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Hot Lesbian Sex between Rupali and Suva

Rupali and Suva were living in as neighbours with their familys in Jaipur. Suva was good at heart and very friendly so Rupali liked her. Suva used to tie rakhi to Rupali husband and Rupali used to tie rakhi Suvas husband Although Suva was in early thirties and Rupali was also of same age as Rupali, Suva used to call her bhabhi.

Suva had 3 children and Rupali also had three children and all of them were in same school nearby. Both familys were a middle class. Rupali was fair and well built and had fairly large round breasts where as Suvas was also fair and healthy but her breasts were smaller and perky type.
Both were good friends and used to visit each others house every day and exchanged food items and other things daily . Suva always noticed Rupali ample breasts and used to feel jealousy of her breasts and her large cleavage which was visible always to Suva.
She used to tease Rupali jokingly frequently about her breasts in bhabhi nanad manner and she used to try to touch them sometimes because she was also attracted to them. One day they were to visit someone in another distant area of their city. So Suva got ready and went to Rupali house and found she is not still ready.

As they were to return back the same afternoon before their children came from the schools. Suva urged Rupali to speed up. Rupali was changing and Suva just went in the room to help her. Rupali was trying to find some clothes with her pallu dropped. Blouse was partly open revealing breasts and cleavage was very long & deep and Suva could not take her eyes off and felt some pleasant shock.
In a hurry Rupali unhooked her blouse and revealed her big breasts with large light reddish brown rings around nipples and she did not notice Suva was watching her breasts. Rupali nipples were wide, erect and very inviting. Suva felt a strong urge to suck those breasts. Suva never felt like it earlier except when she was as a child used to sometimes suck her mother breasts till she was teen.
Rupali suddenly saw Suva was staring at her, she shyly tried to cover…Suva did not want to miss it. She said: Rupa, you have very good breasts and your husband is very lucky. and moved to back of Rupali and cupped her big breasts from back. Rupali laughed and resisted but Suva was adamant and did not remove her hands.
Rupali said Suva what are you doing and should not do it like a man and also we are getting late. Suva was in a trance and whispered in her ears I call you Bhabhi and Bhabhi is like a mother, there is nothing wrong in asking for mothers milk so please let me suck your breasts. Rupali was speechless for some seconds when she heard this.
Suva taking it as chance and took Rupali bigger left breast and put it into her mouth as much as she can started sucking it and was happy to receive some drops of sweet milk and her other hand cupped Rupalis right breast. Rupali told her that her UKG daughter chhoti still drinks her milk in nights. The milk tasted sweet and Suva was very happy as her secret desire for breast milk was filled.

Rupali was still surprised but she also felt nice and after a minute or so Suva guided her to the bed and she slowly made Rupali sit on the edge of the bed without removing the breast from her mouth as she did not want to change Rupalis mood and she kneeled on the floor so that she could reach breasts easily continued sucking Rupalis breast for sometime.
She changed one breast to another as the breasts were getting empty very quickly after two three drops of milk. Rupali helped her get some milk while sucking the breasts for four to five times by pressing the breasts. Suva tried to touch Rupalis other part but Rupali strongly stopped Suva.
But Rupali automatically put her hands in Suvas blouse removed buttons and took out Suvas breasts from her bra and started fondling them she noticed Suva breasts were smaller than hers. She gently squeezed Suvas long nipples to find any milk but there was nothing. Suva kept sucking Rupalis breasts and finally Suva was satisfied after Fifteen twenty minutes.

After that Suva stopped, stood up and ran away to the corner of the room as she felt ashamed strongly and turned her face away as she was not feeling alright to face her friend. Suva hooked her blouse and she ran to her house. They did not go to any place. Suva and Rupali children came back from schools.
Suva sent her children to play and sat alone and was thinking of the incident and feeling guilty and shame. The door bell rang and she opened the door and got surprised to see Rupali who was smiling. Ruapli turned around and shit the door and came to her and embraced her with affection and comforted her and asked Suva, why you ran away?
Suva started to cry and said Bhabhi I was feeling ashamed for what I have done. Rupali said Suva You should not feel shy and guilty and Rupali took her to Suvas bed and lied down and unhooked some buttons of her blouse. Suva lied near her and lifted Rupalis blose to get her breast and greedily started sucking it and put her other hand inside Rupalis blouse to play with other breast.
Rupali also played with Suvas breasts. After they were done Rupali said you are my best friend and nanad and I also enjoy while you drank my milk. You are free to suck my breasts and drink my milk whenever you want to as I am your bhabhi and you are my nanad . Suva told her that she used to suck her mothers empty breasts sometimes.

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