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Dare Dorm Girls Hostel Fuck

Dare Dorm Girls Hostel Fuck

hindi sex stories with sexy image

We always talk everything openly, even about sex. Every friend share their sex life with all others. Sometimes we used to hook up with each other also. So during the talk, I shared my latest sex episode first. And then one of my friend shared his. Anu shared her story how she got fucked by her senior at her office. Seema was shocked to hear that slutty things from her roommate. She, however was horny of course, but shy and reluctant to talk and even listen to the conversation. Because we used to share everything about the sex we had..I mean all the moves and positions describing..

So I asked Seema if she wants to share her experiences..She obviously said no..After convincing her a lot, and her roommate Anu’s pushing, she opened her mouth..And she said she had no experiences and still a virgin..Her face was down on saying that..The chat ended there, we had food and we all left.. After going to hostel, Seema kept asking Anu about us and about sex it seems. she even expressed her desire to lose her virginity. Anu texted me saying all these. I just said I hope she finds a guy soon. Somehow Seema gotta know that Anu had told everything to me about her sexual desires.


She saw our conversations when Anu had gone to take bath. Then Seema made a plan. She texted me from Anu’s mobile “Seema wants to have sex with you. my room number 069” and deleted that message after sending. I called Anu to ask if she was serious. She just said “yes” and hung up. Actually it was Seema who said yes. I was confused but I didn’t want to lose an opportunity to fuck a virgin. So I decided to go to hostel. but how do I sneak inside? I had already done once to fuck Anu in the same room. So I was confident. I reached the hostel late in the night so that all others have slept. I knew that the watchman would go for tea exactly at 12. So I waited, and meanwhile, I texted Anu “keep the door open.” Now Anu was shocked to see that. She called me to ask why. “what the fuck! you texted me saying seema wants to have sex with me and now you’re asking why!”-was my reaction.



She checked her messages and there was no message like that. She inquired seema about it and realized it was her who sent the message. Amidst the misunderstanding, I said “I’m here at this dead hour of the night. I’m not going back without sex tonight” and I cut the call. Then Anu was upset on seema that she was the reason for misunderstanding. She was merciless on seema about what had happened. Anyway I got an opportunity to get inside as planned. Anu knew that I was upset on her, because till now I didn’t know it was Seema who had sent the message. So Anu wanted to make things clear. She had kept the door open. I quickly went inside and locked the door. I was angry on Anu. Before I told anything, Anu said “it was Seema who sent the message. I didn’t know about it. sorry” and quickly Seema added “yes I’m sorry too. I had become so desperate for sex” That brought a smile on my face.


But Anu was still not happy with Seema. She had cheated her, she could have asked Anu to help her lose virginity. So Anu denied her having sex with me. Seema’s face became pale. Also Anu remembered my words I was not going back without sex. She wanted to use that opportunity to tease Seema more. Then the adventure begins. Anu became vigorous at the starting itself. She pushed me onto the door and started kissing me wildly. I had no choice but to cooperate with her lips and tongue.


That was the most wildest kiss I had ever had. She bit my lips and tongue in ecstasy. We became hot and breathed heavy. Anu forgot that she was teasing Seema and got involved in the kiss. It lasted for almost 20 minutes. Half of our faces were licked by each other, such was the intensity. Finally when we broke the lip-lock, Seema was looking embarrassed. But my eyes stuck with horny and wet Anu’s face. She said Seema “you’re not going to get him today for your mistake. he’s all mine” This was making me hotter. I was kissing her cheeks while she spoke to Seema. She took my hand and brought me towards her bed and made me sit.


Seema’s bed was opposite to me and she was sitting there embarrassed. Meanwhile Anu got down on her knees and pulled my pants down. She took my shaft in her warm hands. She turned aside a bit and showed my dick to Seema. Seema’s eyes widened, as Anu started working her tongue over it. Ohhh she was artist in sucking dick. The fact that she was teasing another girl, made it more erotic. Seema’s hand dropped into her crotch without her notice itself. She was fingering her pussy watching live sex.


She barely made eye contact with me because of shyness and fear. God! I couldn’t hold it more. I splashed my cum on her pretty face. She jacked my Dick until I completed my orgasm. Anu, looking at Seema, took each drop of cum on her face with her finger and licked it. She made a point that it was so tasty, to Seema. “Alright”, I said, “enough teasing the poor soul Anu. Everyone wants sex”. Anu still wanted to completely enjoy me and still wanted to make Seema embarrassed. Anu got naked. She fed her boobs in my mouth. She pushed more and more showing the scene to Seema. Now Seema started pressing her own tits and she removed her top. She wasn’t wearing any bra. Her boobs were bigger than Anu’s. Anu realized that my eyes were going towards Seema’s boobs, she covered my face with both her melons and made me suck. I she was not gonna let me without completely satisfying her. I started fingering her pussy.

She pushed me on the bed and laid me straight. She came on top of me and fed her pussy to my mouth. She was revolving all over my face. I just let my tongue out of my mouth. She did all the movements to ensure my tongue licked her deepest vagina and deepest ass hole. She had an orgasm within few minutes. She squirted on my face and collapsed. Her pussy still on my face. I was sucking her juices. She got up and next thing I realized was Seema was also naked and masturbating with three fingers. it was a pleasure to see her expressions. Anu didn’t wanna miss out anything. She anyway knew I wouldn’t leave without fucking Seema too.

She rolled over on the bed and lifted her legs in the air and invited me switch my pen drive in her usb port. and then I injected my pen drive and fucked her hard. She moaned like a bitch. We had fucked many times before but this time she was moaning more. She was exaggerating to tease Seema. I fucked her in doggy position for a while. Only then I gotta see Seema’s face properly. She was still embarrassed but horny. She was looking very cute. I hinted her not to worry and I’ll come to you. Seema smiled with joy. I squeezed Anu’s tits. I hit her ass with my groin every time I went deep in her pussy. And that sound was making us crazy.



Soon Anu collapsed on her stomach with another powerful orgasm. I wasn’t far way too. I asked Anu to go on top. She Sat on my Dick and swallowed it easily. I sat up a bit inclined towards the wall and Anu leaned backwards with her head falling back. So we were fucking in a V-shape. It’s a dream for every guy to watch a girl’s boobs juggling in front of you and it was the same sight there. Her brown nipples were peaking. It was a painful position and I sat kneeling on the bed. I laid Anu down pushing a pillow under her ass and fucked her. We didn’t lose eye contact this time and that’s the most erotic thing in sex. I splashed my sperm in her vagina and slept on her hugging. My Dick was still inside her pussy. She was kissing me like she was thanking me for giving such pleasure. I was so freaking tired that I didn’t know my Dick was still in her pussy also. I kept kissing her with eyes closed and our legs quarreling with each other.


Seema had already wetted her bed, which means she had her orgasm watching us. We came into senses, broke the kiss and looked at naked Seema. Anu laughed at her making her more embarrassed. I said “come on Anu. that’s enough. you’ve already done so much to punish her for her mistake. now stop it”. Seema almost was in tears. Anu apologized and said “alright I’m sorry. now he’s yours. Surrender your fucking vagina to my friend” and winked at me. Seema was now fearing to lose her virginity. I said “it’s 1 o clock already. I have to go out when the watchman takes a break at 2”. Fearing that I would have to leave, Seema stood up with her face down with shy.

She was shy to take every step but she wanted sex desperately. I didn’t go forward to her. She wasn’t going forward too. Satisfied Anu, meanwhile was sleeping on her bed naked and lighting her cigarette. “oh come on bitch. ask him. tell him you wanna get fucked. I can’t wait to see” she said. Seema gathered courage and said “fuck me. make me your slut. fuck me more than Anu”. I was surprised to hear that. I went near her and lifted her face. As soon as she looked at me, she closed her eyes and kissed me. Kiss was slow at the beginning,but she was growing wicked and wild. She sucked my lips and tongue. Although it lasted only for 5 minutes, it was much erotic than the kiss with Anu.

As we broke, she said “thanks for my first kiss”. “First kiss?! you were bloody brilliant at first kiss” I said. She smiled and looked at my cock. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. She was jerking it slowly and touched the tip of my Dick. Meanwhile Anu screamed “oh fuck I didn’t get you in the ass! fuck my ass hole now”. Seema hugged me indicating that she wouldn’t leave me now. I told her, “if you want your ass fucked, come and help me deflower this virgin pussy.” She threw her cigarette away and came over near us. She made Seema lie down spreading her legs wide. I sat between her legs. I went near her pussy and spread her pussy lips. it was a tight pussy. I entered my finger inside one by one. she was feeling the pain. I kissed her vagina to ease her excitement. I said “let’s get our tools wet and ready. you suck me. I’ll suck you.” and then we did a 69. their room number ironically. Anu went near my Dick and pushed my Dick in Seema’s mouth.


She made her lick my balls. Sometimes I felt both of them sucking on my Dick and balls together. “Are you ready?” I asked Seema. “yes please darling” she replied. I paced pillow below her ass and tried inserting into her tight pussy. she was moaning in pain. I asked Anu to stop her from screaming. She came on top of Seema and put her pussy on Seema’s face. “lick it” she said and Seema obliged. Anu leaned forward towards Seema’s pussy. They were in a 69 position now. But Anu was spreading her pussy wider to pushed my cock in her vagina. with a deep thrust, her hymen broke.


Seema grabbed the bedsheet with pain and her tears flow out. She started to bleed. I wiped her pussy and my Dick with a cloth. Anu was still on top of Seema not allowing her to see the blood. Seema asked in pain “I’m wet. am I bleeding?” Anu said “no I spat on your pussy to make it wet” Anu spit on her pussy really to make it wet again. She also sucked my Dick to wetness again and pushed it in Seema’s pussy. This time it went in with little force. She was still in pain. She was biting Anu’s clit due to pain and Anu was loving it. Her face was so close to Seema’s pussy that my stomach was hitting her head with my thrusts. Seema started enjoying now and stopped sucking Anu’s pussy. Anu got up kissed me and got behind me. She hugged me from behind and fingered my ass hole. I was playing it slow since it was Seema’s first time. Anu was doing all naughty things. She was playing with my balls. She was kissing my nipples.


Suddenly Seema asked me to stop for a while since it was paining. Anu took this chance to get her ass fucked. Seema stepped down of her bed and Anu sat in doggy style. Seema noticed that she had blood and her hymen was broken. She made it sure by inserting her finger inside. She kissed me for that and went to bathroom to clean herself. I spit on Anu’s ass hole and got it wet. I pushed my Dick inside her hole easily since I had got adjusted to a tight hole just then. I fucked her and came in her ass. She got up “you’re such a good fucker” she said and gave a hot smooch. Just then Seema came out ready to get fucked.

I was lying on her bed tired and Anu went to her bed to have another puff. Seema jumped over me and asked me to suck her breasts. I sucked her boobs and nipples and her expressions said she was in a different world. She kept caressing my Dick to feel the erection. My Dick got erected while sucking her mesmerizing tits. She wanted to get fucked by staying on top. She moved towards my cock. Anu said, “first time it’s difficult to be on top” and yeah it was. She tried but could not take completely in because of pain. Then I fucked her doggy position. Anu was getting horny again.

She came slept below my doggy Seema and sucked her boobs. It means Anu’s pussy was just below me. I fucked her pussy for a couple of minutes too, during which Seema kissed Anu and sucked on her boobs too. They entered the lesbian world. I stopped. And they realized it. Seema kissed me and asked me to fuck her virgin ass too. I told Anu “you’ve got enough bitch. go to your bed”. She got down from the bed and I fucked Seema’s virgin ass. Again it was painful and I came in her ass hole. She thanked me for playing it slow in taking her virginity and not causing severe pain. I kissed her passionately one more time. I went to bathroom for cleaning up. Seema took my hand indicating she wants to join me there as well. Jealous anu also came with us. I washed Seema’s deflowered pussy clean and kissed it. I knew Anu was feeling jealous. I cleaned her pussy and kissed it too. I made a light tickle on her clit to make her smile.


Then they both cleaned my cock and balls. They kissed it too and it became a competition as to who gets to kiss more. They again started sucking my cock and balls. They didn’t stop even when I asked to. They lifted one of my leg and kept it on the sink slab and licked all over my groin. They wanted to take my cum on their face. They kept their faces near my cock, mouths open and Anu started to masturbate me. I sprayed once again on their faces. Anu directed my cock so that I spray equally on both of them. Seema took most of it in her mouth and they did a cum-swap. Seema spit my cum into Anu’s mouth. They licked the remaining juice off their faces. And we had a hot shower together where we kissed and played with each other’s assets. I got dressed up and I had to leave.


By the way, time was 3.30. I had to wait till 4 for the watchman to take his regular 2-hour-once break. Seema showered kisses on me till then. She also started smoking that night with joy. She took one from Anu and enjoyed. I hugged them and kissed one more time before I escaped from the hostel. I hope you people enjoyed the story. And the story is a fiction. Leave your valuable comments on or I’m also available on messengers with same id. People who wanna chat about sex and wanna be friends, can add me and those who want some favors, please stay away. Hand shake for guys. boobs shake for girls.


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