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My Elder First Cousin Sex – Pehli chudai ki kahani

My Elder First Cousin Sex, behan ki chudai ki photo


new chudai ki khani

Her height is approx. 5,6 with huge boobs and bums.She was a little more broader than other girls.Her age was around 28 and was married to a very handsome man but after her marriage she turned very quite and always annoyed. Later it was revealed that her husband loved some other girl before meeting her and he could not love h despite her being extremely beautiful and their marriage was arranged forcefully by their parents. I always wanted to relax her by talking to her but was not much attached with her.

Once there was a marriage ceremony of my other cousin brother and h asked me on mobile if i could pick her up for the ceremony as her husband was out of country for business purposes.I asked my family and they agreed as there was enough space in the car.Before the ceremony got over she came near me and very hesitantly asked if i could drop her back without telling anyone else as she was very reserved with others and was enjoying. I agreed and took her to my car.

She was confused whether to sit in front with me or at the back than i asked her to sit with me or i would look like a driver otherwise. She smiled very sexily over that and agreed. When we reached her house she was very curious to take me in as she was all alone in a big house except the watchman and a girl servant.I myself being very shy hesitated a lot but than agreed. She actually did that because she wanted to share her grief with someone and i being a very quite and decent guy she decided to do it with me.


After entering the house i somehow started the topic of her behaviour after marriage very hesitantly as i was not sure of what her reaction would be but than she told me every dark aspect of her life in a very relaxed manner and than cried. I asked her to stop and told her i am ready to provide her with any help but she said that i dont want to be burden on anyone thats why did not even tell this story to her parents completely and that she was not at all happy with her marriage. After that she went in to make some coffee for both of us as it was very cold outside with her face still covered in tears which made her look even more sexier and meanwhile i started watching Indian songs on tv.


She came out ant asked if i liked Indian songs as if trying to change topic and make me feel better to which i said i did and after that while sipping coffee i jokingly told her that no one has got such sexy figures in our family as the Indian actresses as all are really chubby.Over that she smiled really erotically and asked if she was also included to which i said no obviously as she is very smart.

She than asked how did i knew that she was smart than i said that i guessed as i could not say to her that i had observed her sexy curves of her body in shalwar kameez in the past which was her routine dress.She than in a loud voice said that many of us girls are also very sexy but only we cannot wear dresses like the actresses.I than said that i dont think so. By this time we had already became very friendly.She then thought something for while and than went into her room.



When she opened her door after 20m i was shocked to hell as she was standing in a tight jeans pants and a very sexy red colored leather bra which revealed enough cleavage to make me feel the size and sheer white color of her boobs .The cleavage was as if two huge round mountains had collided at a point with a deep deep vally in between. I could not believe on earth that she really showed me her sexy figure as our society is hugely conservative and i hadnt even seen her without a dupatta before.She played a loud music on the music system with kajrare song in it and in the meanwhile i was dumbstruck.She than performed the whole dancing steps and in my nervousness i lit a cigarette to which she gave me a naughty smile as she wasnt aware that i smoked and continued performing.I have not seen such a belly in my life which was little chubby with a very deep bellybutton and lots of curves and extremely sexy back.

After performing almost 3 sexy songs she stopped the music and asked me shyly not to tell this to anyone.Her maid was on the other floor who could only listen to music but was unaware of the dance and our floor doors were bolted.Than she gave me a nery naughty smile and asked about her figure now.I was choked inside as i had not even seen such clean shaved armpits as she had which i just wanted to lick for an hour.


Her perfume mixed with the sweaty smell of her armpits created an aroma that was worth dying for. I told her that her husband was extremely unlucky not noticing her beauty ant than she told me that it was after a long long time that today she felt very relaxed in my co. I was glad to here that.Then before she could go back and change i received my parent’s phone call asking where was i as it was time to leave to which i replied that i was dropping her and will return in a moment. All this time she continued standing in the same clothes and i could feel my precum oozing but did not wanted to do anything cheap and break her trust.While on phone i tried to see her navel parts in a way that she thought my mind was on the phone and by seeing i was afraid she might notice my erection as it was my first time seeing anyone navel but she didnt.Everyone wears salwaar kameez in our community therefore no navel sights before on my life.



I asked her as i had to go and in the same sexy dress she came near to me and said that i dont know if what i am about to do is right or wrong but after a long long time my heart says to do it and after saying that she kissed me on my lips which turned into a french kiss with me kissing in astonishment with eyes wide open.It was my first ever kiss in life but as we proceeded i started to relax ant the taste of her saliva was as good and erotic that i wanted to pour it in a plate and eat with spoon.We kissed for almost 7m and my tool was in its full length and would have explode if she would have touched me there.

After that she broke the kiss and could not see me in my eyes and roamed her tongue on her lips to clean off the rest of our saliva and asked me to never forget her.I could see that because of our saliva more than half of her lipstick had been sucked off which was a very sexy sight to have.I than left her with those final words but could never forget being with her as i never had any girlfriend before.It was a feeling of maturity in me and the way she trusted on me with her story and clothing made me feel achieving something.We never had sex as both of us did not wanted to do that sin as everyone else should restrain from that and not commit any adultery and extra marital affair.After that whenever her husband used to go to a tour i used to give her a call and take her to shopping and restaurants for dinner just to make her happy which her husband never did.


She felt very relaxed with me and saw that as a great way out to her problems.Whenever i used to drop her back she would french kiss me with an extraordinary taste of her saliva and i used to gulp that up like a thirsty man but we never went further and that kiss was a bound of our lifetime friendship.


Whenever she used to see me in public gatherings she would see me and smile at me in a very naught manner at which my tool used to grow.Both of us never wanted to have sex as it was a great sin and were very satisfied over our current relationship.


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