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Avinash having sex with landlady Ramya

Her husband died about four years ago since then she is living alone, she has no issues. Her husband was a rich businessman and earned lot of money and property. After his death, she inherited all her husband’s properties. She has two big houses with two floors each and one small house also with two floors. I stay in first floor and she stays in the ground floor. She gets around Rs.1 lakh per month as rent.

I work in a small software company and my job involves lot of travelling; at least three weeks in a month. I hardly had time to meet her and speak to her. Whenever I see her while going to office, I used to just smile at her and she used to smile back. This continued for almost 4-5 months, after that I had to go abroad for about three months on official work.

I used to leave one key with my land lady Ramya just in case of emergency. When I returned from abroad, I reached home at 3 am. I could not remember in which suitcase I had kept my house keys, so I pressed the calling bell of Ramya’s house. After a few minutes, she opened the door; she was wearing a nighty, her cleavage was visible very clearly and she was looking very sexy.

My junior started making move. I said sorry to wake you up at this hour, but I have misplaced my house key, can you please give the spare key you have with you”, she went inside and search here and there, could not find the keys, she came back and told me that she did not remember where exactly she has kept the keys and asked me to sleep in the next room, I will search the keys in the morning.

I thought for a while and brought my bags and kept it in the hall and went to the other room and slept. I got up at 10 am, and after having a face wash, I came to hall, Ramya was in the kitchen, I thanked her and was about to leave, she came with a coffee cup. While having coffee, she asked to have breakfast, lunch dinner with her. I was too tired to go out and was expecting this from her. I nodded my head and came to house with my bags.

I joined her after an hour for breakfast. While having a breakfast, she started the conversation and asked how I was my visit etc. and which are the places I visited etc. Our conversation continued for one more hour. I had purchased a gift pack containing a perfume bottle, a make- up set and a wrist watch for her which I hid under the cot while leaving the room.

When she left for kitchen, I immediately went to room, picked gift pack and called her, she came asking what; I handed over the gift pack to her. She took it and said thanks a lot, it is very nice. She wanted to know what is there inside, I said, open and see; she opened the box and was very happy after seeing the perfume and wrist watch and the make up set.

I started observing her, her cleavage was visible whenever she bent down for something or other and enjoyed watching thoroughly. She knew that I was watching her cleavage, but did not bother to adjust her pallu. She was looking very sexy and my junior was reacting very fast. She saw the bulge on my lungi and just smiled.



After few minutes, I came back to my house, telling her that I would join her for lunch at 2 pm as I had to open my bags and arrange all my dresses and other things properly. I opened all my bags and kept all things on my cot. Since I was too tired, I slept off on the cot and got up at 2 pm. I just washed my face and came down for lunch.

While having lunch, Ramya asked me if I need her help in arranging things, I said I will manage, if needed, I will tell. After lunch, I came back to my house and started arranging things, but slept off immediately. I got up at 6 pm, I had enough sleep, after wash, I started arranging things.

I heard somebody knocking the door, when I opened the door, Ramya was standing, I called her inside the house, she came and saw all things scattered on the floor. She immediately started arranging things and folded all my shirts, pants and kept it neatly in the cupboard. She finished arranging things very fast. I thanked for her help. We came down to have evening coffee.

While having coffee, she started talking about my personal things, my married life, divorce etc and after that she started telling about her parents, husband, her married life etc. She indirectly told me that her husband was not good in bed. Our conversations continued and she expressed she has money, property but all alone and no friends, she looked at my face expecting me to say something.

After a few minutes, I said, if you need any help from me, please feel free to ask, do not hesitate. She looked at my face and said, sure, but are you sure, you will help, I said yes, why doubt. Immediately, she came very close to me and hugged me and started kissing my lips. I was not expecting this from her; it was all of a sudden.

I too started reciprocating hugged her and starting kissing her lips, she is having a very sweet and sexy lips, I took her tongue into my mouth and she took mine into her mouth. We started enjoying kissing each other for almost 10 minutes. Her boobs were pressing against my chest; automatically my hands started pressing her boobs.

She co-operated and allowed me to press and kiss her boobs; she removed her blouse and bra and asked me to kiss her tits, while she was playing with my cock. We went to the bed room and I removed her saree, blouse, bra while she removed my dress. She took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. She was sex hungry and she did not have sex for almost four years.

After 10 minutes, it was my turn; I kissed her lips for some time and moved to her deep novel and after that, I kissed and sucked her pussy for some time. Her pussy was completely wet and she was ready to be fucked. I inserted my cock into our pussy and started fucking her slowly. She asked me to increase the speed. I started fucking her with full speed; her boobs were jumping up and down.

After 10 minutes, she came on top of me and we fucked for some time. After that we came back to our original position and I started her fucking with full speed. I said I am cumming, she said, go ahead and fill my pussy with your hot cum. Within seconds, my hot cum filled her pussy, we both were tired, I slept on her boobs for some time and after that, we cleaned ourselves and dressed up.

It was around 9 pm. She went to kitchen for preparing dinner. We had dinner at 10 pm and came to bed room and hugged each other nakedly. I kissed her lips and boobs, she was very happy. I said I love you Ramya, she immediately said I too love Avi. She started talking and told me that she liked me the day when she saw me first time when I went to see her house.

The conversion continued; she told me that she wants to have a long relationship with me, but no marriage. She is not interested in getting married, but wants to have relationship with me; I was ok with that as I am not interested in getting married any way. I fuck her almost every day and sleep together nakedly.

We had been to Ooty and enjoyed like a newlywed couple. I took her to Australia for two weeks and fucked her daily. Land lady has become my mistress now. We live like a husband and wife and have sex daily. Your feedback/comments are most welcome.

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