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Hot Sex with sister and maid

She used to do the kitchen work like cooking, clean the floor, clothes, and the utensils. My parents had their bed room downstairs and my sister also had her bedroom down. I had a room upstairs which I used as a computer room, study room, music room and put my cot there and slept there.

There was no internet connection to the computer, but I used to bring nice films in a key drive and watch it late in the night. My sister knew this secret. Sometimes without telling her I used to bring nice porno films and videos. On day I left my laptop without shutting it down with a porno photo displaying.

Meena came in the morning as usual and was cleaning the room and would have seen the fucking photo. I used to sleep nude since there was nobody to disturb me. Meenu just lifted the wrap and saw my erection. I was at the edge of the cot and without much difficulty she could put my cock in her mouth and suck it. She thought I would not raise any hue and cry over it.

I woke and saw what Meena was doing and I just allowed her to continue and muth fucked her and reached my climax and shot my fluids in her mouth. She just swallowed the whole thing. She then showed me the screen of the laptop and I realized I have made a mistake of leaving it without shutting down.

Thereafter whenever she comes to my room, she used to take my cock and suck it. I too enjoyed and allowed her to have it her way. I did not try to fuck her, because there was no time and my parents and my sister were there down. getting ready to go to office/college. One day my sister Radha came upstairs without making any sound and saw the scene of Meena sucking me and I sitting in the cot allowing her to do it.

Thereafter Radha used to come upstairs whenever Meena was there and used to witness our sex game. I used to press the boobs of Meena and sometime touch her pussy also but never beyond this. If I were to fuck her Meena would not have objected because like me she was also very much aroused. While her sucking is going on I used to press her boobs and touch her pussy.

She sucked and drank my entire fluids and then without uttering anything she would leave. One day Meena did not come. I did not know that she is not coming. I was sleeping as usual without shutting down the laptop with a fucking picture of a porno film in display. Without opening my eyes I was just mouth fucking and then searched for the boobs and started pressing.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and saw my sister was sucking my cock. She just put her finger to her mouth and signaled me to keep quiet and then went on sucking. She took my hands and placed it on her boobs and asked me to press. I was terribly embarrassed and sorry that I am doing this to my sister. But she came up on the bed with me and went on sucking my cock.

Her hand was manipulating my balls and she took my hands and placed them on her boob. Her eyes were on the laptop monitor and saw the picture. She took a gap and asked me to put on the porno film. I tried to tell her some excuse but she wont agree. She knew how to operate the laptop but she wanted me to do it.

I delayed doing it. In the meantime I shot my fluids into her mouth and she too swallowed the whole thing and wiped her lips and went to the bathroom to wash her mouth. She then told me that she was watching my sex drama with Meena. I apologized to her and we both came down.

Had breakfast with out parents and as soon as they left for their office we went up again and Radha asked me to put the porno video in the computer. I took the key drive and put it in my laptop. My sister had not seen a porno video before and as soon as the video was started, she became very much aroused. My sister Radha was a virgin and I too was a virgin.

I only had the experience of having my cock being sucked by our servant Meena otherwise I have not any sex experience. She asked me to undress and took a close look at my cock which was fully erect. I too asked her to undress and though she was shy at first, she removed all her clothes and she was totally nude. But she had lot of hair in her pussy.

The pussy of the girls shown in the video were all clean shaven and were very nice to look at. She asked me to bring my razor and shave her pussy. I went to the bathroom, brought the shaving cream and lathered her pussy and shaved her pussy. When all the hair was removed her pussy was also as nice as that of the girl in the video. We saw a boy licking the pussy.

I just asked my sister to open her legs wide so that I too can lick her pussy. She cooperated. I replayed that portion from the key drive and learnt to suck the pussy. She began to moan and then pressed my head down and her thighs gripped my head and I could sense from the pulsations in her cunt that she was having an orgasm.



She then asked me to turn so that she can suck my cock. I asked her to take the whole cock in her mouth as the girl does in the video. It needed some time and practice. The tip of my cock was touching her throat. I mouth fucked her and shot my fluids into her throat. It was real fun for both of us. Meena did not come for work that day. We had the whole day free for us.

Food was prepared by our mother and hence there was no problem. We went the room of my sister and went on with this sucking game. We were scared of fucking since it involves pregnancy and we do not know how to avoid it. We went on with the sucking and licking game. In this you can continue and continue without end.

Radha asked me to sleep in her room with her in her cot so that we may do all these games endlessly. I agreed. Next day Meena came and as usual she went to my room for cleaning. Finding the cot empty she was disappointed and then came down to my sister’s room. She saw both of us sleeping in the cot. My sister was totally covered and I was half covered.

Meena was tempted to pull out my cock and put it in her mouth. I pretended to sleep and gave her my full cock and she started to suck eagerly. My sister Radha got up opened her eyes and saw what Meena was doing. She kept quiet and watched till I finish. When Meena raised her head, Radha asked her not to make noise and just keep quiet.

She asked Meena to lie down in the bed so that I could fuck her. Meena said no, she was afraid as she would get pregnant. She said she would buy the rubber and the pill and bring it the next day. She explained about the use of the rubber(condom) and the pill. It was agreed that she will buy them and my sister gave her the money to buy.

Next day when Meena came she brought the condom packet and the pills. But she was wondering how can a sister and brother fuck. Radha told her not to worry about it, but just show how to fuck. Meena asked Radha to undress and to lie down. She put on the condom on my cock. and then taught us step by step how to do it.

Starting with the foreplay like sucking the boobs, sucking the clit, she positioned my cock in the cunt of Radha and asked me to push it in. But Radha’s hole was small and it pained her. Meena took the position and she lied in the bed naked and opened her legs and asked me to get on her. She took my cock and inserted into her cunt.

Seeing our play she was very much aroused and her cunt was flooded with stick fluid. But for me it was tight and it went in giving her and me immense pleasure. Radha was watching and her hand was on her clitoris. Meena asked me to lie down and she rode over me like a cowgirl. My cock was fully inside her and she made her movements in such a way that we both enjoyed.

Finally we fucked like dogs do. She was kneeling and I fucked her from behind. Meena said she never enjoyed so much as she had on that day. She was fucked mainly by her uncle etc. but they did it very fast for fear of being seen by others. Here we did it leisurely and we enjoyed. All three of us were naked. Radha wanted to have her share of the fun.

Meena made her lie down and she inserted her finger into the cunt of Radha and rotated it to make the hole wider. Radha made me to get on top of her and insert my cock into her cunt. It went in but with difficulty. But we both enjoyed. Meena asked me to suck the boobs of Radha and she also rubbed the clitoris of Radha during the fucking to intensify the pleasure.

We repeated all the poses. Radha rode on me and Meena helped her to get my cock into her. She was jumping up and down and her boobs were jumping. We had our combined orgasm in our final pose as doggy. Radha was so happy that she kissed Meena and me. Since our parents are away at their office, we moved inside the house naked.

Meena cooked the food and we fucked intermittently. By evening we finished our games. But this did not last long. Meena suddenly got married and she had to go away with her husband. She was our buying agent of condoms and pills.

In a few months my sister also got proposals for marriage. Our parents like a boy whom Radha also liked. They got married and went abroad. Now I am alone, waiting for someone to come and lift my wrap and search for my small cock.

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