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Chatting Leads To Dating Sex

Chatting Leads To Dating Sex After chatting all the usual stuffs i asked her whether i can meet her. She hesitated initially and finally said Yes to me. Though i saw her in pic i was too nervous as i am going to meet her. When we chatted we never chatted sexy or romantic. I boarded the bus from Chennai with all dreams and i reached Mysore the next morning. She told me initially that she will come and pick me up but she didnt turn up. During the chat on last day she shared her mobile number.

I called her after reaching Mysore, but the number was switched off. I was really tensed.I was wondering why she switched off her mobile. After an hour i received a call from her and she apologized as there was no battery. I replied her that i reached Mysore and she told me that she cannot come to pick me up as she was tied up with some other work. She gave me her address and i took an auto to reach her place. Again my heart started beating fast in excitement and i reached her place in 20 mins.


Her house was not as big as bungalows but quite a decent one. After hearing the auto sound the door opened. It was her mom and she already told her parents that her friend is coming to Mysore for a wedding. So she invited me and i entered their home. I kept my bag out and started removing my shoes. Then she invited me into the living room. The time was around 6.30 AM and i was tired after the journey. But my excitement overcame the tiredness.

I went into the living room and sat on the sofa. The room was neat and i found all the things in living room are kept perfectly.Probably she should have done it the previous day to look neat. Aunty told Harini that i came and i am waiting in the living room and she went to get me some coffee.

Now i saw one of the bedrooms open up and Harini came out. OMG she was gorgeous in white tops and black skirt. She looked like an angel. She came in and greeted me Good Morning and i was stunned in her beauty. Aunty came and gave us coffee. We started chatting and i was admiring her beauty. Her eyes were lovely. After having a chat for 15 mins aunty asked me to take bath and come as breakfast will be ready it seems. I opened my suitcase and kept my towel and my jeans pant and shirt with my jockey. I hide my jockey inside my jean so that everything is normal.

By that time news paper came in and her dad came in from jogging. I greeted him and we were discussing few stuffs about my job, Chennai life etc. Harini was sitting next to her dad and i use to have a glance when i chatted with her dad. The time went on and uncle went for bath. Harini asked me to take bath in her bathroom as breakfast needs to be served hot. So i went into her bathroom to take bath. I brushed my teeth and came out to change my dress to wear towel. I asked Harini to stay outside her room as i felt shy. She understood and went to kitchen to help her mom.

I removed the dress which i was wearing and changed to towel.I went inside the bathroom and took my mobile. I messaged her that she is beautiful and i like her a lot. I immediately got a reply as Thank you. Wow….what an experience. I am in a girl’s bathroom for the first time and i am messaging her. She messaged me to come fast as she wants to have the breakfast hot.

So i opened the shower and started taking bath and thats when i realized that i didnt bring my soap. My soap is in my suitcase and if i ask her to get it, her mom will suspect that how i communicated with her when i am in bathroom. I looked out whether i can find any new soap there, but in vain. I found used soap. So i messaged her that i left the soap. She asked me to use it which is in the bathroom. There were 2 soaps. Hamam and Lux and i asked her which one to use. She said go ahead with anything. I asked her whether she took bath. She replied Yes and she told me that she was waiting for me. I was so happy and i found out that Lux was used by her as Hamam was dry. I told her that i will use Lux. She said fine.

I took the soap and smelled her and applied all over my body and enjoyed it. After shower i cleaned myselves and came out to her bedroom. I dried my hair and body and worn the new dress. I wore my shorts and decided not to wear my jockey as i can cover it with my tshirt. I worn my tshirt and 3/4ths shorts and went to living room. She saw me and complimented me for looking fresh. So we all 4 started to have breakfast and after that her dad was leaving outside.


Now i am there with my Harini and her mom. I thought i should take some chance now after chatting with her from her bathroom. I messaged her “can we chat in private”. She said Wait. Her mom went to kitchen to clean the stuffs and Harini came and sat to me in the living hall. We were chatting casually and i saw her closely.I admired her beauty. Her white tops was cute and i could see her breast were small. we were chatting so may stuff and suddenly her mom came. She told me that she is going out for shop and will be back in 10 mins.

So she sent her mom and locked the door. we were watching TV and she told me that we have 10 mins and we can chat in private. i admired her beauty and praised her. She was blushing. I asked her to come and sit on my armrest of the chair. She came and sat. Wov she was so closed and i hugged her with her hip for the first time. Her hip must be 28 and it was so romantic. i massaged her hip and told her that she is beautiful.She said u r handsome. Though i hold her hip i didnt dare to kiss her. So i was waiting for that moment. But then the door bell rang and her mom came from grocery shopping. We departed and i was cursing my shyness. Then she took me to her bedroom and was showing her gifts and certificates which she had. i was sitting in the chair and she was taking it from her shelves.

When she stretched her hand i found her tops rose and i saw her bare hip…Wov guys hip of a girl always drive crazy. i was unable to control and i got up from my chair. As i already touched her hip over her tops i decided to start in that way. I was chatting with her and i went behind her and i hold her hip. I was touching her skin and tops and she got shocked. She said her mom will come from kitchen at anytime and she asked me to take my hands. I told her to leave me for a min as i liked her hip. She too liked it but she was scared.

So she went to the door and closed it slightly so that even if her mom comes she can adjust. She closed it and i hugged her. Wovvvvvvvv now i am hugging her with permission and i slowly inserted my hand inside her tops. She asked me to stop as she feels different. I begged her to feel her hip and she said just once. I said fine and i inserted my hand and she felt so special and i massaged her hip…Wov it was so special and she asked me to remove. I slowly removed and i suddenly caught her again and was massaging her hip.

She was smiling at me and said mom will come anytime. So i removed it and sat in my chair. i was admiring her curves and complimenting her whenever i had a chance. Lunch time came and we had lunch. After lunch she wanted to take rest for sometime. So she went to her bed. I was watching TV and chatting with aunty. After sometime few neighbours came and aunty went to speak to them.

Now i saw Harini sleeping like and it was like a red rose on a lush green field. I was watching TV and i went to her bedroom. I took a look on her gifts and i kept it few as a reason to tell her mom in case if she comes in suddenly.

Now aunty was speaking outside, uncle went out for work, my Harini is sleeping and i am next to her. I played my trick again. i called her name Harini.She was telling hmmmm. i asked her r u feeling sleepy and she was replying, yes da. i slowly kept my hands on her hip and massaged it. she told me to be careful as her mom will come. As she didnt deny i kept my hands and i was massaging her hip. she was moaning slowly and i decided to have her at any cost. Then i lifted her skirt till her knees and i was massaging her legs. She stopped me when i was about to proceed further and she got up. She looked angry and i thought she didnt liked it.

After that she didnt speak to me nor replied to my messages. i was confused and started watching TV. I planned to return the same night to Chennai and i was worried that i missed good chances. Then suddenly she told her mom that she wants to come to Chennai as there is an interview it seems. As i am returning to Chennai, aunty asked me to take her.


I was so happy that i will have 1 full night to spend with this beauty. So we reached the bus stand and still she was angry on me. We got into KPN and we shared the seats. She was in Window seat and i took the Aisle. It was 9 PM and the bus started. It was full and then as the bus started she started speaking to me casually. i was happy and chatting with her. After 20 mins, they switched off the light and we were chatting slowly so that those who sleep doesnt gets disturbed.

I was so happy to chat with her and she told me that she is feeling sleepy and wanna sleep. I cursed my luck again and i told her Good Night. She too replied Good Night and started to sleep. I was watching a movie which was running and i was not sure how to start. The bus was in full speed and after 5 mins she asked me to close the window as its too cold. I closed it and she asked me whether she can lie down on my lap. I was happy and i told her Yes.

She laid down with her face facing me and she started to chat. She asked me why i raised her skirt and i apologized her that her legs were beautiful. She smiled and my manhood started to raise. I was wearing jean ofcourse with jockey and her smile was giving me a tent. i controlled and i started chatting with her. i slowly touched her hip and she didnt object. i slowly massaged it and after 5 mins i kept my hand inside her salwar. i could see her inside cloth which she tugged in inside her pants. i was disappointed that i couldnt touch her bare hip and i was massaging her over her inside cloth. she was seeing my activities and was chatting with me.

I slowly pulled her inner cloth from pant as it was too tight. she laughed and asked me what am i doing. i told her that i would like to massage her hip. She smiled and i took that as a green signal and removed her cloth from her pant and touched her bare hip. She liked it and closed her eyes. I asked her to open her eyes and she said No. I was massaging her hip and i can see her eyeballs moving under excitement. I massaged her and slowly inserted my hand and took her whole stomach and i started massaging it.

She asked me to do slow as i am massaging harsh. now i started doing slowly. it was so romantic. after sometime, she told me that she is feeling sleepy. i asked her to sleep but i didnt remove my hand from her hip. she started to sleep and i was massaging her hip, stomach slowly. After 10 mins, i slowly took my other hand and touched her lips. she didnt respond. i called her name. She didnt respond. I slowly massaged her lips and kept my fingers inside her mouth and felt her upper nad lower lips and her teeth. it was so romantic and there was no restriction from her.

Now the bus stooped for a small break and i adjusted her dress and i woke her up that if she wants to have something. She asked for a coffee and we went for the restaurant. during our coffee she asked me”are u mad on my hip”. i replied yes and she said ok and whatever u do, pls be slow. i got that as a green signal and i dont want to loose her relationship in this one night. So after the bus started, they switched off the lights and she lay down on my lap and this time i again kept my hand on her hip. To my surprise she didnt adjust her inner cloth and it was easy for me to touch her hip. i asked her y u didnt tuck in. she replied “anyhow u r going to remove it. whats the point in tucking it again” and we were laughing each other. it was 11.30 PM and she said she is feeling sleepy.

I told her to sleep and started massaging her slowly..after sometime i slowly raised my hand and went little bit up and touched her upper part. i was about to reach her breast but still i was in fear whether she might shout. After 15 mins massaging her i slowly kept my hands on her bra and started massaging her breast. Thats the first time i am touching a breast. It felt so good and i was watching her whether she reacts fine. She just closed my eyes (not sure whether she pretends sleeping).


Slowly i kept my hand under her bra and tried moving my hand inside her bra. after few seconds i succeeded and touched her bare breast. Wov…it was sensational and i hold her breast. Guys never guess a girls breast size from their dress. It varies. It was a good size and it was not as small as i saw her with tops on it. She didnt open her eyes and i started feeling her breast. i tweaked her nipple and i was really big. after 30 mins of massage i changed to her another breast and massaged it. i really felt the pain in my hands after massaging for almost an hour without break on her breast and i thought i should take a break but not to loose the fun too. so i came down slowly and touched her navel.

Her pant was tight and i couldnt move my hands down. i slowly succeeded and kept my hands on her panty. Before i could open her panty cloth she woke up and asked me to remove my hand and i removed it. She got up and started sleeping on her own in the seat. She didnt speak to me for few mins and she started crying. I asked her sorry and she asked me not to keep my hands down.

I said sorry to her and i leaned on her. She was not wearing Dhupatta and i was close to her breast. i almost leaned on her chest and started to sleep. She didnt stop me. I hold her face, turned her and i kissed her on her forehead, then on her eyes. she said ok and she wiped her tears. i kissed her cheeks and she said enough. I slowly pushed her close and started kissing her lips. that was the first time i am kissing a girl and she tasted awesome. she too responded and we had a long kiss. then i touched her breast.

She said No as her dress will show clearly that her breasts were crushed. So i asked her to keep my hands inside and she said No. It was 4 AM and she said the light started. i cursed the sun and i requested her to lie down on my lap. She laid down and now i kept my hands inside her chudi and hold her breast. She told me to massage the right breast as i was massaging the left for a longer time earlier. I was so happy and she was enjoying my massage and i crushed her melons. The pitiest part is i couldnt see it or suck it.

She was enjoying it and she saw my zipper in jeans. she kept her hands on it and was removing it slowly.i was stunned by her boldness and i asked her to stop. She replied me that she cant and opened my zipper. i was wearing a blue jockey with designs on it. she kept her hands inside and started massaging it. Her touch made me mad and i was in cloud 9.

She asked me to massage her breast until she asked me to stop. So iwas massaging her breast and she massaged my cock on my jockey. She slowly found that my cock has grown big and she asked me whether its paining bcos of the grown size. I told her Yes so that she will stop it and become normal. But she massaged more harsh and opened my jockey down.

My cock sprang out and she didnt touch it. it was close to her lips and she was teasing me by not touching it. I started loosing my tempo and begged her to kiss it. she slowly touched the tip of my cock and started playing with it. She slowly massaged it and started kissing…Wov…it was unbelievable. She was sucking like an icecream and i was in heaven. she couldnt touch my balls and she scolded me for wearing such a tight jean where my cock couldnt come out fully…She sucked it and i cummed.

She drank it fully and she told her that it tastes different. i felt so good and was massaging her badly…She got up and i removed my hands from her. I was trying to put my cock in and she said No. She kept her hands on it and was massaging it with her hands and chatting with me. she was admiring the size and explaining the size of it. After sometime she removed her hand and asked me to dress up as passengers were getting up from the sleep. She teased me badly so i decided to get that extra pleasure. So i told her to put my cock in and put my zipper. she denied. i told her that i will be like this and let others see. she was shocked and told me that i am naughty.


She put my cock in and as it was so big it felt tough to get into my boxers. Then she started zipping it…wov…what a feel…when she zipped fully i felt relaxed. At that moment she suddenly unzipped pulled my boxer down and took the whole cock out and started sucking. Unexpected blowjob and she was sucking badly. This time she got my balls and started massaging while sucking my cock…It was superb and she dressed me.

Chatting Leads To Dating Sex

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