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A Delicious Virgin Girl

Whenever I had free time I use do my entire house hold works. As I’m athletic, I maintained my body in great shape. Probably this all could have given me the dividend in later stages. Both the sisters are very beautiful, white and had great stat of bodyline. They were doing their schooling and I use to watch them lustfully. Post 4 months in that home, both they became friendly to me and often visits my house. Since I’m alone, I had many chance to make it however I don’t have that courage to do so.
It was a tiresome day at my office and since it’s a Friday I took some whisky and had s tipsy evening at home watching movie. The second sister (Vanitha) came in and sat with me in the sofa very close with me. I can feel her hot part of her right side body. The moment I had a hard on and added to the fuel I’m in tipsy mood too. I took all the courage and touch her in the shoulder, to me astonishment she didn’t say anything and immediately I kissed her in her neck. I didn’t expect she would slap me and left my place.
I was dumb struck and all the alcohol in my body drained. I was scared that she would d tell to her parents/ I was engulfed with many thoughts running into my brain. But next day she was casual and as if nothing had happened. After a week tome she came to my home. She was wearing button shirt and jean pant. She watched me that in staring her book. They are like pair of torpedo about to launch.
I cannot control my lust; the moment she came in I closed the door. She was scarred by my act. I went right away to her hold her by waist, trust me she is virgin. The first male hand in her waist made her weak in her legs. She could not stand, literally falling down. I slid my hand inside her shirts and touched the washboard abs. What a sensation? I pressed them slowly and increased the intensity. She started moaning in pleasure.
Slowly I raised my hand and touch the boobs with lacy bra. My cock was in full erection which I’m stroking her from behind. She was arching her body in pleasure and started cooperating by giving full access. I turned her to my face, her eyes were half closed, and her legs are trembling. I hugged her with my fullest strength and in the process crushing her boobs in my chest. She left out a loud moan. I kissed her on her lips and stated sucking like a mad man.
Hers lips are parted and allowed my tongue to enter her month. I kissed her for 10 min passionately. I could not stand more; I ripped her shirt, since it’s a press button model. I got a great view of her virgin breast with lacy bra. I crushed them hardly. Vanitha was moaning in pain and pleasure. I remove the bra and saw a most beautiful pair of boob. Her nipples were pink in color and were not developed fully. But her boobs are massive (34D) for her age. I rolled my tongue all over the boob. I was teasing her and she was trying to keep her nipple in my mouth.


Finally with all my force I started sucking her both the nipples together by holding the boobs. She was in eleventh heaven, she doesn’t know what’s going on hence it a new experience. I rolled my tongue to her navel; bit the sides of her sexy belly. Man, she is having all the required flesh in the right parts. I unbuttoned her jeans and started pulling down. She is wearing peach color panty. I started liking the sides of the panty and came over the clit and bit it gently. She left a heavy loud moan “ohhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, yes”.
I remove her panty at one go and I got a beautiful view of her virgin cunt with scanty pubic hair all over with wet liquid. I become mad and pounded like a lion over her pussy. She was crying in pleasure. I started sucking her clits and slides of the lips. She widened her legs to give more access and I’m inserting my tongue inside her hole and tasted the dripping. Then simultaneously while sucking her clit I, inserted my middle finger inside her cunt. I felt the hymen inside and become exited to become the first man to break her ceil.
I inserted my index finger also for which she cried in pain. I consoled her and took the position. I took her its going to pain, but will take to heaven. Both we forget about the condom or contraceptive procedures. Mine is a normal cook with 6.5 inches length and 3 inch width. It’s in full erection. I touched her clit with my cock bulb; I felt the electric shock ran over hers. I kept my cock in her love hole and slightly gave the pressure; she opened her mouth in pain.
It entered and touched the hymen. I laid over her and stated kissing her lips and pressing her boobs softly. With one big push I entered her by breaking the hymen. In that second I saw the gush of blood all over her face and tears dropping from her eyes. I didn’t not move further as she is in pain. I didn’t allow her to open her mouth. Both our bodies were sweating heavily and I can tell you the feminine smell all over the room. It made me go stronger and deeper into her. I slowly started fucking her in and out.
I can feel the tightness of her raw virgin cunt. After few minutes both we came together and I filled deep in her. She enjoyed the experience to the core. Then I washed my cock, which is full of blood and cleaned the bed sheets. She is still lay naked in bed at unconscious heavenly sensuous. Shortly I got the erection and went for the second fuck with longer time and passion. Then she left to home. Whenever we have time we used to have sex till now. Any comments post at

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