say I miss her and I started calling her 2 or 3 times a day. She also loves to speak with me. My semester exams are over and holidays started. I am going home for 20 days leave. I was very happy, that I am going to be with her for continuously 20 days after my sexual feelings towards her started. I reached home and I hugged my mom. Had breakfast and dad went to office and I used to hug her whenever I had chance and was enjoying her body and one afternoon, while she was preparing lunch, I went behind her and hugged her from back by grabbing her waist.


She shocked, but did not ask me to remove my hand. I was speaking with her in the same position for around 5 minutes. I got bulge in my shorts. She said now days you are hugging me frequently and I replied should I not hug you? Mom you can my son and I then kissed her cheeks evening we went for purchase and bought some dresses for her as well as for me. We are tired and slept next day, we just have a look on our newly bought dresses. I wear and showed to her and she also decided to wear her new saree. She went to the room and changed to new saree it was black color. She looks gorgeous. I said mom this saree suits you well, you are looking good she was very happy. I asked her to try another saree.

She then removed the new saree, which she wore and I was stunned to see she was only in blouse and petticoat, what a sexy hot lady she is, her waist was amazing and her boobs are such a big. I am unable to control my feelings and I went near to her and made her to stand before dressing table mirror. Mom look at the mirror you are looking awesome. I placed my both the hands on her hip and pinched it, kissed her cheek and neck. I bought one hand on her boobs and hardly pressed my dick on her ass in a way that she can feel my hard erect dick then suddenly she pushed me back and said no Raju what are you doing, this is not right. I said sorry Mom, you have stunning beauty and by seeing you without saree and I can’t control, no men will leave you without hugging by seeing you like this mom, but you are my son.

You should not have these thoughts on your mom and she wore the saree and left the room and I felt guilty and ashamed to see my mom’s face. We didn’t speak on that day and I was very sad and slept. Wake up late in the morning, she asked me to have tea, I again asked sorry. She told erase all the bad thoughts and concentrate on your studies but still I can’t, my dick was erect by seeing her. I asked mom, can I hug only once and that should be the last. He thought for some time and said ok and I hugged her hard, her boobs are pressed on my chests, I kissed her cheeks and pressed her ass, she said enough, leave me and I told 5 minutes mom, and again pressed her both the ass, I felt my dick on her pussy area over the dress as, I was not wore underwear, she felt my dick by having my hand on her ass.



I asked mom don’t you like this can you feel my hard dick, she replied hmm. She got into the mood, I suddenly removed her saree and blouse and she was in her bra and petticoat. I kissed her boobs, she asked me to stop, but I kissed and pressed her boob and removed her petticoat knot. Petticoat was fallen down, she was only in bra and panties, her things were very soft and there is no hair in it. She pushed me, but she felt ashamed of being in bra and panties before her son. She shouted on me. I said please mom, no one will come to know about this and you too like this but she can’t accept it. I went near her and hugged her and toughed all her back. She tried to push me, and then I inserted my hand in her panties and touched her pussy. It was hairy and rubbed my hand on her pussy.

She is not restricting now, closed her eye, I sat down removed her panties completely and started sucking it and her pussy was hairy. She moaned and encouraged me by waving my head. I was sucking for 10 minutes and went to her lips and kissed it and then I removed my dress and her bra. We both are standing nude in the dinner area. I was sucking her boobs and my dick was touching her things. She then caught my dick. I told and my dick was waiting for such a long time to touch by your hand. She smiled and squeezed my dick. Wow what feeling that was. I was in heaven. We then moved to the bed room. I made her lie on the bed and went on her and kissed all over her body. She was enjoying my lips touching all over her body. I made her to turn and went to her ass and licked it and touched her ass hole with my tongue hmmm my tongue was getting squeezed in her tight hole. I placed my cheeks on her ass. She was moaning aaaahhhh and I never be in bed like this. She then came over me and told you aroused my sexual feelings and sucked my dick. I did not think she will do this.


She was sucking my cock for 10 minutes and told I was about to cum. She continued sucking and dropped all my cum on her mouth within 5 minutes my dick again becomes red iron and I went to her ass and kissed her asshole, inserted my tongue on her asshole and sucked it. She then kissed my chest and bites both my nipples, came down and kissed my dick and sucked my balls. I told mom, I can’t control anymore, I want your pussy now. She then lied on the bed and came over her and placed my dick on her. My dick kissed my mom’s pussy and I placed my lips on her lips and slowly inserted my dick on her pussy. She was biting my lips because of over enjoyment and after some hard push I made my dick fully on her pussy. I pushed my dick, I was in heaven her face was totally changed, she was in a full sex mood and taking her sons dick in her pussy.

I started to thrust her pussy with speed. I was pumping my cock in and out faster and deeper hitting her pussy hard. She was screaming with pleasure. I fucked her for 10 minutes and I told mom, I am about to cum and I want to pour it in your pussy. She told yes my dear son, I too want your cum and I too cuming. I discharged all my cum on her pussy while discharging we both moaned haaaaaa mmmmmmm. We slept there for 30 minutes naked and again we fucked after this incident we used to fuck, whenever I am at my home in the absence of my father. While in the presence of my father, I used to hug her and hit her ass and she too suck my cock. We are fucking till now like husband and wife. She later told, now only she was enjoying the life with me both in bed as well as outside.


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