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Desi wife and sister in group fucked train

Sister art was also in her hot clothes. Wore a flame cut sleeveless T-shirt and looked hot in the skirt. He had a medium size but looked quite stern. Being skirt short, everything was visible to his thigh and shining lights in the waiting room. Lata and the arts were joking and were kissing each other. I took tea from a tea gardener and started drinking on the platform as soon as I was drinking. I called the lata and art out loud. The train came on the platform and Jam got into its reservation compartment. The box was full. There was no booking due to off-season. We sat on our seats and started reading the newspapers that I brought with them. In a while the train ran. There was no one else in the compartment except for the three.

Kasra came in a half hour and the train stopped. Suddenly, 3 men climbed into our compartment and sat down in front of us in front of us. The three seemed to be around 35-45 and were Muslims. The three had wore a plateau suit and pecked up and settled on the camel. There was probably nothing worn inside the pajamas of the three. Catching horns of the trio looked a little bit. I did not notice much but saw that my wife Lata was looking at her cocks and sister was pointing at the art. The three Muslim men were talking among themselves, one of them saw the bevy’s gesture and smiled. Lata also smiled in reply.


Now all of us were sitting on one side, towards my wife window, sister art in the middle and I was out on the outside. For a while, all of them sat and ran from the train tunnel. Art, my sister got up and took out the sheet from the top of the bag, when the train stopped suddenly and she fell into the front lap, she got her ass on her lap of such a fall, that guy caught the art with the ass While raising the support, the art sat in the middle of the bed sheet while speaking of sorry. The wife and the sister pointed at each other and the creepers began to take lightening. I thought maybe she would sleep, so I told art that if I sit on the adjacent seat, your sister-in-law may have to lie down. Art considered and moved towards the outside

I sat on the adjacent seat and started pretending to read the paper. I knew that the program of fuck would ever start, so I started to weave. One of those three sons sat in front of me in the adjacent seat and one got up and sat beside the window next to my wife. The sister also changed her place and sat next to another Muslim man in the front seat. For a while it was all cool. There was not much of anything visible, because we were in the tunnel, sometimes light appeared a little while everyone was looking at their own place.

I got up and went to the side upper upper berth and started pretending to sleep. Then I realized all of them were not cool. The Muslim man next to my wife was inside the mouth sheet, the shaft of the wife was spread and she was repeatedly passing her head around. The man was licking my wife’s pussy. On the other hand, sister art was sitting, but there was a lund in her hand which she was shaking. The black lund is quite from the big hair The man was putting his hands inside my sister’s T-shirt and pressing her cheeks and art was chewing her lips.


He was sitting in the lower seat in front of me, he got up and went to my wife! She was completely naked !! He had given up all his clothes, maybe it meant that I slept. His land was totally tight and thick, thick and tall, he had a lot of flutter and he was coming up to me, he was probably the laborer, so it was so dirty.

He went to my wife, gave the air his cock in his hand. Lata bursts into her mouth and sucks her smelly cocks in her mouth and sucks. The second man, who was licking the Lata’s disc, he removed the sheet from the top. My wife was completely naked from below, her saree was above the waist and that man was wildly losing her discount! On the other hand, the sister had become art and without clothes. The man had completely wandered him and himself was naked … Art was also sucking his land.


After some time the man got his lund cleaned up and put the art on the seat and got his cock in his swollen kewar pussy. Art screamed loudly, but the man did not stop and grow. The art continued to scream and he kept up like a machine. After a few minutes the art became calm and started to sweat, the blood was lying on the seat, perhaps he had taken the first time. The man was like a beast like that.

On the other hand, my wife was also completely naked, her sari, blouse, petticoat, panty and bra, all fell down and the other man who was licking her pussy earlier was now sucking it in a tremendous manner, with every shock Was down and the third man was sucking the cocks. He was looking like a pornstar. On the other hand, the art was now getting rid of the mare and was crying. He was probably having a lot of pain in his back. After leaving her for a while, the man pulled out the water and sat next to him in my sister’s chest. His spreading water was bleeding water and blood. Her pussy became completely red.


Now the third man climbed over my sister and began to coo her ass. Art started looking at the back of fear. His eyes were torn off. The third of cocks was the biggest and thickest of all three, do not cast into the ass of the one who started asking, only then the first person dropped the art towards the front. Now he was in a very strange position. His ass stood upwards, but the front part was towards the first guy’s lund. He had caught him with full force.

The third person spit a little on the art of the ass and put his pearl in the finger. Art shouts out The first one jerked his art into a messy cock and pressed it down. Now the art was in great difficulty, his cock was cock, and the ass was about to burst. The third man waited for some time in the inside and outside and then spit on his cocks and put it on the art of the ass. Art closed his eyes, now he could not do anything, his ass was now playing a bosda. The third did not delay too much, in the shock of a lion in his cock, the art shouted while still in front of the cock, even half of the cocks did not go inside, but the art of life began to emerge. The man gave a little rest and then jerked, so he went inside the cocks full. Art paused with pain, but his face could not get much scream because of being a lump in advance.


On the other side, my wife Lata was walking, her pair was completely in the air, and the Muslim man was sucking her pussy like an animal. The tops of Lata were floating above the top. For some time, Lata’s pussy was sucking and the neck of art continued to stumble. The condition of the art was very bad; its water was dripping like water and blood, now the ass was also giving blood. After about 10-15 minutes of art licking the ass, the third man left his water inside his ass. The art ba had become unconscious. After leaving his water, he turned the art on one side and burnt the water and the blood with the blood and kissed my wife Lata. Lata started licking and sucking on him with great passion. Now the art was almost unconscious. The seat became red due to bleeding from his ass and pussy. There was little strength in it. Get up and wear your clothes or clean yourself. She kept taking such a nigger and used to be suffering from pain.

Now the wife was about to play and she realized that she is now going to have a full rapist. Now the second man was made a mare, lying down under the leopard and clothed his cunt in his chest, the smelly cock of the third person was already sucking it. Now the man sitting in the side took his position on my wife and started licking her ass. Lata likes to asshole and I have killed her ass before but all of these three cats were bigger than mewala and she knew this when her eyes were a little scared. After coaxing her ass licking for a while, she spit a little over her cocks and got caught in the ass of Lata. Lata suddenly suffered a lot and she tears in her eyes. The pain was very high, so she was crying. Due to being slightly open, that guy’s cocks went inside in full, but due to being thick and big, the neck of the lata was torn apart and he was suffering. Now the scene was such that there was a lund in the mouth of a leopard, a cock in another cloth in the pussy and the thump and peeled from all three sides. He was getting up and down, rising up and crying and screaming. After leaving about 15-20 minutes, one after the other, the three people removed their material from the water, clot and neck in the loin and sat in the side. The condition of the wife was equal to art. Blood was coming from her ass and she looked very tired. I used to take my berth, watching drama, sleeping with all the fun.


Both the wife Lata and sister art arose after about 30 minutes and began to clean themselves. The three men were still bare and they both did not wear clothes and both of them got huge fuck. This time both of them got fucked next to each other, both were beaten and played with pussy. This happened almost 2-3 times. Art and creeper were as imperfect as it was. She was not sitting, sitting, lying down By the morning 4 o’clock the fuck program continued and in the meantime both banged 5-6 times. At 5 o’clock, all of them got down in a station and my wife and sister were lying barefoot. Both lay in such a sleep. I landed and slept on the back of putting both the sheet of shoes. After a 30-minute tea tea, when a tea came to sell tea and saw the naked lady’s naked eyes, he looked around and stood close to his cock and started sucking her. There was a complete winner of the wife, now she would give any chod, she could not know. After some time he washed his water on the face of the wife. The wife was sleeping. He went to tea.

Then I pretended to be both sleepy, that my station is about to arrive, get ready. After 10 minutes both of them got up and went naked. After 10-15 minutes, cleaned myself and dressed. Then I also landed and sat down under the freshness. The three of us are now waiting for quiet silence to come to Jabalpur. In the same way the same tea-tea came again. I got 3 tea for him. He gave tea while smiling and looking at the wife and he smiled. The tea-tea went with money.


After 1 hour came to Jabalpur and we got off. Lata and art were struggling to walk. I asked what happened, both of them made excuses for the periods. I knew what happened to him Well we joined him in a wedding by checking him into a hotel, but I had full doubt that now my sister and wife have become completely scavengers and others will love me. Well this is the story that ends. Next time you will meet again with the new story.

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