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My Auntys teaching me sex – desi sex stories

Chachi ki vasna chudai kahani

Being their only son I had to go to a boarding school. Well then they sent me to Bhopal since we don’t have any other nearby relatives except my 2 aunts there ! Whose husbands are fraternal cousins of my dad !
Now today at 11.00pm one of my room partner was talking about the blue film they had last seen ! Then it was my turn to think that it was nearly a year I had actually seen a good blue film ! that thought itself made me horny ! well then but I controlled myself & tried to concentrate on my studies for the forthcoming exams ! But the next day I found myself staring at the only thing that drive the men crazy after women that is quite obvious I hope ! but at last I some how happened to manage me & my younger brother to control ourselves! I also realized one thing for sure that I soon had to insert it somewhere & knead hardly with my hands , bite in between my teeth!

Well then it so happened that my 2 uncles too left for America for the same purpose as that of my parents going there !well it seemed to be a bone for me! I had not seen my uncles’ house ! So I decided to surprise them by suddenly dropping in !I did surprise them but they surprised me more than that! A low neck-cut night gown clearly showing off the deep valley opened the door to fill in my eyes ! Wow was the word I suppressed in my throat !my eyes realized the other pair of eyes staring at them & so they stopped their feast to meet the surprised pair !Well I then landed up hugging her tightly trying in vain to avoid my 8″ erection to touch her thigh! Her softness felt my chest the reason of growth from 6.5″ to 8″.
Well that was not enough that Rumi the younger to Jassi came in to show the two pointers from her thin night-gown !Another Wow suppressed!!!!!! Another urge to tear off their skimpy clothes to fulfill my younger brothers wish suppressed!!!!! I was afraid to hug her that whether 8″ would tear off my poor little underwear but luck did support me to avoid the contact ! As also I had her softness felt on my chest ! It was great ! It had to be simply great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jassi I think is 38 a little less maintained plump face belly butt & of course a voluptuous pair of soft breasts Rumi 35 shorter a lot similar in physique to her sister!


What followed was still greater ! I then decided to change my urge-2 a little bit !I decided to compel them to be my sluts ! & I had no idle mind for that , so soon I was there with a solution whether my two and a half month vacation would be fruitful or not ! after the lunch I reduced myself to a thin T-shirt loose shorts with my dick free ! I came out to the hall to watch the T.V. sleeping on the couch with a glass of water which I kept on the table at my arms reach !!! I then switched on to to make myself excited & I was successful after five minutes ! My shorts allowed it to stand due to it being loose I then changed the channel & dropped the glass on the floor making as much noise as possible & then showed that I was asleep & my hand pushed it off the table !!! someone did come up to investigate . I don’t know who because I had shut my eyes pretending to be asleep ???


well after a few moments I felt a hand on the bulge caressing it like a mother does to a newly born child ! it slowly moved itself on the thickness trying to hold it but the shorts did not allow it to do so ! well it then started to breathe heavily & I cursed not being able to see the movements of the breathing breasts !!! But then the hand then moved to the neighborhood & started caressing the balls pressing them gently !!!GREAT WAS THE FEELING!!! But then I had to cut it off bye a little “Hmm” & then turning myself to the other side showing my back to the poor adventurous hand !!!!EUREKA EXPERIMENT SUCCESSFUL !!!! TWO AND A HALF MONTHS OF _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The hand with its owner left the room ! The bait had been put ; scent had been taken ; now the hunter has to wait for the hunted to come within his range !!!! the hunted did come within his range!!! The night found me two different aunts w.r.t to the ones in the morning! Their gowns were no longer deep cut . They were the deepest ! Both of them in white gowns black brassiere & panties for a lingerie show for me !!! A few well intentioned moves showing off the cleavage to me , pressing the soft breasts against any possible part of my body !!! But poor me I had to be innocent enough not to realize it , not trying to increase the touch or lengthen it or show a curious eye trying to find the bottom of the deep valley !!! The hunted had to come within the range of the rifle . Jassi decided the move . “Aah ! Rumi today the maid took an unexpected off compelling me to do the job ! Please press my back . please .Aah!” The other one poor in acting “Hmmph even I have worked with you to the same extent & I also have a body pain !!! forget it dear sister.”
Courtesy came to my rescue:- “Can I do the job if you really don’t mind ???”With innocence of a lamb & love for my aunt neatly hiding the strong erotic urge !you know something Courtesy does reward positively !” “Why thank you dear! It is really very nice of you . Come in my bedroom away from this rude sister of mine !” A familiar warm hand guided my hand to the bedroom . A room light up brightly . Jassi laid on her belly on the cozy bed ! I came near her ,sat besides her .Here goes nothing . Control . A gulp . Steadying the trembling hands reduced a few precious moments from my two and a half month of _ _ _ which was not at all acceptable to this woman more than me ! ”


Have you changed your mind?” My hands started the work on her back . from the top they reached her brassiere strap . I just bruised it with the smooth white surface ! “Ouch!!” ” Sorry” “Its alright!” Twice repeated caused ” I think better remove the strap!” over the gown off went the strap .five minutes of massaging! The scent had to be made stronger to bring the hunted within range! ” Is it soothing or a balm would do better auntie???” Again innocence of a lamb love of a sincere nephew . ” God bless each aunt with a nephew like you!! In that drawer!” The shooting will be point blank range ! “Auntie I better call Rumi Auntie for that because……” shyness of a newly wed bride !!!”No that rude girl wont do that ! Why do u shy when I don’t ? well you are my nephew ! I don’t think any problem !!!” Off the gown goes .A problem . it got stuck to the loose strap .


I saw my chance , came forward for her rescue . I slowly unhooked the strap and let it fall & then removed the gown off her with her back still facing me ! lambs voice “My eyes are closed !!!” laughter !!! ” Better sit on my back for the massage !” Her black panty inviting me .I positioned my dick & sat with it poking her asshole !!! five minutes of honest massage for the dishonest back-pain! “Do that to my legs please!” turn of 180 degrees!!! Another five minutes or so !! Now I got up !!! turn of 180 degrees FOR JASSI !!! Suppressions I hate Suppressions !!!! “A massage on my chest also please !Don’t shy !!! Please ! it pains really!!” Same position .My erect dick finds a shaved pussy after two fucking clothes !! the massage ! Above her breasts comes down slowly !!! My dream come true !!! I am kneading a soft pair of voluptuous breasts !!!Time to shoot !!! hard kneading for some time !!! Cunning fox takes over the lamb! Bite the nipples !!! ” Yes do that ! please do that !!! Ever waiting for that !!! please go on !!! do you like it ??” To hell with the answer , my mouth has other important works to do !!!!! The same warm hands on my dick ! But this time there is more confidence ! Down with my shorts !! down with her panties !!! Exploring & adventurous fingers find their destinations ! Clean smooth shaved pussy ready for my treatment ! I am caressing it with my left hand !!!! My right hand still not satisfied with the kneading !!! The moans reach the eyes on the keyhole !!!!!!!


Kill the child the mother dies automatically ! What an offer :- FUCK ONE GET ANOTHER FREE !!!!!!!!!! In she comes totally stripped off !! Totally shaved !!! Totally ready!!!! Two and a half months to go !!!!!!! But I have all my attentions on Jassi ! the other one tries to interfere ! “Auntie You suck my balls” down she goes . A better warmth . I am still licking and biting Jassi’s nipples & her breasts ! My left hand had stopped the caressing the pussy . now it went violent & started the job of my dick ! Slowly the first finger entered the pussy . blue films do train you a lot! Then another finger !! then an another !!!it was too tight !!! She must have been a virgin or my uncle a kind of in-out-finished type of person!!! I then started sliding down her ! On her navel a few kisses & then the love hole !!! I found it !!!! BEAUTY AT ITS BEST!!!!!! The feminine in her was challenging my manhood!!! I was curious to know its inside contents !!! I parted the lips with my fingers to get a full inside view !!!

Curiosity killed the cat!!! I was killed by the inside view !!! What a pleasing scenery it was !!! PINK – everything was pink sensitive beautiful gorgeous & every damned thing that describes & defines good things !!! I knew what I had to do !!! my pink tongue found the pinkness in her ! she started moaning less with pain more with pleasure !! my balls & dick were being worked upon !!! Great blowjob I had there !!! After my licking I declared of my about to come cum !!!! both of them positioned themselves under me ! Out came my proof of manliness ! It Spread all over them ! They fought like two cats for it ! Not a drop wasted !! Poor urchins had seen some good food ! how can a piece be left behind??? Now they declared their cum ! Jassi always the first !!! Boy she did taste fairy!!!


The second one was no less !!!!!! but then we were exhausted !!!I declared “I have two and a half months for this ! let us save energy for that!!!” ” What about Actual part of the scene ???” “Not without condoms auntie ! Be patient!” ” you did not even touch me ???” Rumi complained !! well “I promise that tomorrow is yours ! But we can give you a trailer cant we ????” I tuned her nipples & then sucked them!!!! Well it was the greatest experience & honestly she tasted better than Jassi !!! Now you can imagine how I spent two & a half months with them !!!! The fucking answer is Nude!!!



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