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Madhu Fucked In The House Hindi Sex Story

Madhu Fucked In The House Hindi Sex Story

Or I thought so intially. He lived in a big joint family in the village. He had 2 elder brothers both of whom were married with kids. It took me some time to adjust but in a couple of months, it became really comfortable. But suddenly, one day I caught my hushband with his eldest bhabhi Neeta. They were both naked and well, fucking one another. He did not see me.

I slowly closed the door and went to my room and weeped heavily. I went to my home after this incident. I did not return for 3 months. However, my mother in law’s bad health made me to return. On my return, I was shocked to see that eldest bhabhi Neeta was pregnant. I decided to deal with this once and for all and asked her in isolation as whose child is this.

She smiled and asked me to follow her. She took me to the living room where everybody was kind of waiting for us. My mother in law told me “Dekh, ye yahan ki parampara hai. Meri sab bahuyein ek hain aur mere teeno bete bhi inhe ek hi mante hai. Ab tum bhi is ke liye taiyaar ho jaao. Kisi ke saath bhi shaaririk sambandh banane mein mat hickichao.”

I said, “Ye app kya keh rahein hai. paagal ho gayein hai kya?” Listening this she ordered her eldest son Ravi for something. I dont remember much after that but he dragged me to my bedroom. The next morning, I was having a strange pain in my vagina. It was all wet and smelly. And I was sleeping nude with Ravi. I understood that he had fucked me.

I was feeling so ashamed. But suddenly Ravi’s wife Neeta came there and gave me a cup of warm milk. She than sat there with me and said, “Ise pee lo. Aaram milega. Aur maan jaao. maza aayega. Jab Shantanu ko koi farak nahin padta to tum kyon itna sochti ho.” This made sense and I decided to take revenge with Shantanu. I got ready.


I was waiting for the perfect moment and when all 3 brothers were sitting in the living room, I went there and sat besides Ravi. I told him in his ear – “Aaj nahin chodoge”. I wanted to irritate Shantanu. But instead he asked “Bhaiya kya bol rahi hai”. Ravi started laughing and told him that “Tadap rahi hai. Aaj tu hi le le.”

To which Shantanu replied “Aaj Raju ki baari hai naa. Mein to bhabhi ke saath hi sounga”. I was shocked to see their daring. I was screwed. Then suddenly, Raju, his second brother took me in his arm and took me to the bedroom. I was about to have sex with 2nd strange men in my second night. Raju was a bit different. He was fat with big moustaches and wore a lungi.

I hated him. He closed the door and removed his lungi. His 7″ dick was hanging like a hungry child. I closed my hand and requested, “Please, mat karo. Mujhe achcha nahin lagta.” He paid no heed and completely undressed me. I understood that resistance will not work. He put his dick in every hole of my body. I did not realise that he was not using condoms.


This happened for the entire month. Every night, one of the brother would fuck me. I even forgot who my hushband was. After one month, I was pregnant. The child could belong to anyone. Now 12 years has passed. I have one kid. Now it has become my habit. Every night since the last 12 years, one of the brothers would fuck me. And I kind of like this.

I try to hide my inner pain with the short term pleasure I get. This ended yesterday. Yesterday night I was fucked but not by one of the brothers. But my college friend Karan. We loved one another and so I ran away with him. I am happy now and I am thinking of settling with him.

He has gone out to bring some food. I can wait for him because he loves me and accepted me inspite of everything that happened to me. Signing out. Madhu.


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