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Beautiful Journey To Boobiful Love

Though the company was providing accommodation in nearby town which was only 15 min from the company, I chose to up & down every day, so that I can stay with my parents. I used to leave from my home early in the morning and used to go by private mini bus initially as it was faster than govt. bus. The journey used to be boring as most of the stations between were villages and most of the people boarding the bus were rustic.
I continued going by this bus every day for about one month or so. It was winter at that time. On one foggy day I did not wake up in the morning in time and missed the bus, so I had to go by govt. bus. Oh god I hate these buses, but I had no other choice. I got the side seat in the bus. The bus was full with passengers and got packed once it left my town. Many people were standing there.

After about 15 min. run there came a village and 4-5 ladies in saree boarded on the bus. They were not clearly visible to me as there was so much of crowd. They stood near the door only as there was no space, after sometime one of the ladies was standing beside me, she was in saree only but she had wrapped dupatta on her face and tied it well, so only her eyes were visible. She seemed to be educated and not a villager. I could not resist showing my manners and being kind to her by offering her my seat. She obliged and set there and I stood nearby her. As it was cold whether she had wrapped soul over upper part of the body. So no part of her body was exposed, so there was no reason I got sexually attracted towards her. But she was looking young lady in shape, and I got impressed by her simplicity. I dropped at my factory; she continued her journey may be till the next town.


After that I got involved in my work. After few days I had to stay back in the factory for few more days to delegate work to subordinate staff, which stay in the night shift. I missed the private bus that evening. Another bus was after one & half hour. There came a govt. bus, it was packed as usual but I managed to get on it. After few stoppages, I could get some space to stand only. I was standing hopelessly and suddenly sensed a touch of soft hand on my back. I looked back the same lady was seating there and offering me her seat, but I did not accept her request as she had to stand then. After a while she dropped at her place and I got to sit on that seat. She emptied her seat just before her station. This time I could see her figure though not completely, specially her lean waist from side, when she has raised one of her hand to hold and stand in the bus.

I found that many of the passengers were traveling by seasonal pass, she may be doing the same thing I thought; as it is cost effective and I also decided to try and go for the pass ticket and started up & down by govt. bus from the next day to save money. May be the hidden desire was I would be able to see her every day. But next day only I got disappointed when she was not seen around in the bus. It was Saturday then, maybe she is having weekly off or she may be traveling occasionally. Unconsciously thought of hers kept on thronging my mind on that day.

Sunday passed as usual and I started the week on Monday. Without thinking much about her I took the same bus, as I had bought the monthly pass now. My mind sprinkled when I saw her boarding the bus at her station. Today the crowd was less dense so I could see her standing at a distance from my seat. To my wish, after some time she had to come near to my seat as some more passengers boarded. Again I offered her seat to which she denied at first and then accepted on me insisting her further.


This became routine for the week. Now while returning also I started taking govt. bus. Few days went by and one day when I took the return bus, it was full as usual. I managed to clear the crowd standing at door and gone a bit back side in the bus. There she was waiting for me, not only that she had kept an empty seat beside her. Wow I praised my luck. On that day we interacted for the first time, though she had kept her face covered with dupatta, I could feel her beauty beneath. We chatted till she dropped at her stop. I came to know that she is teacher by profession, teaching in town next to my factory and also taking classes in Private tuition classes. Now this became routine for us. In the morning I try to keep an empty seat for her besides me or give my seat when she boards and in the evening she does the favor to me.

We started chatting about our life, families, professions, etc. in the very short time we were getting in the bus. I just started waiting for those two times in a day. Sometimes when we were not getting seats, but we do chat, standing in the bus. One day while going in the morning there was tremendous crowd as few of the pvt. Buses were detained by police. We did not get seats; even it was difficult to stand. We were standing close to each other. She was standing in front of me facing her back. She had put on pink saree on that day and was looking gorgeous. On that day, because of the mist in the morning winter had taken back seat and felt like summer was taking charge. It was a bit hot and humid atmosphere also on that day, it was cloudy also and seemed like there will be unseasonal rain. So she had not covered her face, first time I saw her face. She was awesome and simply beautiful “Mrignayani” with pink lips, fair & white skin.

Crowd was thronging making it difficult for ladies to stand. I made her stand next to a side seat where an aged lady was seating and stood beside her covering her like protecting from jolts of rest of the crowd. I managed to isolate her from rest of the crowd but could not every time protect from jolts. Some or many of the parts of my body were touching hers whenever there is a heavy jerk in the bus. It excited both of us. One or two times she clutched my hands with hers to prevent herself from falling. We were coming even closer when somebody is passing from there to drop at stop. Don’t know about others but this journey had become pleasant for me.

I wished this journey never ends, but what we wish does not happen all the time. Soon after the bus broke down, everybody dropped in between cursing the authorities for ill maintained buses and not letting pvt. Buses run. We were also upset but kept cool and started waiting for another vehicle. Few of the passengers took the lift in whatever vehicle they got; it was time for new bus to arrive. One private bus also arrived but it was not possible to get on it along with Shilpi. I was getting late, she told me to leave and she will manage herself but I do not wanted to leave her midway.


After sometime we got one sharing diesel rickshaw, but there was only one seat. It had already started drizzles by then and we were partially wet, so we decided to share the seat. She set on my lap. Oh she was so soft and light weight; I was having absolutely no difficulty having her there on my lap. These auto rickshaws make heavy noise and having poor suspension, so we were jumping like hell. I could not decide as whether to curse authorities for creating such a situation for me or thank my luck for having this blossom in my lap. I was having nothing other than a side bar to hold to have grip during jumps. So one or two time during heavy jerks, I unintentionally clutched her naked belly; she did not show any objection. She had held front bar for support and now I had completely held her like hugging her from back. Drizzles converted into heavy shower for a while and we were almost wet.

We had reached to my factory now, but it was already late by the time, my day would not be counted. So I decided to continue being with her and drop her at her workplace and then come back. I called up at factory and informed that I will not be coming. We reached to the town, but that rickshaw dropped us away from her school. When we reached there it was late for her too and her saree was wet and it would not have been appropriate to go to school this way. We started walking on footpath, undecided where to go. Rain had subsided by then; we kept walking for a while and maintained silence while walking. I was intermittently looking at her enjoying her beauty, observing her from so close. She was walking besides me keeping her eyes down in shyness.

We reached near a garden, we decided to spend some time there; she used my mobile and informed to her school that she will not be coming today. I was free for whole day now but Shilpi had to take pvt. Classes in the afternoon. Garden was nicely maintained, lush green lawn and serene. There were few people seen in the front part of the garden, as morning walkers may have already left, children also may have left for school. I had been here earlier with my friends few years back, it has changed by then; in fact my perspective also had changed. It was a spacious garden. Walking, we entered in a portion which was much greener and dense with trees. None other than few couples were seating there in secret locations made purposely for providing privacy. Perhaps there were more couples than those visible at first look around. We also chosen a secluded space in the garden behind a tree and set there.


We were talking less than what we used to, perhaps was a result of what happened today. Drizzles started again and soon the intensity of rain was good enough to make us wet. We moved further deep under the tree for covering, in a process our bodies became closer to each other. I initiated and kept my left hand over her shoulder and slowly grabbed her left shoulder held her making her closer to me. What happened in auto rickshaw had given me that courage. She did not shown any sign of objection; she started shivering, so I hold her even tightly. She leaned her head towards me and rested on my shoulder. In this position, slightest of her cleavage was visible through her pink wet saree. I got excited. Young couple seating in the nearby corridor was kissing, adding to my excitement. Probably hers also, as she too was looking in that direction.

I took her right hand in my hand pressed our palms, her was so hot and soft. I brought it near to our heads and kissed her hand looking in her eyes, she lowered her eyes in shy, and she had smile on her face. This gave me much confidence. I raised her head, putting my hand below her chin, brought her lips in front of mine and planted a kiss. She closed her eyes and whispered I love you. Kissed everywhere on her face, her eyes, nose, forehead, chicks except her lips, creating excitement in her. OH we were having eternal bliss and we were so blessed by god on that day that showers continued for a while, no one was around and we got much needed privacy.

Whether had become cold by now. I wanted to enjoy experience of rickshaw again, this time intentionally. I instructed her to seat on my lap, she obeyed politely. Now she was in my lap and I clasped her with both my hands and kissed on her back neck. I wanted to feel her bally again, so I inserted my right hand inside her saree pallu and felt her smooth belly around navel and pressed it while moving my hand towards side. She remained in my lap for a while. I had erection in my tool; it has risen to noticeable size. Now it was time for her smooth breast. I again moved my hand towards her navel, Played around and then moved upward, I touched her soft breasts over blouse, soon she came in conscious and stopped me by putting her hands over mine though gently. I took out my hands honoring her objection.


We set besides each other now, drizzles had stopped completely now and light sunshine had taken its place. We spent the time there by afternoon with sweet talking, teasing and caressing each other like new lovers. We had nice lunch after that in a restaurant, I dropped her to her classes and waited for her. I did shopping by then. We left from there in the evening. We set next to each other in the bus on two seat side. Throughout the journey till she dropped at her village, she was holding my hand with hers, keeping it hidden under her saree pallu. I could not sleep on that night thinking about her and jerked thrice with load of cum. Next day was Sunday, it passed boringly. I kept waiting for the next morning to meet my love. More excitement in next part. let me have your commnets on

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