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Affair with hot n spicy woman

There is not much to talk about. I’m still waiting for that ‘D’ day of mine. Today I’m going to tell you a real story that happened (still happening) in one of my friends’ life. He introduced me to this site and here I’m giving him a tribute by saying his own story.

The names are going to be fictious. This incident happened one year back. His name is Sagar, my batch mate and good friend. He never had any sexual experience and so was very desperate to have one. At last God gave him a chance.

Vinod, a friend of him (23 year old) fell in love with a much older lady (29 year old, unmarried) and their story turned him on. So Sagar compelled Vinod to introduce him to some friend of hers and he gave him a phone number.

Here enters the heroine of our story. Her name is Rathi, 32-33 years of age, mother of two children and husband working abroad. As soon as he got the number, Sagar called her. She was very strict at the beginning of the speech and asked him how he got the number.

He said it was given by her friend. So she calmed down and talked to him. She wasn’t ready to open up initially and also warned him not to call her often and become a disturbance for her. He agreed.


But after two days of talking, they became very close and she started to call him every time. They slowly started to talk sex and then the whole scenario changed. They even started to do sex through phone every night.

One night, he even gave me a chance to hear their speech in conference mode. She didn’t know my presence. God, it was awesome. This continued for about 1-2 months. In the mean time she invited him to her home many times.

But he didn’t go. I forgot to say, he is from Trivandrum and she in Ernakulam. After 2 months, he decided to go to Ekm. One evening, he reached Ekm and stayed in a lodge there. The next day morning, after sending her children to school,

she called him and told him the route to her house. He reached there and realized that besides her, their servant lady (about 38 years old, unmarried) is also there and she knows this relationship.

Rathi was not an attractive lady. She is a dark, average looking, short woman with a good body structure. She used to do Yoga and swimming and that contributed a lot to her body structure. She was wearing Kerala Set Mundu and Mullappoovu and looked like a typical Mallu woman.

He told her before that she must be in that dress when they meet. She took him to her bedroom. They both sat on the bed and started talking. After sometime, she slowly lied on his lap. This turned him on and he kissed her.

She responded well and started to kiss him madly. He said each kiss of her was filled with love and not lust. They sucked each other’s lips and enjoyed themselves. Then he slowly removed her saree and unbuttoned her blouse.

She became very hot by this time. He caressed her breasts well and sucked it hard. She was shivering this time. Then he slowly removed her undergarments and started playing with her cunt. He found it flooded with precum.

He was hesitant to lick her cunt, so didn’t do it. But she took his cock and sucked it hard and he had the time of his life. Then he parted her thighs and entered his cock into her cunt. She gave a wild moan at that time.

He gave slow strokes at the beginning and slowly increased the speed. She made wild sounds. After some time, he poured his cum into a woman’s cunt for the first time. He said she was very much excited and was already cummed. Then they both lied together hugging.

After a few minutes, his cock again got ready and he again fucked her. Then they both went into the bathroom and had a bath. He said she made it a royal bath by making him enjoy every moment. Once again she sucked his cock hard as if she wanted more.

He made her sat on the European closet with her legs spread and fucked her. She was enjoying every minute of this fucking cos all this poses and places were new to her. After the bath, they came to the bedroom. She changed her dress to a churidar this time.

Now he made her lie on the bed and started enjoying her with all the clothes on. He kissed her wildly, squeezed her breasts well and kissed her all over with all the clothes on. He said it was a very different experience and she enjoyed it very much. Then they slept a bit fully naked.

After some time, when he woke up, he realized that his cock is deeply pressing her ass. Her soft, round ass aroused him. He awoke her and again they started doing it. This time, he tried a new technique.

Its been said that the sensuous points of a woman’s cunt lies in a circular manner and not horizontally. He rolled his cock inside her cunt and gave circular strokes. The results were amazing.

He saw her shivering with ecstasy and was biting the pillow hard and nearly tored the bed sheet. Her cum started flowing through both his thighs. They both cummed. After some time, they fucked for the last time. So in that day, he fucked her 5 times and she cummed 7 times.

He had a royal lunch from her home. During the lunch, the servant gave him wild stares. He left there at 3.30PM as the time was nearing for her children to come back from school. After this incident, their phone calls increased and she started to call him to her house often.

But he didn’t go. One day, her husband came and took her with him to Gulf for 3 months. In this time, he got calls from the servant who was alone in the home, but he didn’t go. He talked harshly with her and she stopped calling him.

After 3 months, Rathi came back and she said she wanted to meet him very badly. Due to my compulsion, he went there again. The procedures were same like above. He fucked her 5 times this time also.

The only difference was that this time he fucked her from behind and she later told him that she enjoyed it very much and she wanted to do more like that. In the evening, he came back. Then he slowly started avoiding her as he thought she is getting very much serious.

He started talking harshly and then also she begged him very much. She used to cry through phone and I heard it many times. She asked him what he wanted and she is ready to give him anything he wants.

She offered him costly mobile phone, watches and even Rs. 3 lakh (from her personal account, not her husband’s money). He refused all right away. After much pressure from her, he accepted a watch from her.

She said she wanted him very badly. But he is avoiding her now. Last week she went to Gulf with her husband for another 3 months. She called him from there yesterday. So thats the present situation. I will let you know the future happenings.

So how’s the story guys? Hope you liked it. After knowing about this incident, I’m eagerly waiting for my turn.


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