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Aik Acha Sex Experience

I found that females do enjoy the advances of a male to physically prepare the women’s body to accept the insertion as a pleasure-given act to the lady libido. Few of them admitted in confidence that it would depend how the male perused them and satisfies them. One of those ladies planned a deliberated sex on her to have a great lustful experience. This is about Surubhi a married lady of 35 years of age having two children 10 and 11 years of age. Her husband is a touring marketing executive of a Pharma company, having an exotic flat in a society in Gurgaon, in Haryana. Let’s read the incident from her mouth.

My name is Surubhi and I am a complete woman. I am equally extrovert about sex as most of the males. My husband always liked my new tricks to be sexually satisfied. He always supported and cooperated in all my fantasies. We have fantasized every possible incestuous relationship while doing sex. We have even role played like servant and master, slave and owner, male or female bondage and even gays and lesbianism.

I have even fucked his ass while playing a role of a male by a homemade sex toys. But knowingly I could not take the experience of forced sex by him. It has been all my desire to have forced sex by a male who before penetrating making me inviting and hungry for sex.

I got a chance by my brother in law last month. My brother in law Anil who is 11 years younger to me lives with us. I had very cordial relationship with him till the thought of having sex by him stricken my mind. He respected me like anything and helped me in every domestic work. I was very friendly with him and know all of his friend’s boys or girls. I started finding fault with him off and on without any reason.

My husband tried to refrain me from insulting him as he has grown up and would be going to find a respectable job and would leave the house after his marriage. But I did not budge and continued my reactions more and more contemptuous. Anil is a handsome boy and has a great physique. Being young he is more strong and energetic than my husband. I knew if he holds me firmly, I could not escape from his strong arms.

I always took care that I should not wear any revealing dress before him so my night gowns and short dress were always confined to our bedroom. But since I started behaving in irresponsible manner, I started wearing all type of dresses while working in the house. As I was not working anywhere so I always remain in house and he was always in the house after completing his studies as he was searching a suitable job for him and was preparing for

Banks and other institutions. I have even heard him abusing me at my back when I served him food in his room in a very disgusting manner. Now he was not having any respect left for me. I thought that the time is ripe when once I heard from his mouth Apnay aap ko Kya Samajtee hai (what she thinks of herself), I will fuck her one day. He has been peeping through my gown at my well groomed boobs and well rounded hips. I once saw him masturbating while covering his tool with my panty.

At another time I saw him kissing my bra and saying Teray Boobs sexy hain kisi din choose daloonga.(your boobs are sexy and one day I will suck them) These types of mutterings make me happy that my plan is working well. Then one day my husband left for a tour for fifteen days. My brother and her wife took my children to their house as children’s were having holidays. On that day I made him aggressive by throwing a glass of water on his face when he tried to ask me about my strange and abusive behaviour toward him.

He did not take any food that night and came late at night. While opening the door I yelled at him that I was not her servant to open the door and that he should take the duplicate key of the door if he plans to come late at night.

In the morning I put milk on the gas and deliberately went to bathroom for taking time. I waited after taking bath till the smell of burnt milk in whole flat. He was sleeping at that time.

I came out of the bathroom covering my body only with towel and rushed to kitchen which was in front of his room. I started yelling loudly while entering the kitchen so that he should wake up by my abuses. He wake up and opened the door of his room. I was waiting for the sound of opening the door and my back was before him to watch. As soon as he opened the door I released the towel which I was holding at my chest and tried to remove the pan from the gas rather than to put off the gas.

I knew that he sleeps while wearing only his V shaped underwear and his tool is always erected and hard in the morning. I turned immediately showing any sign of shame and yelled at him by saying Tujey Kya Chinta hai chahey sara Ghar Jal Jaai (You are not worried may be whole house put on fire). I was standing as usual while placing my both arms on my waist and spreading legs but this time there was not a dress to cover my body. I noticed that his eyes were wide opened and mouth was also opened to see me stark naked.

I noticed that his tool was making a big pole in his underwear. I showed that as I have noticed that I am naked and bent to pick the towel from the floor while turning around so that he could see the shape of my cunt. I covered my breasts with the towel and moved to my room by saying that Aankh phar phar kay kya dekh raha hai meray ko kha jayga kya(Why staring with wide opened eyes, want to eat me.)

I came from my room putting a thin maxi on my body within two minutes and headed towards his room. I went inside the room by pushing the door silently and found that he was standing near the bed and was masturbating his tool. He has removed his underwear and was holding one of my panties in his hand. His eyes were closed and he was muttering teray ko kha hee jaunga, teri shandar choot ko phar daloonga.(I will eat you and tear your beautiful cunt)

I came out of the room as silently as I went inside and closed the door. I was very hot and my cunt was getting wet by assuming his strong and hard tool in it. I thought of catching him while doing masturbating so I kicked his door while shouting and entered his room. He could not do anything and was caught holding his penis in my panty while his tool was leaking. I did not say about what he was doing but yelled at him.

Tujey apna paani saf karnay kay liya meri penty hee mili thee kyaâ (You only found my panty to clean your sperms) and slapped him hard on his face. He did not utter any word. I gripped my panty from his hand while holding his shaft firmly and showed as I was taking my panty. I dragged him by his tool so firmly that we both fell down on the floor; he was on me while I was holding his cock firmly.

I slapped him again with my other hand while saying Mujey choodhnay kee practice kar raha haia(You were practicing to fuck me) I grappled with his tool by frisking on my cunt through my thin maxi and then released my hold on his penis. He immediately stood up from me and ran towards the bathroom. I knew that his fat cock has felt the soft cunt of mine. My cunt wanted to gulp his shaft at that very moment but I controlled myself.

I have slapped him so intensely that there were marks on his both the cheeks. I used every possible word to incite him for fucking me while standing close to his bathroom door and then went to my room. I smelled his semen’s on my panty and even tasted that and hoped these could be in my cunt that night. I prepared breakfast in the kitchen afterwards and asked him to fetch it from the kitchen. He took the breakfast when I left the kitchen. He remained closet in his room till lunch.

I again asked him to take his lunch from the kitchen when I finished preparing that. I did it all that so that he should not take the thrashing on such scale that he should plan to leave the house. In the evening I knew he would go for his friends so I prepared the tea and call him for taking the tea. He came after few minutes assuming that I might have left the kitchen. But I have made myself away from the door of kitchen so that he could be assured that I was not in the kitchen.

As he entered the kitchen he found me standing near the basin. He silently took the tea and that very moment I said, how many of my panties are there in your room. He replied in negative. Showing anger I went into his room and opened the drawer of his cupboard in which he places his underwear. I found three panties and two bras in his drawer and called him inside his room. He did not say any word.

I yelled at him by saying Main teray say niptana jantee hun yeh mat samaj lena ki may terey bhaiya ko istmal karrongee (I know how to tackle with you and will not involve your brother in it). I used this sentence deliberately so that he should not be afraid of his brother being told by me. I did not take those along with me and asked him that he should return those after cleaning them. I knew that he was not looking me like his bhabi but as a vulgar sexy lady.

I deliberately thrown them to his face by saying Achee taranh chat inay (lick those deftly). I shut the door with a bang after leaving his room and stood near the door. He was yelling in anger Ŕteri choot ko chat daloonga, choodney say pahalay (I will lick your pussy, before fucking you. I knew it could be tonight itself. When he was leaving the house in the evening I reminded him to take the duplicate keys as I would not be awakening at night because of headache which he had given.

I made it sure to say three or four times so that he should understand that I might be taking pills to get sleep. After he went it was 7 in the evening. I guessed he would not make it late thinking that I might go to sleep after taking my dinner at nine as usual. I was dreaming of my plan being successful after few hours. I went to the bathroom and bathed for more than half an hour.

I shaved my hairs from my genitals and appreciated my preparation. I cooked the food which he liked the most and deliberately put two bottles of bear in the fridge. I wore the sexiest pair of bra and panty and applied the pinkish lipstick on my lips. I sprayed the perfume which my husband used whenever he happened to be in sexiest mood. I than wore a middy which could show my thighs while lying on the bed and hips while lying on stomach.

I did not take food deliberately and took few of my Dupattas and spread them on bed. I waited till I heard the sound of opening the main door and immediately tied one of the Dupattas on my forehead and lie on the bed in such a position that while going near my door he could see my beautiful body. I have deliberately placed a half filled glass of water and a strip of sleeping pills on the side table of my bed.

I heard his footsteps going towards his room and I noticed that he stopped at my bed room. I knew that he has seen me lying on the bed as I deliberately did not switch off the night lights. After sometime I heard the footsteps leading to Kitchen. I knew that when he would see the pan he would come to know that I have not taken my dinner. He came near to my bedroom and peeped in the room.

He slowly called Bhabhea. But I did not respond. He came in and looked at me for some time. neend kee goli kha kar so rahee hai (sleeping while taking sleeping pills). He went to the kitchen again and heard the sound of opening of fridge. I understood with the sound of opening of bottle that he had opened the beer bottle. He came in the room and sat on the bed in the direction that he could see my panty very well.

I noticed that he removed his pant from his body and murmured Aaj teri is sexy panty say muth marronga. (Today I will masturbate with your this sexy panty). He was sipping the bear bottle and caressing his tool with the other hand by relieving his penis from underwear. I was getting excited in anticipation of being fucked. I was pretending to sleep while opening my legs and arms as much as I could. I also wanted that he should tie my hands and feet so tightly that my reactions should not be noticeable to him.

But he did not do that. He put off his clothes and drank the complete bear.

I knew he would be intoxicated as he was not in the habit of taking more than one glass. He very deftly held my spreading arms. Now I cannot move an inch. My cunt was getting wet and my breathe hard in anticipation. I was worried as he has not removed my clothes from my body before tying me. He went to kitchen and when came I saw a scissor in his hand.

He moved my middy to my naval and cut the panty to make my mound clearly naked. He could not resist snuffing the scent and put his nose near to my cunt and said â€Ŕis ki choot bhee khushboo deti haia (The cunt gives fragrance). He then cut my middy from front and spread the torn parts on either side. He saw my two perfect globes making their presence felt through the sexy bra. He cut that bra also. Now I was lying completely naked before him.

He stood on the bed between my legs and inspected my whole body. I was trying to control my excitement in anticipation of coming onslaught. I will lick you like anything said he and bent being on his arms and legs. He sniffed my whole body from head to toes. He was sniffing my cunt while his legs were on either side of my boobs. I opened my eyes completely and saw that his tool was hanging and drooling like that of dog.

His sacks were full and well filled. While sniffing he started licking my pussy and increased his speed after some time. He turned and came to my spongy boobs. My nipples became hard and erect with his licking my cunt. He took the nipples in his mouth and started sucking it softly. He then took as much of my boob as he could and started pulling it up and was sucking as such as he wanted to milk them.


He took some time on both of my boobs and then turned to me face. He licked my neck and my ears. It sent convulsion in my whole body. He came to my lips and caressed his wet tongue on them. I wanted to take his tongue in my mouth but I could not show that desire. He licked forcefully between the lips to touch my teeth. While licking again my neck he went down to my feet and licked the toes that I could not resist shaking my hips.

He got excited to see me shaking my hips and came on thighs and started licking thighs. I was on fire and a pressure was building inside me to come and release my cunt juices. The movements of my hips became fast and his tongue got inside the glory hole. I stopped moving my hips to have the frictions in vagina by his exploring tongue. I raised my hips as much as I could to take his tongue as much as it could go.

I thought it could be best moment to show that I regain consciousness. I yelled with anger Kya kar raha haia (What are you doing? He raised his head from my cunt and came to my face while opening mouth like a dog and hanging out tongue and started sniffing at my nose. He put his extended tongue in my mouth and tried to search the whole inner surface. I took his tongue in my teeth and bit it softly to show my protest and anger.

He immediately withdrew from my face and started sucking one of my boobs violently and wildly. I cried You wild animal. Hearing it he bit my nipples one by one. I wanted that but pretended to be furious. I knew you wanted to fuck me I said. He slapped me on my face and said You fucking whore you are made to be fucked wildly He hit so hard on my face that I could not stop felling tears from my eyes.

Now you understood it hurts when someone slaps, He said. I wanted to excite him up to wildness so I said, I will show you how to beat. He slapped me again very hardly. Tears started rolling from my eyes. Seeing my tears he licked the tears and said Even tears of the slut are tasty. I liked his licking of my tears with passion. I will fuck you if you would not give me the answer of your misbehavior,

He told me and pushed his tongue in my mouth. I again bit his tongue and cried You swine, I will kick your ass once I regain strength to stand up. I was trying to show that I was in a state of delirium because of sleeping pill. He put three pillows under my hips and came between my legs from my chest and placed his legs on either side of my head and started sucking my cult lips very hard. I was getting wild experience it seems that he would chew both of the cunt lips.

His cock was hanging on my face but it was few inches away from my mouth. I wanted to have it in my mouth and so I yelled at him You are chewing my cunt and if once your cock came in my mouth I will bit it in pieces I said this to excite him to put his tool in my mouth. He bent a little and his whole cock head glistening and shining came into my lips. I pressed his cock head with my lips. If you bit my penis, I would cut your cunt with my teeth’s.

He said and put his whole length in my mouth. I wanted him to warn me so that I can such his cock deliciously. He kept eating my pussy for quite some time making it swollen like anything. First time in my life someone has given such rough but exotic treatment to it. After some time he changed his position and started biting my whole body with his teeth. I was feeling such a pleasure though sometimes his bites have given me pain.

I was very excited and wanted to have his cock in my cunt. Don’t try to fuck me and if you do that I will fuck your ass with radisha. He immediately responded and put his cock on my opening cunt and said Slut is not accepting her defeat. He pumped his cock in one stroke in my pussy and started stroking it with fire and passion. I started moaning in excitement but kept abusing him to incite him and for showing my dejection.

He very deftly changed my positioning while moving legs one by one and arms one by one and made me to stand on all fours like a bitch. I cooperated him for repositioning him in such a way that he should think that I was resisting. Once on me from behind, he caught hold of my hanging breasts and pinching them hard he started making pushes on my cunt in a great speed.

His sack was continuously thumping my cunt. He was biting on my back and was trying very hard to give me good fucking with pain. He released his sperms in such a speed and for such times that I got filled up to the hilt. After sometime he started panting on my back and I said Tuj ko shantee mil gayee haia (You have become satisfied) He immediately came under me as

I was standing in a bitchy style and started sucking my breasts with force while pressing them firmly in his palm. I wanted him to lick my cunt which was wet by his cum so I said Buree tarnah choodh to dhiya hai ab usee taranh choot bhee saaf kara (You have fucked me very hard so lick my cunt in the same manner.)

He came in between my legs from beneath and started sucking my cunt without having a second thought. I was in heaven and noticed that his tool got erection again as he was lying underneath in opposite direction. I immediately mouthed his tool and started sucking it. I pulled down the foreskin of his cock head tightly and held it firmly in my lips. His cockhead was throbbing in my mouth like a big lemon.

I was rolling my tongue on his pee hole and he was trying to go deep down in my vagina by pulling the cunt lips apart. As I nibbled his cock head in my mouth he tried to escape from me and came out beneath me. I fell down on the bed and cried mujey bhookh lagee hai. (I am hungry) He went to the kitchen and brought food in a plate for me. He poked his mouth in my ass and licked the ass hole making me hornier before making me to sit. Now I showed that

I could somewhat sit on the bed but showed inability to lift the arms so he got me ate my food by his hands. During feeding me he sucked my nipples several times and even appreciated my well rounded firm and spongy boobs. Some times he smeared Dal on my boobs and licked them with excitement. He did a fantastic thing by sitting on the bed crossed legs and made me sit on his thighs.

I was feeling his erected and hard cock touching my ass hole. One of the times my ass muscles twitched in such a fashion that he said, Bhabhee your ass is inviting my cocks. I warned him of daring such and said, If you enter my ass I will not spare you and will treat your ass the same way. He told me that she could not do anything till she is completely off from the effects of pills. As I finished my food he brought a wet towel and washed my mouth and cleaned my breasts.

He sat again on the bed with crossed legs and made me sit on his thighs but this time his tool was knocking at the door of my cunt. I said You could take liberty till I am under duress and I will see you later on. He was becoming polite but I wanted him to be wild animal so deliberately I spat on his face. He immediately pulled my hairs and brought my face to the point where I spat and ordered me to lick it.

I refused and he pulled more strongly and I licked my own spit from his face. He ordered me to lick him. I wanted that but showing some pretext I licked his every organ. It was making my wild and horny. Animal instinct was at its peak. He was also being ignited by my sucking and licking of his body muscles. He lied on the bed and asked me to ride him and make pushups on his cock.

I showed some hesitation and he ordered Jaisa khata hun vaisa kar nanhee to..( Do as I say or otherwise….), by saying this he slapped my bare ass many times. His slapping on my hips was sending current to my vagina and I rode him. I fucked his hard erected cock for quite some time. During my riding he played with my boobs very firmly and strongly. He tightened his legs and I knew he was coming heavily in my cunt.

At the same time I got an orgasm and rested myself on his bare chest. Involuntarily I started sucking his chest nuts passionately. He immediately ordered to clean his penis. I did what he said. After I have cleaned his cock, he came between my legs and passionately licked and cleaned my dripping pussy. He was looking so animal like that I was enjoying it without any shame and guilt.

My husband never licked my pussy smeared with his semen though he many times forced me to lick his penis smeared with my cunt juices. His reciprocation without my inciting made me to caress his hairs with affection. He realized that as he knew I have been caressing his hairs during all years whenever I felt affection for him. He immediately came to my lips and said Bhabhee you love me,

I realized the mistake which I committed by caressing his hairs. Be my wild animal forever , I said lovingly. He said, You deliberately driven me to fuck you. I said holding his throbbing cock in my hand I wanted an experience, How I was he asked me. The rapist by whom every woman be liked to fucked. Then he made me stand at the almirah and tied my hands and feet and licked and sucked my every nerve so passionately that I have to beg him to fuck me hard.

He releases me and I jumped over the bed and stood on all the fours and asked him to mount me in a doggy style. But as he wanted to slip his cock in my vagina, I hold his cock and changed its direction to my ass hole. He spit on my ass hole and greased his cock with my cunt juices and pushed the tool slowly in my ass hole. I was getting pain to receive his fat tool but sooner my ass muscle gave way and he pumped his cock in and out of my ass very fast.

My cunt responded to the pressure on its walls through rectum and started leaking. He came sooner in my ass and emptied his load. We fell on the bed and hugged and kissed each other passionately. I asked him whether he was ready to be fucked by me in his ass. He showed his astonishment and asked whether I was serious. I replied in positive and asked him to be on his all fours and to keep the eyes shut. I opened the drawer of my wardrobe and took out a vibrator and belt.

I tied the belt and fitted the vibrator in its slot and came on the bed. I licked and wetted his anus with my saliva and then smeared the cream in his rectum with my fingers to oil it completely. I asked him not to cry loud if it pains a little. I pointed the tip of vibrator on his ass hole and on it. It was giving him a pleasant sensation and then I pushed it slowly and slowly in it. I fucked him with it for quite some time and saw his penis has become hard and erect.

I could not resist more and came down and asked him to mount me. He saw the tool tied on my waist and smiled and fucked me while holding the tool in one of his hand. He made me cum how many times I could not remember. But thereafter I never needed the vibrator in my husband’s absence. During days he licks and sucks my cunt as many times as he wishes. I do not wear any panty during the day. During one session when I was fucking his ass with vibrator I asked him does he need a real penis in his ass. He meekly said he wanted. I will narrate in second part how I achieve the experiment of seeing him ass fucked by other male in my presence.

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