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College Sex Fest To The Bed

I am an anchor in college. We had a College fest in our college n I was in the 1st year. As a part of giving opportunity to the newcomers to the college, I was selected to anchor the whole fest with a 3rd year girl that means a girl who was 2 years older than me. Her name was Andy (Name changed). I was very excited to anchor with her as she was very cute, beautiful n sexy. She was very good looking n many boys were behind her. She had 34-28-34. I liked her very much. At first we were just as senior n junior. But as the days passed we anchored the whole fest n rocked it. Everyone started saying that we made a good pair.

Then we became very good friends. We exchanged our numbers n were chatting every day every second. These chatting made us closer. Once I asked her whether I could call her at night n she said ok. Than I called her on that night n talked for hours. This continued almost everyday. Finally we chatted talking about our sex life like if I was a virgin n she was a virgin n all. But to know we both were virgin. Then we used to sex chat on our phones everyday. She used get very aroused with me on phone sex. Than one day she said she wants be naked with me pointing that she wants to have sex with me. I was very happy n said that we will have sex as soon as we get chance.



As I was staying at my cousin’s place, I had to send my cousin out to have sex with Andy. Then one fine day my cousin returned from his work place n said that he is leaving to US for an urgent meeting with his clients. I thought this is the best opportunity to have my first ever sex. I texted Andy that we are going to go to the heaven tomorrow. I asked her to come to my home at 9 in the morning. N she said ok. Morning. She was there at my home at sharp 9. She came below my home n called me to say that she was here. I said watch out for the neighbor’s n get in. I had kept my door open. She caught the right moment n came into my home.

I welcomed her with a hug n asked her to sit down on the sofa. I asked her whether I can get something for her to eat or drink. She said no it’s ok. Then I sat next to her. I could smell her awesome perfume. I was excited by that smell itself. I must confess that the girl’s hair smell is the most exciting thing. Then I asked her if she was comfortable. She said ya. Then I held her hands in mine. I am very much tensed than I asked her can I kiss her suddenly she said “ u know that I am virgin and this is my first time so please be slow don’t go wild” I said ok than went near to her lips finally my lips was on hers It was so soft and felt like a strawberry.

We kissed very slowly at the beginning and then began to roll over tongue in each other’s mouth I removed my shirt and pant and I was only In my inner wear and said her to sleep and I slept on her it was so warmth feeling it was amazing I removed my full dress she touched my penis I could feel the heat in her hands then I began to press her breast though it was of medium size it was hard and pointed than I continued my foreplay I pressed her navel and played with her boobs and navel for twenty minutes than it was her turn she began to lick my neck and my nipples and then I asked her to suck my dick for which she refused saying that it was her first time and she don’t want to that than I asked her to remove her dress.


Omg! it was heaven to see a girl fully naked in front of me her boobs were white with a pink nipple she slept I became mad and jumped on her that was the first time my skin was completely touching hers it was somewhat a very good feeling we began to kiss then she asked me “please suck my pussy please “ so I went down it was totally cleaned pussy went for the first time I ever saw a girl pussy I kissed it and began to lick it that kissed it hard she was moaning loud and louder than I began to fuck her with my tongue she became mad and began to scream like anything than I inserted one of my finger her pussy was already very wet.


I could feel the drops on my fingers than she said that she can’t wait anymore please fuck me. She warned me to be very slow my seven inch cock was hard like hell than I put I condom and then inserted inside slowly friends believe me it was so hot I could feel a barrier I tried to push it her hole was very tight I tried little more she said to stop it was paining a lot than again I liked her pussy for some more time than decided I must fuck her this time and began to insert it was little bit tight even I was feeling some pain but

I did not stopped and finally pushed little inside I could feel a barrier she said its paining go slow than I mounted my lips on hers and pushed it with much pressure she screamed and blood began to flow than I could see the tears in her eyes I asked is it paining a lot must I stop it but she said that please don’t stop now but move slowly I began to move slowly up and down it was heavenly experience I had ever experienced in my life in ten minutes we both reached the climax we took rest for ten minutes we had some snacks .

And again after some time I began to fuck her but this time it was not that difficult my cock went inside her pussy with little effort I started to do it faster she was just screaming like hell than I asked her not to make that much sound any one can hear us I just mounted my lips on hers and began to fuck her very fast she was biting my lips like anything then finally I came inside her whole night we had that many number of times. Then in the morning she left to her home town. After this we were in contact till she was there in the college. She passed out from the college after 6 months n went to US after which I have not talked to her even once. Friends this was my real story I hope u all like it and please mail your



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