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Desi Office Indecent Proposal – Office Sex Stories

Desi Office Indecent Proposal – Office Sex Stories


We all have had quite a bit to drink when he gets me alone and tells me that he is thinking of recommending me to take over from him. I start to thank him profusely but he holds up his hand for me to hold on. A major consideration, he says, in deciding the matter, will be how well Tania would fit in as the head honcho’s wife. Looking me in the eye, he slips it to me – How far you go Buddy depends on how far she will go. The required equation here is very clear.

Tania and I had been married five years with no kids as we found out too late that we had opposing blood groups. As a precaution she had her tubes tied. I had long since lost interest in her and we had not made it together for almost two years. I did not miss it since I was heavily into an affair with my eighteen years old secretary – a real nymph. So Eric’s blatant interest in Tania really was not upsetting, especially as I saw that at the end of it there was a prize. Mind you, this had nothing to do with Tania’s looks. In that respect she was a head turner and at 26 was in her prime. Her mother was Nepalese and she had inherited a satin smooth hairless body with an exquisite milky complexion. Her green cat eyes and bee-stung lips gave her a sultry look, but her delicious body was what I think really made men salivate – compact up-thrusting breasts with hard pointy nubs, slim waist and flaring hips supporting solid protruding buttocks. In fact it was her bulging rear that caught Eric’s attention first, as he told me later.


Over the next few days in office he works himself into a froth over her. He calls me to his room at all hours to discuss in lurid and explicit detail his plot for her seduction. At these sessions I sit before him looking suitably meek – that seems to appeal to him. He asks me point blank one day if I have buggered Tania and when I shake my head ‘no’, he is ecstatic. A virgin ass and what a piece at that – he cannot believe I have never butt-fucked her! He has an oversized penis, he tells me, so deflowering her anus would be a treat I had to witness – he was an exhibitionist and I, as it turned out, a latent voyeur! We worked out how to brainwash Tania into ‘cooperating’ to help my cause. Tania, I should tell you, is one of those submissive types brought up in the traditional way to follow all and every wish of her ‘pathni’. When I tell her about the forthcoming ‘interview’ with Eric and the importance of it, she turns nervous – what if she fails to impress? I assure her that all she needs to do is be nice to him, very very nice. My only doubt is how far she would ‘go’ with this – but I need not have worried. Her ‘cooperation’ exceeded all expectations.

After a few days, when his wife has left, Eric invites us over. Tania wears a sari and after some persuasion, leaves her bra off – her upright breasts never need them anyway. I explain that she has to atleast look alluring to make the initial impression. When we arrive, Eric opens the door to welcome us. He is in a T-shirt and shorts. Why so formal – take off your Jacket and tie and relax, he tells me. Turning to Tania he says – I have just thing for you. He goes into the bedroom and returns with a skirt made of some thin silky material – it seems altogether too small for her. It stretches – go on put it on, he urges. After a small hesitation she heads for the bedroom to change. In a few minutes she peeks out and beckons me franticly. When I enter the bedroom, she whispers desperately, I have no bra or panties – and look how everything sticks out! She has somehow squeezed into the dress that seems painted on her. It was not a mini but a mini micro – two spaghetti straps hold it up but the hem is dangerously close to her crotch. Her breasts jut out boldly and their sharp teats are clearly outlined by the thin silky material. More provocative is the bulge of her prominent pubis and the faint indentations of the light curls covering it, plainly revealing to the world that she is absolutely naked underneath. I walk around her. The dress exposes rather than hides the voluptuous swells of her backside, the tight cloth just failing to cover the lower creases of her rear. She looks, I have to admit, fit to get laid. Stop being a prude, I tell her. Not giving her a chance to argue I take her by the shoulder and firmly lead her into the living room.


Eric whistles. Now isn’t that cool? She stands quietly before him; eyes downcast, tugging at the hem of the skirt, trying to cover the exposed bit of her buttocks. He walks behind her and takes both her fussing hands away. Now turn slowly, he says and as she obeys, the dress creeps up stopping just below her crotch – but three inches of her pink rear has slips out. Eric laughs. Well, isn’t that downright naughty – come let’s drink to it, saying which he draws her behind the bar. After pouring Scotch for both us he asks Tania – And for you princess? Oh Saah (that’s how she pronounced ‘sir’) I really don’t drink. He insists. But you must – a small sherry to warm you up – its sweet, and if you don’t like it we will throw it away. There is a stool behind the bar and taking her by the waist he lifts her onto it. The move causes the cloth to bunch above her waist and hikes her skirt up further. His eyes drop to her hips and I can guess that her crotch must now be exposed. The TV is on and India is struggling against Australia in day-night OD. Eric and I discuss the game while we sip our drinks. He stands facing Tania, and every now and again his hand casually drops below the bar. Each time he brings it up, he pretends to stroke his thin moustache – but his flaring nostrils give him away! After a while he no longer bothers to remove his hand from whatever it was up to. I begin to get steamed up imagining what he is doing with her. With a poker face, looking at the TV, he begins to get suggestive – In the block hole…that’s a tight length….now that is what I call a sticky wicket – veeery slippery indeed Buddy! Tania is biting her lip, her face suffused a deep pink at his insinuations. She sits with her elbows on the bar, hands cradling her chin, pretending too hard, to watch the TV. I turn away from them and do the same!

In a while, from the corner of my eyes, I see him fiddling with his pants. He bends and whispers something in her ear. As if not wanting to draw attention to it, her hand drops from her chin to the bar top, and then ever so slowly moves to the edge, remains there a minute before dropping out of sight – it is the slyest maneuver of all evening. I guess he must have his cock out and she has it in her hand. Is she squeezing and tugging him, sending electric shock waves through his body? My own is on fire and I can barely breath as I slip my hand into my pocket to massage my arousal. Two more overs are bowled before Eric suddenly breaks the mood with, Hey Buddy your glass is empty! I turn around. Tania, slow to react, jerks her hand up guiltily. Looking abashed, she mumbles an excuse and hastily escapes to the bedroom. When she has gone, he brings his hand close to my face. Just look at that, he says. Glistening mucous covers his first and second fingers all the way up to the knuckles. She fell wide open at my first touch and I had it jammed all the way in! And you should have seen her jerking my meat – I tell you Buddy, she is wet, hungry and itching for it. Taking my glass he very deliberately smears the rim with her slime. Cheers, he toasts after the refill. As I sip, the heavy musk of her cunt wafts up – my cock is now almost bursting.


Okay time to get Phase Two on the road Buddy, Eric says and taking the stool and places it behind him. Half sitting on it he waits for Tania to show up. I cannot see it but his posture suggests that his erection must be pointing at the ceiling. The bedroom door opens and Tania heads towards us. God look at those jugs jiggle – and truly with every step each of her breasts sways and dips with a life all their own, the sharp pointed nubs clearly discernable as they dance shamefully under the thin cloth. Tania walks with short steps holding down the hem of the dress on either side of her hips. Very conscious of the lascivious sight she presents, she moves quickly with her head bowed, avoiding our eyes. Without being asked, she ducks behind the bar but falters as her eye drops to Eric’s lap. To hide her confusion she quickly turns her attention to the TV – but the secret smile on her face tells its own story.

Time to give them space – I make an excuse that I want to watch the match more comfortably and move off, as planned, to a high-backed winged chair in front of the TV. The chair hides me completely from their direct view. To the right Eric has cleverly placed a large mirror such that I can see them from my position. Tania is totally unaware of this since the mirror is completely off her line of vision which is directed to my chair. As soon as I sit down, Phase Two shifts into high gear. Eric moves behind her and slips the thin straps off her as he begins to bite and suck at her shoulder. His hands move around cup her breasts. Taking her teats and he begins to tug and roll them between his fingers and then very deliberately he pulls the dress down. The naked globes leap out, the pointy nipples, stiff and red with arousal. She makes a feeble attempt at pulling up the cloth, gesturing franticly in my direction. But he ignores her. He lifts his face from her shoulder leaving behind a deep red bruise. Taking her face in his hand he now squeezes her cheeks till her mouth pouts, moist and open. He runs his tongue along her lips – slowly he licks, plays with them, nips and sucks them as if feeding on some sexual organ. Her mouth is slack and open and she soon she begins returning his kisses with wild abandon. His mouth drops to a nipple – as he sucks the turgid teat he begins to fondle the other breast; squeezing almost painfully and then with a delicate touch raking his fingernails over and around the hardened nub. His other hand is busy with her lower body. She keeps casting fugitive glances in my direction – eyes languorously half shut, mouth open, breathing heavily – it is obvious her lust is on a boil.


I unzip and release my painful erection – a few squeezes and I am in full bloom. In the mirror Eric is devouring her mouth. His hand below the counter comes up; wet fingers spreads her juices over her lips and then slips into her mouth. Eyes closed, she sucks them, moving her head in a slow back and forward motion. He says something to her – she smiles, hesitates and after quick look towards my chair, her head disappears below the bar. She is up in a minute licking her lips slowly. Again he devours her mouth. Of her own she pulls away, checks me out, before going down on him again – this time for much longer. I can hardly believe it – Eric has triggered a side of her I have never seen before – the complete slut. When she comes up he takes the cushion off the stool and drops it in front of him. No words are spoken as she sinks out of sight.

Eric catches my eyes in the mirror and urgently beckons me to approach. I take off my mocs, tuck in my erection and creep to the bar. It has a flap that you raise and a door below it, opening outwards, that lets you in – the perfect niche to hide in. Short of the bar, Eric gestures for me to take off my trousers and underwear too – not part of the original plan, but I comply – what the hell, it is his party. Seeing my erection he smiles and gives me a thumbs-up. Eric has planned it well, I think, as I silently enter and crouch in the dark cubbyhole. Tania’s back is to me and he is holding her head in both hands, covering her ears and blocking her outer vision – just in case! Once I settle in, he put his hands on his hips and watches Tania gorge herself on his cock. Kneeling on the cushion, arms resting on his spread thighs, she suckles him. Her skirt is bunched around her waist, the ballooning pink melons of her ass fully exposed. I can see only one side of her face as her head bobs in a languid rhythm, jaw fully distended, cheek hollowed out in suction, she savors every inch of the turgid flesh held in her mouth. She emits an occasional ummm.. ummmah from deep down her throat that mingles with soft liquid slurping sounds – shamelessly displaying her enjoyment. Soon she releases his erection from her mouth and moves back, allowing me my first complete look at Eric’s cock. He has not exaggerated – its sensational, both in length and breadth. My six inches feels a midget by comparison!


Surprisingly for a European, he is not circumcised and she has still to uncap the bloated head. The foreskin is stretched drum-tight and a bit of the glans is revealed at the tip. Her fingers wrap around the slippery foreskin as she peels it back till half the blood-shot head emerges. Again her mouth is on him – sucking on the exposed bit she tastes his core for the first time. Liking it she wants all of it now. With her eyes riveted to his erection she gradually drags the taut membrane all the way down. Like some primeval serpent his erection glistens and throbs, held captive in her hand, the exposed helmet an angry crimson. Behind the ridge of the crown, a ring of thick white residue has congealed. Haven’t washed it for days honey – real stinky, isn’t it? he asks. Moving closer she brazenly sniffs him, her nose skimming the fetid flesh from one side to another. Holding him low she presses him to her cheek in a slow massaging motion, then across to the other cheek. I have no time to duck back as her face half turns towards me – but with eyes closed and she is fully engrossed with his cock. In a while she has ‘wiped’ him clean – a few white flecks stick to her cheek. Tilting her head a bit she begins to nibble the sensitive underside while her fingers lightly titillate and caress the crown – she just cannot get enough of it. Tania likes to suck Eric’s cock? His voice is tight voice. For an answer she moves forward and her lips in a tight ‘O’ slips over bloated head ever so slowly till she has it fully in her mouth again. He stands up and, holding her head in his hands, begins to slowly hump her mouth. For my benefit, he turns her slightly so that I can better see her stretched lips clamp around his thing as he eases it in and out of her. It is amazing how much of his organ she is able to take in and how she is able to stretch her jaws wide enough to avoid her teeth scraping him – but it is clear she is providing him excruciating pleasure. Oh yesss.. do that with your tongue…no no not like that…..oh yessss like that….just liiiiike thaaat you sweet cock-sucking bitch …right there… Niiiice…. That’s soooo nice…. Too soon, it gets too much for him. You had better stop right now or I’ll blow, and I don’t want that. He eases back and her mouth comes away with a load sucking sound. Would Tania like Eric to fuck her now? Ever bashful she nods imperceptibly. Say it. Put this in me – she wags his cock. Put it where? Between my legs…in my…up my……hole. It’s a whisper.



Fuck your red hole I will, but first I gotta to taste that honey-trap of yours! He lifts her up gently and faces her towards the bar – right next to me. Pulling the cushion over, he now kneels behind her. His face is in front of me – he winks! Spread your legs, honey….more …a little more…now move your ass out…yeah stick it out…gorgeous. A leg behind the bar, the other is stretched across the opening under which I hide. Her pubis has moved inches in front of my face and the heavy musk of her womanhood is all-pervasive. In the shadows, I can see the puffy hairless lips as they taper down; the moist cleft open slightly. Now hold your bum open, he calls to her. Dutifully her hands reach back to spread her buttocks. His face disappears between the heavy globes and he begins to slurp her anus noisily. A hand moves up her spread thigh, to the thick lips and two fingers gradually slip up into her drenched cunt. Oh Saah if he turns around he will catch us like this. Her unease is obvious, but this does not stop her from holding her butt open as he sucks and licks her anus, grunting with relish. His fingers are moving in a slow steady rhythm – delving deeply in a cork-screw motion. He moves back a bit. Now your butt hole – comon now really stick it out…pull those fat cheeks apart…yeah like that. He takes his fingers out of her cunt and moves them back. Jeez you got a tight bum – I can barely get my finger in. There now….slow and easy….all the way in….oh yes just look at it squeeze…now another finger. She moans. Hurting? Aaah Saah, pleeese. Okay, okay. Oh baby I really love the smell of your bung hole mixed with your cunt juices. With a loud grunt he buries his face back into the soft folds again. His fingers move back up into her cunt and his thumb is now teasing her clitoris. It is not long before she begins to whimper softly – Please Saah…oh pleeeese Saah…I am…oh noooo…oh noooo its… I am so close …oh pleeeeese….. With a choked Ahhhnnnah, suddenly her legs clamps together, trapping his embedded fingers. Her body bucks as her orgasm rips through her.

He stays silent and still, waiting for the last spasm to pass. Then he slowly turns her around to face him. Gently he separates her legs. The round moons of her buttocks now faces me – the haunches tight with anticipation of what was to come. Lean back against the bar…now stick that fat juicy cunt in my face. He is sniffing her like a dog with a bitch in heat – Ummm umf god you have a hot smelling cunt. Sticking his tongue out, he slips it into her crack, takes a lick, and then clamps his mouth over her cunt laving and teasing her clit. A soft groan escapes from above – she is on a high again. He reaches between her legs for my hand. I am surprised – what is he upto? Taking me by the wrist he guides it towards her oozing cunt. Maigod – he wants me to finger her. Now it’s my turn to feel uneasy. I taper my first and second finger and nervously slip them in between her thick lips – a bit of searching and I find the hot wet opening. I hesitate a bit wondering if she can tell the different feel of these new fingers – his hand on my wrist urges me deeper and I worm my way in till I am buried to the knuckles. Another moan from her – she likes it! It hot, tight and overflowing with her fluids. Gently I work my fingers caressing the slippery drenched sheath, slowly in and out, gradually increasing the length of my stroke. His hand on my wrist moves up, takes my thumb and directs to her anus. Are we going too far, I wonder. The crinkled bud resists. I lubricate the tip with mucous off my fingers and try again. This time it yields to the pressure and I am in. It is my first feel of a rectum and I am amazed at the forceful grasp of her sphincter. Pushing my thumb deeper I gently explore the wondrously silky smooth sheath. It clutches me firmly, even deep in, and I can imagine how exquisite its tight hold would be along the full length of a cock. I begin to finger fuck both her opening, slowly. Very soon her hips take up the rhythm and she hunches back to each thrust of my hand. Eric moves his mouth away. Now he is not even touching her! Tania likes being finger-fucked? Oh yesss Saah…..oh noooo…oh pleeeease…I am soooo close…don’t stop now….oh don’t stop that…..oh yessssssssss. Her hips buck driving my fingers deep as her breath explodes in long rasping gasps. As the spasms wrack her body, her anus contracts hard on my embedded thumb with each explosion. I am amazed at this discovery. Eric holds my arm stationary through her orgasm and even minutes thereafter. Then he urges it to begin the ebb and flow again – his mouth is back laving her slit, worrying her clit. Surprisingly in a short while she again explodes – this time even more strongly, moaning loudly Naaaaa…ohnaaa. Eric is relentless with his tongue and mouth and my embedded fingers don’t let her rest either – time and again she peaks, her anus contracting as her cunt milks my fingers. Finally she pleads – Oh Saah, please take me. He gets up and takes her in his arms as I quietly slip my fingers out of her clinging wet sheath. Was that good for Tania? Uummm – she murmurs.



He turns her around, slowly, till she faces away from him. Picking up the cushion he places it on the stool. She senses what he wants and bending from the waist lays her head on it. Without any urging, she spreads her legs apart and thrusts her buttock up in the air – the classic hump-me posture. Her back is barely a foot from my face. The heavy pink globes of her buttocks split open to reveal the tiny reddish puckered orifice of her anus. Just below, the plump lips of her vagina are slightly parted showing the fiery red slit of her vulva. Eric angles her so that his body will not obstruct my view. He pumps up his penis, pulls back the foreskin and runs the massive head up and down her cleft coating it with her juices. A brief search between those puffy lips and he finds the slot. Holding his penis he eases a little of the head into her. Now firmly connected he shifts his hold to her waist and crouching slightly he begins to nudge deeper and upward with barely perceptible strokes. His massive penis stretches her opening impossibly and as the engorged head finally is pushed in, she let out a soft Awooo. Jeez honey you are tighter than a ten year old virgin – is it hurting? A little Saah, oh but please don’t take it out – its just that its so huge. He is amazingly gentle – pulls a little out – pushes a little more in. Gradually with each thrust he burrows deeper till she has swallowed half his length. Now he begins to hump her with steady lengthening thrusts as more and more of his burgeoning shaft is driven up her until finally, with a Take that you hot cock-sucking bitch, he jams the last inch deep up her. He stands very still, relishing I am sure the moment of conquest and savouring the hot suck of her unused vulva.

She is the first to move – only her hips, a barely perceptible hunch down and then up – down again in grinding motion clearly seeking to force more of him up into her. Its getting nice, hum Tania? Oh Yeessss Sah…oh pleease do it to me now. My face is almost touching the hip near me and my eyes are glued to his thick penis as he begins withdrawing it in slow motion. Inch by inch the hard pink monster is unsheathed – it comes out mucous coated, her vagina clinging wetly, a tight red rimmed ring. He draws it almost completely out – only the foreskin covered tip connects them. The air is thick with the smell of her juices as his cock begins its push into her again and he begins to fuck her in earnest – the slow withdrawal and rapid thrust. Very soon she has got used to his size – at first with short jerks she meets his thrusts but then in minutes she begins to hump back in wanton hunger. Each time his loins slap into her buttocks, her overfull flesh of her buttocks jumps and undulates in a waves. In no time at all she begins to mewl and moan. Tania likes to be fucked like a bitch – likes being a slut for Eric – yes? Oh yessss I love being sluty for you ….Oh yesssss…. and with another Yeaassssssssssssss she hunches back to drive him deep up her. He freezes, buried hard up into her, letting her orgasm throb and explode. Up this close I can see the crinkled bud of her anus spasm with each explosion. Shortly he begins humping again – his cock slipping in and out of her lubricated opening easily now – the rhythmic slap of his thighs against her haunches is punctuated with Take that you fucking slut…up your tight red hole…oh this is heaven. I bring my fingers that were up her cunt, to my lips – they are still wet with her fluids, and slip them into my mouth – the taste is faintly saline and the heavy musk of her womanhood floods my senses. I move my thumb delicately under my nose and breath in the pungent mix of anal-vaginal odours. Very close to the edge, I begin to stroke my erection. The smell, taste and sight are all too much for me and I am not able to control myself – I feel the first tingles creep down my back and then up my anus to my cock as I explode in long hard throbs. It’s a while before I regain my breath and become conscious that he is still pumping her – but I am drained with the tension of the past hour and need to get up from my cramped position. Carefully opening the bar door I slip out. Eric looks at me quizzically and I point to my sagging penis from which a lengthening glob of semen is hanging.. He smiles and gives a thumbs-up. I slip into my clothes and stagger to the high back chair and flop into it, completely pooped.


I must have dozed off for a while as a loud OH JEEEEEZ brings me to my senses. I look at my watch – I had flaked out for over forty minutes! I turn to the mirror – migod he is still at it! He has her up against the bar now, biting her shoulders, neck, mouth – whatever. Crouching behind her he fucks her emitting loud grunts of pleasure. Even from where I am sitting I can hear the hard slap of his thighs against her buttocks. With each upward thrust her whole body lifts and her naked breasts jounce wildly. Tania’s head is thrown back in complete abandonment, eyes unfocused, mouth open, her face is screwed up as if in pain. Oh I’m so clooose…. Ohmigodyeeeeesss and she is flying again. This time though Eric is peaking also – with a shout OoohFaaaaack he thrusts hard one last time, biting into her shoulder – his body shudders and I know he must be shooting his load deep up her quivering cunt. There is no movement from either of them for minutes on end. Finally he raises his head, turns her face and kisses her mouth tenderly. He says something I cannot hear. But she nods and gives him a soft kiss.

Suddenly conscious of her nudity, she darts a quick look towards my chair and pulls up her dress to cover her breasts. She whispers something to him and he says – Well let me go and check. He comes around the bar and walks to the chair I am sitting on. He is fast asleep – I told you so, he calls back to her. He pretends to wake me up – Hey Buddy you missing the best part of the game. Is he referring to the cricket! I get up pretending to be groggy with the booze, Sorry Sir, I passed out! No problem – time for another drink. We walk to bar – I deliberately totter a bit. Tania avoids my eyes as I climb onto the barstool. She is standing up – her face is flushed and her lips have been sucked and licked clean of lipstick. The large bite mark on her shoulder, unseen by her, is turning purple. Eric stands beside her, a smug look on his face, and pours both of us drinks. The game on the TV is heading in the predictable direction – we have lost both our openers cheaply and the next two have gone for duck. Our conversation revolves around the game but its not long before I notice Eric sidle closer to Tania. One hand holds his drink, the other has dropped behind her; I guess it must be caressing her exposed rear – maybe probing her anus getting it ready for his next assault! Phase Three is imminent and no one objects as I head back to the high-back chair. In a few moments I look at the mirror to find Tania missing – Eric is looking down at himself, a tight smile on his face. He knows I am watching and gestures a second time in the evening for me to approach. Again I slip out of my pants and underwear and under the bar top. She already has him in her mouth and is suckling on the bulbous head loudly. Once fully erect, he lifts her up and begins kissing her. His hands move around and grab each ballooning buttock, squeezing and mashing them. Spreading them wide, he begins to worm two fingers slowly into her until they are imbedded upto the knuckles. She moans quietly into his sucking mouth. In the next move he has her again bent over the barstool with her rear upturned, awaiting his pleasure. Thick white gel of his cum oozes from the reddened orifice of her vulva. He dips the helmet of his penis in it– oiling it, running it up and down the drenched crack and then in one smooth thrust, buries himself deep into her. This time around he is impatient and begins fucking her straight away in a steady rhythm. In no time she is mewling and moaning as the first waves of pleasure hit her. Time and again he brings her to orgasm until she is crying out Oh Sah you can do anything you want with me….I am yours do with as you please.



Encouraged, he slowly pulls out his enormous tool, slick and slippery with her slime. Holding her anus open with a thumb on either side, he shifts his hips forward till the massive bulbous head nudges the crinkled opening. He tries entering but his penis bends in a bow as her anus resists this invasion. Easing back, he dips into her vagina, and then places the re-lubricated head again at the tight opening. Holding himself with one hand, he tries again and this time her sphincter yeilds as half the head pushes in. She moans loudly Oh pleeese Sah…please slowly…its hurting. He pulls out again, coats himself once more with her vaginal mucous – this time he forces the head in almost completely as she whimpers loudly. Now with the penis well anchored, he grips her hips on either side, and begins to move in and out in short strokes – the head disappears. Oh Sah it is hurting too much.. pleeeease you are too big. Tania does not wish to please me? Oh yes Sah…its just that no one has done this to me before and you are so huge… it really is too big…please Sah. Sloooowly Tania, slowly.. you will see… you can take it all. He pulls out again. My eyes, inches from her rounded globes of her buttocks, can see that her anus has begun to gape a bit – a shallow inverted red cone. He bends and drops a large glob of spit into it – with his fingers he works this into her. For the third time he slips into her vagina – then up to her anus, the mucous-coated head slipping in easily now. Very slowly now he begins to force the wide shoulder of his penis into her. Unlike the head, this all-hard unyielding muscle and as the immense girth begins to stretch her rectum impossibly, she cries out and tries to pull away from him. He draws out a little and then with a sharp thrust breeches her sphincter fully and drives half his cock into her. She screams into the cushion. He stands very still allowing her time to adjust to the terrible stretching of her anal muscle. He starts to draw back – Oh stop, stop, please stop…pleeeese don’t move Sah…don’t mooove pleeeese. Slowly Tania…you have it in almost fully…it will be much easier now. On no Sah..its hurting too much….oh noooo – she goes on and on as he begins to slowly bugger her. With each thrust he drives it in deeper and deeper till the last inch is buried all the way in. He waits, breathing heavily, his hips pressed hard up against her buttocks, savouring, I am sure, the exquisite sensation of her stretched rectum clasping the full length of his enormous penis. Impatient now to get on with it, he begins to hump her slowly. Each time he withdraws the rim of her anus is dragged out almost half an inch, stretched pink-white, glistening with mucous. This close I can hear the soft liquid sound of friction and smell the faint odour of her excrement. His cock seems to have grown larger with excitement but her anus seems to have adjusted a little to his size. He pulls it out completely and dips it again into the juices of her vagina. Her anus in now a gleaming inflamed pit and he no longer has to pull it apart to accept him. Unaided he directs the bloated head to the small orifice and with a nudge his head hooks into her. In a long smooth stroke he slips it all the way in and begins to pump her rectum. Oh Tania this is the ultimate…you are just so tight I can hardly hold out. Please Sah…pleeese finish quickly, she begs him. I lightly play with myself and despite not wanting to end it so quickly, I am suddenly there and lose it in a long string of explosions.

As I creep out of the niche I hear him grunt Okay Baby, last round. I flop into the chair and see him stand her up against the bar. This time her face grimaces in obvious pain and she is biting her knuckles to keep from shouting. His hands are on either side of her on the bar and the top of his body leans away from her as he looks down to where he is connected. Unlike his rapid-fire humping of her cunt, he now sways in slow motion, relishing, I am sure, the exquisite sensation provided by the hard clasp of her slick rectum. It is not difficult to imagine the incredible thrill he was experiencing. Oh Tania I am almoooost theeeer he gasps as he jams it in one last time and she lets out a keening Aaawooooo….ohgod nooo. I look at my watch – we have been at Eric’s for almost three hours – god, I think, what stamina! I ofcourse again pretend sleep – I am not sure Tania is fooled any longer.

That evening, after changing, she drove me back home, as I was ‘too gone’. After this Tania was on call twice or thrice a week – he would leave office early and take in three to four hours with her – she would return and tell me she had been to the club or somewhere. Weekends, I would drop her off at his place on the way to my golf – as she was taking ‘computer lessons’ from him. Her ‘uniform’ for these meets was the same dress she wore the first evening – in transit she would wear a denim skirt with a loose shirt over it. A week before Eric left, the ‘Big Man’ from Munich arrived to formalise my position. A ‘private’ evening was arranged for him at Eric’s place – I could not attend as I ‘suddenly took ill’., Tania, in her ‘uniform’, drove there on her own. She came back at five in the morning. That day when I got to office, I found the letter on my desk. I had been appointed MD, not just for India, but the whole of SE Asia.

I read an adage somewhere to the effect that behind every successful man there was always a woman. How true.


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