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Chaachee kee chudaaee PDF Hindi Stories

Chaachee kee chudaaee PDF Hindi Stories


Read this Hindi Sex Story here!
(in PDF format)

Chaachee kee chudaaee PDF Hindi Stories


i am of 22 years old.and of height 5″6.

and my body lengths are 38 32 36.i have big boobs.i look very sexy.i am proud to say that ican attract guys easily. That day I was going to banglore through bus.when I got to the bus I found my seat beside a guy who is of 25 years old.

i went and sat in my seat.bus started and all lights in the bus are kept off after one hour.and since our seat is at end no one can observe us easily.After 2 hours of our travel I was sleeping and felt some thing on my body.

I notice that it was the hand of the person who was siting my side.But I did’nt open my eyes, acted as if sleeping.because since last day I was very hot.last day night in my house my parents slept and I didnt get sleep and went and watched tv.

when I am surfing channels I came in to incident of kising was great erotic malayalam movie.i was unable to change the chanel and watched the was very sexy.from that time I was very I was unable to say no when the guy in the bus touched me;

then slowly he placed his hands on my boobs.he started slowly to message my was giving me the different feeling,Which can’t be expressed.He slowly opened the hooks of my blouse.Then I opened my eyes,and allowed him to do it.

i helped him by removing my bra,and pulling my boobs up.he started to teese my nipples.i was very good,i asked his to do it more roughly.i was his to do more more…he pressed them squezed pulled.but that enjoyment was not sufficient.

so I took my cell phone and switched on the vibrator ant put it in my pussy. and when the vibrator started vibrating wow great. now I was in heven with that vibrator,and he squeezing my boobs.i was near to cum.then he removed my cell phone

and sat between my legs and slowly seperated my lege.opened them videly.i opened my legs more as much I can.then he licked with his tounge on my pussy lips.slowly kept his tounge in to my ass hole.then started giving good blow job.i was really great.


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