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Hot Anal Sex with Kaamwali

My wife is employed in a bank and I am a sales representative.First my wife will leave home with children .I take my own time to go to work as I do not have any specified working hours.

We are having a middle aged servant maid and her name is Vijaya lakshmi.Her age is 45.She has beautiful buttocks.She is slightly fat,but her ass was delightful.Particularly when she walks the projected backsides would move up and down and makes any man passing by starring at them with a lust.I cannot be an exception.Every day I look at them with passion and that was another reason for my burning desire for an ass fuck.

Vijaya Lakshmi is a mother of 3 children, 2 daughters and a son.Her husband is a drunkard and a gambler and so he was useless to the family.It was Vijaya’s earnings that was taking care of the family.She wanted to give atleast her son a good education.She was always in a financial problem and had taken loan from many persons including my family.My wife adjusted every month a part of the loan from her salary.

Two days back when my wife paid the salary Vijaya made a request.She asked my wife to postpone the monthly recovery by a month as she had to pay her sons school fees.My wife bluntly refused.She was disappointed and stood helpless.After sometime my wife and children left.As Vijaya had still some more work she stayed doing the grooming.It is at that time I took a decision.There is no point in being faithful to my wife hereafter as she does’nt even care to satisfy my desire for 18 years.If I continue like this I may not get that at all.A strange idea struck me.Let me make hay while sun shines.How about trying this woman who needs money badly? For a moment I was nervous ,but I remembered the phrase “fortune favours the brave” and decided to go on.

I called Vijaya talked to her and threw my proposal that I would take care a portion of her needs if she takes care of me secretly.It will be atleast One thousand rupees a month.She was surprised and the instant reply was negative and warned me not to talk to her like that in future.She left the house after some time even without telling me which she usually does.I got scared that evening Vijaya is going to inform my wife what happened.

To my surprise within 5 minutes Vijaya came back.She told me that she has changed her mind and is agreeable for my proposal,and wanted to know whether I can do some help that day itself.Instantly I told her my exact need.It is for her asses I am after her and I am ready at that moment itself if she is ready.She said ok ,but requested me to apply oil or cream in my cock.I agreed.

I took Vijaya to the bed room.She removed her saree and buttons of the blouse and hooks of bra.So her breasts are going to be bonus for me.Then she sat near the cot facing the cot on a squatting position .Then vijaya bent forward and pressed her front in the cot.She lifted her petticoat on the backside and adjusted her legs and was in a doggy position.I saw her two wonderful big wonderful milky pots .Absolutely a wonderful sight.She spreaded her legs and told me “ Sir ,please get on with the job.I have to work in two more houses and then go to school.If you want to enjoy watching my buttocks I promise whenever opportunity comes I will give 15 minutes exclusively for that”.



I removed my dress and applied lot of oil to my cock.Vijaya took some oil and applied inside her ass.Then I sat behind her on kneeling position and adjusted the height.Then I kept my cock at the entrance of her asshole and slowly started pushing.Little by liitle was going inside.I found Vijaya moaning in pain.Then She asked me to pullout and applied some more oil on my cock.Then I made the next attempt.This time I found My cock sliding in her ass much easily.Vijaya too experiencing lesser pain.Slowly my entire 7” cock went inside.

Then I began fucking the lovely ass of the maid.Initially I found from Vijayas face the feeling of some pain.I continued push and pull of my cock in her ass.Gradually I found Vijayas face expression changing and it appeared that she is getting some pleasure.To confirm I asked her whether it is paining.She smiled and replied that the pain is gone and she is enjoying in pleasure and asked me to increase the speed.She took my hands.Placed one hand in her breasts and the other in her cunt and wanted me to play with them.

What a first experience? What a way to get 20 year old lust fulfilled?.My excitements increased with pleasure .Fucking deeply a wonderful ass,with one hand playing in her cunt and the other hand fondling the breasts.Now Vijaya started moaning in pleasure and responding begun by moving her ass front and back according my speed and rythum .I could hear the ‘ chap,chap’ sounds when my thighs dashing in her fleshy buttocks.Our speeds increased to great level with moanings and suddenly I understood that I am going to explode.Vijaya too must have realised and so she too was ready.Then I knew the moment.I withdrew my hands from her breast and cunt and placed them just above her thighs.I pushed my entire cock deeply into maids ass simultaneously pushing her ass towards me with my hands remained like that.Vijaya too pushed back her ass and pressed it tightly in my thighs.

My cock shot out loads.I felt shooting semen again and again in her ass.Then I felt large quantity of semen oozing out.Nearly for 15 seconds I was discharging semen in the maids ass.Then I collapsed on her body.We remained like that for some time.Then we got up and cleaned.I was in an extremely happy mood.I gave Vijaya 300 rupees more than I promised as I felt that she really deserved that.She thanked for my generousity and assured me that she would take care of me like a friend and not just for money.She is keeping up her promise and me too.Twice in a month she lets me fuck in the ass and I take care of her sons educational expenses.Infact it is not a fixed amount agreed sometimes more ,sometimes less like that.
In addition whenever my wife is not at home the maid Vijaya does the house work by lifting her saree and peticoat upto her hips on backside.It is just to let me enjoy the sight of her wonderful ass.

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