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Desi Lady Enjoying Sex With Husbands Boss

Approaching our house, I noticed a car parked just behind Dad’s car. It was a Honda Civic, and I didn’t even remotely recognize it or who its owner could possibly be. I parked on the street in front of our house, confused by who could possibly be visiting. Something didn’t feel exactly right, and this unsettlement made me approach the house with some hesitation.

Turning towards the front door, I noticed that the living room lights were all off, and the house appeared dark from the front. I stood at the front door, ready to put my spare keys in the door, but instead stepped away and went towards the side of the house. I couldn’t shake this feeling; something was wrong. I went to the backyard, entering the darkness.

Peeking around to the back side of the house, I could see that the light in my parents’ bedroom was on. Without really knowing why, I tiptoed my way across the back of the house, glancing into the still darkness of the dining room and kitchen as I passed. Approaching the bedroom window, I felt certain that I should see my mom curled up on the bed watching TV, or perhaps sleep.


Then I heard her voice. “Aaagghhhhh….” she moaned, startling clearly. Frozen head to toe, I could see from the side that the bedroom windows were open. Before I could take another step, I heard her moan again, this time slightly louder. I didn’t even consider that these were the moans of someone in ecstasy; I only knew that it was mom’s voice, and it made me a little scared.


I stepped forward and moved quickly to the edge of the window, then peered in from the side. What I saw sent me into total disbelief at what my eyes were witnessing: The first person I saw was not Mom, it was a man with broad shoulder and back, kneeling at the foot of the bed, completely nude. I couldn’t see his face, as it was buried between Mom’s legs.

His thick, curly hair was all that was visible above and below her thigh. She was lying on the bed and also naked, writhing on her back, legs draped over his shoulders, heels resting against his back. She moaned over and over as he was eating mom’s pussy to her very apparent satisfaction!

Her delicate hands clutched his head, appearing to push him harder into her crotch as he worked. Mom’s belly clenched, her eyes shut, before all releasing and relaxing again. All the while, that man of curly hair shook as this man’s aggressive oral sex sent waves of ecstasy through her body.

I saw him grip her waist with both hands and lift her body, scooting her up toward the head of the bed. He then climbed up on the bed with her before sinking his face back into her crotch. His hair continued to hide his face from me, but all the rest of him was plainly in view. Her breathing quickened and her moans again grew louder.


“OHHHHH !!!!!!! OOHHHHHHHH!!!!! SHANKAR!! SHANKAR!!!” Shankar Rai, Dad’s Boss!!!!! Suddenly a jolt fired through my body as I realized who this man was, Shankar Rai, Dad’s Boss, who has had dinner with us on a few occasions and was now naked with my mom. Now I realize why Dad is travelling so much lately.

Mom went silent as her body tensed up, her legs drawing up, toes stretched out, face scrunched up with eyes closed. Shankar’s head shook almost violently as his tongue worked feverishly between her legs. Suddenly, her body uncoiled and she released her breath in a loud groan, her body shuddering.

She pushed his head harder on her pussy and let out a loud moan, and then collapsed on the bed silently. He still was licking for a few seconds more. Then his head finally raised up, making eye contact with her. She smiled widely at him.

He kissed her belly, and then moved up to her breasts. As he slowly climbed up her body, I could see his erect penis rubbing against the bedspread. He moved in to kiss Mom, but she pushed his face away. “Not after what you just did!” she said with a laugh. Shankar’s mane of hair moved to the side of her head, kissing her neck.


Her arms rubbed down his muscular sides; his arm squeezed her thighs and ass underneath. I knew that his dick was rubbing somewhere around her crotch, anxious to enter her. Her feet rubbed up and down his legs, toes squeezing into his buttocks each time she drew her legs up high on his body. They were each writhing in pleasure against each other’s body.



His bigger muscular frame seemed to almost swallow her average, curvy figure below him. He whispered something into her ear, to which Mom’s face showed a slight frown, saying, “I shouldn’t, Shankar…I shouldn’t.” He continued to whisper, and she smiled, chuckling softly, rubbing her hands into his hair.

He kept on talking, and Mom squirmed, clearly conflicted about what he was telling her. His hand kneaded her breast as he kept whispering. “Oh fuck…” she moaned, then after a pause: “Just do it….” With that, I saw Shankar slip his hand between her legs, and his face again dipped into her neck and his back flexed as he pushed his buttocks forward slightly.


Mom’s eyes opened wide and she shrieked slightly as he obviously started to penetrate. Her legs were opened wide to each side of his body, feet resting near his legs. His buttocks moved back before pushing forward again, forcing a moan from Mom. Mom’s belly tightened then relaxed as he continued to pump more of his length into her with each stroke.


Her hands clasped his back, her moans growing more frequent and at a higher pitch, and her hips started to buck in rhythm with his strokes. “Oh my god….oh my god….” she moaned, face appearing anguished as he sank deeper into her vagina, pushing her pelvis into the soft mattress.

Was she struggling with the gravity of what she was allowing to happen, or was she just overcome with sexual pleasure? I had no idea, and was unable to really consider the question. Shankar now wrapped his arms under Mom’s shoulders, holding her back in his hands as he fucked her deeper and deeper.

When she lifted her legs up and over his back, I could see that he was now burying his entire cock inside my mom’s pussy. Her lips hugged his thick shaft, pulling away from her body each time he withdrew from her vagina. His balls smacked against her ass each time he again thrust deeply within her.

The pace of their fucking picked up with each thrust, and soon I could hear the wetness of her soft skin clapping each time his pelvis met hers. Her fingernails dug into his back as he fucked her harder and harder. “Oh no!”, she said, with an animalistic growl, “you’re so big…!!”


Her hand was slapping at him as she started to lose her breath. I looked down to see her hips gyrate hard against him, and then she seemed to choke, before moaning louder than ever before. “Oh shit!!! I’m coming so hard…aggghhh!!!” Her breasts jiggled as Shankar hammered even harder into Mom. He pushed her couple of inches toward the headboard with each thrust.


Her feet, tensed and rigid, stood straight out from her legs, which she extended into the air in the middle of her orgasm. His groaning grew louder and more desperate, his hips jerking as he pistoned in and out of her body. Mom’s body quivered underneath, her skin rippling in reaction to his thrusts, her breathing heavy and deep. His rhythm slowed, his hips bucking against hers.

His face was beet red, his mouth agape, his eyes pressed shut. Then it happened. “Ohh god…oh my god…….AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” I watched as Shankar’s buttocks clenched and unclenched, holding the length of his penis within my mom, who was writhing hard beneath him, mewling almost like a cat.

I saw the base of his penis throb, knowing that he was shooting his seed deep into my mom’s unprotected womb. Her legs rubbed his legs again, her belly clenched up. A few moments later, both of their bodies relaxed, and she lay still underneath him.


He shuddered a couple more times, holding himself as deep as possible within her vagina before pulling his softening penis out of her body with a low groan. She moaned softly, her whole body shaking as he lifted himself up and then laid next to her. I saw her exposed vagina, lips beet red from the sex, and the start of a thick, long white stream seeping from its gaped opening.

His thick penis, wet from both of their juices and red from stimulation and orgasm, rested on his belly. “Oh my God…that was…oh man!” she said as she smiled, her hand brushing his hair coming down caressing his cheek. She lifted her head and smooched him for a minute.


“That was so good…” I heard him say he needed some water, and Mom told him he’d better get ready and push off fast as I was expected home any moment…

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