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Anil Enjoying First Sexperience With Cousin Sister Maya

I came to my aunts after many years many cousins came to see me as they are coming to see an alien.She came daily first I saw her as a child but slowly she started talking to me and playing card games tic tac toe I was really annoyed playing childish game as I don’t like it but what to do in my aunts house tv and mobile phone was only a time pass.

Forgot to tell about her she was around 5.4 tall her body vital not visible as she wore loose dress as skirt and tee with innocent face. Then slowly I knew her as she was studying. In girls school and she didn’t have any bf or knew any boy other than relatives that’s why she hovered over me as I was honey and she a fly.

That time I came to porn video were girl and boy play games and get indulge in sex.That time idea struck in my mind to divert her childish game to some interesting game were I can dominate and have access to her body. I made a game with small paper chits written example should close eyes and should lay on belly on bed and should be like that till 15 minute what ever I can do.


When my turn comes I loose she becomes happy as winning party receives a Cadbury from the looser but after loosing also my prize was great because she never open her eyes or get. What ever I do because her aim was only Cadbury.

During the game in pretext of tickling her under arms I would her developing smooth boobs and mesh them some time pinch her nipple she would breath heavily but her aim for Cadbury gave me lot of pleasure.But I wanted more daily only boobs wad not enough.Then I changed my strategy she also feed up of wining daily Cadbury around a week.

I told her lets play doctor doctor.She first thought and said just two of us. I said yes otherwise you have to share ur money she said money. I said who becomes patient most of the time takes the money as for buying medicine she asked how much money I said 100. She instantly said yes.Ohh friends u will be thinking how I did in the house.

My uncle aunty goes to job and they come by 17:00 hrs so lot of time and in her house leaving her grandmother all are at work so they think Maya is safe with me so they don’t enquire much.So first day arrived for they game doctor doctor.


She said she is the patient as she was eyeing for the money for buying chocolates I said instantly yes but without touching her any parts my cock was as solid to launch but I waited for right opportunity. As I was doctor I asked what is the problem she said as obviously all would say in game of doctor doctor that she have stomach ache I was in seventh heaven.



I told please lie in the bed and covered herself with blanket then I took two bands and told as no nurse is there I would have to tie booth of your hand on to the bed she agreed with excitement. Then I switched of the light and brought a torch and went inside the blanket in search of pleasure. She asked what are u doing I said you need operation she said ok.

Then slowly I said are in operation you have to move cloth sideways she said ok I moved her skirt upwards she asked what are you doing I said no scissor with me so have to look from bottom of belly she was laughing then slowly I brought my mouth near her small fresh yummy pussy from outside I started to lick it she asked in trembled and chilled voice what is that your doing I said


I am checking her belly laughingly she said that is not belly I said this I know better than you she said ok ok.Then I said this cloth is disturbing me I have to remove it she said your doctor you can I slowly removed her undergarment her leg was shivering then slowly I spread her leg and I was licking her pussy and opening area she was shivering and was moaning now with one finger

I tried to insert her hole it was tight she asked what is it I said I am doing operation she said ok. But my first experience of licking her pussy left me greedily licking continuously due to which she suddenly with trembling movement had orgasm she was breathing heavily she was asking is it over I said no.


Then I said one bug injection is there she said were is it she have not seen I said I will show but then suddenly she said that torch which your having I said yes.Then slowly I unzipped my pant at that time I felt how captivated animals felt. Then slowly brought my penis to her love hole and true to insert she yelled ohh its paining I said don’t worry then slowly with two three thrust I moved in

but as it was my first time and after two three pounding I filled my cum in her pussy but for her she was not liking much as it was paining I think so because my cock was around 8 inch and that too her pussy fresh new one.but after that session she said I loved it but don’t use torch for operation and said her cloths are getting dirty so asked will be she getting any old cloths for playing when

she comes but to my astonishment no blood was there I sighted relief because before fucking her I was inn mood and did not think of any medical consequences she took 100rs from and said will come tomorrow. Said bye yo her and next days story is far more interesting.


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