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Cousin Sister K Saath Chudai Ka Maza

This story is about 8 months ago. If you have any questions from the main tab, then go to the top 15. I would also like to know how much I was able to do in Pata Chala. Wo bachpan se bohut khubsurat thi I would also like to see if there is a lot of information about it. Find out if you want to delete the label. Wo chutiyon main jayda tar hamare pass hi aati thi I do not know how I was able to save myself.

I do not know when I was in the hospital. Everything is going to be okay. Sham ko aayi thi I do not know how to do the same with the name of the person, and for the first time in my life I have come here. Hamara has a double story and my room is up We only take a small amount of money in my room and do not know what to do. Phir thori der hum so gaye.

I was not sure about it Maine did not know about the sex story in the column on the papers and on the other hand. I have seen some of the things that I am looking for in my life and I do not know what to do here. Maine pc band kiya aur bed par aakar let gaya Uses salwar suit before We have heard from you that we have written a letter to you about our request. Par kar na saka You have to open the door to the address of your friend. No feedback has been made from the main person on this issue. We did not even react to


I had to go to the main home of my country to get a shirt in my hair, but I did not know what to do. Mera has jyada ander na ja saka. Jab maine has had a lot to do with which I have had his pakadas and I do not know what I mean. Main tab to go
Wo thori der fahd so gayi general How are you going? If you want to do that, you will be able to do so.

I am still young Wo only parents had a breakfast meeting When I used to use the normal behavior, I used to think it was normal. We thank you for the great pleasure of meeting the guests. Mayine also behave normally I came to you and asked you to take me to your house tomorrow morning. Phir Main Nahane Chala went to him and he went straight to the place.

When we were in the room, I went to the main house and went to a place where there was no reason to loose the suit. Wo aakar bed par beth gayi Humne thori der tv dekha aur phir so gaye. I do not even know that I have never forgotten my name since I am going to meet him at the home where I am going to meet you at the top of the road. There is no reaction to us Phir maine uski sirt ke aur haath dal shirt dhok hone ki wajah se myera haath aasani jaan raha tha


Unse aaj bra bhi dheeli pehni thi mera hath uske poore boob par tha. Usne abhi bhi koi reaction nai diya. Main dhiree dhiree uske boob ko press karne laga.Mujhe bohut maza a raha tha. Jab uski taraf se koi reaction nai hua to meri himat bari aur maine uske thighs par apne pair touch kiya. Phir maine apna haath uski shirt se nikala aur uski thighs par hath rakha aur phir thori der baad haath ko thighs par rub karne laga.

Phir thori der baad hath dhire se salwar ke upar se hi uski pussy par le gaya. Uske taraf se koi reaction nai tha. Phir maine hath uske salwar mein dala usne mera haath achanak se pakad liya. Main dar gaya aur apne hath ko uske haath se chudane ke liye khicha par usne mera haath kas ke pakad liya jab maine uski taraf dekha to wo jag rahi thi. Mian aur dar gayaaur jathke se apna haath uske hath se khinch liya. Aur seedha ho kar let gaya. Usne kuch nai kaha aur chup chap leti rahi.

Meri to neend hi udh gayi. Maine thori der baad uski tarf dekha to wo meri muh kar ke leti hui thi aur uski aankhein band thi. Uske boobs thore bahar the mera boobs ko dekh kar phir unhe chune ka mann hua. Maine phir himmat jutai aur haath uske boobs par rakh diya. Jab maine uske boob ko dabaya to usne mera haath pakda aur aankhein khol li. Maine himmat dikhayi aur uske haath chudane ki jagah uske boob ko aur jor se daba diya.
Wo kuch nai boli sirf meri taraf dekh rahi thi.

Mai uske paas gaya aur uske mathe pe chum liya. Usne kuch nahi kaha. Phir maine uske lips par apne lips laga kar uske lips ko chusne laga par wo sath nai de rahi thi bus mujhe dekh hi rahi thi aur uski haath ki grip bhi kamhjor ho gayi thi. Maine uske lips ko choda aur apna haath suke shirt mein aur ander dala aur aur boobs ko pura pakad kar jor se daba diya. Uske boob bilkul khare the aur sakht the Usne aankhein band kar ke apne niche ke lips ko kata. Maine phir uske lips ko chusne laga aur uske shirt ko utarne laga ab wo bhi sath de rahi thi


Meri tounge lick kar rahi thi aur apni kamar upar kar ke shirt uttarne mein madad kar rahi thi apni kamar upar utha kar. Maine uski shirt utari aur phir uske lips ko chod kar uske boobs par kiss karne laga aur piche haath dal kar uski bra open karne laga. Aur phir uski bra bhi khol di aur nipples ko chusne laga. Wo mere sir ko apne haathon se daba rahi thi. Aur mon kar rahi thi ummmh haaaaa. Par aur kuch bol nahi rahi thi.

Main apne ek haath ko uski salwar mein dala aur pussy par rub karne laga. Wo aur jyada mon karne lagiiii. Phir maine uske dusre boob ko lick karna shuru kiya aur apni ek finger ko uski pussy mein dala aur dusre haath ke thumb ko uske muh mein daal diya. Wo uske bade maze se chus rahi thi. Phir main uski salwar uttarne laga aur saath mein hi uski panty bhi uttar di. Phir maine salwar side par rakhi aur uth kar light on kar di


Wo mere samne bikul nangi thi. Uska badan par ek bhi baal nahi tha. Usne apni aankhein band karli aur apni pussy par hath rakh liya. Mujhse kehne lagi light band kar do.hum dono mein se pehli bar koi bola tha. Lekin maine uski baat ko unsuna kara aur bed par aa kar uske lips cusne lag aur. Phir usne apni aankhen kholi aur apna haath sidha pera penis par rakh kar use rub karne lagi. Mujhse kehne lagi bhaiya mujhe to nang kar diya khub kyun nai hue . maine kaha khud karlo aur uske samne kahada ho gaya.

Wo kahdi hui aur jaldi jaldi mere kapde uttarne lagi aur mujhe nanga kar diya aur khade penis ko dekhne lagi. Phir wo niche beth gayi aur mere penis ko haath mein lekar shake karne lagi. Phir mere top ko bahar nikal kar uss par kiss kiya phir lick kiya aur phir use muh mein lekar chusne lagi. Mere ko bohut maza aa raha tha. Maine uss ke sar ko pakad kar mouth fuck karne laga. Usne mere haathon se sir nikala aur phir meri balls pe lick karne lagi main to out of control ho raha tha.

Wo asie hi mere penis ko 5 min tak chusti rahi aur phir bed par let gayi. Aur kahne lagi bahiya plz jaldi penis dalo kal se khujli ho rahi hai. main yeh sun out of control ho gaya aur seedha uski tangon ke beech mein aa gaya. Uski tangon ko khola aur uski pussy par penis rub karne laga. Maine uss se pucha ke tum virgin ho. Usne kaha nahi. Maine nahi pucha ke uski virginity kaise gayi aur apne penis us ski pussy mein insert karne laga. Uss kafi tight thi. Par dhire dhire pura penis under chala gya aur usne rukne ko kaha. Main ruka aur uske boobs chusne laga. Phir usne kaha bhaiya ab dhire dhire dhake lagao.

Main dhire dhire use chodne laga aur saath mein uske lips aur boobs chus raha tha. Who moon kar rahi thi. 2 min chodne ke baad wo jhad gayi aur mujhe rukne ko kaha. Phir maine use ulta kar ke usse ghodi banya aur penis insert kar diya aur tezi se chodne laga 2 min chodne ke baad wo phir jahd gayi aur main bhi jadne ke karib tha. Phir 2-3 min baad jab main jhadne wala tha to apne penis ko bahar nikala aur uski gand pe apna sara maal chor diya.


We did not want to come to the house and get married. I want to leave you alone I have kissed him on my knees and I have had a bhaiya moha aaya. Humne uss raat aur phir sex ki aur phir so gaye .. wo mere ghar 10 jaar rahi hahne harat masti ki.Yeh meri pehli story thi .. kaise lagi mail jaroor at Aur auhi lady, please talk to the girl and send her a message. Byeeeee friends.



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