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Ahmedabad Never Felt So Sexy Except That Day

Hello Iss Readers ,I am Happy from Jamnagar 24 yrs of age ,6ft height , athlete body ,and 7 inches cock size.

I am not a guy who actively go behind girls for sexual gratification but at the same time I am quite horny, who requires daily dose of sex. I have a loving girlfriend who satisfies my basic needs although she stays away from all the kinky ideas of sex. She is quite conservative when it comes to physical affection and most often I am left with no alternative other than watching porn and masturbating.

I do fantasize about other females of my apartment but have never tried anything beyond that. What I am going to tell you is narration of an incident that has left me totally flabbergasted. I came to know about a dimension of human nature which is totally animal. I had heard of instincts which make people polygamous, but it was my first stint of such kind.

Ahmedabad is known for its pleasant weather and that day was no exception. It was bright and pleasant afternoon that day. Quite sunny yet breeze was cool to relax you. I was sitting in my office cubicle, near the window, watching cows grazing the vast unused land behind our office campus. The project I was working on had recently ended thus not much work was anticipated for another couple of days. I was thinking of ways to kill time, suddenly a thought cross my mind.

Me and my girlfriend were thinking of changing our apartment from quite some time. Why not start looking for a new apartment or at least get an idea what kind of rent is going on. I started browsing for rented apartments on internet websites. I came across an apartment 2 BHK, 1300 sqft in Maninagar area of Ahmedabad. Rent mentioned was within my budget so decided to give a call to the number mentioned there. A old man picked up the phone.

“Sir, I am looking for an apartment. Came across this ad on internet. Can you please tell me whether it is available or not? And what will be the suitable time to visit the apartment?” I got a reply in course voice. “Yes, it is available from this month end. Is this for a family? I do not give to bachelors. I replied. “Yes Sir. Me and my wife will be staying.”

He continued. “Ok good. Presently one family is staying there. You can visit the apartment anytime. Generally the lady stays at home. She can show you the apartment. Take down the address. By the way which company you work for.”

After some enquiry to ensure that I am a genuine person, he told me the address and asked when I would be visiting the apartment. As I had nothing better to do, I said I will be there in another 30-40 minutes. He said, he will confirm whether the lady is there in the apartment and call me back. I got his call within 10 minutes asking me to go to the apartment and have a look.

I was in front of the apartment in next 25 minutes. I parked my car and went inside. The apartment was quite old, at least 15 years. The entrance was very dingy and the stairs were getting almost no light even in bright day like this. The house concerned was in 2nd floor. I located the apartment and rang the bell. Never have imagined that such a casual day could become so memorable for me.

After almost 5 minutes someone opened the door. There was no tube light switched on so could not make out immediately the look of the lady. She asked me to wait a minute and then switched on the lights and called me inside. “Sorry, if I disturbed you. I think you were sleeping. Actually I have come to have a look at the house. Your landlord might have informed you.”

After I finished my sentence I noticed the lady properly. She had a lovely round face with large expressive eyes. She was not very fair but had a wheatish complexion. She was wearing a nighty with large neck and one of the button of the nighty was open. So quite a portion of her neck was visible. She was not very tall but it seemed she had quite a voluminous figure with large boobs and good size ass. Typical good looking housewife.

“Ohh no problem. I was not sleeping. No one is at home so lights of drawing room was off. Yes, he had called me up saying some one will be coming in 1 or 2 hour. Didn’t expect so early.” She finished her sentence with a little smile. She indeed was beautiful. Her smile made her face glow like a beautiful teenage girl.

“Please come. Have a look”. She started showing me the rooms, kitchen, bathroom etc. Lastly She called me to the bedroom to show it. I hesitated a little. “I hope it is ok to enter the bedroom”. I enquired her. She said, it is fine. “Please come in”. There was one laptop lying on the centre of the bed and some clothes on the corner. I could see, one leopard print bra peeking through the heap of clothes. I came out of the room and thanked her.

“Thanks for showing me your house. So why you people are leaving?” “We would be shifting to a different area. Much nearer to my husband’s office.” “Which company he is working for? You are not working right?” In our little chat, one thing was weird and that is constant eye connection. Her eyes were so beautiful, I couldn’t resist looking intently in her eyes.

At the same time, she also fixed her eye contact with me, which was making my interest in her grow every moment of my presence in that room. “He is in TCS. I am a housewife. So generally stays at home only.” I could see the sadness in her eyes when she mentioned this. “It would be quite tough and boring on your part. Staying at home all day.”

“Yes, it becomes really boring. Nothing much to do. My husband generally comes late. So what is your wife doing? Is she working or a housewife?” “She is working. Actually that has its own problems. We don’t get much time together.” She smiled at this. “Sorry didn’t ask you before. Will you have some water? Actually do you mind having some tea?”

I was quite surprised being offered tea. “Ohh it would be unnecessary trouble for you. Just get me some water. That should be fine”. I retorted. “No its fine. I would be making for myself anyway. Please have a seat.” She smiled and went towards the kitchen in feline way. The apartment had a open kitchen, so I could see her.

She was a lovely and jovial lady and I was liking her company. She had a child like innocence in her which made her all the more attractive. I started checking out the drawing room decorations. It was quite tastefully done. “You have decorated your drawing room very well. These are some really nice paintings” I complimented her while she brought the tea and the water.

“Thanks a lot. Good that you noticed. I spend my time doing all these.” “You did all this?? I cant believe it. I thought these are bought from some art galleries. They indeed are beautiful. Just Like you.” I was feeling quite at ease with her now so couldn’t resist little flirting with her. It is not everyday that you get to spend time with a lovely lady, sitting in her living room having tea.

“You seem to know how to appreciate beauty” She said coyly with a hint of naughtiness in it. I could sense that this could be something more than just the tea. I wanted to take it forward. “Doesn’t your husband appreciate these beauties?” I stressed on the word beauty to hint at its double meaning. “Not as much as you are doing. Hope you are not saying these things just for the heck of it”.

“No. I feel from my heart that these paintings are really beautiful. But little less than the beauty of its creator” I stressed again on the word beauty but in a much casual manner this time. She just smiled and didn’t say anything. During entire conversation, our eyes were locked at each other. My mind was searching for an answer. Was this just a normal flirt or could it mean more? My heartbeat was increasing. I was feeling a sensation through my entire body.

“Please have some biscuits.” She bend towards me offering me the biscuit from the tray. That made one side of her nighty move quite a bit giving a peek into her assets. “Those are quite lovely shaped.” I blurted out instinctively. “What?” She was little surprised. “I mean the biscuits. Looks beautiful. Must be tasting great as well. Would love to try one.” I picked up one of the heart shaped biscuit from the tray.

“Those are little heart biscuits. I love those cute heart shapes”. She smiled picking one from the tray. “You seems quite romantic at heart” “Girls are generally. Why your wife is not that romantic?”. “May be she is. At least in last 2 years of our marriage she has not shown me that side of hers. Ours is an arrange marriage. It seems your husband also do not do justice to the little romantic girl inside you.”

It is always much easier to be frank with a total stranger. I was taking my chances. I do not have anything to lose. I do not know this family nor they know me. But my sentence had an impact on her. “Yes. He does not do justice to me.” She completed this sentence without any expression and kept on looking at me with a want in her eyes without battling her eyelids.

That was the moment. I could not be wrong. I had to act fast. I could feel my heart palpitating, goose bumps on my hands. I got up from the sofa and went and sat beside her. She didn’t move nor said anything. She kept on staring me. I kept my palm on her cheeks. Still no movement from her. She was staring into my eyes. We were looking intently at each other.

I planted a small peck on her cheeks. I was very scared. I thought she might slap me or shout for help. But nothing like that happened. She kept on staring me. That look made me quite bold with my advances. I took the liberty and planted a small kiss on her lips. Now for the first time in last few minutes she closed her eyes, trying to feel the moment. I gathered full courage and plucked her lips.

She responded by plucking mine. I took her entire face in my palm and started smooching her. She started responding as well with fierceness I had never seen in my gf. We were smooching like there is no tomorrow. Exploring each others mouth. My wife do not like me sucking her tongue, but she herself inserted her tongue in my mouth.

After smooching for around 10 minutes, I moved my tongue towards her neck, exploring and licking every part of it. She was smelling of some musky perfume. I cusped her right breast over her nighty. She went crazy with that move and started smooching me like I have never experience with my gf. After a while when we broke our smooching, she was palpitating.

Her silky hair was disheveled. She got up from the sofa, held my hand and guided me towards her bedroom. It was a fantasy come true for me. She moved her laptop to one side of the bed. It was still on and to my surprise, I saw some porn site open in it. That means just before I came she was watching some porn. She smiled when she saw I had figured out her little secret.

She closed the laptop lid and pulled me towards her and we started another round of smooching. I started kneading her big boobs over her nighty. I opened the remaining buttons of her nighty and pulled out the boobs covered in cream colour thin cotton bra which was so small that it just covered her nipple.

I kept of kneading the boobs with occasional licking of the bare skin interspersed with smooching. She was going wild with each passing moment. I had never experienced such a heat from anyone till that moment. I made her sit and pulled her nighty out of her body. She was wearing a matching cream colour panty which was equally small.

This time I started licking her naval area while my left hand kept on squeezing her boobs as if to take out all the juices and my right hand was squeezing her soft yet voluminous ass. After couple of minutes she got up and started unbuttoning me. She removed my shirt, vest and then moved towards my pants. She opened the button and zip and pulled my pant from my body.

I was in my underwear. She had become so wild that she didn’t stop at that. She pulled my underwear as well. I was totally naked with my penis so hard that it started hurting me. She held my penis in her palm and put her tongue on it. I went crazy. It seemed, I would blow up any moment. She started sucking me like mad. I pulled her hair indicating her to stop but she didn’t seem to listen.

“If you do like that I am going to come in your mouth.” I tried to warn her but she was in no mood to listen to me and kept on sucking it like a ice Gola, trying to ingest all the juices possible. I could not hold any longer. I pushed my entire penis in her mouth gagging her and spurted my sperm in her throat.

She took out the penis from her mouth for a minute and then again started licking and drinking every bit of my sperm. It was an awesome experience for me. My wife, forget about drinking my sperm, even hates to give oral sex. I was totally exhausted. She left my penis and again looked at me with her cute little dark eyes. I pulled her towards me and started smooching. I could taste the salty leftover of my own semen from her mouth.

It was now my turn to show her the animal inside me. I opened up her bra and threw it on the floor. Her melons were awesome with a size of not less that 35-36. She had perky big nipples with small dark areola around that. I pulled down her panties. Her cunt with clean shaved with not a trace of hair anywhere. I held her hands and put in behind her head to have a nice look at her armpits.

It was clean shaved. I put my nose in it to smell the musky aroma from her body. When I licked her armpits, it started tickling her. She was trying to take her arms away from my clutch to cover the area, but my animal instincts were all over me. I didn’t even let her move and kept on licking her armpits and the boobs in between. It was making her go wild and she started shouting.

Noooooooooo….Ahhhhh…..I am going mad….pleaaaaaaseeeee…leave mee…..I left her hand. I thought she will push me aside. But instead she hugged and pulled me towards her to give another of her wet wild smooches. I was totally hard again by this time. I started licking her boobs and smothering them with my mouth. I went towards her navel area and slowly reached for her love hole.

It was oozing with off white creamy juices. I parted her legs to have a proper view of the cunt. It had pink flesh inside and dark lobes. I moved my head towards it and shoved my nose in her love hole. She went crazy and my penis became so hard with that smell that it felt I would burst out yet again. I started pulling her lobes with my lips and licking her clitoris with my tongue.

She was going so wild that she pushed her hips towards my mouth. I rolled my tongue and inserted into her vagina. It made her come with multiple orgasms. Her entire vagina contracted around my tongue for few seconds and then spurts of her juices were sprayed all over my face. She clasped my hair to pull me up over her. She licked my entire face to clean it up.

It seemed like some animal licking her baby for cleaning it. She extended her hand and pulled out couple of condoms from beneath her bed sheet. We were really tired with our foreplay and our breaths had become so heavy that the fan sound seemed low in comparison. “This was an awesome experience that you gave me.” I told her. She smiled handing over the condom to me. “Same here”. I sat up and wore the condom.
“This condom has been lying here for over two months now.” She said. The very thought of fucking another persons wife in his bedroom was out worldly. It seemed I am in some kind of animal game where I have won my opponents mate. She already spread her legs to make way for my penis. I came over her in missionary position.

As her vagina was already wet, it didn’t take much to insert my penis in her. After I inserted my penis we lay there with each other for couple of minutes. As they say, its always calm before the storm. The storm inside us was building up slowly again. I put my both hands on her boobs. I started my stroked slowly along with smooching her.

She was matching my movement by making her ass sway in conjunction with my thrusts. One stroke, next stroke, then again one. Slowly I started increasing my speed. She increased the swaying of her ass. And soon it reached a proportion where it felt I was not fucking her instead drilling inside her.

She started shouting “Ahhhhhhhhh…..yessssssssss…..deep inside me……..fuck me……..pleaaaaaaaaseeeeee….yesssssssssss……aahhhhhhhhhhhh” The entire room was filled with the sound of the stroke, her moaning and the bed creeks. I pulled her legs in front of my chest and kept on stroking deep inside her. I could feel my penis banging the wall of her vagina deep inside.

It felt, the vacuum inside her cunt is sucking my penis into a dark wet hot hole. I stopped for a moment. I took out my penis. It was required otherwise I would have spurted out at that moment only. I pulled her up and asked her to turn into doggy position. Her big ass was in front of me now. I kneaded and smacked her ass really hard. She seemed to like it.

I smacked it again. It was so hard blow that I could see the red marks on her ass. I again inserted into her. I started stroking again holding her ass. Her boobs were dangling and jiggling. I wanted to squeeze those melons so I made her sit up. Now she was in my lap and I was facing her back. I started squeezing her both boobs and at the same time she started jumping on my dick. Her movement went wild. As if she started hammering my dick.

I was stroking faster and faster, she was jumping faster and faster and I was squeezing her both boobs as if I am going to tear them apart. “deeeeeeeeeeppppp inside me….yes…..yesss…. yessssss….. yessssssssss………. yesssssssssssssssss….. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss…I aaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm coooooooooommiiiiiiiing…….cooooooooooome wwwwwwith me………”

With that sound, I spurted all my energy and sperm in that moment. She had her moment too. I could feel her juices flowing through my groin. We were really exhausted and lay there holding each other for quite some time. After almost half an hour I kissed and said to her. “Thanks for this.” She turned towards me “Thanks to you as well. I never enjoyed this much in a long-long time.”

I got up and wore my clothes. She too wore her clothes. “You want some tea?” She asked me. I said yes. We had our tea in the bedroom in each other’s arm. I checked my watch. It was already evening. I said to her. “I should be leaving now. Its quite late. I had my best experience in my life with you. I would love to be in contact with you” She smiled and kissed me on lips.

“Same here dear. But we can not be in touch. We both have our life and this fun can complicate matters. I wanted to experience this kind of love making in my life once and thanks for being that man for me to show me what I was missing till now. But I think we should forget this and get on with our regular life”

I understood what she meant. She had chosen the timing and the man properly. In another couple of days she would have changed the house and there was no way I could trace her. There are some things which should be enjoyed for its moments, if you stretch it, it loses the charm.
I got up to leave. When I reached at door, I turned back. She was standing there. I extended my hand to shook hers. “Happy here”. I said She responded by extending her hand and giving me a warm handshake. She smiled again like a child. “My name is Rupali

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