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How Yoga Can Make Your Sex Better

Even if you’re not a long-time fan of yoga, you’ve probably heard about its benefits, starting with increasing energy and to improving sleep quality. What about its impact on sex? Yoga means the unity of mind, body, and breath.

Having sex, people use their bodies but often neglect using their consciousness and proper breathing. Adjustment of these two things will help you feel more as well as become closer to the girls on If you and your partner are looking for the ways on how to improve your sex life, it’s probably high time to master some simple asanas because there are a number of serious reasons for that.

1.Yoga helps concentrate.

Do you have sudden troubled thoughts about something when you have sex? This problem is quite common and can often be a source of anorgasmia. The good news is that yoga will help you focus on the sensations here and now, on your pleasure and communication with your partner. By shifting focus to the breath and body, you reduce anxiety in the body and relieve the physical tension. In addition, this practice teaches us to be more open, to go with the flow and let go of something that we cannot control.

2. Yoga improves flexibility and increases energy.

The more flexible you are, the more room for the experiments with poses you have. This is very important because new movements and stimulation of various areas of the body help achieve maximum pleasure. A lot of people in the world believe that their sex life is stagnant because they practice the same things. Yoga also helps your muscles and ligaments become more flexible, and the likelihood of harming yourself in a new position will decrease. It is also important to remember about another important problem that can spoil any sex, a lack of strength. According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, about one in four married people on the planet declares that they do not get enough sleep and are often too tired to have sex. Regular execution of asanas will help balance sleep and make it more effective, which means that you will be able to release energy for sex.

3. Yoga helps accept your body.

Regular exercises will help you get rid of woodiness, improve posture, strengthen and tone muscles, and you will feel better in time. In addition to physical flexibility, yoga also affects consciousness. Yoga helps us be less attached to the idea that our body should look like a certain image to feel sexually or attractively.  Simply put, the more you use the principle of self-acceptance, the more comfortable you will feel both on the rug for yoga and beyond it. The body’s confidence is very sexy.

4. Yoga helps improve the pelvis state.

Yoga should be the best friend for women. Practicing yoga, they can forget about a Kegel exercise because yoga much better strengthens the bottom of the pelvis and helps prolong your sex. It was found in one study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, that yoga regularly improves desire, excitement, orgasm and general satisfaction for people aged 22 to 55 years. Your woman can begin to master the asanas in which a pelvic tension is created, for example, a warrior pose or an inverted plank position. They improve blood circulation, and the more blood flows, the stronger woman’s orgasm can be. If your woman is no stranger to yoga, she should try working with the Mula Bandha, a root pose that affects the spine, the pelvic floor, and the perineum. At the physical level, this practice works the following way, the pelvic floor muscles contract, it increases blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings. In general, yoga is a simple and pleasant way to improve your sex life.

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