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Desi kahaniyan Beti ko choda beti ki chudai – baap beti – beti ki choot urdu stories – 2018 urdu sexy stories

Desi kahaniyan Beti ko choda beti ki chudai – baap beti – beti ki choot urdu stories – urdu sexy stories

Meri larki height 5? 7? This is the first time I have heard from people that I am being treated badly. Achha did not know how much he was able to do with his body. That’s how he got married in 20 years.

What is my name I have had a daily routine when I came home from my room so that I could still wait for him to come back. He said, “I am going to meet you today. I am going to give you a lot of time, and I want to make a great selection of Bhari Chhion. it’s lagayatha I am so glad that I have had a lot of time in my life.

The main thing is that Kavita’s bare major betrayed him so much that he could do so. I wanted to go to a private hotel where I could go to the main house .. I went to Kavita for 16. Meri bibi ke maike main us ke brachi ki shaadi aa gayai thi meri bibi shaadi se 20 din pahile hi maike chali gaya mere kasita rah gai I would like to learn more about banana, school and puddhai karna tha.


Jate had time to leave the book in Kavita, she also came to know how to do it.
NAUKRANI-? BIMLA? Age 28 is the
main head of the bus to work at the time, and he also has time from the office to talk about his future. Main house aya Maine meri car door from your switch off to make it to Kavita Ko pata na chale ki main aa gaya. The house is located in the center of the city, and it is from Kavita and it is about to make the most of my birthday.

Why do you want to bribe your child? Memorize the name of the person in the middle of the road with no words. We did not know how much it really was I went to the main house and went to the main house. I did not say anything about it because I did not like it. Kahi Kavita bimla ki boobs ko bhi daba rahi thi Bimla also did the same thing in the school. I did not get it, and I went to the main room and went to the bimla house.


Me? Bimla yeh kya bata rahi hai hai hi bachhi hai tere ke sharam ani chiye. Chal bhag aaj Kal aana.? bimla chali gai Maine Kavita ko poocha? What are you doing with that bimla? ?

Why did you say that I have not been able to show you my love for you? Maa ne mere ko bataya thiabiye bimla se bhi kuch aur maine pooch liye.?

Me? Bimla ne kya bataya? ? I do not know how much I have been able to do and I have to back it down. Vo kuch nahi boli.

What is the purpose of the book, and what is it that is with you?

Me? Tere ko kaisalaga ?? Mera sawal seedha tha

Kavita? You have a right to ask for a visit from you to your home. It’s a fact that you have a lot of things to do. And how are you going to Bimla, do you want to teach me something?
Only when I was able to sleep, I went to meet him again, I went to him again.


Bas did what I had to say on the subject and I did not know how to kiss him, and I did not want to kiss him. It is only with Kavita that I have only been able to cooperate with him. Mera lund ke bura haal tha tan karba khamba ho gayatha aur lunde ke lagne hai nikalne lagi thi.

Me? Kavita beti what are you doing? I do not want to leave you alone because I have seen you and I have not seen anything from the past. If you want to learn more about the main language of this language, please visit us. Also, I went to see how it is going to be seen in the first person and I have seen some sexy people. Maine did the chuchi ko chusna suru kiya

If I tell you, I have to tell you what to do in order to poke me to death, but if I play with him, then I will have to take a look at him from my room and just go to bed. It’s just a matter of time and I am happy to spend time with my friends and my friends. I have a lot to do to get to bed and let’s go to the main house. Kavita? Pappa ji main aap kear payar se dena meri chut main aap ka bahoot bhi hai meri far dega.?

Let’s talk about what I want to do after you finish the job. Mera lund us ki chut main 1/2 chala gaya. I got confused


Kavita? ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapaa jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bahut garam hai aap ka ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooppppppppppssss wowwwwwwwwwwwwww jor se jaaaaaaaaaaan meri chut ko pata chalna chiye ki kuch mila hai.?

I did not like that and I did not know what it was like and when I came to know about it, I did not even know it. Kavita jaldi hi dhili ho gai I asked, why are you meeting me at the same time? what are you going to do? ?

Kavita? Pappa ji mera pani nikal gaya bahut maja aya You do not want to go App thore ruko main sans le lun fir apne aur gand bhi marna. I am going to give you 2- 3 questions and I do not know what to do with my mind.



Why did not I just say that I am going to do my homework on the whole of my life?

Maine did the main thing in the world, from 1/2 to the other day, what are you going to do? Pappaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii marr rr gaiiiii fat gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaher saale chokrichod / betichod buddhe. Harami saale apni beti ko aise bari tarah se nahi chodte.?


I do not know what is going on between me and myself and I am afraid, I have spent my money and I have to go to jail and I do not know what is going on, I do not know, I do not know how to do it, I do not know anything. I am happy to meet you, I have always been married, and I have been married for a long time. No 10 minutes will take you away from my friend’s house. Main us ki gand main dhila hoaya aur woh ghih ho gayi. Maine did not want to tangen her head and went to the kitchen. Thori der ke baad main kavita ke apar se alag hua Kavita apna muh niche kar leti rahi aur mere se boli

Kavita? Pappa ji maja aagaya.?




Me? Have I been alone, Tere ko kaisa laga ??

Why did not I get any idea?
me? what are you going to do?
why do I have to go to school on my birthday?
Why do I have to save myself from my childhood and I have had a lot of money from you?
You do not know, how do I know if I have to go to school because I love you?
And what are you waiting for from a bundle of
? What are you doing here?


Why did you say that?

The sun’s main dang has gone, I did not like being able to bowl, but I did not say anything at all. Kavita ne mere ko bataya

? Do you want to send me a couple of words in Pappa?
Why? What was the plan for you?
ha aur please please pappa ji aap us ko mere kumar mein aap ko aur ko aur kasm

Maine did not want to have fun at the
bath room, and she had 1 bath bath for 1 hour and 1 hour or so and she did not want to spend any time with Birla’s home and she did not want to marry, she did not want to marry him.


I do not know how much I have been able to do with my wife and she is having a 1 second degree and she has a lot of time and she is going to give me one of my room’s room and I would still love her. Even if she wants me to do it myself chodta hun aur bimla ko bhi



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