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Biju and Suma enjoying brother sister sex

Biju and Suma enjoying brother sister sex

His parents have to go to office and his sister Suma who was in the first year in the college said that she will sit with him and take care of him. She was just 18 and was helping her mother in the kitchen and in other house hold works. Now she has to stay back and take care of her brother.

The brother and sister liked each other very much and they slept in the same cot in the second bedroom in the house. There was no space to put another cot in the bedroom and hence they had to sleep in the same cot. In his younger years, Suma used to bathe him and put on his dress and books etc.

Now he is grown up and said he needs no help from her and used to take care of himself. Now with a bandage he certainly will not be able to take bath. Suma asked Biju to come to the bath room so that she may bathe him. He was shy and told her that he does not want to bathe.


She laughed at him and told him that he will smell foul if he does not take bath and made him to come so that she may wash him body. Reluctantly Biju went to the bathroom. Suma removed his clothes one by one and when she pulled down his underwear she found to utter surprise that he had his penis 5″ long. She poured water over his body and applied soap.

When she came to touch his cock it got erect and stood still bigger. She rubbed the cock and the balls and she was wet in her panty. She poured water over Biju and bathed him but his cock stook erect. Biju was shy and cover his face with his bandaged hand. Suma wiped his body and when she pressed the cock with the towel she found it to be very hard and erect.

She felt like just kissing it and putting it in her mouth and suck it. She resisted her temptation and put on a fresh underwear on Biju and lead him to his bed. She tound it very difficult to push an erect cock into an underwear. She went and lied with him in his cot and was trying to talk to him. Her hand went in search of the erect cock of Biju and held it in firm grip.

She asked why it became so erect so suddenly and what he did to make it erect. How it will become soft and limp. Biju did not reply her because he knew no answer. She kissed him on his cheeks and then on his chest. Biju kissed her back. She just kissed his cock and looked at him. Biju was just smiling and looked at her.


She opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth running her tongue all over it. Biju enjoyed her action, but did not say anything. Suma changed her body position so that her boob pressed on the hand of Biju or rather tempting him to press her boob. She thrust his cock into her mouth so deep that it would have reached her throat.

Biju liked it so much that he moved his body up so that his cock may go deep into her mouth. He was reaching his orgasm that he thought something went out of his cock into her mouth. From the sudden spasm she knew that he had shot his cum into her mouth. But she swallowed it and she could not even know the taste.



She raised her head and asked him whether he enjoyed her action. Shyly he admitted. There after they enjoyed everynight in their own way. Biju learnt from senior students in his class more about sex and fucking positions and all. They gave him small books with photos of various fucking couple.

Suma learnt from her friends more about sex and about safe sex, calculating safe period etc. One year passed and their sex activity confined only to blow jobs by Suma. One day she asked Biju whether he will lick her cunt, he very willingly said yes. She closed the door and bolted it safely and in the little light of the bedroom lamp opened her legs wide and showed him her pussy.

There was lot of bushy curly hair in her pussy and Biju thught for a while. But being the first opportunity he did not want to miss it and hence leaned over and opened her cunt lips and with his tongue searched for her clitoris. Suma was overwhelmed and was hissing softly. They both were afraid to make any noice which will be heard by their parents.


They both consulted about the safe period for Suma and Biju inaugurated his fucking his sister. They both knew it will be a painful affair, but they made lot of preparations and finally they decided on a particular day. Biju wanted her to remove all public hair and to keep her pussy clean. The cream was applied under his direct supervision and ultimately it was smooth and her chin.

Afterwards it was a wild affair. Both enjoyed and who to dictate right and wrong. They took utmost care to see that their new sex adventure does not affect their academic career. Somehow without any hitch they got through the courses.

Now was the time both the brother and sister to separate and go in their own way. Biju went to the engineering college, and Suma tried some PG course in Business Management. But her parents were busy to get her fixed up for a marriage. Finally she got married and went to Muscat.


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