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A Dream Came True In Karol Bagh

A Dream Came True In Karol Bagh, Kamukta, chudai ki hindi kahani, chudai ki photo, chudai stories with pictures, chudai story with photo, chudai with photo, desi hot photo, devarji ke sath chudai ki kahani, free hindi antarvasna stories

Hi to all of you lovers! hope u all are doing good! This is Arjun again with the latest incident in my life! My mail id is have had this fetish for married women with fuller bodies and larger assets since my childhood,courtesy to my school teachers i could not take my eyes off.Since class 6,i had this desire to make love to married women or bhabhis as they are called.I failed to make any advancements towards my fantasy until last week.I am a 21 year old engineering undergraduate studying in a reputed college in gurgaon.
I put up in faridabad.It was a Thursday morning and I had bunked college to go and meet a senior of mine who had completed his degree and is now preparing for his civil services exam at karol bagh.I reached early and called him,and to my fury he did not pick up my call.I guess he was still asleep as it was only 8 in the morning.I ha never previously been to the area and i also needed a smoke badly so i decided to venture out into the unexplored streets of Rajender Nagar adjoining Karol Bagh.

The area was overflowing with girls as it houses a lot of girls pgs and also of married women out for their morning walks. One such woman i crossed would have been in her early 30s,it was 31 as i got to know later.She seemed to be a punjaban and her massive and firm juggs only confirmed to it.i could not take my eyes off them while i was crossing her,but then I am against making women feel uncomfortable or eve tease them so I withdrew my sight before she could spot my stare at her melons.A few meters ahead I stopped for my smoke and to my surprise the same lady too came up for a cigarette.

She sat next to me and and when she released the smoke after every drag her “mummy” as we call in Punjabi went up and down,giving me a rock hard erection between my thighs.We both were busy in our thoughts when she asked me my name.I thought another “smoking is injurious lecture was coming my way”,because i have been lectured previously by elderly strangers i met at the pan wala. But she did not do any such thing.A casual conversation about what I dis and where i lived went on.And I walked beside her to her car which was parked in the street 15 minutes away.I was a nomad of sorts so it did not matter where I was going,I only had to pass time.
A Dream Came True In Karol Bagh, Kamukta, chudai ki hindi kahani, chudai ki photo, chudai stories with pictures, chudai story with photo, chudai with photo, desi hot photo, devarji ke sath chudai ki kahani, free hindi antarvasna stories
A Dream Came True In Karol Bagh, Kamukta, chudai ki hindi kahani, chudai ki photo, chudai stories with pictures, chudai story with photo, chudai with photo, desi hot photo, devarji ke sath chudai ki kahani, free hindi antarvasna stories

As we approached her car,I again called up my friend and he did not pick up my call even this time.Ravneet,that her name was,asked me what I was gonna do now,to which I said roam around ,till i get tired and sit down down in some corner or till he picks up my call.To my surprise she invited me to her place,to which i said that her family would object getting a stranger to her place.She told me that her husband is not home and her 4 year old son has already left for school.It was nothing less than winning a million dollar jackpot to me.She drove me to her palatial house in her Fluidic Verna and i was mesmerized by her 36-30-36 more than the car! i could see the left strap of her black bra peeping out of her t shirt and my cock-beat had never paced so much!

I was sure the lady had more in her mind than just helping me pass time,for no one married lady would invite a stranger to her house.We reached her place and it was just the both of us.While she went inside the kitchen i deliberately waited outside the door for her to turn back so that i could act like coming from the other direction and accidentally bumping into her.I succeeded and her melons crushed against my chest,and only someone who has felt it will know the absolute pleasure and eroticism it envelopes!

We both said sorry and she brought me some milk to drink.We began talking or rather I began flirting by admiring her beauty and how her waist length hair are the best thing i find in women.She wanted things to take an erotic turn so she asked me about the 3 best things in her.The first of course was her helpful nature which i had to say as i wanted to take no chances with a married woman,the second i said were her hair and i deliberately started fumbling with words on the third,only to see if she persuaded me .

She did and i replied your breasts.She winked and said yes,I often find men staring at them and i enjoy flaunting them in public.I was a bit surprised.I wanted to tell her to show me them but I was afraid and so moulded my words.i took a chance and acted like a diplomat.I told her ” I can fully embrace the beauty of your nature and your hair,but your beautiful breasts still remain covered,am I so unfortunate to embrace them completely” She replied ” A good orator haan!” She said she would show them to me but that my hands would be tied while she did do.I could do anything to see those milk tankers,leave aside getting my hands tied.But what followed was so kinky!

She asked me to remove her top with my teeth and if i succeeded in doing so I could embrace her titties.She sat on the sofa and I sat on my knees.I started to pull up her top from her waist,in the process,my lips touched her flat stomach and i could hear her moan slightly.

I deliberately started licking her navel while moving her top up .Damn,her perfume wo so seductive!A little more up and i could see the black bra and underneath it two big juicy melons waiting to be freed and feasted upon.The top went upto her neck but i could not take it out of her neck with my teeth,so i,like a dog tears meet,tore it apart in one go with my teeth ,to which she replied,”you hungry dog”. And I responded” This dog is gonna fuck his bitch on all fours today!”

I similarly broke the hooks of her bra and took a deep breath as her boobs unfolded before me.I directly put my face between them and trust me,it was like it got buried between two soft cotton filled mountains! she started to push my face deeper into her valley! I could not use my hands so I decided to make the best use of my mouth.I slowly licked her brown nipples and circled my tongue around her.I want women to dominate in sex,and that is one reason for me liking elder women.I wanted her to order me to do more and I did excite her to the point of begging for more!

I took her “mumma” in her mouth at once and was alternating between the two of them,and lubricating those erect nipples with my saliva.Whlle i sucked one,she herself sucked the other.She ordered me to abuse her in Punjabi,talk dirty in punjabi..i shouted “Teri behn di fuddi saali gashti” “ajj taan tere mummey chus chus ke hor vi vaddey kar dene main saaliye” tennu apni raand banake chodna ajj mai” she was appreciating my words with words like “bana le apni rakhel mennu” “badey time ton koi jawan lun ni fadeya main”

What followed was a fantasy unfold,through which I would guide you in my succeeding story titled “Karol Bagh Fun Continues…”

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