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Jawani ka josh kar geya behosh

I told Payal so you give me the number of victory and then I kept the phone for a long time, I did not talk to my victory because now she also had worked in my office and I used to get me less time. Because of this, both of us probably could not find the time now that we both could talk to each other, but Payal did not make me the number one message of victory. I called him two hours later Payal again picked up the phone again. I told him that if you did not make me the number of Vijay, then Payal said okay. I just messed you up. As soon as I was about to hold the phone, Payal asked me, but who are you saying I said to Payal? Amit is speaking, Vijay used to study with me in Pune and both of us have completed their studies together. Payal recognized me and told me to show you your photo by saying that it is my friend Amit. He started telling me that the brother praises you very much and always talks about you.

I did not want to talk to Payal and I did not want to see him. I had never met Payal. I had talked to him for the first time but why did not he like to talk to him, and after some time I kept the phone. Payal had messed me up the number of times when Payal did the message of victory, then I did the reply in the message itself and during the evening, I called Vijay Vijay. I told Vijay, you have taken a new number, he started saying that this number was given to me at home and I have taken a new number. I asked Vijay how your job is going on Vijay said, job is going on well, you tell me your How is the job going on? I told him that my job is also going well. I told Vijay that you should come here sometimes, you said that you know that you have been working just for some time while working and it is difficult to get a holiday but still will try. I told Vijay that everyone here remembers you here, they always ask you about what Vijay is doing nowadays because I was the closest person to you so that people asked me about you. We talked for half an hour on that day and after that I kept the phone. I too had lived in my work and I could not get too much time. One day I called Vijay, then on that day Payal picked up the phone, Payal started calling me, I gave you the number of brother but maybe I did not save the number of victory on that day and the number that I saved in my mobile was at the same number Called. Payal made me talk that day too long and I started feeling good about talking to him. Now I started calling Philek to some excuse. Payal also liked to talk to me. Both of us had talked on the phone now but it was neither Payal nor had I told him anything about this, I would always have been concerned that Vijay knew about this. So even though he did not create any misconception about me in his mind, I never thought of telling him about this.

Payal and I used to love each other now. We both never met each other but we were very much in love with each other. Payal wanted to meet me but I was so busy in my work that it is not possible for me to meet him. Was there. One day I thought that I should meet Payal that day I went to Chandigarh to meet Payal when I told Vijay that I had come to Chandigarh and he reached the station to take me. When he received me, he would have given me his Took home When I first saw Payal I saw Payal and I both liked it and we both smiled at each other and Vijay had taken a leave from his office on that day and he told me that I want to make you move to Chandigarh. We went out to Chandigarh to walk along with us. I could not talk more than Ankel in front of Vijay. But whenever I looked at Payal I loved it and I smiled at seeing him. Payal and I have had a lot of love in my heart and this was an idea of ​​how I was so happy that Payal was very happy on his face. I had a good conversation with Vijay’s family members too. I had taken a leave from my office for a few days because I wanted to spend some time with Payal. I was also very happy to meet Vijay.

I had been in Vijay’s house for two days and Vijay used to go to his office, then Payal and I spent time together, Paail and I have a park near his house in the evening, we went to sit there. Used to. Both of us were spending a great time together. Payal told me that I had never expected that I would love to meet you but the love of both of us was very strange. Both of us talked on the phone and through the phone From the same time we fell in love between the two I said to Payal I was feeling very strange at first when I used to talk to you because I was afraid that if you told this to Ajay what would she think about me but I dared tell you about your heart was. Payal started to tell me. When I talked to you, I liked it too and I did not expect that I would love to love you but there is a very good relationship between you and I love you so much. I wanted to stay in Chandigarh for a few more days because maybe coming back to Chandigarh.

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