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Aunty’s ass licked

Now you must be wondering where did her husband go? He is a truck driver and does not come home from month to month and yes I will tell you about his house, his house is right next to my house and he has his bathroom just near my bathroom which is of raw bricks and bathroom. Is right behind his house. It was midday, I was sleeping on my bed and talking to someone on mobile and then aunt came to ask for sugar and due to no one in the house she came straight into my bedroom and sat on my bed and I started rolling my hands over my hair, then I opened my eyes and saw that their ass was in front of my mouth and I kissed their ass slowly and they didn’t even know.

Then I got up from the bed and gave them sugar, then they kissed me on my cheek and thanked them and went to their house. My cock also saluted them inside. That night I made a plan and according to the plan the next day, I removed one of the bricks in her bathroom and as soon as she went in the bath, I stuck my eyes on that hole. Now she was slowly descending on each of her clothes, now she was standing in bra and panty and after seeing her boobs, my cock was erect and I was stunned to see what happened after that.

Then she opened her bra and started pressing her boobs with both her hands and started sighing. Aaahh uuuhhh and then she threw her panty out. Can’t tell what was happening to me? Suppose a hungry lion has seen its prey, such was the condition of my cock. Then he put 2 fingers of his one hand in her pussy and started to come out and press her boobs with one hand. Looking at this view, I felt that he might not have had sex for a long time. Then I thought that I will definitely help the aunt. On the same day, there were thunder clouds and lightning was falling and it was raining lightly, so she was scared.

Then he invited me to sleep in his house. I was very happy inside and went to sleep at aunt’s house after taking orders from home. Aunt was watching the movie, then in the same way, she started sitting on the chair and watching the movie. At the same time, his 2-year-old daughter started crying and aunt took him on her lap and started feeding him. As soon as he took his boobs out, I kept looking at him. Then as soon as he looked up, I started pretending to watch a movie, then after a while he put his daughter to sleep and ate a bullet. When I asked her, she said that it is a sleeping pill, without it I could not sleep and she slept on both the beds and lay down on the couch. Then I saw that she was fast asleep, but where I was sleeping. In front of me, she was walking around the bathroom. Then I got enough courage and sat down on her side, then with great courage I stroked her boobs on top of her blouse, but there was no answer. Now I was cool and started kissing her stomach slowly and with one hand, she started caressing her legs and thighs and kissing her sari.

Then I put one hand in her panty and put it down. Now I had the same pussy in front of me, which I was watching from a distance of 2 feet this morning. Then I started licking her pussy. Her test was amazing, then I put both my finger in her pussy and started to come in and out and open her blouse button with one hand and started pressing her boobs.

Then it continued for 10 minutes, when I felt that she was about to wake up, then I immediately went to sleep on the couch. When he woke up in the morning, he swung his hands over my hair and gave me a small smile. I could not understand what this meant? I came home thinking that maybe she did not know that I was having sex with her last night, her smile was testifying that she also wants to fuck me, so my courage increased. Has gone.

Then I thought that I will fuck him fiercely tonight. Now I was just waiting for night and then went to sleep at aunt’s house as usual. She was watching TV, then sat on her side and started watching TV. His daughter was sleeping, had been around 11 o’clock at night and the rain was also getting loud, suddenly a lightning flashed and she hugged me in fear. Then when we started watching TV from back then he told me that Vicky had opened the buttons of my blouse last night, right? So I said that yes I had opened aunt and I know that you too are hungry for sex. Please aunt you fuck me. As soon as she said this she kissed me with a strong lip, then for 5 minutes she kept sucking my lips.

Then he told me to just call me ‘Sarla’ and pushed me down on the bed and took out my shirt and started kissing my chest. He started kissing my cock right from the top of my paint. I started getting very excited. Then I told the aunt that you would not like to see my cock? So she was blushing. Then I bumped my paint. She was surprised to see my taut cocks and started saying that my husband is not even so big.

Saying this she started to shake my cock loudly and started sucking. Now I was completely naked, but she was still in full clothes, then I removed her sari and started pressing her boobs from behind her back and threw her blouse off and threw her upside down on the bed and in her Climbed up and started kissing his back and my cock was trying to penetrate his ass by hole in his petticoat.


In no time, I threw out his petticoat. She was wearing pink color panty and black color bra. Now I found it difficult to stop my cock, I started kissing her like crazy. She was getting drunk, now I wanted to see her naked. Then I put my hand between her two boobs and pulled her bra and threw her panty along and threw it and started kissing her pussy.

She was very hot and her pussy was also completely wet and she was turning her hand over my hair and saying that now do not delay, I am desperate to become your prostitute, my Vicky. Hearing this, my cock started looking at the sky. Then I started rubbing my cock on her ass, so she said Vicky till today my ass was not killed by anyone, you inaugurate it and tear it apart.

Hearing this, we came in the style of Dogi and I started ass killing him fiercely. Then after killing her ass continuously for about 15 minutes, her ass was completely red and she started screaming like crazy. Ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh into my mother, I tear my ass, now remove it So I said just stop for a while, now I am going to lose. As soon as he said this, he took my cock in his mouth and drank all the juice.

Now both of us had fallen once and both were lying on the bed. At the same time, I put my one hand on her boobs and started rubbing her and said to her that I want to suck your mangoes, then she said suck my king, this is yours only. Then I got sucked by getting drunk and then she said that nobody has sucked my boobs till date, you have given me the pleasure of paradise. So I said that paradise is still fun.

Then milk started coming out of her boobs. So I said to Sarla, what should I do with this milk? So she said, apply this milk on your cock, lubricate your cock and insert it in my pussy. Then we both came in the style of 69. Then I started trying to fuck her pussy with my tongue and she was also sucking my cock. Now her pussy was completely wet. Then I lay him on top of the bed and put both his legs above his shoulder and put his cock in her pussy. When my 8 inch cock went into her pussy, she started screaming. Uauui died in mother.

Then after about 20 minutes of fucking, there was a fight and she had also fallen 2 times. She was saying that Vicky today you have really given me the pleasure of paradise. I will never forget your favor and we both fell asleep. Then I woke up at around 8 am and was making tea. I got up and went to the kitchen. She was in a gown, so I put my cock in her ass by putting the gown up and put one hand in her pussy and in this way I fuck her. Now whenever we get such an opportunity, we take full advantage of it.

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