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Hungry Wife

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Hi guys!!!! This is Vinay here with yet another story which is absolutely real….Thanks a lot so much…for your most inspiring comments which made me write in real time experience of a person known to me. I have heard of husbands dreaming and wanting to get their wives fucked in front of them by other men. But I never knew there was a unique mixture of pain and pleasure in getting your wife fucked by others and watching it like an asshole especially when your wife is totally getting dominant over you. This is a real story of a couple Krishnan and Chitra from Kerala living in Chandigarh.

I was working in a fucked up company dealing in electronic spares where I use to repair transistors and radio. My mom and dad lived in Chennai and so even though I had studied engineering still I accepted to do this job suppressing all my dreams to work in major companies. I use to apply for jobs in companies and use to pray to god that if I get an interview and get selected god should give me the power to convince my mom and dad. But I hardly use to get any interview calls. After 14 months of struggle one fine day I received a call on my mobile at 5 pm. The owner was shouting from my back on me for my phone ringing.( we were not allowed to work when talking on phone).

I heard a ladies voice on other end and she was talking in English. I could make out that she was a north Indian lady by her accent. She said that she is from XYZ Company and told me that HR dept. has selected me for an interview for a technical trainee. Getting a job in that company would be a dream break and I remember when I had sent an email I was surely not expecting that I will get a call for interview. I did it as a part of routine. The lady gave me a date for interview and told me that my train ticket fare will be re-imbursed once I reach their office in Chandigarh.

Everything was set but now I had to convince my mom and dad. I went home that day in the evening and told mom about it. She was a bit worried thinking about how I will be living alone but I told her that I will manage. She said who will convince my dad? So she told me that she will talk to dad tomorrow morning as he will be in fresh mood so that he can also listen to it completely and patiently. That did the trick and dad was convinced after going to office and thinking about it. He called home and told me that he is booking my train tickets and he has sent the office peon to do that. I was thrilled to get his nod.

After a week I left for Chandigarh. It was a four day journey. I went to Delhi by train from Chennai and then from there I took a bus from ISBT to Chandigarh. I reached there on the fourth day of my travel at 11 am. I met the lady to whom I had talked over phone. She told me that interview will be on same day in the evening so I could go to their guest house and get freshened up and take rest and then come back in the evening. Interview as expected went on well, I got the job and I was given the guest house to stay till I found a house for myself. I was so happy and called mom and dad to tell them the news and they were equally happy for me.
Hungry Wife, kamukta, real hindi sex kahani, real sex hindi kahani, real sex kahani in hindi, new antarvasna story hindi, new hindi sex story, new hindi story antarvasna, Mere devar teacher bhabhi ki chudai ki-Romantic & sexy hindi story
Hungry Wife, kamukta, real hindi sex kahani, real sex hindi kahani, real sex kahani in hindi, new antarvasna story hindi, new hindi sex story, new hindi story antarvasna, Mere devar teacher bhabhi ki chudai ki-Romantic & sexy hindi story

Now the house search started and I needed to save cost so I went into the populated areas in search of bachelor accommodations single room ones. I easily found a mansion type building consisted of large number of rooms built with a common corridor for all rooms. Every four rooms had one bathroom and toilet. I felt I needed to save money so I decided to rent a room in that mansion on the 2nd floor. Ours was the top floor and above that was the terrace. The room adjacent to mine was vacant so I didn’t have much of disturbance. The house owner was a robust, well-built 6’ high guy. His name was Ratan Singh, Around 35 years old still looking young fellow. He always had a few guys along with him who followed him wherever he went. He was the goon in that area.

After three weeks of my stay I one day saw a fair lady next to my room. I realized that someone has moved in new. The lady must be around 25 years old. She was surely a south indian and having curly hair. I was just wondering if she was a Tamilan. They were actually malayalee. When I went to the bathroom I crossed their room and I saw a man sitting inside. That was her husband and he looked like a gay. I got ready for the office and left.

When I went outside the gate he called me from behind. I turned and saw him. He told me he worked for a ABC company as technician. I also introduced myself. His name was Krishnan and his wife name was Chitra. His company was very near to mine. So we went to the office together. I could see that he was of a very shy nature like girls and had a gay type attitude. I was wondering how his wife is bearing such an asshole. She was really a cute female and was so hot. My manager called me and told me that now I am in the research department and I will be working on shifts. So from next week I was supposed to work in night shifts for a month. Every month the shift use to change. The shift timing was from evening 6 pm to 3am. So it was actually fine with me.

One day after my night shift I went to sleep immediately and got up around 10am. As I got up, I heard some moaning sounds from the room next to mine. I was wondering who could it be as Krishnan has already left to the office and it has hardly been a couple of weeks since Krishnan and chitra moved in. so how so soon chitra getting laid by someone?? I got up and washed my face. I was now thinking how to watch the action in the room as my curiosity was killing me. There was a tiny gaping rectangular hole on the common wall 1 feet below the ceiling height. I quietly took a stool and climbed on it. When I saw the through the gap my jaws dropped in shock!!!! Chitra was having 2-3 fingers in her pussy and frantically jabbing it in and out of her pussy and Krishnan was sitting on a chair watching her and holding his tiny dick in his hands and jerking it frantically.

This went on for on for 5 min till both of them cummed together. I was really feeling pity for chitra. She was such a hot beauty and this was her fate that she had a gay husband. No wonder she gave lusty hungry looks naturally!! I was already having a hard on seeing chitra naked and I just lied on my bed and imagined her naked body and jerked off…..Later Krishnan told me that he was not feeling well so he took today off…..In the evening that day the Ratan Singh came to collect the deposit from them. I was standing there outside krishnan’s home when Ratan singh came and he asked Krishnan about the deposit. Chitra went to the shelf and got the purse and gave it to Krishnan and that was the first time Ratan Singh saw Chitra. I could see the stir in his pants myself.

Krishnan also saw that and then looked at chitra. Chitra just put her head down and walked inside. But one thing that I noticed was when she put her head down, her eyes were on ratan’s crotch. She was stealing the glances. I understood that she is now hungry for a cock. Ratan too saw that and gave a dry smile. The Stature of Ratan could not be compared to that of Krishnan at all. Krishnan was a tiny guy with a tiny 2” dick good for himself. Ratan surely must be atleast 7” long as I imagined.

Next day morning as usual I got up and took shower and standing out on the corridor to get some sun shine as it was a bit cold when I saw Ratan coming towards the mansion. I immediately thought there is something wrong after the yesterday’s events. So I quickly went inside my room and locked the door from inside. I closed all windows so that my room became totally dark inside and then quietly put the stool near the wall. I peeped through the gap. Chitra was wearing a nighty and I could see that she was wearing a white bra and pink colour panty and her nighty was totally translucent. She was watching the Malayalam songs channel on TV. I thought…she is surely gonna get raped if Ratan sees her like this. As predicted there was a knock on the door and Chitra was watching the Malayalam songs channel. She immediately went and opened the door.

Ratan said that he came to ask if everything is ok and if their stay was comfortable. Usually a south indian lady will not allow a male inside but surprisingly she invited him in and told him to sit on the chair as she sat on a bed. She spoke broken Hindi with a south indian accent. She told him that she needed ropes to be tied outside on corridor to dry the washed clothes. He said he will immediately tell his boys to get it arranged immediately. I could see the way he was feasting his eyes on her. His looks were drilling right through her nighty and going on X-RAY Vision mode. But I could also see that Chitra was also looking differently at him looking into his eyes daringly and inviting him. Suddenly he got up and went and sat next to her and said “Do you like the bed? Or is it too hard” She said “I likes hard ones as it is good for health”.

All of a sudden then he just caught her by her arms and pulled her towards him…and hugged her tightly. She shouted “AAAHhhHHHHH!!” and then he kept his lips on her and started to suck her lips. I was having already my 7” outside my pajamas and was feeling so bloody jealous. I already had my pre-cum flowing and was slowly moving my fist to-fro….There was not a hint of refusal or protest from herside and she just said “Please slowly!!!!” Hearing this ratan got up and closed the door and came back to Chitra.

He then removed his shirt to expose his muscular body and Chitra stared at it like a hungry bitch. She had never seen such a animal like manly body before and as Ratan pulled her into her arms, she just melted into him…into a passionate kiss….Immediately he took her nighty offend she was in her Bra and panties…Chitra undid his Pants and also pulled his underwear down in one go and she let out a scream looking at his pole. I couldn’t see it that time…but in few secs he turned and I saw….a well hung 6” but thicker than was around 2 inches thick. Standing up to its full glory. Ratan caught hold of her head and roughly pushed his cock inside her mouth. She was more than eager like a hungry bitch to take it deep inside her throat. She pulled his skin back and rolled tongue over his huge black soft bobbing head….and he groaned and grunted like a bull…..

She was really going crazy and hungry for his cock… she was literally worshiping it. trying to take it in as much as possible. Ratan immediately made her lie on her back and told her to spread her legs and then he lifted her legs and spread then apart such that her knees were on either side of her chest and her pussy popped up……he immediately dug his mouth into her pussy and started to lick her inside her folds of labia….vertically from bottom to up….in long lengthy strokes…as she now shivered….and was making funny moaning sounds…..ssssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh……Ratan Ji….plssssssssssssss….aaaaaayooooooooooooooo……aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm and her juices flowed in plenty…..and she started to move her pussy towards his mouth and held his head and pushed in inside her pussy……..and she went totally out of control…..and she moaned loudly as she said……….pls….mat roko……………….pls mat roko………………………ahhhhhhhhhpls………

Ratan knew this bitch was in heat….and this is the right time. They were lying right across me so I could see everything that was happening……..and then Ratan….left her pussy and she was begging………..and said…kya hua???? And then Ratan kept holding her legs and placed his cock on her pussy and stuck it in a bit so that it wont slip….after that……he gave one hard push…………..AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHQ!!!!!!!!!!!AAAYYYYYOOOOO AAMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!But Ratan hardly cared as he ploughed her pussy more deeply…..

Her eyes popped out of her sockets… pain as Ratan placed his lips brutally on hers to cover her mouth and gave another massive stroke!!!!! I could see the blood coming slightly……Seems she had a cock so deep the first time!!! All I could hear was HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! As Ratan had covered her mouth and then mercilessly started to fuck her with long deep strokes…….the room was filled then with moans…..ahhh….ahhhh…..ahhhh…….hmmmmm….ahahhhahahah…….and the sweet sound of banging with fluids….pukkk…..puk………puk….puk………..puk…………..puch…..puch………..she was now moving her ass up in air to meet his strokes….as I started to move my fist faster here. He kept banging her for more than 15 minutes and both were still fucking like hungry beasts…..and then he started to increase his pace……and both were still going in rhythm….and suddenly I heard a lions roars…..AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH and I could see both were having a wonderful orgasm as she kissed him madly and lifted her ass so high……dug her nails on his back………

They were lying like that for 5 minutes after which…..ratan slowly took out his limp cock outside and again started to suck her boobs wildly….he had still so much left in him surely I knew… they started to kiss each other passionately….she was moaning already…as she had been hungry for so many years from this manly love…..she had become already a bitch…….as she started to kiss him wildly again…..i could see the effect of the same on ratan’s dick it had started to salute again in style….this time gleaming with his cum and her juices……..he again pushed his dick in her mouth and she started to suck it looking into his eyes….as hungry as before……holding the base of the shaft tightly and moving her head up and down……and then……………….all of a sudden…there was a knock on the door!!!!!! I was cursing!!!!! Who the fuck can it be now!!! And then Chitra asked….”kaun hae??” (Who is it?) the reply came in Malayalam.

It was Krishnan!! I could see the fear on her face as her life was in jeopardy now!! She was now thinking frantically what to do….as she told him to wait a moment….and then….rattan calmed her and told her…not to worry and no need to wear the clothes….he said he will open the door for him….Chitra was shocked by what he said….and before she could react he was already unbolting the door. I was eager to see the drama!!!!!!!! Krishnan stares at Rattan, he looks like a school boy in front of him….and he comes in and sees both of them naked!!!! He holds his head and is too shocked to talk anything. Rattan goes and locks the door meanwhile….as Chitra hangs her head in shame and guilt and frantically goes to pick her nighty to cover herself.

Then the most unbelievable thing happens!!!! Rattan gives one hard slap on Krishnan’s face who falls down like a sack of potatoes on all fours!! And then rattan tells him angrily!!” you bloody gay basterd!! Just shut up and sit on the chair and watch how your wife gets fucked by my cock ok? Don’t make a scene and spoil our mood….” Blood is coming from the corner of the lips of Krishnan and he quietly picks himself up and then suddenly one more slap lands on his back of the neck…..he is getting all this in front of his wife who is quietly watching him as he hangs his head and then rattan rasps again!!!” hey just see how your wife is behaving like a bitch….u will really love to see it ok??

And it will be great to fuck her in front of you as you will also love it!!!!!” Now he just goes back to Chitra and and pulls her nighty away and asks her”Do you need slaps or lets continue what we were doing??” She quietly holds his dick and inserts it into her mouth and starts to suck and while rattan lies on the bed and asks her to place her pussy on his mouth as they get involved in 69…..Krishnan meanwhile just stares at his slutty wife who is now daring to enjoy in front of him…..she is holding rattans pole and sucking it like a lollipop while her eyes meet krishnan’s eyes….and she moans like a bitch….as rattan digs his tongue into her torn pussy as she spreads her legs more and presses her pussy on his mouth…..

I was so engrossed into the affair on the bed that I didn’t realize when Krishnan removed his pants and underwear and took out his tiny mini pole and shaking it in his hands…..and moaning slightly…..After 15 minutes of sucking and licking rattan wants to go this time for her ass… he gets up and both see Krishnan with his dick in his hands….both smile as Krishnan as Krishnan speaks loudly “ you bitch…..u wanted his cock isn’t it?? now fuck with him like a whore and let me tell everyone what a whore you are…..u are the biggest motherfucking whore ….show me that u r the biggest whore u bitch!!!!” and they both smiled at each other and then rattan made her on the doggie style and placed his dick on her asshole and she said…NO!!! but before she could move he held her hips strongly his arms and his cock was already in half way…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! she cried out loudly and buried her face into the pillow………as he took it out a bit and went for the second push even more harder and he was in fully…..she was crying and howling and begging rattan to take his lund out… Krishnan said”hey…you better fuck her properly now!!!

I want to see blood in her ass…tear this bitches ass…..come on!!!!” as rattan now….started his massive hard strokes….she tried so hard to move to push him away but he didn’t let her move and he slided the cock fully into her asshole and moved it out till the tip….and again all the way…fully in one good bang……after a couple of minutes…she was getting better and better and then she came back to her bitchy nature….now she was lifting her ass for him…rubbing her clit….and saying….”Fuck me bastard!!!You like it right??? Seeing ur wife getting fucked isn’t it??” you bastard!!!! Rattan enjoyed all the verbal talks and he felt like he was the hero of the movie there and he fucked her with all the might….till another 15 minutes…after which …he cummed heavily in her ass…..both of them lay exhausted in cum and sweat….as Krishnan also had released his load…..

Rattan got up from bed and then said” ok now…I will come once in a week only. So I will see you next week” as he put on his clothes Krishnan said ”nothing in this world comes for free.” Rattan looks back at him and he says” Weekly once you come and fuck her but in front of me and no rent or Electricity bill for us if it is ok with you fine otherwise forget it.” rattan looks at Chitra and then back at Krishnan who is expecting a favourable answer and says” I have never felt the need to pay to fuck some one, so I think I prefer to be your landlord ONLY….better pay the rent properly otherwise for every day delay I will come and fuck her. If you pay properly then I won’t come you can trust me on that” Krishnan thought a good deal was on hands which he slipped out of his hands….

As now Chitra was sad that she wont get that fuck again…..i prepared myself for the next assault on her pussy. She didn’t know that a much better dick..and a better fuck awaited her tomorrow. That will be in the next part buddies. Any friends in Malaysia can also email me….and pls send me your ever encouraging comments….

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