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First Day Of Being A Small Time Actress

Hi Friends, I wanted to tell you some incidents that happen regularly in my life. You see, I am a small time actress. I come in small roles in TV shows or movies once in a while. I am sure if you see me, you will recognize me from those programs. It is a very rewarding career – especially for a girl. And if the girl is a little open minded about things that happen, there is no scarceness for opportunities to make lots of money. The roles may be small, but the money usually is good and they get her a reputation that makes sure she keeps getting the roles (and again, money). Of course, you must have understood what I meant by that.

Working in the industry is always great and the only thing one needs are the contacts. The producers, directors, the actors, even the middle men can get roles to up coming small artists. All we need to do is be at the right time at right place, wearing a right outfit. Once you catch the eye of someone, all you need to do is to make them – and those they introduce you to – happy and you are set. When I came to the city first, I was very young I did not know much about the industry, or life in general. But I did know that it took some sacrifices to become an actress. I also knew exactly what I have to sacrifice, and I was completely prepared for that. I promised myself that I will sleep with any number of people and get fucked by any man, anywhere, any time to get what I wanted.

No exceptions! Thankfully, I did not have to sleep with the whole city before getting the roles, because a man with lot of power and contacts took me under his wing. That was Prakash sir, whom everyone called guruji. Of course, he was just like any other man and his first interest was in my body more than my talent. So, when he discreetly asked me if I am “open minded” and “willing to do more” to get roles, I straight up told him I am willing to go along with him anywhere and sleep with him and let him do anything he wants. Hearing me say that straight up bravely got me so much into his good books that he seemed as enthusiastic to take me to a hotel room as I was to get into the business. I did not understand it because I was told that there were hundreds of girls like me trying to do the same thing with a man of power like guruji. That was till we reached his guest house.

You see, it was quite clear that he watched a lot of english porno movies, because he had many many dirty fantasies and fetishes he wanted to do with young girls like me. However, he told me not many girls were willing to play. I understood how to keep myself in guruji’s good books forever! Unlike every other girl he had, I let him do what he wanted freely and without much hindrances. And I made it a point to ask him every time what he wanted me to do to satisfy him more. If you are like any other man I know, I am sure you watch a lot of english porno movies and have seen many dirty things done with girls. I did them all, no questions asked!

After he had a fill of my body, the one of the first things he taught me was to be ready to do the same with any man. He said he will introduce me to his friends, some with special needs that may seem inappropriate to women, but I should be ready to satisfy them also. I told him, as long as I am not hurt, I am willing for anything – surprisingly, that got a big smile on his face. I immediately understood that he was planning to not just introduce me to people to push my career, but also to use me for his personal needs and business. He was planning to make me his personal whore! Well, I didn’t mind it at all and when I told him such, he outright laughed and told me that I am one of a kind. It got me blushing. He reached into the middle of my legs and pushed his hand up my inner thighs, causing electric shocks to go up my body. But I still opened my legs wider for his hand. He pushed a finger into my wet pussy and told me, “This is the entrance to heaven. If you open the doors to important men and let them play inside, you can have anything you want”.

I moaned when I felt his finger touch sensitive spots inside my pussy. I blurted out, “That’s why I opened it for you, guruji”. He must have liked my answer a lot, because he rewarded me by fucking me for the second time that night. Next week on wards, I was very busy meeting new people, and within a month, I was working in ads. True to my thought, guruji taught me many things about the industry and soon I became very close to him. He was always good to me too and we almost had a relationship that can name me as his mistress. It was perfect Of all the things he taught me, there was one lesson that I understood completely and took to heart. He said I should think about where and with who I am going before I go. But once I go along and meet someone, I should as good as give over my body to them. From that point, till the time to leave, they own my body and I should do whatever they ask, however they ask for it.

That I should just let them do whatever they want to satisfy themselves with my body. And as weird as it might seem, I have enjoyed being with people more after I began following the golden rule. But hey, as long as I got what I wanted, I didn’t mind doing whatever, and being any body’s mistress. So, being with a sensitive man like guruji was the best thing that could happen. That day, I had just come back from a shooting trip to Goa and was relaxing in my house. I planned to go to a beauty parlor in the afternoon and disco party in the evening. When I was in the saloon getting the waxing job done, Guruji called me. “Hello guruji”, I greeted happily.

“Kaisi hai re, meri randi” Guruji asked. “I am good guruji, I just came back from shooting” I replied, “how are you, guruji? did you miss me?” I asked playfully. we chatted for a few minutes and after which guruji asked me, “One of my friend’s son wanted to go on a trip to a hill station guest house for a few days” he said. I understood what he was asking immediately. “Oh guruji, You know I don’t mind going with people, but long trips are bad” I complained, “bad food and bad place to sleep, bumpy roads”

“Ah, let me finish, chooti,” he scolded making me giggle, he continued, “This is Anil sahab’s son and couple of his friends going in style and they plan to stop at a few guest houses that are more like resorts” That caught my attention. Anil sahab is one of the biggest producers and he is known to be very very rich and pampers his children with whatever they ask. This could be fun trip “How long will it be?” I asked him. “About two weeks, and they start tomorrow evening” I told him I will be ready, he asked me, “What will you be doing today then?” I knew what he was asking, so I answered, “Getting fucked by you, of course, guruji” He laughed loudly and said, “You are one among million, Sweta. That’s why I like you so much”. The praise actually got me to blush.

The next day I went to the beauty parlor for a special makeup and by 5:00 PM, I was at the airport. I wore a sleeveless chudidaar that showed my body’s curves well. I wasn’t sure how they wanted me dressed, so I decided to be conservative sexy girl. I had no problem finding the group of young men I was supposed to go with. There were four guys in the richest clothes and the loudest mouths. I walked up to them and said, “Hi. Are you Anil sahab’s party?” One guy turned to me and looked me up and down with the eye of a tapori. It was meant to be cool gaze, but came across rather stupid. I had to struggle not to laugh in his face. He turned to another and said, “Look Vijay, our pleasure pack cum entertainment pack is here. And I want the first dibs.”. I almost rolled my eyes, but just gave the other guy named Vijay a smile.

It was the first time I saw Anil sahab’s son – and it took my breath away. He had a very handsome chiseled face and great smile. He was about 6 foot and was obvious that he maintained his body well. One look at his face and I knew he had similar thoughts about what the first young man said. “Don’t mind Ravi, he is a bit uncivilized” he said while extending a hand to shake. ” I am Vijay” he pointed at the first tapori “He is Ravi” who looked pretty average, “This is Chetan, or Chad as he calls himself”, pointing at a bit stocky man with round head and jovial face. “And this hunk is Sandeep or Sandy” he pointed at the last person who really did look like a hulk, with bulging muscles and tall frame. “Hey” he said in a very deep baritone that sent chills up me and all I could do was smile in return.

“Hi, I am Sweta” I greeted them all with a smile. Sandy just nodded and Ravi whistled eyeing my body again, confirming in my mind again that men are pigs – correction, not all, just a few like Ravi. Chetan gave me an easy smile and extended a hand, “Nice to meet you too, Sweta. I recognize you from the TV. I didn’t believe Vijay when he said you will be coming along with us on the trip as companion”. I smiled and took his hand, “Not a shake hand, sweetie,”, he said and before I could let his hand go, he suddenly pulled me towards him. With a yelp, I fell into his arms and by reflex held him tightly, “Aww, you could have just said you like me so much, you didn’t have to jump on me in public and hug me so tight” he said causing all four to laugh and me to blush red. Chetan left me slowly, not before kissing me (and licking me) on the cheek. “Sweet”, he commented causing Ravi to hi-five him. They seemed like a good bunch and I hoped I could have good time too. Laughing, Ravi led us to one side of the airport.

“Our private jet is this way, sweetie”, Chetan said leading me to the side. Sandy snorted at it, but I didn’t bother asking. “Not a private jet, Sweta” Vijay explained, “Just a regular one with fewer passengers my dad set up for us” He took us through a private security check point where there was a police constable sitting and checking papers. He let us all go without asking anything, but Ravi, being an ass, he said, “Oh Constable, won’t you check her?”

The poor constable looked from me to Ravi a couple of times and stammered indecisively. He was a middle aged man with dark skin and a bit tummy showing – overall an average guy. He obviously recognized me, and he also recognized the men too, and wasn’t sure who he will offend if he did or did not do what he was asked. I decided to solve the problem. I remembered guruji’s most important lesson that once I met the men, they own me, and I have to do whatever they wanted. So, I stood on the little stool, pulled off the chunni and stood with hands stretched. I gave him a smile and said, “Its ok. Do whatever you have to”.

Thinking back on those words, I am surprised he did not put me on the ground and raped me, but I did not think much at that time. He started with my hands, touched me till my shoulders and put his hands down. “Be sure to check her boobs” Chetan said from the side. The constable moved his hands on my boobs and squeezed them a bit. He squeezed them from every angle for almost a minute, making it clear that this was not a standard procedure. I couldn’t help let out moans when sensitive spots were touched.

I looked over at the gang and saw that all four of them were staring with hungry expressions. Vijay and Sandy, the most level headed of the gang were looking over with arousal. While Chetan and Ravi the raunchy guys were having a ball. They were whistling and catcalling as the man touched me all over. “Touch her tummy, touch her armpits,rub her nipples, put hand up her dress between legs” They were giving instructions and the constable gleefully did them all. And I was red like a tomato and wet like a hose, but let him do it all. It was only the call from the airplane that stopped this and we went through. I am sure the constable must have went to the toilet for half hour after we left – since I gave him a parting kiss on his cheek too.

In the flight, I happened to sit beside Sandy and Vijay thankfully. We began to chit-chat for a bit. I couldn’t help but ask them, “You all seem to be very good friends. Do you know each other for long?” Sandy laughed and said, “Practically brothers”. Vijay elaborated, “We all been friends since we were very young. We all went to same school, college and now working on same projects too.”. Sandy added, “Those two act brashly, but they are good guys. You don’t have to worry about them causing problems”. I couldn’t help smile widely at Sandy. He is a big guy, but the most perceptive, sensitive and caring man of the group. Somehow, with him and Vijay along, I thought this trip will be a lot more fun than I thought five minutes earlier.

I must have slept after a while, because the next thing I remembered was feeling something on my chest. It was Ravi waking me up – with his hand down my top – holding my left boob – with his finger tickling at my nipple – calling me to wake up. I jumped up with a scream. The boys laughed and started walking out, as though nothing happened. I gave another sour eye to Ravi and took my bag and walked behind them.There was a car waiting for us and Vijay took the driver seat, with the big guy Sandy beside him. It left me to get in the back seat with Chetan and Ravi. As you might have guessed, I got to sit in between them. The very first thing Ravi did as soon as we started driving was to turn my face and kiss me on my lips.

“Hey, Slow down Ravi, let us join you too” Vijay scolded jovially. “Well, it is your problem for being in the front” Chetan answered as he pulled my face right from Ravi’s lips and french kissed me. I thought I would just be kissed, untill I felt hands on my body. Needless to say, the entire hour long drive was filled with a lot of groping on my body and kissing and comments about me, my body and what they plan to do with me while I was with them.

As time passed, I was very aroused by it all and couldn’t help letting out moans. Ravi laughed at it and said, “You enjoy this as much as we do, don’t you?” as he squeezed my boob over my top. I felt shivering with pleasure at it, and breath out a garbled “yess”. Chetan chuckled and said, “Well lets see how much you enjoy:”, as he reached in between my legs. My mind told me to stop him, and push his hand away. But my body betrayed me by opening my legs a bit wider and putting my hands behind my back. When his hand touched my pussy, even over layers of clothes, I couldn’t stop a loud long moan pushing itself out of my throat. “UUUUGHhhhhhhh”. I wanted him to do more.

But sadly, we reached the guest house by that time. I was so busy while driving that I did not notice the guest house was way out of the city. It was surrounded by some kind of lush green fields all around, and there was no other buildings or houses to be seen. It was right in the middle of no where, and I was stuck with four horny men for the next week or two. It was a duplex house and the inside was very richly decorated. There were steps going up and there were three bedrooms on the first floor. Vijay said one bedroom was mine and they will share the other two. I thought it was very sweet of him, until he said there was no bolt or lock on the door for that bedroom. They made sure that I had absolutely no privacy in the house. I can’t say that I expected to have any, though.
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Ravi, Chetan and Sandy decided to make a trip into the city immediately – to buy a lot of food, snacks and most importantly drinks for themselves, while Vijay decided to take care of the luggage and showing me the house. I reached my room and began unpacking things, when I heard the door open. I turned to see Vijay standing at the door and looking at me from top to bottom. “You are a very sexy girl, Sweta” he said with his gaze down my cleavage. It may seem weird, but I love it when someone sees me from top to bottom that way, like they are licking me with their eyes. That is one of the main reasons for going into the film industry. “Thanks”, I said smiling, but I could feel shivers down my body.”You like it, don’t you?”, “What?”, I asked.

“Being looked at like this” he said walking up to me “Holding you like this” he said as he pulled me to his body and hugged tightly, “touching you, like this” he said as he pulled his hand up and opened fingers and put it straight on my left boob. “and this” he said as he squeezed my boob.
I wanted to play with him by being aloof and that I don’t like what he is doing. But my body deceived me again when I felt shivers all over and a long low moan escaped from my mouth, “ummm”

Vijay laughed and attacked me with all enthusiasm. He almost ripped my dress off me and in just a couple of mins, I was laying on the bed in just a bra and panty. He stood beside the bed and looked down at me. Don’t ask me what came over me, but I wanted him to totally use me. So I pulled one hand up and put it over my head, the other hand I brought it up to my lips and made a kissy lips on it, and I pulled one leg up and opened it, showing him my thin panty covered pussy. All of my body was available for him to see and I was really inviting him into it.

He pulled his clothes off and jumped on me naked in such a speed that I began laughing at him. It was like a kid got a sweet in his hand. When I told him that, he said, “I don’t have a sweet in my hand” and put his hand right over my panty covered pussy and added, “now I have it”. Instinctively I tried to close my legs, but he kept them apart and rubbed on it in such a way that it was both pleasureful and ticklish at the same time. I ended up giggling like a small girl.

His other hand snaked around my back and found the bra hooks. He pulled at them and my boobs flew out at him. I had moderately big boobs and since I was fair, they looked very milky. Vijay attacked them and played with them. He rubbed them, pinched the nipples, massaged the whole boobs, licked at them and sucked my nipples. My favorite always was when men sucked on my nipples. I love it. So when his lips found my nipples, my hands flew around his neck and held him tightly over my boob, moaning in pleasure. I really do love it.

I reached down his body with my hand till I found what I was searching for. His cock. I held it in a hand and I could feel it hard and pulsing at the same time. “is it standing up all ready just for mee?” I asked huskily. “Your pussy”, he said as his fingers pulled my panties to the side and found my lips. “You are so wet already, Sweta” he complimented me. I didn’t even notice that till then, but I did feel electrifying sensation in my pussy. without even thinking about it, I answered, “waiting for this” I said as I began stroking his hard cock I had been holding tightly.

Within a minute, Vijay was over me and fucking my pussy nicely. His hard cock slid very easily into my already wet pussy and I felt it fill up completely. I moaned loudly every time he pushed himself into me. I guess he liked it, since he picked up speed and began fucking me faster and faster. I felt his strokes become irregular and every time he paused I felt his cock pulsing in my pussy. I knew he was ready to cum, but didn’t want to tell him where he can or cannot cum. So, I let him do what he wanted. He picked up speed suddenly, and gave a loud yelp and pulled his cock out and cummed all over my tummy and pussy. I was somewhat sad that he did not cum in me, but did not say anything. I was too high to even think properly.

He laid on my side for a min panting and trying to catch his breath. I heard the outer gate of the guesthouse opening and knew that the other three were already back. I was about to ask Vijay what they were planning to do in the evening, when he just got up and walked out of the room with his clothes. I did not understand his sudden departure, but I just laid naked on the bed for a while before getting up and go to the bathroom for a bath.

When I came back, there was a package on the bed with a note that simply said, “wear this”. When I opened it, I thought that they forgot to put all of the dress. But then I realized why I came here and couldn’t help laugh at my first thought. I mean, it was a full dress, a sexy dress. It was an indian style ghagra choli. The choli was almost like a bra, covered my boobs and there were small spagetti straps that went over my shoulders and around back. The lehenga is a see through skirt with very nice embroided border in the bottom and a small lining inside that just covered the height of my panties. My legs were totally visible from the top of my inner thighs till my ankles, where the embroided border of the lehenga looked like anklets. When I wore it and stood in front of the mirror with chunni, I had to accept that I really looked breath takingly sexy.

It is obvious that its a very expensive designer wear dress they got for me specially. And I was happy that it fit me so nicely and I look so beautiful in it.For the first time in this trip, I was looking forward to going out and showing it all to them. I knew that they got me along to play with me and use me to satisfy themselves, but for the first time, I wanted to willingly give my body to them so that they can use me to please themselves of every nasty dirty carnel need they have. Does that make me a whore? or does that make me a man pleaser? I don’t know and I don’t care!

I looked at myself another time, adjusted my boobs and walked out of the room. Its showtime now. The boys were setting up a round table to play cards. It was Chetan who saw me first. “Look at that. She looks like an angel”, he said, “We really got lucky this time, eh”. I blushed and looked down but pleased at the complement and the way they were all eyeing my body. I made a few poses as all of them made some compliments at me, showing them what they are about to get. I was a bit put out that they were planning to play while I looked so gorgeous and asked them.

“Well, It is for you, sweet heart” Ravi answered. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well,” he walked up to me and pulled me into his arms and kissed me on my lips, “We are four people” he said as he rotated me around. “But you only have one pussy” he said as he put his hand right on my crotch, causing me to yelp. “So, only one of our cocks can get in you first”. “So, we decided to play cards to decide who will get you first”. I looked at Vijay in surprise, because he was the first to get my pussy and he already did everything too. Looks like he did not tell the others though. He looked back at me with a smirk and gave me a short wink, and looked around to others like nothing happened. I understood. I will keep his pleasurable secret with myself.

“What will I do while you guys played?” I asked. “Serve us and Entertain us ” Chetan replied smiling. “Thats boring” I complained. “Not when you consider what we bet with while we play cards”. I had an idea where this is going, but I still asked, “What is it”. Ravi replied concisely, “You and Your body”. I blushed. With Excitement. I can’t wait for the games to begin.

They were all in shorts and t-shirts and they sat around the table. I got them the first round of drinks and they began playing. When they started betting, I understood what they meant earlier. One bet that I will remove my top, one that I will remove skirt, one for my panties and one for a french kiss. Sandy who bet my panties won and they need to go off to him. By this time, I understood that this was not an ordinary party and decided to have as much fun as the men wanted to with me. So, I walked up to him and stood beside him. “Take them off for yourself” I told him. “Lift up your lehenga” he said. I did and pulled it all the way to my waist.

As the others made cat calls, he pulled them down and as I tried to step out of them, when I lifted one leg, his face was at my pussy level and he gave a quick kiss on my pussy lips. It was so unexpected that I yelped and stepped back, causing them to laugh. Within a few rounds, I lost all my clothes except my see through lehenga and when I thought they didn’t have anything else to bet, thats when the real fun games began. I was made to offer Chetan my nipples to suck, pinch. I was made to sit in Sandy’s lap feed him beer with my nipple in his mouth, pouring beer over my boob into his mouth. Ravi made me take beer into my pussy and push it right out into his mouth.

It was very obvious that these four friends were very close to each other and did not mind being naked or doing things in front of others. I learnt that when Ravi won his bet to make me lick Vijay’s balls. He simply stood up, pulled down his shorts and pulled his leg over the table with his balls hanging down. The others then urged me to lick him under the balls sack, over his cock, take his balls in mouth, and everything. The funny thing was, they all acted really comfortably around each other even when they were naked. As if they were very used to doing this many times.

As weird or funny as the things they made me do, we all did enjoy it as well and soon I realized that we all seemed very close to each other and were having fun together. Shortly, I found myself joining the men in betting on hornier, crazier, sexier things to do with me. When one of the bet was to suck the winner till he cummed while the second winner fingers my pussy, I thought they decided to let go of the rule about only the winner fucking me. But when I asked them, Sandy replied, “We said, one of us gets to fuck your pussy. Doesn’t mean that the others don’t get to use the rest of your body to satisfy their cocks”. Somehow, that thought caused a shiver of electricity go up my spine. This was one time that none of them tried to win and were trying to make the others lose –

because none of them wanted to finish cumming right now and miss out on my pussy. They played for a while and Vijay turned to be the winner. I did not think he particularly minded since he already got my pussy and is the overall winner of the game anyway. I smiled at the thought and laid on top of the table, pulling my legs apart. While I had been a whore for a long time already, I never would have thought I would be so comfortable opening my legs wide for four men I hardly knew for a day. My face was at the edge of the table and Vijay stood beside me with his almost hard cock at my lips.

I closed my eyes and took the cock in mouth and began sucking, feeling him move in and out of my mouth. I felt someone touching my pussy and I jumped. I forgot that the second winner got to finger me. They were joking and commenting about me, but I did not care or mind it at all. I was enjoying the cock in my mouth for second time that day and the fingers in my pussy kept me so pleasured that I was involuntarily moaning. I felt Vijay’s hand push down my top and hold my boob and massaging on it. In a short time, I felt his hand getting more and more rough on my boobs till he held one of it so hard that I thought milk seeped out of them.

I knew it was not my milk that was about to come, but Vijay’s. I felt it shoot into my mouth and fill it. I didn’t know a man who cummed only a few hours ago can cum so much again. I wanted to ask that, but kept quiet because the first fuck was a secret. I sat up and looked down at the table. I was shocked at seeing how much water was under me. Chetan was standing beside me with his hand all wet and a big smile. “Wow, what a cum fountain you are”. I did not even realize that I cummed so much, but I felt really good, so told him, “Well, someone had fingers of pleasure. How can I not cum”.

The games continued till Chetan got to fuck me between my boobs and cum on my face. And Ravi got “masturbate watching my pussy”. He was forced to put his cock inches away from my pussy and jerk himself off, while I was rubbing myself. I felt bad for him, but at the same time happy too, because of all the uncultured things he did with me since morning. But I don’t think he hated doing it, since he cummed like a horse on my tummy.

That left the winner of the day as Sandy. I was glad that the gentle giant got to win, and we all went into the side room they called the love den. It was just a regular bedroom, but with a round bed. I somehow expected there will be mirror on the roof or walls, but there were none. Just a regular bedroom with a round bed. As soon as I saw it, I knew what to do, and I pulled off my lehenga and jumped on the bed naked. I laid on it with arms stretched out and legs wide apart.. “Come and get your prize, you big winner” I invited Sandy. Sandy undressed himself and got on to the bed. The other three got a glass each of some drink and stood around the bed. That, really was the most bizarre experience of sex I ever had till then. As they laughed and commented about us, Sandy touched me everywhere, kissed me on the neck, nipples and tummy.

I eagerly opened my legs for him, and he rewarded me with a finger inside me. I went into the cum fountain mode again, and thought I will get dehydrated with all the cumming I was doing. But Ravi suggested that Sandy plug the leak quickly, and Sandy got on top of me. His plug felt really great. After the whole evening of teasing, I was yearning for the cock in me and the cock of the giant Sandy was simply superb. I felt my body light and tummy full. I moaned loudly as his cock went in and out “trying to find the leak”. I felt hands on my face and body and knew someone else other than sandy was touching me, but I did not care. Sandy’s cock kept me from thinking about anything else.

I remember urging him to fuck me harder and harder as the time passed until I felt him grasp me tightly, and his cock pulsed deep in my pussy. It exploded and I felt warm cum fill me deep. That’s when I realized I was yelling loudly and that my throat was sore and my breath short. I did not remember much after that, except that I slept like a log all through the night. Only one thought in my mind, “if this is how my day 1 was, how great will the other days be”. Let me know what you think, my email is

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