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Late night sex classes

Late night sex classes

I knew very well she was not interested in the subject which I was to teach her. On the contrary she made me wonder whose the teacher and in which subject. I operate my C/A business from home itself and my wife, Lalita, teaches in a girls’ high school.

I’ve always maintained good reputation in society and Lalita trusts me thoroughly. She still trusts me, since she is still unaware of the secret affair between Vrinda and me. And I hope Lalita will never ever find out anything about it, or I’ll be doomed for a lifetime.

It all began from the day Vrinda started ignoring my words while I was teaching her, and thus making me loose my otherwise excellent patience over her. I tried to encourage her in many ways towards the subject of mathematics but she never paid attention.

One day I frankly told her that if she’s not interested in learning then we must discontinue the classes. Then she looked at me with those soulful eyes, emotionally trying to flatter me and explain that she was having difficulty concentrating on her subject because of her menstrual periods.

Since it sounded like a genuine reason I believed her. In the next few months she carried on in the same manner, so I asked her again that I can understand when she’s got her periods, but which happens only for a week in a month and not all the time.

She used to ignore my observations and started building an emotional bondage between us, after which I found it difficult to even scold her for no matter what mistakes she made in my subject.

I must admit she was indeed a master of her own subject of lust and sensuality. Gradually with such an emotional bondage growing so rapidly I knew that her purpose of coming over to our place was not for studying maths.

She kept giving me those desperate looks yet in a shy way, due to which it was even difficult for me to make any direct approach. I also stopped taking any interest in teaching her anything of maths.

Now we had started meeting each other for another more desirable reason, which both of us enjoyed. I also had a computer with internet connection. She herself asked me to show her a few porn sites she had heard of from some of her friends.

I personally had never visited any porn sites on the net as I believed in being a thoroughbred accounts professional and so spent most of my time in keeping track of the stock markets and all.

As she told me of more and more such sites we used to spend almost all the tuition time in surfing porn. During this her eyes were glued to the screen asking me to show more and more while my interest grew in keenly

observing what she was wearing, not only what was visible to the naked eye but also under. Like I would allow my eyes to penetrate through her t-shirt or top (which was her usual dress code) to see if she was wearing a bra, if so what colour or style it was.

Below the waist she always wore either a pair of jeans or bermudas. Her sitting so close to me, totally involved in watching the sites increased my curiosity to actually see what a young girl’s body looked like. In my childhood I never had any relationship with girls.

The only first time I ever saw a nude female body was that of my full grown wife, Lalita. Sometimes I’d get so desperate that I wished Vrinda was wearing a skirt which could make it easier for me to slip my hand up her thighs.

I started getting fed up of both of us just watching all the porn stuff on screen alone. So one day I gathered some courage to ask her what kinds of undergarments she prefers to wear and to describe her collection in absolute detail.

But she was shy to share her personal matters with me. This got me more frustrated and I thought to myself “What the hell!!! I’ve gone completely out of my way to fulfil her wishes to surf all these porn sites, and now that I ask her something she withdraws?”

Things had gone far beyond my tolerance now. I firmly decided to go ahead with fulfilling my own desires from now on. One day charmingly I asked her that how come she always wore only jeans and bermudas, and never anything like skirts.

I tried to inspire her by telling her that I knew a lot my ex-girl friends who wore see-thru tops and very short skirts which barely even covered their arse. She simply expressed surprise as if she didn’t know that girls wore such things in general life,

and that she thought females only wore such things for movies & magazines. Next few days I found her wearing thinner tops and t-shirts through which I could vaguely admire her fancy bras in all hot shades. I knew the girl was picking up fast.

It was now time for her exam in college which she was not at all prepared. So she started spending more time for the tuition which she was still not serious about. I didn’t bother anymore either since we both had only one desire left.

One afternoon to my utter surprise I saw her entering our house in a knee-length translucent black skirt! And an equally thin orange t-shirt under which I could clearly see a black lacy bra. I knew for sure that this was the day we both waited for so desperately.

I also knew that Lalita returns from school by 5pm and it was already 4pm. One hour was not less to finish a quickie at all, but it will still take time to get this shy girl started and cracking I thought to myself.

Half an hour just passed away and she was still whiling away her time asking me stupid emotional questions. My hands alongwith the whole body were trembling out of impatience to attack her body.

That’s when she hesitantly asked me if she could stay over that night at our place so that she can study through the night under my guidance. I was completely taken by surprise with this decision of hers and simultaneously

afraid if her parents and my wife would be disappointed with our such proceedings. Finally in the next half hour Lalita returned home. When I told her that this is what Vrinda’s plan was, I was again surprised that Lalita also did not mind.

On the contrary she was excited that we will have company at home. Lalita often felt loneliness in the house because there was no one other than the two of us in it. Lalita quickly rung up Vrinda’s parents for their approval.

Vrinda’s father picked up the phone, and upon a lady’s request he also could not refuse the idea. So here we were, Vrinda and me with our plans going steady and strong. Lalita was so excited that she immediately rushed to the market

to get some fresh vegetables to prepare a delicious meal for all of us. She said she would be back in an hour’s time as she had to meet a friend as well, leaving the two of us alone at home. Little did she know that Vrinda and I didn’t need anything more delicious than our own bodies.

As soon as Lalita left we both readily rushed to the computer, and in the following 10 minutes I made sure Vrinda was warmed up enough by watching the porn sites again. Now with no more delay I took the initiative by putting my hand on her head,

rolling it over her tightly tied shoulder length hair. Slowly lowering my hand down her lightly hairy neck reached her thin orange t-shirt to feel a little of her bra. I got a perfect feel of even the hooks of her bra.

Out of excitement Vrinda pushed her breast outwards where I could vividly see her nipples protruding through the garments. I left the feeling of those breasts and nipples for the night approaching. And got going with what I craved for more eagerly, her lower region.

She was so nervous that she tightly closed her eyes not daring to see anything but only show me all she could. Before I even reached the elastic belt of her skirt she started raising it from her knees upwards, exposing half length of her silky smooth thighs.

She was not able to raise it anymore than that, so I helped her feel more at ease by not raising the skirt, but slipping my hand under it instead. She just loved this graceful move of mine. I purposely made her realise that she also had a role to play and not totally depend on me.

We were both aware that this was not the right time for the final act, since Lalita was still to come. We knew that we had to wait until we were through with the dinner and until Lalita fell asleep. So we did.

Dinner I guess was delicious as Lalita was expecting appreciation, but neither Vrinda nor I were able to concentrate on the food for the reason you very well know. I still managed with great pretence to adore Lalita’s cooking skills and she believed all of me.

Even before Lalita went to bed, she seemed quite open to the idea that Vrinda and I were to stay awake till whatever late hour without her disturbing us anywhere along the line. All this simply because she trusted me too much. This made things a little too easy for Vrinda and me.

It was only a reward of a very long and painful waiting. So here we were again, just Vrinda and I with the whole fiery night ahead of us. I asked Vrinda if she had brought anything night dress to change into, but she vaguely shook her head not willing

to discuss anything out of nervousness. I offered her one of my thin ordinary Fashion Street cotton t-shirt yellow in colour and a black lungi thick enough not to expose anything so that it would not make things too obvious for my wife to guess.

Vrinda went to the bathroom to change, and returned in an instant as if out of desperation. After all these long hours I finally saw a little shy and naughty smile on her face. I made her sit comfortably next to me near the computer again.

We started with accounts programs thinking if just in case Lalita woke up we should not get caught. It was only 11pm then. This left us with plenty of time for a dramatic seduction. Vrinda was getting impatient to view the porn sites again, and I to view her assets.

As the sites started revealing on screen she was fully engrossed in viewing them while I liberally feasted my eyes on her budding tits (still under cover). Now there was just no more waiting for anything. Her cheeks were pretty close to mine and our shoulders brushing too.

I knew she was waiting for me to take the initiative. I started in the same procedure as I had in the evening, placing my hand on her head first, running my fingers through her hair. This time I loosened the bun that the hair was tied in.

her hair rolled down over the back of neck making her look more sensual than ever. It was wild and curly by nature. I massaged her neck for a few seconds followed by rubbing her back. I could already feel her t-shirt dampening with sweat along the back.

Similarly the sweat from her forehead, armpits and breast area was also drenching the front side of her t-shirt. As I run my hands along the edges of her bra she slowly for the first time looked up at me with full obsession.

Sparks flickered between our eyes and we both hugged each other tightly letting go of all our inhibitions. I bit her ears gently, and then wet her whole cheek with my watering tongue. I was roasting in the heat of her steaming hot body.

I could feel her breath span increasing rapidly as she heaved with her breasts tightly pressed against my hairy chest. I began the unveiling of this sex angel by smoothly slipping her t-shirt off getting the first exposure of her fresh buds covered in the intricate designer black lace bra.

I was still curious to know what’s it like below the waist. As I said I had never seen the one of a young 19 year old girl. She voluntarily stood up to make it easier for me to undo her lungi, now standing only in the lungi and the bra.

Her body was so soaked in sweat that she looked as if she has stepped out of the bath after a fresh shower. The smell of her sweat was so intoxicating. I put my hands now on her heated arse and from there started lifting her lungi very slowly.

I deliberately did this with such slowness that she was whining in desperation. By now her body was secreting from almost all possible parts. Her mouth was dripping, sweat from all the limbs, and also her pussy I suppose which I had not reached to as yet.

Once the lungi was fully raised I was pleased to with her colour combinations. Under the lungi was her fiery red panty the material of which was like a net, except in the pussy area. I snapped off the lungi in an instant to get an adorable view of her gorgeous image.

This fresh young virgin teenage girl, with her remarkably fair complexion, standing in her most exquisite black bra and fire red panty! What a sight. “Thank you Satan for creating such a criminal” I thought to myself.

I helped her undo my shirt buttons with her own hands and then also my pyjamas. I was not wearing any underwear so she saw my dick for the first time already turned sticky with all the cumming caused by her seduction.

I turned her around with her back facing me and undid the hooks of her bra, brushing the straps of it off her shoulders. I keenly waited for the first view of her tits. But before that I thought of helping her shed the last piece of garment on her fully vulnerable body.

As I was kneading away on her fleshy arse, I pushed my thumbs into her hole which made her almost scream so loudly that we both were scared it might have woken up Lalita. Fortunately Lalita is a deep sleeper, so there was no question of her waking up before 7am.

Simultaneously alongwith kneading her arse I was entwining her panties with my fingers, almost wanting to rip it off but I knew she would be answerable to her mother for ripping such an expensive pair of panties, so I carefully slid it down to the floor and helped her step out of it.

There stood this naked angel in full blossom completely prepared for the final act eventually. Even her arse released such a divine fragrance that my tongue went spearing into her rear hole. Every inch of her smelt and tasted like some sublime strawberry and cream.

I let my tongue run upwards from her arse to her back and neck. As I stood up I put my hands under her armpits and slowly allowing my fingers to creep over to cover her fresh buds. I massaged them for a while but was still dying to see those teenage tits as well as the pussy.

I gently turned her face to face with me. The most amazing tender and soft buds she had topped with tiny sweet pink nipples. I suckled on them for some time. Then sliding my hands along her waist, my tongue reached for her pussy.

My tongue dug into it deeply. My watering mouth and her pussy cumming together was making everything so wet that it felt being in a pool of sex in its grossest form. I pulled her down to the floor laying her on her back and started mounting myself

over her like a cavalry man would on his horse. I was also indeed riding her like on a horse in the next few minutes. My vigorous jolts made her cry for more which she expressed by slapping my body like a baby. This went on for nearly 2 hours after which even I was dead exhausted

so you can’t imagine her condition. But this was not our first and last experience. After she used to boldly walk up to me and we did it progressing in each session as and when was convenient for both of us. My innocent wife doesn’t have the slightest trace of all this.

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