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Bhabhi bhabhi ki chudai

She was looking very sexy while dancing. I got lost in his thoughts on seeing him, his size would be 36-30-32, I kept looking at him every day and when he looked at me, he gave me a little smile and he gave no response 3-4 times, but Later she started giving smiles too.

When I first saw the sister-in-law, I had found a virgin girl. Then I indicated to her that you come down, I have to give you the number, then she came down on my request and I gave her my number. Then in the evening her call came and we talked, then she told that I am married and my husband stays out of business mostly.

I told him that you are looking virgin, we would have talked for about 5 minutes when the call first came. After that we started talking everyday. Earlier we used to talk here and there.

Then one day after I called him I love you, he rebuked me and said that we are just friends. I celebrated her a lot and said that I have started loving you, so she said that I think. Then after 2 days when we were talking, when I asked her again, she said yes. Then we started talking more than before and started talking about sex too.

One day I said to my sister-in-law that we would go somewhere, so she said that I cannot go anywhere without speaking to my mother-in-law. Then I told him an idea that we can go for a walk when your class is in time, so he said that it is fine. Let me tell you that the time of his class is from 2 to 5 pm. She always wore tops and jeans, she looked very beautiful in a T-shirt.

One day the sister-in-law got a call at 10 in the morning and she said that today we go somewhere to roam. There was no place for my happiness and I started waiting for his call at 12 noon. Then at 1 o’clock in the afternoon his call came and he said that you come to pick me up on the street near my class, I will wait for you at 2 o’clock.

Then I reached there at exactly 2 pm, so she had not come yet. Then after 5 minutes she came and today she was wearing a saree, in which she looked very hot and sexy, I was thinking that I should go and kiss her now, but what would I do? If someone had come there, we would have been in trouble, so I did nothing. Then she came and sat on my bike and we went for a walk towards the city and then went to a restaurant, where we ate food and sister-in-law was feeding me with great love.

Then while eating and eating, I asked my sister-in-law what I had to do to you, so she said that they do it in the kitchen here, everyone is watching. Then I told him to go to the hotel room and after he said yes, I went to a hotel and booked the room and we were now alone and as soon as we went inside the room, I immediately caught the sister-in-law and kissed her on the cheek. Started doing Then sister-in-law said, please have a little patience, I am not going anywhere. I am yours forever

Then I said that my love is right for you, but now we have to separate after 2 hours. So she started laughing and I love you kiss me. Then we kissed each other for 15 minutes, I like to kiss, and while kissing, my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law was moving very fast, which was torturing me very much.

Then after kissing on the lips for 15 minutes, kissing her sister’s throat slowly, kissed her boob from the top of her blouse and pressed the boobs harder. Then after 5 minutes I removed both her blouse and bra and cracked on her like crazy and she had become very hot. Now it was his turn, then he took off my shirt and started kissing my body and biting me with teeth, I could not understand anything of the law.

Then later sister-in-law gave me the paint and started caressing my cock from outside, my 6 inch cock was very excited to have sex. Then for 2 minutes the sister-in-law did this and then later she completely naked me and seeing my cock, she became crazy and started saying that your cock is very big. Then after taking out my weapon, she started kissing on the cock and then started sucking it. I was enjoying it very much and sister-in-law was sucking my cock like lollipop. Then she kept sucking my cock for 7-8 minutes and then after that she fell and sister-in-law drank all my juice. Then it was my turn. Then I was kissing her on the boobs, then sister-in-law said that no more torture me, tear my life please, my pussy and quench my thirst. Then I told my sister-in-law that she would sleep on the bed Has gone.

Then I put my cock on her pussy and I was putting the cocks in the pussy, but the sister-in-law’s pussy was a bit tight, because after 2-3 months, the sister-in-law was doing all this, so then I hit 3 licks, then my whole cock was her She went inside the pussy and started screaming. After that, his speed was gradually increasing and different types of voices were coming from his sister’s mouth as well.

Then I got sister-in-law for 15 minutes, after that, she fell and during that time, sister-in-law had to fall 2 times. After that we lay on the bed and kissed each other on the lips. Now whenever we get time, we go somewhere to roam and we have a lot of fun and all the expenses are paid by the sister-in-law and she gives me money sometimes for my expenses also.

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